How to throw an Party Bash!

Mad Hatter Party Ideas:


tea sandwiches

1. Tomato-Cheddar Spread mayonnaise on white bread. Sandwich with sliced tomato, aged cheddar and watercress. Trim the crusts and cut into pieces.

2. Ham, Brie and Apple Spread softened butter and Dijon mustard inside a split loaf of French bread. Fill with deli ham, sliced Brie and sliced green apple. Cut into pieces.

3. Cucumber-Butter Mix 4 tablespoons softened butter, 1/2 teaspoon grated lemon zest and 1 tablespoon chopped fresh herbs. Spread on white bread and sandwich with sliced cucumber. Trim the crusts and cut into pieces.

4. Watercress-Butter Make Cucumber-Butter Sandwiches (No. 3) but fill with watercress instead of cucumber.

5. Grilled Shrimp-Ham Puree 1/4 cup jarred piquillo peppers with 3 tablespoons mayonnaise. Spread on white bread. Sandwich with grilled shrimp and sliced serrano ham. Trim the crusts and cut into pieces.

6. Steak au Poivre Mix 4 tablespoons each softened butter and chopped fresh herbs. Spread on baguette rounds. Top with thinly sliced steak and crushed peppercorns.

7. Pea-Prosciutto Puree 1/2 cup thawed frozen peas with 1 tablespoon each olive oil and water in a blender; season with salt and pepper. Spread inside a split loaf of focaccia and fill with prosciutto and shaved Parmesan. Cut into squares.

8. Olive-Focaccia Mix 1 cup chopped olives and 3 tablespoons chopped parsley. Drizzle the inside of a split loaf of focaccia with olive oil; fill with the olive mixture and sliced provolone. Cut into squares.

9. Asparagus Mix 3 tablespoons softened butter with 1 tablespoon chopped fresh herbs. Spread on pumpernickel bread; cut into rectangles. Slice cooked asparagus tips in half lengthwise; lay on the bread and drizzle with lemon juice and olive oil. Top with chopped hard-boiled egg, salt and pepper.

10. Anchovy–Lemon Butter Mix 1 stick softened butter with 1 tablespoon grated lemon zest. Spread on white bread. Sandwich with anchovies, sliced tomato and Bibb lettuce. Trim the crusts and cut into pieces,

11. Salmon-Cucumber Spread softened cream cheese on white bread. Sandwich with smoked salmon and sliced cucumber. Trim the crusts and cut into pieces.

12. Shrimp Salad Mix 1 cup chopped cooked shrimp with 3 tablespoons mayonnaise, 1 teaspoon each grated lemon zest and juice, and 1 teaspoon each chopped chives, parsley and capers. Sandwich white bread with the shrimp salad and Bibb lettuce. Trim the crusts and cut into pieces.

13. Crab Salad Make Shrimp Salad Sandwiches (No. 12) with 1 cup crabmeat instead of shrimp. Add sliced avocado.

14. Curried Egg Salad Mix 3 chopped hard-boiled eggs, 3 tablespoons each chopped celery, red onion and cilantro, 2 teaspoons each dijon mustard and lime juice, and 1/4 cup mayonnaise. Cut white bread into pieces and spread with mango chutney. Sandwich with the egg salad.

15. Pesto Chicken Mix 2 teaspoons pesto with 2 tablespoons olive oil; brush on thin baguette rounds. Top with sliced cooked chicken breast and halved grape tomatoes. Drizzle with more pesto oil.

16. Bresaola-Artichoke Mix 4 tablespoons softened butter and 1/4 cup chopped jarred artichoke hearts; season with salt and pepper. Spread on thin baguette rounds. Top with sliced bresaola and drizzle with olive oil.

17. Country Pate Spread Dijon mustard on white bread. Layer country pate and chopped cornichons on top. Top with bread spread with butter. Trim the crusts and cut into pieces.

18. Peanut Butter–Bacon Spread peanut butter on white bread. Layer chopped cooked bacon and sliced banana on top. Top with bread; spread with mayonnaise. Trim the crusts and cut into piece

19.Ham-Cornbread Mix 6 tablespoons softened butter, 2 teaspoons chopped scallion and 1 teaspoon honey. Spread on split mini corn muffins, and fill with sliced ham and pickled jalapenos.

