The Real Story of Optimus Primes

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Optimus Prime was forged under the name Orion Pax of Iacon. He excelled in intellectual pursuits, graduating from the Institute for Higher Programming and enrolling in the Academy of Science and Technology, while in the religious quarter he proved a skeptic, doubting the existence of the Knights of Cybertron. He went on to become a rising star in Cybertron’s police force who served as an inspiration to his fellow officers, eventually becoming captain of the Rodion police force.  He was notably liberal in his duties, even convincing his old Academy friend Ratchet to run a free clinic in the city’s Dead End.



When the manual class miner Megatron was arrested for assault, Orion was intrigued by his treatise on non-violent resistance. After doing some investigation and discovering he wasn’t guilty, Orion had Megatron released and told him that he had read his work and to keep working for change.  In addition, Orion had his officer Whirl locked up for abusing Megatron while he was in jail—an action that made the Senate very unhappy, as they had actually orchestrated Megatron’s arrest in order to silence his voice of dissent. A gang of Senate thugs tried to coerce Orion into releasing Whirl, and when he refused, they returned to break Whirl out and kill Orion. Convinced now that Megatron’s belief in the corruption of the Senate was true, Orion took his attackers down with a mix of righteous fury and tactical skills, and then forced his way into the Grand Imperium. There, he made a defiant speech to the Senate, saying his eyes had been opened by Megatron, only to be forcibly removed from the building. But Orion’s speech had succeeded in reaching one of the Senate’s members:Senator Shockwave, who had for some time been searching for prospective new candidates to help free Cybertron from the Senate’s corrupt stranglehold. Arranging for Orion’s release, Shockwave had his injuries repaired and a cavity for the Matrix of Leadership added to his body, and the pair began working together in secret.

In the dark times that followed, as the Senate initiated the Clampdown, and the Decepticon movement inspired by Megatron’s writings grew in strength, Orion continued to do his duties the best he could. After saving the derelict Drift from some thugs and delivering him to Ratchet’s clinic, Pax witnessed a news report on the death of the current Matrix bearer Nominus Prime, allegedly the victim a rust infection. Calling a meeting with Shockwave, Orion learned from him that the Senate were truly responsible for Nominus’s death, and that a plan involving the Decepticons was currently in motion. Post Hoc With Decepticon sympathizer Senator Sherma having recently been murdered, Shockwave feared that fellow sympathizerMomus was in danger, and Pax rushed into action. Unfortunately, he arrived too late, and found Momus dead and officers Prowl and Tumbler fighting his murderer. Pax took out the killer, and upon discovering that he had been using a borrowed body from a Relinquishment Clinic, sent the other two officers to follow the lead. Pax himself, meanwhile, responded to a summons from Garrus-1, where an imprisoned Whirl, seeking revenge against the Senate that had abandoned him, informed Orion of a bombing plot Senator Proteus was masterminding. Regrouping with Prowl and Tumbler—who had discovered the Institute that the Senate was using to brainwash troublemakers—Pax and his allies realised that the Senate had planted a bomb inside Nominus Prime’s corpse, intending to blame the destruction on the Decepticons, thereby allowing the Senate to send them all to

The Institute to be corrected.  Recruiting some super-powered “Outliers” from Shockwave’s Academy of Advanced Technology to lend their powers to the effort, Pax led his team in removing the bomb—hidden in the form of a fake Matrix—from Nominus’s body as it lay in state, though Pax had to defer to Ratchet in the actual bomb removal, which was wired in with complex locks. The theft successfully completed, the team departed, but, having not been contacted by Roller at the appointed time, Pax sped on ahead to investigate, returning just in time to find that Senate thugs Kroma, Macabre and the Heavies had attacked their safehouse to capture Shockwave. Pax took out one of the Heavies, but Shockwave agreed to surrender when Kroma threatened Roller’s life. The remaining Heavy, Anvil, stayed behind to finish off Pax, but Pax used the Matrix-bomb to destroy his attacker. Believing that Shockwave would have been taken to the Institute, Pax had Tumbler lead him there, but they discovered the facility deserted: merely one of many Institutes, with no way of knowing in which Shockwave was being held.  When next Orion saw Shockwave, he had undergone not only empurata, but a complex form of Shadowplay that stripped him of his emotions. Though Pax believed that Shockwave could overcome what had been done to him, the “new” Shockwave told him that he was not the same ‘bot who had befriend him, and to give up on him. It would take some time for the truth to sink in that Shockwave really didn’t care any more.

