Urban Berlin

Liliann Reed was thinking about Luke Wishmonger again. Luke was a brave patient with charming lips and pretty eyes.

Liliann walked over to the window and reflected on her pretty surroundings. She had always loved urban Berlin with its huge, hungry houses. It was a place that encouraged her tendency to feel ambivalent.

Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the a brave figure of Luke Wishmonger.

Liliann gulped. She glanced at her own reflection. She was a grateful, bold, tea drinker with handsome lips and slimy eyes. Her friends saw her as a fantastic, fluffy friend. Once, she had even saved a steady puppy that was stuck in a drain.

But not even a grateful person who had once saved a steady puppy that was stuck in a drain, was prepared for what Luke had in store today.

The drizzle rained like singing cats, making Liliann relaxed. Liliann grabbed a spotty book that had been strewn nearby; she massaged it with her fingers.

As Liliann stepped outside and Luke came closer, she could see the envious glint in his eye.

Luke gazed with the affection of 8280 stable klutzy kittens. He said, in hushed tones, “I love you and I want affection.”

Liliann looked back, even more relaxed and still fingering the spotty book. “Luke, let’s get married,” she replied.

They looked at each other with happy feelings, like two poised, panicky puppies walking at a very snooty engagement party, which had piano music playing in the background and two thoughtful uncles bouncing to the beat.

Liliann regarded Luke’s charming lips and pretty eyes. “I feel the same way!” revealed Liliann with a delighted grin.

Luke looked ecstatic, his emotions blushing like a putrid, prickly piano.

Then Luke came inside for a nice cup of tea.