20 . Meatloaf-Tomato Spread mayonnaise on potato bread. Sandwich with sliced meatloaf and tomato jam. Trim the crusts and cut into pieces. Top with more jam.
cupcakes with neon frosting

Red Velvet Cupcakes

2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, such as Pernigotti
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1 cup buttermilk, shaken
1 tablespoon liquid red food coloring
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/4 pound (1 stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 extra-large eggs, at room temperature
Red Velvet Frosting, recipe follows
Red Velvet Frosting:
8 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature
12 tablespoons (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, at room temperature
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
3 1/2 cups sifted confectioners’ sugar (3/4 pound)

Watch how to make this recipe.
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line muffin tins with paper liners.
In a small bowl, sift together the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. In a large measuring cup, combine the buttermilk, food coloring, vinegar, and vanilla.
In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the butter and sugar on medium speed for 1 minute, until light. Add the eggs, one at a time, and beat until combined. With the mixer on low speed, add the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients alternately in 3 parts, beginning and ending with the dry ingredients, and mix until combined. Stir with a rubber spatula to be sure the batter is mixed.
Scoop the batter into the muffin cups with a 2 1/4-inch ice cream scoop or large spoon. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the centers comes out clean. Cool completely in the pans and frost the cupcakes with Red Velvet Frosting.
Red Velvet Frosting:
Place the cream cheese, butter, and vanilla in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, and mix on medium speed just until combined. Don’t whip! Add the sugar and mix until smooth.

Chocolate fountain with fruit/cookies for dipping


  • Strawberries
  • Kiwi
  • Pineapple
  • Grapes
  • Oranges
  • Apple Slices
  • Bananas (frozen or fresh)
  • Marachino Cherries
  • Pears
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries/Blackberries
  • Honeydew Melons/Melon Balls
  • Mandarin Orange
  • Cantalope/Melon Balls
  • Mango/Papaya
  • Star Fruit (Carambola)
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Kumquats
  • Fresh Coconut Chunks
  • Dried Apricots
  • Other Dried Fruits

fruit arrangements (bouquet style)

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mushroom chocolates


Petit fours with “eat me” written on them.

 Chocolate and Rasberry Petit Fours

8 oz. good quality semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate, chopped
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 Tbs. ruby or tawny Port, optional
1 small package best-quality, tender shortbread cookies
1/2 pint fresh raspberries

Place chocolate in a metal bowl. Bring cream to a boil in a small, heavy saucepan and pour over chocolate. Let stand for 3-5 minutes then stir until smooth. Add port, stirring to combine. Remove half the chocolate mixture to a separate bowl, cover loosely with plastic wrap and place bowl in a larger bowl filled with ice to chill just until mixture reaches spreading consistency.
Spread about a teaspoon of chocolate mixture onto the bottom of a cookie. Nest three raspberries in the chocolate, pressing gently to adhere. Drizzle with some of the still-warm chocolate mixture and let stand until frm.

Signature Drink: Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea

2 cups ice cubes
1 ounce vodka
1 ounce gin
1 ounce white rum
1 ounce white tequila
1/2 ounce Triple Sec
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/2 cup cola, or to taste
2 lemon wedges
Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour the vodka, gin, rum, tequila, Triple Sec, and lemon juice into the shaker. Cover and shake vigorously to combine and chill. Pour the mixture, ice and all, into 2 glasses or beer mugs and top off with the cola. Garnish with lemon wedges. Serve.





  1. In a small saucepan, combine sugar and 1 cup water. Bring to boil and stir to dissolve sugar. Allow to cool to room temperature, then cover and refrigerate until chilled.
  2. Remove seeds from lemon juice, but leave pulp. In pitcher, stir together chilled syrup, lemon juice and remaining 7 cups water.