                                          Orion and Zeta

Sentinel Prime, the Senate’s chief enforcer and part of the senatorial faction who’d whacked Nominus, wanted Orion Pax dead for interfering. Pax, Roller, and the outliers went on the run. Luckily, he’d made contact with one of Shockwave’s other allies and disciples: Zeta of Sistex, who became his newest mentor and backer.

In 1st cycle 502, Zeta and Pax got wind of a new spark “hot spot” in the Alyon region: one the Senate were keeping secret as it was in the shape of a hand, the mythical digits of Primus pressing the planet into shape. Rather than allow the religious Functionist Council to use that for a power grab, the Senate were likely to kill the newborns. Pax and his crew fought to stop that, beating the snot out of the Elite Guard troops Sentinel kept sending. He requested reinforcements from Zeta and got… well, time travelers pretending to be Zeta’s men. In the process, Orion found himself unwittingly talking to a future Megatron. He was confused by the maudlin talk and, when asked why he didn’t try to tear down the Senate he knew was corrupt, he told Megatron he believed reform was the answer of revolution: they needed to course-correct. (Megatron found that very funny)

Pax’s “reinforcements” informed him that a Senate ship was bombarding the hot spot with radiation as part of an experiment (one that would kill many sparks). His team went out to prevent that and secretly transport the sparks to somewhere safe. In the process, Roller was badly wounded and MIA. An enraged Pax ended the threat by having Trailbreaker put a forcefield round him and Windcharger throw him at the Senate ship. Unfortunately, when the time travelers erased everyone’s short term memories to cover their tracks Pax forgot that Roller had gone missing.


After the Decepticons killed Sentinel and most of the Senate with him  Zeta became Zeta Prime and formed the New Senate. Orion Pax stood by him as a friend and loyal soldier: he believed things were slowly changing for the better under Zeta. Together, they reformed the former senate’s security forces into an army to combat the Decepticon insurgency; Orion named them the “Autobots”, having previously decided to “reclaim” this pejorative term that other alien races used refer to Cybertronians.  While reviewing new recruits gathered for the Autobot forces by Kup, Orion was called out by an ornery veteran civil militia soldier namedIronhide, who didn’t believe that a highly decorated police officer knew anything of real warfare, and had no business leading an army. Pax invited the old warhorse to teach him


When Ratchet was captured by the Decepticons, Zeta had Orion upgraded into a new body so that he could carry out a prisoner exchange, though he lamented the loss of his lucky faceplate. Guided to the exchange point in the Rust Spot by Alpha Trion, Pax and hostage negotiator Nightbeat fended off an attack by the Slicers; the battle broke Pax’s trailer open, revealing that the hostages they were carrying were two grunts named Rack and Ruin, who Orion encouraged to abandon the Decepticon cause. Proceeding to the Decepticon base, the team discovered that the whole exchange had been a ruse by Bludgeon to capture Alpha Trion. Pax fought back long enough for to allow the others to escape, and as punishment, Bludgeon strapped him to a shuttle and launched it at the nearest population center. Orion improvised by using an “instantaneous transformation” trick picked up from Rack and Ruin to break his bonds, allowing him to take control of the shuttle and crash it into an unpopulated area.  Despite Orion foiling their plot, the Decepticons did get something out of the whole ordeal; confirmation through Alpha Trion that the ancient Titans were real.

Some time later, still in his upgraded form, Orion Pax, Kup, Ironhide and their team were on a mission to thwart an assassination attempt on Zeta Prime. Disenchanted racer Blurrstumbled into the midst of a firefight between the two units; as the Decepticon unit pulled out to continue its mission, Orion petitioned Blurr for help, asking him to use his speed to get word to Zeta before it was too late. The former celebrity balked, but ultimately the young soldier helped Blurr find what really drove him to race, and thus recruited him to the Autobot cause. Curiously, Kup was heard to refer to Orion as “Optimus” during this adventure.


