City Opens A Mental Health Crisis Hotline

Seeking Mental Health Help  in  the  city  just   got  a little  easier  with  the  launch  of NYC Well , a hotline   offering  short-term  counseling , peer support  and follow up services.

By calling or texting  the hotline  or going  to the website  , New Yorker’s will  be  connected  to a  counselor 24/7.

People  who suffering  from  depression,  stress,  anxiety  and or  addiction .

The  service  include  inculdes  short  – term couselings over  the phone  or  through the   texts,  as well  as  sessing  whether  a  team of  mental health  professionals will  help  you and needs meet the person in  his or her home.

NYC Well offer a  services  in English ,Spanish  , Mandarin &Cantonese  and translate more than 200 languages.

NYC Well  by  calling 1-888- NYC-WELL  TEXTING  WELL to  65173 or  visiting

At any hour of any day, in almost any language, from phone, tablet or computer, NYC Well is your connection to get the help you need. We can provide:

  • Suicide prevention and crisis counseling
  • Peer support and short-term counseling via telephone, text and web
  • Assistance scheduling appointments or accessing other mental health services
  • Follow-up to check that you have connected to care and it is working for you