  • Play lawn croquet: with hedgehog plush toys as balls, or perhaps hedgehogs painted on the balls. Attach colored and stuffed socks to the end of the mallets and sew on eyes, to represent flamingos, or use a lawn flamingo. Create large cardboard playing cards for the arches.
  • Play chess. You can do this on a normal sized chessboard, or you can make a huge chessboard in your garden and have your guests play the pieces!
  • Play “pin the grin on the Cheshire Cat”
  • Turn on the TV and play Alice in Wonderland movies during the party.
  • Buy white tea pots and tea cups, and paint your own tea set.
  • Do the Caucus race. Make your guests run around in a circle, and when you shout ‘stop’ the last one to sit down/run to the middle is out. Or make a caucus version of the game musical chairs, where you remove one of the chairs each round and people have to find a chair to sit on when the music (the caucus race song from the Disney movie) stops.
  • Make up silly riddles
  • Play ‘Paint the roses red’. Buy some fake white roses and red paint (or markers). The person (or team) who finishes painting his rose first wins. You could give time penalties for sloppy painting or spilled drops. You could also set a general time limit and have someone dressed as the Queen of Hearts storm into the room when the time is up.
  • decorationBuy some basic top hats and let your guests decorate them
  • Hide a small golden key or a White Rabbit plush and have your guests find it
  • Do a quiz with trivia questions based on the Alice stories
  • Play games with a ‘Contrariwise’ theme: make people wear name stickers, where you write their names on backwards. Everyone must call everyone else by their backwards name, or risk a forfeit. You could invent a game where names must
    be called, or you could just have this going on throughout the party. Also, you could ask people questions and they must give the opposite answer. Or, say the answer, but backwards. For most of these games, some kind of time pressure is essential to make it more difficult and to make people make mistakes and have to do forfeits. The more adult the party, the more adult the questions. ‘Have you ever done xyz?’ would be interesting if people have to say the opposite. It becomes more like a truth or dare game then.
  • Make a game of Clean Cup: have guests assemble at table. They fill their plates with food and make their tea (or other drink) as they like for a certain amount of time. When the time is up, say “Clean cup. Clean cup. Move down. Move down.” The guests move to the next place and put more food on the plate and change the tea however they wish. This goes on and on until everyone returns to their own place setting. Now, everyone must eat and drink what the others have put. Prizes can be awarded to the most weird concoction.
  • Make coloring pages for children so they can paint the roses red
  • Make teams, put a bucket (or large teapot) with tea on one side and an empty one on the other side of a course. Your guests have to fill a teacup, run to the other side (with the cup in their hands, or balancing them on their heads…), and empty the cup there. The team that has filled the bucket first wins.
  • Paint some unboiled eggs to resemble Humpty Dumpty. Form teams. Lay each of the eggs on a spoon – one egg per team. Your guests have to put the other end of the spoon into their mouths, and run to the other side of the field as fast as they can without dropping the egg (and without using their hands to keep it from falling). Then they have to hand over the spoon with the egg to their teammates, who have to run back. Repeat this until all team members have run the course. The team that finishes first without dropping the egg, wins. If you drop the egg and it is still in one piece, you may continue. If the egg breaks, you’re out!
  • Have an “I’m late!” potato sack race, in which everyone has to hop to the finish like the White Rabbit.
  • Gather a lot of teacups and put them upside down on a table. Under one of them, you hide a Dormouse (or White Rabbit). Your guests take turns and may lift one cup per turn to see whether something is underneath it. The one who finds the Dormouse wins. You can make the game harder by inventing extra rules, like shuffling the cups after each turn.
  • Get a hookah and attach a bubble blower to the end (or create one by bending a wire), so you can blow soap bubbles. Who makes the largest?
  • Dance the Lobster Quadrille. Everyone has to make up a silly move and teach it to the other. Then, all moves have to be performed in a row.
  • Make a Jabberwock piñata and use a (plastic or wooden) sword to beat it. Who slays the Jabberwock and becomes the beamish boy?
  • And of course, don’t forget: EVERYBODY has won, and all must have prizes!