Created at the dawn of time by Primus to battle his ancient foe Unicron, the Thirteen original Transformers employed many powerful weapons and icons in their battles

Artifact name Description
The Star Saber Prima’s sword, it can slice through mountains and throw waves of energy; it was forged by Solus Prime. It is a homage to the Victory’s main character, who shares the same name, as well as the identically named weapon fromTransformers: Armada. The blade was destroyed by Megatron’s Dark Star Saber, though the hilt remained with the Autobots, until they used the Forge of Solus Prime to restore the blade to its former glory. Optimus used it briefly before it was taken by the Decepticons from the rubble of the Autobots’ destroyed base and placed aboard the Nemesis as a trophy. The Autobots later recovered it, and it was used by Bumblebee to kill Megatron; Optimus later used it in the ceremony elevating Bumblebee to warrior class, and it presumably remained in the Autobots’ keeping on Cybertron. In Transformers: Timelines, the Star Saber was entrusted to Nexus Prime, who set out to find it after reuniting all his components and regaining his lost identity. He later used it in combination with the Terminus Blade to strengthen the barriers between the different multiversal streams, thus splitting multiversal singularities like himself and the other thirteen into separate beings across the multiverse.
The Matrix of Leadership A talisman that was originally stored in the hilt of the Star Saber. As its name suggests, it is a symbol of leadership, and is passed down to new leaders of the Autobots, the Transformers’ franchise’s main protagonists. Holds the collective wisdom of the Primes but did not receive its name from them.
Key to Vector Sigma Grants access to Vector Sigma, a supercomputer created by the Primes that serves as a repository for their combined knowledge and wisdom. In Transformers: Prime, the Key can be used to copy this information and reload it into the Matrix if it is ever emptied, as when Optimus Prime used its power to defeat Unicron. In the Generation 1 continuity-which included Beast Machines-the Key to Vector Sigma was a necessary component to giving life to Transformers through the medium of Vector Sigma. It also possessed the power to drain energy from matter and convert it into metal, a property used by the original Megatron, Predacon Megatron, and Tankor.
Requiem Blaster An immensely powerful weapon wielded by Megatronus/The Fallen, crafted for him reluctantly by Solus Prime. It has enough power-which it draws from black holes, stars, and other forces-to destroy entire mountains and reduce them to ashes. After creating it, Solus called for a vote on whether or not it should be destroyed, as she feared its corrupting influence and destructive power. A vote of seven to six resulted in its preservation, and Solus subsequently expressed confidence in Megatronus’ ability to use it without falling victim to it. After it was used in the battle against Unicron and in the War of the Primes, the Fallen lost it to his former brothers, who sent it into space where its gravity attracted space junk. This resulted in the creation of the planetoid known as Junkion, which was later broken up when the Decepticons learned of the Blaster and extracted it. They were forced to jettison it, and it became a target of the Star Seeker pirates. It’s abilities to draw power from stellar phenomena may have been inspired by Megatron’s G1 biography. The Requiem Blaster appeared in Transformers Armada as one of three weapons composed of three Mini-Cons joining together, and was essential to the restoration of Unicron.
The Blades of Time A device broken into pieces and spread across the universe by Nexus Prime. Each of the pieces were carried by the individual parts of Nexus, who also served as their protectors. Together, the Blades of Time have the power to open portals in time and space, allowing Vector Prime or others to cross vast distances or travel between dimensions. He left it behind upon deciding to leave the main universe, and in Transformers: Exiles, Optimus Prime uses the Blades to visit Vector Prime’s pocket dimension.
The Covenant of Primus A digital book in which Alpha Trion writes down past, present and future events. The Covenant first appeared in the Beast Wars two-part episode “Nemesis”. The real-life book Transformers: The Covenant of Primus is supposed to be a translated version of the fictional book, translated for “human audiences” by Alpha Trion.
Quill Used by Alpha Trion to write down things in the Covenant of Primus. Can be used to affect future events, however because the flow of timeline is always changing these events do not always last.
Apex Armor A full-body suit of indestructible armor that expands from a small disc. It was created by Solus Prime at the request of Liege Maximo, and her refusal to give it to Megatronus Prime invoked the rage that led him to murder her. It eventually ended up in the Vaults of Iacon and was sent to Earth by Alpha Trion, eventually coming into the possession of Starscream. He later lost it to the Autobots, only for Arcee to surrender it after the Decepticons took a number of human hostages during the battle for the Omega Lock. Starscream reclaimed it, only for it to fall into the hands of the human girl Miko Nakadai, who employed it twice in battle against Decepticons. In the Generation 1 comics, the Apex Armor was a suit of battle armor utilized by Sentinel Prime.
