Justice’s Blind 

A South Carolina jury 11whites and one black weighed the following evidence during a monthlong trial against the former North Charleston Police officer Michael Slager.The S.C junor are deadlocks

The evidence:

  • Scott was unarmed.
  • Cell phone video shows that Slager,firing eight times at Scott as he ran away 
  • Scott was struck five times 
  • the 16 second of the Video of Scott was kill by Slager
  • The prosecutors say Slager dropped the Taser Scott’s body after fatally shooting him.

The man who fatally shot an ex Jet running back Joe McKnight .Ronald Gasser admitted to gunning down Joe McKnight.But,Gasser 54 was relased from custody early Friday without being charged in the kill of Joe McKnight .

 I don’t get it. Tell me why their relased Ronald Gasser 54 from custody without charges of murder of Joe McKnight. 

The justice  system is broken.