  • Soundtracks from movies, like Disney’s animated movie and Tim Burton’s movie
  • ‘White Rabbit’ by Jefferson Airplane
  • ‘I am the Walrus’ by the Beatles
  • ‘Looking Glass’ by Hypnogaja
  • ‘Through The Looking Glass’ by Symphony X
  • ‘What are you waiting for’ by Gwen Stefany (together with the video clip)
  • ‘Don’t come around here no more’ by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (together with the video clip)
  • Pogo has created a song from samples from Disney’s cartoon (free download)
  • ‘Heads Will Roll’ by YEAH YEAH YEAHS
  • ‘Alice In Wonderland’ by Wynter Gordon
  • ‘Sunshine’ by Aerosmith (video clip)
  • ‘Alice, Alice’ by Victim Effect
  • ‘Alice’ by Lisa Mitchell
  • ‘Off with your head’ by Mz. Ann Thropik
  • ‘Fairytale’ by Omnia
  • ‘Jabberwocky’ by Omnia
  • ‘The Streets fell into my window’ by The Red Paintings
  • ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ by Adam Lambert
  • ‘Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum’ by Bob Dylan
  • ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’ and ‘Jabberwocky’, by Donovan

Transformers Party ideas

Transformers InvitationsTransformers DecorationsTransformers FoodTransformers Party FavorsTransformers Games & ActivitiesWhat Do I Need For a Transformers Party? In addition to basic Transformers party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins, and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Transformers party:



  • Transformers animated series, movie DVDs or soundtrack


  • Toy cars and trucks


  • ATransformer pinata


Transformers Party Invitation Ideas


  • For a unique touch, you can make your own Transformers invitations. This can be a fun activity to get you and your child excited for your Transformers party! Here are some Transformers invitation ideas for your upcoming Transformers birthday:



  • Include Transformers stickers or tattoos with your invitations. Seal the envelopes with a personalized Transformers sticker printed with your party information or special message.


  • Create a card-style invitation using the Autobot and Decepticon symbols. Write your party details on the back of the card. If you’re feeling creative, make your Transformers invitation actually transform when you open it up! Create a pop-up flap by cutting two slits perpendicular to the fold of your card. Paste a cutout Transformers symbol on the pop-up tab.


  • Let your guests know if you would like them to dress up like their favorite character from the Transformers movie. Check out our Transformers costumes for ideas!


Transformers Party Table and Decoration Ideas

Transformers decoration colors off of a favorite character


  • Hang posters or cut-out words from Transformers like, “Autobots roll out!” “Robots in disguise,” or “More than meets the eye!”


  • Place Transformers toys around the party area as Transformers decorations. You can hang action figures from the ceiling with fishing line or curling ribbon too!


  • Have guests wear robot or Transformers masks instead of wearing cone party hats. Let guests take home their masks as Transformer favors.


  • Hang Transformer banners, posters, and stills from the Transformers movie or TV show around your party area.


  • Group sets of red, blue and silver balloons around the party area. Include a fewTransformers balloons for a touch of fun in your Transformers decorations!






Disney Frozen Party ideas

Frozen is the biggest movie that Disney has had in years. What Do I Need For my Frozen Party? To bring the world of Anna, Elsa and Olaf to your home you’ll need some special extras.

  • Frozen on DVD or the Frozen soundtrack playing during the party


  • Anna and Elsa Costumes


  • A SpecialFrozen Elsa Crown for the birthday girl


  • Sprinkle glitter and paper snowflakes on the table for extra icy sparkles


  • A Frozen piata


Frozen Party Invitations

Frozen invitations which are your fastest, easiest way to inform guest of your plans. Creative invitations provide you guests with a sense of anticipation. :

  • Seal your envelopes with a snowflake sticker or an official Disney Frozen sticker. This will give your guests a good guess as to what is inside the envelope!


  • Cut snowflake construction paper or make a Snowman. You can even use light blue construction paper and glitter to make a dress like Elsa’s . Write in your party details on the back and decorate the front to look like the character.


  • Include creative wording on your invitations such as:“Let it go! Let it go!”It’s a Frozen birthday for Dana That will be the “coolest” party for sure Because she’s a girl worth melting for


Frozen Party Decorations

Here are some of our favorite suggestions for Frozen party decorations:

  • Set the scene with cardboard full-sized standups of Anna, Elsa and Olaf as well as Sven and Olaf together, and the Frozen castle. The kids will have a blast posing for pictures next to them. These pictures will also make great favors..