Chimera Stone Micronus Prime’s artifact that allowed him to link up with his siblings and enhance their powers.
Proton Spear TBA
Cyber Caliber A sword shattered by the battle that broke up the Thirteen and scattered with the components of Nexus Prime. In Transformers: Exiles, a reformed Nexus gives the Cyber Caliber to Optimus Prime to aid in his fight against the Decepticons on Junkion. Optimus has a sense of wielding the sword previously; it is later returned to Nexus who separates it-and himself-back into five separate parts that scatter across the universe. The Cyber Caliber was created for Nexus by Solus Prime, and could be segmented into several smaller blades with various uses. According to “Ask Vector Prime,” one version was transformed by him into Rhisling using knowledge obtained from Amalgamous Prime/Adaptus.[13]
Chaos Edge Another one of Nexus Prime’s swords, imbued with such great power that Nexus hesitated to use it in battle with the Decepticons. Among its powers are opening portals that allow one to travel instantaneously from one point to another.
Omni Saber Another one of Nexus Prime’s swords, a completely black blade that reflects no light.
Infinite Combinatoric/Enigma of Combination An artifact belonging to Nexus Prime that has the ability to grant-or force upon-other Transformers the power to combine.
Emberstone Quintus Prime’s artifact that gave him ability to create life, specifically the Quintessons.
Liegian Darts Toxin-loaded weapons of Liege Maximo.
Phase Shifter A watch-like device that allows the wearer to pass through anything or the other way around. Wielded by Amalgamous Prime in the battle against Unicron, it was preserved in the vaults of Iacon before being sent to Earth by Alpha Trion. Here it came into the possession of the Autobots, Smokescreen in particular, though it occasionally fell into the hands of the Decepticon Knockout briefly before being reclaimed.
Forge of Solus Prime Solus Prime’s hammer which is capable of forging powerful weapons such as Prima’s Star Saber and Megatron’s Dark Star Saber. It is also capable of recreating a transformers biological organs such as a T-Cog or voice box. It will only work in the hands of a Prime. In Prime, Megatron has the right hand of Liego Maximo surgically attached to his body and is able to use the Forge to create the Dark Star Saber from a chunk of Dark Energon. After Dreadwing secretly returns the Forge of Solus Prime to the Autobots after his parley with them, Optimus uses it to turn their base’s Ground Bridge into a Space Bridge, as well as reforge the Star Saber. After the Autobot base was destroyed, the Decepticons took it to their warship. Smokescreen got the Forge of Solus Prime back to Optimus with the help of the Phase Shifter and puts it on Optimus’s hand, which than remade him into a more powerful body. Ultra Magnus would subsequently employ the depeleted Forge as a melee weapon until it was shattered by Predaking following his transformation into robot mode.
Omega Keys Four powerful keys that are said to have the power to restore life to the Transformers’ homeworld Cybertron by unlocking the Omega Lock, which is a link to the AllSpark. They are heavily based on the four Cyber Planet Keys featured inTransformers Cybertron, but unlike those artifacts are only useful in locating and activating the Omega Lock, possessing no other known powers.
Triptych Mask Onyx Prime’s artifact, consisting of three faces that grant him various powers of astral projection and communication with other beings. As implied by its name, it included three components: Farsight, which allowed him to view other places-real and fictional-in time and space; the Predator, which enabled him to connect with any creature; and Mournsong, which had the ability to peer into the Transformer afterlife. It was also this artifact which he used to create the various Transformers varieties that came to inhabit Cybertron.
Terminus Blade A weapon in the Timelines storyline that was created by the Primes to enable them to travel between universes, but was discarded after it became obsolete. It was briefly possessed by Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus, whose mad scheming led to the destruction of the Classics universe, before being reclaimed by Nexus Prime, who used it in conjunction with the Star Saber to separate the various dimensions of the multiverse and prevent travel between them.
Prime Decepticon Hunter A powerful sword given to Optimus by the other Primes during the events of Robot in Disguise. While is may possibly possess the ability to transform into various weapons like other Decepticon Hunters, Optimus always employs it as a sword. It is useful both as a melee weapon and for long-range attacks, as it can launch powerful energy blasts capable of downing most opponents.

