WonderWoman a celeration of 75 Years

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Wonder Woman  was the first female  comic book  superhero and after 75 years  and  she’s still fighting  strong. The iconic character  got  her  start  back  in the year 1941 in the  pages of  ” All Star Comics,” creation  of Writer  William  Moulton Marston with his wife Elizabeth Holloway  MarstonImage result for William  Moulton Marston with his wife Elizabeth Holloway  Marstonand artist  H.G Peter and this  Friday  she ‘ll  be appointed  as an ambassador  by  the  United Nations.

It’s part  of the celebration of  The character is a founding member of the Justice League, demigoddess, and warrior princess of theAmazons, which are based on the Amazons of Greek mythology. In her homeland, she is Princess Diana of Themyscira, and outside of her homeland, she is known by her secret identity Diana Prince.Gal Gadot portrayed Wonder Woman in the 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, marking the character’s feature film debut after over 70 years of history.Gadot will also star in the character’s first solo live-action film Wonder Woman, set to be released on June 2, 2017Image result for wonder womanDiana is depicted as a masterful athlete, acrobat, fighter and strategist, trained and experienced in many ancient and modern forms of armed and unarmed combat, including exclusive Amazonian martial arts. In some versions, her mother trained her, as Wonder Girl, for a future career as Wonder Woman. From the beginning, she is portrayed as highly skilled in using her Amazon bracelets to stop bullets and in wielding her golden lasso. Batman once called her the “best melee fighter in the world”. The modern version of the character is known to use lethal force when she deems it necessary.In the New 52 continuity, her superior combat skills are the result of her Amazon training, as well as receiving further training from Ares, the God of War, himself, since as early as her childhood.

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Famous actresses Who play  Wonder Woman

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                         Image result  Lynda CarterWonder Woman1975

Image result for Cathy Lee CrosbyCathy Lee Crosby in Wonder Woman (1974)

Image resultLucy Lawless in Justice League: The New Frontier (2008)

Image result. Keri Russell in Wonder Woman (2009)

Image resultMaggie Q on Young Justice (2010)

             Image result    Susan Eisenberg -Justice League     Justice League: Doom      Justice League Unlimited    Justice League: Starcrossed the MovieSuperman/Batman: Apocalypse

Image resultAdrianne Palicki on Wonder Woman (2011)

Image resultMichelle Monaghan in Justice League: War (2014)

Image resultCobie Smulders in Justice League: War (2014)

Image resultRosario Dawson in Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (2015)

Image resultGal Gadot in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


Recommened Reading

Wonder Woman comics relaesed  in the past  75 years


Here are six  graphic  novels we  you should  check out:


  • Image result for woman woman : a celebration of 75 Years WonderWoman:The True Amazon – Jill Thompson
  • The most recognizable superheroine of all time, Wonder Woman has been an essential part of the DC Universe and an icon for female empowerment for more than 75 years.

    Armed with her lasso of truth and her bullet-stopping bracelets, the Amazon Princess journeys into Man’s World again and again, spreading her mission of peace and goodwill and fiercely battling injustice where she finds it. She’s a princess, a warrior and an ambassador. Beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, swifter than Mercury…she is Wonder Woman! $ 31.14


  •  Image result for wonder woman the golden age omnibus vol. 1
  • This  massive book goes back to  Wonder Woman ‘s  beginning , collecting  appearances $ 75.00
  • Cover art  WonderWoman  Vol .1 – Greg Rucka
  •   When an ancient ritual requires Wonder Woman to protect a young woman from anyone who threatens her, it pits the Amazon Warrior against her Justice League ally, Batman! And while an array of enemies, including Silver Swan and the more dangerous than ever Dr. Psycho, attack Wonder Woman on all fronts, it’s the publication of Princess Diana’s book that opens her to an assault by a new and deadly foe – the malevolent Veronica Cale – and places Wonder Woman’s island homeland of Themyscira in grave danger $ 29.99
  • Cover art Wonder Woman : Earth One Vol .  Grant Marrison
  • Diana, Princess of the Amazons, knows there is more in this world and wants to explore, only to be frustrated by her protective mother, Hippolyta. Diana finds her escape when Air Force pilot Steve Trevor, the first man she has ever seen, crashes onto their shores. With his life hanging in the balance, Diana ventures into the long forbidden world of men. The Amazons chase after her and bring her back to Paradise Island in chains to face trial for breaking their oldest law„staying separated from the world that wronged them. Thought-provoking yet reverent, thoroughly modern but still timeless, the power and courage of Paradise IslandÍs ….. $ 22.99
  • [Wonder Woman: A Celebration Of 75 Years (Hardcover) (Product Image)]Wonder Woman

    A Celebration Of 75 Years (Hardcover

  • Celebrate over seven decades of the awe-inspiring Wonder Woman, from early years as one of the first female superheroes in the comics industry, to today.$ 39.99