  • Our Personalized Frozen banners add the color and feel of the movie to your party space.


  • Turn your room into the winter wonderland of Anandelle with snowflakes, silver foil star hanging decorations and metallic silver streamer curtains in the doorway to simulate icicles.


  • Group bunches of Frozen balloons together and weigh them down with balloon weights in blue or silver.


  • Winter scene wall decorations will give the snowy appearance you seek but without the chill. It will also provide with perfect backdrop for your food table or candy buffet display.

Frozen Party Food Ideas

It can be fun to prepare and serve party food that fits your theme. For a Frozen Party, try foods that feature blue, white and light purple. Find more ideas below:

  • Turn ordinary mini carrots into “Olaf Noses” and pretzel sticks into “Olaf Arms”. Serve them with a snowy white onion dip.


  • Make snowmen with marshmallows, licorice sticks, candy buttons and royal icing.


  • Make Frozen hearts by dipping strawberries in melted white chocolate and sprinkling with white decorating sugar


  • Serve blue Kool-Aid punch with frozen balls of whipped topping floating on top to look like snowballs


KOOL-AID Kool Pops

Prep Time
Total Time


16 servings

What You Need

  • 2 qt. (8 cups) prepared KOOL-AID Grape Flavor Sugar-Sweetened Drink Mix

Make It

Tap or click steps to mark as complete

  • Pour prepared drink into 16 paper or plastic cups.
  • Freeze 2 hours or until almost firm.
  • Insert wooden pop stick or plastic spoon into center of each cup. Freeze 4 hours or until firm. Remove from cups before serving.
  • Create a candy buffet of blue and white, gumballs, jellybeans, sixlets, and sugar cube lollipops because they look just like ice. Provide Frozen favor bags for the girls to bring home some sweets that they can enjoy later.


  • Bake a cake and cover it with blue fondant, available at most party supplie stores. Use snowflake cookie cutters and white fondant to decorate your cake. Write on the cake with silver or white frosting.


Frozen Party Favor Ideas

Every little girl will be thrilled to go home with a bag of Disney Frozen favors, toys and goodies.

  • Purchase a Frozen 16oz reusable drink cup or Frozen Sport 13oz Drink Bottle and fill it with candy.


  • Frozen themed snowglobes make a great favor that will give a child something to display in their room


  • Get some Frozen Award Ribbons to give to kids for winning party games


  • All of the above mentioned item and so much more can be found in ourFrozen party supplies page under the “Party Favors” and “More Fun Stuff” tabs. Don’t miss all of these great ideas  and   treats

Alice in Wonderland Party ideas

In addition to basic party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins, and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your party:

  • Mis-matched tea sets, doilies, and fancy tablecloths
  • Largedecks of cards
  • Disney’s or Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movies and music
  • Long dining room tables
  • Plasticjewelry like beaded necklaces, rings, and crowns
  • Inflatable or silk flowers and trees
  • Alice in WonderlandCostumesforAlice, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts
  • Stuffed animals of a white rabbit, dormouse, lobster, lizard, and other animals from the Alice in Wonderland stories.

Alice in Wonderland Party Invitations Guests love to receive creative invitations! Not only do they provide the details of your upcoming event, they also help to generate excitement for the festivities. If you have the time to make your own invitations, here are a few suggestions of howyou cantake your theme to the next level right from the start:

  • Include a playing card along with each invitation and seal the envelope with atea party personalized sticker.
  • In addition to theparticulars of the celebration, assign each party guest a Wonderland character to dress up as, such as the Mad Hatter, Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, or the March Hare. At the party, you can then award a prize for the best dressed!
  • Include a tea bag inside of the invites envelope.
  • Decorate the card so that it looks like a playing card.
  • Cut a piece of construction paper to look like a tea pot. Write the particulars of the party in the center of the cutout.
  • Use creative wording like:

The Mad Hatter is coming so please mark the date. Kim’s having a tea party with all of her friends, Come travel to Wonderland and don’t be late, Please RSVP to the Queen so you can attend!

