Ghost Riders: The History of Several Spirits of Vengeance!

1. Western Ghost Rider

This new Western Ghost Rider was more superhero cowboy than straight up horror character and appeared in his own self-titled comic in 1967. This comic was the first of many Ghost Rider comics Marvel would publish and it all started with a man named Carter Slade. There was nothing supernatural about Slade initially. He fought outlaws and corruption with a phosphorescent suit, horse and weapons. So Slade was pretty much just a glowing cowboy in a full face mask and cape, but damn, did he look cool.

Slade grew obsessed with Morse and essentially hypnotized her into loving him. This was tantamount to rape and when Morse regained her free will, she fought back against her rapist. During the struggle, Lincoln fell off a cliff and even though Morse could have saved him, she refused.

At the time, Mockingbird was married to Hawkeye and this incident led to the divorce of the two Avengers. So you see, the Western Ghost Rider has had a pretty big impact on some major Marvel players. The Western Ghost Rider has a complex history that spans multiple identities, comic titles, and even two comic companies, but this haunting rider of the plains has the distinction of being the hero (and sometimes) villain that started the comic book legacy of the Ghost Rider.

2.Johnny Blaze

Mephisto combined Blaze with the demon Zarathos and transformed the stunt rider into the Ghost Rider. This began a long, tragic career as Blaze used his demonic powers in pursuit of vengeance. Sometimes, the Rider was in control, and sometimes Blaze was at the wheel, but wherever the Ghost Rider went, evil burned. Through it all, Blaze became a hero in the Marvel Universe. As Ghost Rider, Blaze teamed with many Marvel heroes and even joined the team known as the Champions, but mostly, he was a man with no home and no purpose other than vengeance.

3.Daniel Ketch

Johnny Blaze was cured of his demonic curse, another Ghost Rider rose to spread vengeance across the mean streets of New York. Daniel Ketch lived in Brooklyn. One night, Ketch and his sister were strolling through a junkyard when they were attacked by a group of gangsters led by the villainous Deathwatch. Daniel’s sister was gravely injured but Daniel hid. In this most desperate hour, Ketch saw a glowing gas tank. When he reached out to grab the mysterious object, Ketch was transformed into the newest Spirit of Vengeance.

4.Spirit of Vengeance

Guardians of the Galaxy once had a Ghost Rider as a member of the team? Hell yeah, it did. Now, we’re not talking the modern day Guardians team with the green people, the tree, and the raccoon; we’re talking the old school future team with Vance Astro, Charlie 27 and those future cats. In addition to all those cool cosmic characters, there was the Spirit of Vengeance, a future version of Ghost Rider that tooled around the galaxy on his Demon Cycle. Real name Wileaydus Autolycu, this future GR was dedicated to taking down the Universal Church of Truth, a corrupt yet powerful intergalactic religious sect.

5. Vengeance

When Lt. Michael Badilino (you know he’s 90s, he has “bad” right there in his name) was a young boy, his family was killed by the demon Zarathos, the very same Zarathos that once possessed Johnny Blaze. Badilino became a NYC cop and fought the good fight for justice. When Daniel Ketch’s Ghost Rider appeared, Badilino thought it was Zarathos and swore to bring the demon down once and for all. When he failed to stop GR, Badilino turned to Mephisto and sold his soul. Mephisto transformed Badilino into Vengeance, a dark reflection of Ghost Rider.

At first, Vengeance became Ghost Rider’s greatest nemesis, but the cop soon realized that Ketch was not Zarathos and became one of the demon biker’s most staunch allies.

6.Ghost Rider 2099

In the year 2099, Kenshiro “Zero” Cochrane was horrifically injured during a shooting. A computer genius, Cochrane downloaded his mind into cyberspace where he met any entity known as the Ghostworks. Before you can say Mr. Robot, Cochrane agreed to allow his mind to be downloaded into a robot. Of course, the robot looks like a futuristic version of the classic Ghost Rider and a future hero was born. It was kind of cool that Marvel moved away from the supernatural with its future Spirit of Vengeance.

7. Shark Rider

He created an African Ghost Rider named Baron Skullfire, an Indian Ghost Rider that stomped around on a flaming elephant, and a Depression-era gangster Ghost Rider that cruised around in a flaming Dick Tracy-looking car. And we had Shark Rider, an Atlantean Ghost Rider that cruised the oceans seeking vengeance on a, get ready for it, giant flaming shark.

8. Alejandra Jones

Alejandra Jones was the daughter of a Mexican human trafficker and an unknown Mexican woman. Jones was sold into slavery in Nicaragua but was taken in by an order of monks that trained her to be the next vessel of Ghost Rider.

For a time, Alejandra rode beside Johnny Blaze, who took her as a student to train her in the ways of vengeance. It was all pretty kickass and Zen (but Zen with motorcycles, flaming chains, and soul-burning hellfire), but Blaze and his pupil soon had a falling out and Alejandra was killed. Blaze rescued Alejandra from Hell, but in doing so, accidentally stole her Rider powers.

Now, Alejandra is a former spirit of vengeance but who knows, perhaps she will one day flame-up and ride again. Of all the Ghost Riders, Alejandra Jones was one of the coolest designs

9. Robbie Reyes

Reyes was gunned down by thugs led by the villainous Mr. Hyde. As Reyes laid dying, his body was possessed by the spirit of serial killer Eli Morrow. Together, Reyes and Morrow transformed into the 21st century Ghost Rider, a fiery street racer that violently punishes the guilty in order to feed Morrow’s thirst for death. Reyes and Morrow constantly struggle for control of the Rider as Reyes tries to do right by his beloved brother

It was Mr. Hyde that attacked Reyes and kick-started this whole Ghost Rider thing. As AoS fans know, on TV, Hyde is Daisy Johnson’s father. Perhaps this little bit of business could come into play on TV.