                                                 The History  of The Prime

                                                               Transformers: Prime
Alpha Trion An archivist who writes down historic and future events in a book called the Covenant of Primus with the Quill.
Amalgamous Prime Known as “the Shape-shifter”, since he is the first Shifter, a rare type of Transformer able to transform into anything, notably into perfect duplicates of other Transformers. His artifact is the Transformation Cog, which later T-Cogs would be modeled after. Along with Prima, Vector Prime, Megatronus, and Onyx Prime, he was considered a warrior Prime.  “Ask Vector Prime”
Quintus Prime Known as “the Experimental Dreamer” and a scientist, he was the creator of the Quintessons. While Quintus himself has yet to appear in any Transformers toy line or fiction, the Quintessons first appeared in The Transformers: The Movie in 1986, and featured as recurring villains in the third season of The Transformers. His artifact is the Emberstone, which he presumably used to give life to the Quintessons. Unfortunately, it is believed that his creations destroyed him after he ceased to be of use to them.
Optimus Prime The Covenant of Primus establishes that Optimus Prime (or at least his Prime incarnation) was one of the Thirteen. The Covenant is the only source so far that establishes Optimus as one of the Thirteen. In the Prime continuity, he was stated to be “The Visionary” and served as a source of morale and unity amongst the Thirteen with his vision and his words “All are One” until the civil war between the Primes. Afterwards, he volunteered to enter the Well of All Sparks to be reborn as Orion Pax and understand the Thirteen’s future descendants. After being kept under the watchful eye of Alpha Trion, he regained his memories and power when he was granted the Matrix of Leadership and ultimately sacrificed himself in the Well of All Sparks years later after merging with the AllSpark so that life may once again return to Cybertron. He would later return in Robots in Disguise, having been chosen by his fellow Primes to contend with the threat of Megatronus’ return. After undergoing training with Micronus, he would receive power from him and five of the other Primes-led by Vector Prime-in order to prepare him to face Megatronus, as well as receiving the Prime Decepticon Hunter.
                                                      Multiversal Singularities
Logos Prime  Beast Machines, a new character known as “Soundblaster” was introduced. Abducting Optimus Primal and Megatron, he let them wander his temple in the hopes that one of them would prove a worthy successor to his power. He was subsequently confronted by the arriving Vector Prime, who recognized him as his former comrade Logos Prime. He later appeared among the versions of the Thirteen who tried to prevent Nexus Prime from dividing the multiverse.
Epistemus A Transformer deity who lived during the earliest period on Cybertron and was renowned for his unconventional intellect. Long ago, the Light God Primus created the miracle planet of Cybertron, after which he split his essence into five avatars. These avatars became a pantheon of deities called the Guiding Hand. Epistemus embodied knowledge personified, standing alongside his brethren, consisting of: Solomus, Adaptus, Mortilus, and Primus himself. Together, they brought about the first Golden Age of Cybertron until it was shattered by Mortilus, who desired to strike against the universe.
Autonomous Maximus According to Vector Prime, he took up a solitary vigil, awaiting “the inevitable” and renouncing his name, becoming “The Last Autobot“. He is the legendary Autobot warrior and essentially the Transformers equivalent of a king in the mountain.
Solomus A wise Transformer deity who lived during the earliest period of Cybertron, Solomus was a member of the Thirteen. Vector Prime fondly remembered his brother’s kindness and wisdom. Competing memories tell him that the guy had been long departed when Vector was around, a nod to the character’s status as a member of the Pre-Thirteen Guiding Hand in the G1 IDW continuity. Solomus was named for the biblical king Solomon, who was noted for his wisdom; Vector Prime implied that he might be the same entity as Alpha Trio



The  History of  Thirteen Original Transformers



The Prime linage began with the Thirteen Original Transformers created when the universe began by Primus to aid him in his battle against Unicron. They went on to become the foundation of life on Cybertron

The following nine are members of the Thirteen in all incarnations:

