Your ultimate NYC playlists

Ultimate playlist for running in the park

LCD Soundsystem, “Daft Punk is Playing at My House”

Is nearly an hour straight of synth and drum pulses to accompany your jog.

Daft Punk, “Harder Better Faster Stronger”

Every good workout requires a trainer-type figure shouting encouraging things at you—

Kendrick Lamar, “Backseat Freestyle”

Kendrick’s braggadocious single is the ideal track for channeling your inner beast mode.

Drake, “Controlla”

Drake might tell you to “go slower, go faster” but don’t listen. Keep doing your thing.

Charli XCX, “Break the Rules”

You need pumping through your earphones when you’re starting to flag mid-run.

Chance the Rapper, “All Night”

Work on your juke moves as you work closer to your destination.

D.R.A.M., “Cha Cha”

Speaking of dancing, you can work on your “Cha Cha” while on the trail too.

The Weeknd, “Starboy”

Tron Legacy soundtrack, did the production. No need for a light cycle, though: This tune will make you feel like you can outrun any mere computer program.

Janelle Monae, “Tightrope”

Janelle Monáe’s update on a James Brown–esque dance number has enough life in it to raise the dead. In other words, you’re gonna make it!

Sia, “The Greatest”

The Greatest” is basically the spiritual sequel to “Eye of the Tiger.” “Don’t give up, I won’t give up,” she sings. There. You did it!

Your ultimate playlist for singing in the shower

Queen, “Bicycle Race”

“Bohemian Rhapsody” is all fun and good, but, as Freddie Mercury sings, sometimes you just want to ride your bicycle. On your mark, get set, go!

Alicia Myers, “I Want to Thank You”

Hopefully it’s not too early for some sanctified, soulful disco because that’s what Alicia Myers brings here: perfect for washing away the previous night’s indiscretions—or whatever!

The Strokes, “Last Nite”

Speaking of last night, the Strokes’ breakthrough single is one of those songs that sounds just as good at 8am with the sun coming up as it does the night before. Shouting it out will only help your morning, we promise.

The 1975, “UGH!”

The numerically named British dance-pop band has a thing for plucky, buoyant pop. “UGH!” is the kind of tune that’ll raise your spirits like a bath full of bubbles.

Carly Rae Jepsen, “Boy Problems”

Carly Rae’s pop banger is about washing away your insignificant problems—namely annoying paramores—like so much soap down the drain.

Blood Orange, “You’re Not Good Enough”

With this funky, sly tune, Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes has composed a perfectly pitched bit of Prince-esque pop, ideal for knocking off the cobwebs with some falsetto high notes.

Michael Jackson, “P.Y.T.”

Take it to the max with the King of Pop: You’ll want to sing both call-and-response parts, obviously, using your loofah as a microphone stand-in.

Bruno Mars, “Treasure”

This retro pop-funk jam is prime material for a sing-along, or an impromptu solo dance party. It’s the music cue to glide across a slick dance floor or wet bathroom tile, for that matter. Just be careful!

Bully, “Brainfreeze”

This grungy bit of power pop—with its heavyweight riffs and Alicia Bognanno’s throat-clearing yowl—is just the thing to shake any lingering sleep from your eyes.

Katrina & the Waves, “Walking on Sunshine”

If you’ve made it this far, it’s time to bring out the big guns: Katrina & the Waves’ Vitamin D–soaked pop staple is about as euphoric as it gets. Here’s your post-shower cup of coffee—now start the day!