Be Bold Be healthly Be Brave and Be Successful

Bold ia a  person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous

Brave is your are ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.

Be the host.Take the initiative to entertain, and invite friends or family over for dinner or something different — like a wine tasting or game night.

Go cheer.Attend a competitive, fast-paced sporting event like tennis, basketball, or racing where the energy and excitement of the sport is contagious.

Get a makeover.Get a new haircut, have your make-up done by a pro, buy a new outfit, or try a new style. It’s even more fun if you do this with a friend.

Plan an adventure trip.Even if you can’t afford to take a trip now, just researching, planning, and dreaming can give you a boost and build excitement for the time when you can afford to go. Include saving money as part of your planning!

Learn something new.Study a new language, a new skill, a hobby. You will open doors to meeting new people who share your interests and abilities and gain a sense of confidence and achievement.

Shake up your sex life.Be adventurous. Read the Kama Sutra. Find a new location. Just do it.Get out of the house.Step away from the TV or computer and do something. Take a walk with a friend. Go to the bookstore and browse. Visit a local gallery or museum.

Go on a weekend excursion.Plan a fun getaway for 2-3 days for some outdoor or indoor adventure. REI offers a variety of adventure travel including some great weekend getawaysif you want some ideas.

Arrange a secret rendezvous.Surprise your beloved with a romantic evening or overnight hotel stay.

Try an unusual recipe.Cook something that you’ve never tried before or order something unusual at a restaurant that you wouldn’t normally try.

Read an adventure novel or thriller.Enjoy your excitement vicariously through a juicy, good book.

Go to a comedy club or mystery dinner theater.Have an exciting evening of laughs or thrills to shake up your routine weekend.

Write down your life vision.Spend some time thinking about your ideal life filled fun, excitement and adventure. Write down your vision and the actions you could take to get yourself there.

Adopt a pet.This is excitement plus responsibility, so be sure you are ready for both. A pet (especially a puppy) will be great company and provide fun opportunities to meet other pet people.

Go to a rock concert.Get tickets to your favorite band and take your favorite person to listen to some body-moving music.

Go skinny dipping.Night time is best if you don’t want the excitement of an arrest. Find a pool or a hot tub, strip down, and bring a loved one. Add a bottle of champagne for even more excitement.

Try a random act of kindness.Do something unexpectedly nice for a friend or a complete stranger. Pay for someone’s coffee. Send balloons. Leave a love note.

Be curious about people.Ask people (old and new friends) questions about their lives. Learn what other people do and what makes them tick. You might discover something intriguing about them and yourself.

Don’t wait.Don’t wait to try something, to initiate, to take action. Stop playing it safe or looking for someone else to take the lead. Be a creative creator of your life. You can make it as exciting and thrilling as you wish.


For A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to begin with big, dramatic, challenging change. Making small changes and incorporating them into your life slowly and incrementally will increase the

little time and commitment but provide big rewards, especially if they are repeated every day.

Start your day with stretching.Wake up 10-15 minutes earlier in the morning to begin your day with some stretching. Stretching helps wake you up, gives you more energy, improves flexibility and coordination, helps body circulation, and fosters relaxation. Here are some great morning yoga stretches for you to try.

.Make room for tea.Tea contains loads of antioxidants, reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke, bolsters you immune system, protects against cancer, and increases your metabolism. White and green teas are the healthiest, but any kind tea is great for you.

Drink ice water.You expend more calories warming up ice water to body temperature than you do drinking cool or tepid water. If you drink 8 pints of ice water a day, you’ll burn 123 calories. Plus drinking water keeps you hydrated and flushes toxins from your body.

A little movement goes a long way. Take the stairs, walk the long way, do jumping jacks for five minutes, clean the house at a faster pace, take a short walk, dance to some music.


Have sex.Regular sex has surprising health benefits. It relieves stress, boosts immunity, burns 85 or more calories (per 30 minutes), improves cardiovascular health, reduces pain, lowers the risk of prostate cancer, and helps you sleep. It has some other added bonuses too.


Go to bed earlier. Adults optimally need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. Most of us are lucky if we get the low end of that range. 



Take a  Steps to Make You Bold, Brave and Successful


Choose a dream. Know what you want and why you want it.

Begin now.Don’t wait for perfect conditions.

Make a plan. Create a strategy. Use the best tools.

Let go of doubt.Focus on the results you want to achieve.

Make action a habit.Inspiration, motivation and big ideas will follow.

Do the things you fear the most.Learn to love being uncomfortable.

Stay in the present.Work with joy. Breathe.

Spend time alone.Reflect on what went right and what you need to change.

Bet on yourself.Know that the best is yet to come.

Don’t fear success.Know that you can handle it. So what if things change.

Create smart habits. Start slow and grow strong.

Focus on your strengths.Outsource what you’re not good at. Let go of control.

Lighten up.Let go of frustration. Don’t beat yourself up.

Ignore the people who criticize and condemn you. You know who you are.

Praise your competitors.Make it genuine. That’ll get their attention.

Define your values. Get clear on what’s important to you.

Say no. It leaves time to say yes to the best.

Work hard. Correct what’s not working. Perfect what does work.

Choose to feel good now.Don’t wait until you get what you want.

Push on.Keep going even when you don’t feel like it.

Forgive yourself.Give yourself the love and acceptance you want from others.

Focus.Shut out distractions. Be where you are.

Say no to yourself:No to wasting time, no to worry, no to excuses, no to quitting.

Choose a couple of heroes.Who do you admire? Integrate their magic and genius in your own life.

Anticipate the needs of others.Serve, succeed and grow rich.

Increase your self-care.Eat good food. Exercise. Schedule time off.

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Let yourself shine. Celebrate your successes.

Release the idea of difficulty.Convince yourself that things can be easy.

Visualize the rewards of success. Remind yourself what you want.

Argue with your dark side.Convince yourself that you’ll succeed. Look for evidence.

Put things up. Hang up photos and affirmations that motivate and inspire you.

Finish things.You increase your motivation by completing your tasks.

Enjoy life.Laugh. Create good times for yourself. Relax.

Paint your canvas.Each day brings a new beginning. Make yours bold.

Have integrity.Keep your promises. Do what you say you’re going to do.

Know what activities unlock your creativity and energy.Participate in them.

Learn to enjoy networking.Meet new people and make friends.

Reward yourself. Give yourself a treat. Praise yourself often.

Go within. Meditate. Do yoga. Write in your journal.. It calms you

See yourself as a masterpiece in progress. Treat yourself kindly. You deserve a break.

Revisit your victories. Remind yourself of past successes.

Find reasons to be happy.Breathe it in, and take it into your day.

Let go of your fear of the unknown.Don’t live in a future that doesn’t exist.

Believe that you have what it takes. Claim your worthiness, own your beauty and use your gifts and talents.

Speak up.Learn how to express yourself. Be bold. Speak your mind. Ask for what you want.

Grow.Be strong. Do what it takes. Nobody is coming to save or rescue you.

Learn how to save and grow your money.

Let go of your old story.Rewrite it with a happy ending.

Leave room for fun.Fear can lead to a work addiction. Never dwell on scarcity.If you have your basic needs met, you have enough.

Celebrate the process. Don’t wait until the end result.

Challenge yourself to do something that has never been done before.

Plan to be great. Never give up. Never doubt your ability to succeed.