This Week 

  • The Exorcist 

The first horror flim ever to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar – was released in 1973.It was adapted from the novel of the same name by William Peter Blatty ,which was inspired by the real -life exorcism of a young Maryland boy ,known by the pseudonym Roland Doe in 1949.

  • The Godfather of Soul 

James Brown who died in 2006 after a week-long battle with pneumonia.The child who once picked cotton who become one of the most great influential musician of the 20th century- inspiring artists ranging from Mick Jagger from The Rollin Stone and to The 👑 of  Pop the late Micheal Jackson to Jay Z- despite never having learned to read music!

  • Lady 🐦

Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson was born in Texas in 1912.As Frist lady of the United of the States from 1963 -1969 during the presidency of her husband Lyndon B.Johnson , she was an ardent environmentalist devoted to beautifying Washington D.C .Later her love of wildflowers inpired her to create the National Wildflower Research Center at University of Texas , now known as The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

  • Taylor Swift

A little more than a month after winning the Country Music Association Horizon Award for best new artist as 18 year old had her frist number one hit “Our Song” in 2007.Her musical ablities were all but preordained: She was named after another hit making singer ,James Taylor!

  • The Chipmunk Song : (Christmas Don’t be Late)

The fronted by three fictional chipmunks Alvin,Simon, Theordore topped the music charts in  1958 .Singer-songwriter Rosa Bagdasarian was inspired to write and record the squeaking holiday ditty after his young son kept asking him if  it was Christmas yet. It went on to sell nearly five million copies in its first seven weeks alone – and won threeGrammyAwards.