MetroCard rising to $3 For NewYorker

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MetroCard rates will likely rise to $3 per swipe in March.

The raised rates will take effect on March 19.

Along with the 25-cent increase in base fares, the MTA would also increase the purchasing bonus that riders receive when they add at least $6 to their cards — from 11% to 16%.

Three-dollar fares are one of two options the agency has been weighing. The other option would have kept fares at $2.75, but riders would have only received an extra 5% bonus with a $5.50 purchase.

Monthly MetroCards will jump from $116.50 to $121. Seven-day cards will increase by a dollar, to $32.

Plan details

– Base MetroCard fare: $3

Bonus: 16% with $6 purchase

(Effective fare with bonus: $2.59)

– Single Ride ticket: $3.25

– Express Bus fare: $7 (cash)

– 30-day MetroCard: $121

– 7-day MetroCard: $32

– Access-A-Ride fare: $3