Pressed for time but still looking for invites with a personalized touch? You can find a variety of personalized invitations that will tie in perfectly to your theme, such as:

Decorating & Food Ideas

Alice in Wonderland Decorations From creating an elegant affair that would impress the Red Queen to setting the scene for a mad tea party where things will be sure to get stirred up, you can decorate for your Alice in Wonderland party in a variety of ways. Consider the following options to make your Alice in Wonderland party stand out:

  • An archway constructed out of balloons will create a gateway into your Wonderland tea party. Gather solidly colored latex balloons with Mylar themed balloons and tie them down with top hat balloon weights.
  • Use sidewalk chalk to draw giant letters on the driveway spelling out “This Way to Wonderland” and add an arrow pointing to your yard.
  • Set the table with colorful plates, napkins and a real cup and saucer for each guest. Mismatched cups work well for this party theme, and you may be able to find them at yard sales or thrift shops.
  • For table decorations, use teapots filled with lots of big flowers.
  • Make signs that say “This Way” and “That Way” and “Other Way” with arrows pointing in different directions.
  • Make your own garland from oversized playing cards and big red tissue paper flowers. Or pick up some funcrepe paper streamersto hang around the party area.
  • Add small tags that say “Drink Me” to the tea cup handles.
  • Hang paper lanternsover the table.
  • Use pink lawn flamingos, white rabbit stuffed animals and croquet mallets as decorations.
  • Set crazy hatsat each place setting that read “in this style 10/6.”

Alice In Wonderland Food Here are some suggestions for creating your yummy, themed party menu:

  • Use pretty trays and tiered plate stands.
  • Serve finger sandwiches with the crusts removed. Children may like jam, thinly sliced cucumber, cheese, or ham for the sandwich fillings.
  • Offer tea and lemonade served from teapots.
  • Opt for finger foods like mini-muffins, pretzels and grapes.
  • Take sugarcookies and customize them by addingthe words “Eat Me” to each usingfrosting.
  • Make the birthday cake in the shape of a heart, in honor ofthe Queen of Hearts. Or make a traditional cake with pink frosting like the one in the original Alice in Wonderland story. One more option is to serve cupcakes instead of a cake and, like on the cookies, use frosting to add the words “Eat Me” to each.

Alice in Wonderland Party Favors Send your guests home from Wonderland with a variety of fancy and fun Alice in Wonderland favors.

  • Beaded necklaces
  • White gloves
  • Mad Hatter themed hats
  • Tea bags
  • Playing cards
  • Copies of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Buttons, stickers, and other customizable favors

Tea Sandwiches

1. Tomato-Cheddar Spread mayonnaise on white bread. Sandwich with sliced tomato, aged cheddar and watercress. Trim the crusts and cut into pieces.

2. Ham, Brie and Apple Spread softened butter and Dijon mustard inside a split loaf of French bread. Fill with deli ham, sliced Brie and sliced green apple. Cut into pieces.

3. Cucumber-Butter Mix 4 tablespoons softened butter, 1/2 teaspoon grated lemon zest and 1 tablespoon chopped fresh herbs. Spread on white bread and sandwich with sliced cucumber. Trim the crusts and cut into pieces

4.Roast Beef–Horseradish Spread horseradish cream on rye cocktail bread. Sandwich with sliced cucumber, roast beef and watercress; season with salt and pepper.

5 California Chicken Cut whole-wheat toast into pieces. Spread with green goddess dressing. Sandwich with sliced smoked chicken, sliced avocado, diced tomato and sprouts; season with salt and pepper.

5. Salmon Salad Combine 1 cup flaked cooked salmon, 3 tablespoons each mayonnaise, chopped chives and dill, and 1 teaspoon each Dijon mustard and lemon juice. Layer the salmon salad and sliced radishes on pumpernickel bread. Trim the crusts and cut into pieces.

6 Smoked Turkey–Apple Brush the inside of a split baguette with softened butter. Fill with smoked turkey, cheddar cheese and sliced apple, and season with salt and pepper. Slice; top with a dollop of apple jelly.