Character name Description
Prima Described as a warrior of light, and the “First Made”, Prima is the first Transformer created by Primus, is the original holder of the Matrix of Leadership, and wields a legendary sword called the Star Saber. In the Aligned continuity Prima is the leader-albeit unelected-of the Thirteen, and continued to defend Cybertron even after the group separated. While a dedicated and highly competent leader, he was portrayed in the Prime continuity as extremely orthodox and paranoid. Consequentially, he was highly suspicious of several of his fellow Primes. After the War of the Primes, he continued to protect and guide the new inhabitants of Cybertron, but disappeared after the Cataclysm.
Vector Prime The guardian of time and space, and interdimensional traveler. He wields a sword named “Rhisling”, and is able to travel across time and between dimensions.. His artifact in the Aligned continuity is the Blades of Time, by which he traveled to a pocket dimension in order to escape the turmoil of the main universe.
Solus Prime The only female member of the Original Thirteen. She is a weapon-smith who crafted many of the groups weapons, and wields a mystical hammer called the Forge of Solus Prime, which is capable of crafting weaponry and Transformer body components from basic machiner. The Covenant of Primus stated that she was accidentally killed by Megatronus, with whom she had shared a romantic relationship, while Robots in Disguise indicates that he intentionally murdered her. In the movie continuity he murdered his fellow Primes before being imprisoned in another dimension.
Micronus Prime The first Mini-Con, and known as “the Catalyst”. His artifact is the Chimera Stone, which he used to increase the abilities of his fellow Primes (a nod to the power of Mini-Cons in Transformers Armada). He was one of four Primes whose talents leaned more towards tactics than battle-his comrades in this group consisted of Alpha Trion, the Liege Maximo, and Quintus Prime. After the War of the Primes, he accompanied his friend Onyx Prime to the Well of All Sparks to keep him company. He would subsequently appear in Robots in Disguise as one of Optimus Prime’s trainers, displaying a somewhat arrogant attitude while still attempting to help prepare Optimus for future challenges.
Alchemist Prime Known as “the Elemental”, his artifact was the Lenses, which was built into his optic sensors. As of 2013, Alchemist Prime has not appeared in any Transformers toy line or fiction, and all that is known about the character is detailed inTransformers: Exiles. In the novel, Alpha Trion reveals he and Alchemist oversaw the development of early civilization on Cybertron, but Alchemist eventually left the planet to track down Liege Maximo for his crimes. However, The Covenant of Primus indicates that Maximo perished on Cybertron, thus leaving any purpose Alchemist had in departing Cybertron unknown. Transformers: Timelines features a version of Alchemist Prime who resembles Maccadam, indicating that they may be the same being.
Nexus Prime The First Combiner, capable of separating his body into several smaller Transformers which can function individually from each other. He first appeared in the Fun Publications Transformers comic books in 2009, and later appeared as a major character in Transformers: Exiles. The former story saw his components separated across various reality before reuniting and regaining their memory of their nature as a Prime before setting out to secure the dimensions of the multiverse by recovering the Star Saber and Terminus Blade. The latter saw his components scattered from Cybertron to various colony worlds before reuniting to aid the Autobots against the Decepticons and Star Seekers. In the Fun Publications comic books, Nexus’ components are called Heatwave, Skyfall, Landquake, Topspin and Breakaway, while in Exiles their names are Clocker, Pinion, Cannonspring, Chaindrive and Mainspring. In the IDW comics he was the only Prime known to be deceased, having been killed by Galvatron. His artifact is the Enigma of Combination, and he wields several swords, including the Omni Saber and the Chaos Edge.
Onyx Prime Known as the Spirit Warrior, he was the first Transformer to have a Beast Mode. His artifact is the Triptych Mask, which he would later use to give form to new Transformers as they emerged from the Well of All Sparks. Onyx entered the Well permanently after being mortally wounded during the War of the Primes, and was kept alive by the presence of Primus’ Spark. In doing so, he was able to use his powers to create new life on Cybertron. The IDW continuity saw him become closer in character to the Aligned version of Predaking, ruling over an army of bestial Transformers.
Liege Maximo Also known as “the Manipulator”, he was considered to be the ultimate evil and a natural counterforce to the heroic Prima, Liege Maximo plotted against the Thirteen and tried to overthrow them, but he failed and was cast out.  He was the original Decepticon. In the Prime continuity, he is stated to be charismatic, manipulative, and was able to convince others in various ways into agreeing with his line of thought. In the Prime continuity, there are conflicting stories as to his demise: the Covenant of Primus indicates that he died during the War of the Primes on Cybertron, while Exiles indicates that he fled into space and was eventually hunted down and imprisoned by Alchemist Prime. His artifact was the Liegian Darts, and his arm is believed to be the one used by Megatron in Prime to wield Solus Prime’s Forge.
Megatronus Described as the guardian of entropy and a warrior of darkness. Like Liege Maximo, there are conflicting accounts in the Prime continuity with Exiles stating that Megatronus was cast out of the group after murdering Solus Prime, and afterwards was referred to as “The Fallen“. Meanwhile, in the Covenant of Primus, he is portrayed as an arrogant and misunderstood warrior who was secretly ashamed of his inner nature and exiled himself while adopting his new name in penance for the unintended death of his beloved, Solus Prime. The Aligned animated series Robots in Disguise more closely followed the Exiles story, and featured him being banished to an alternate universe that led to him seeking escape and revenge on both Earth and Cybertron. In this series he dubs himself “The First Decepticon” and claims to have been empowered by some unknown party or force even mightier than his former comrades. The primary villain in the 2009 film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. His artifact was the Requiem Blaster, but he was known for possessing a considerable arsenal.