Saint Valentine’s Day Symbols/Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Poets and the greatest world classics compare the beauty of their beloved ones with the beauty of roses. A rose is a queen of flowers, and it symbolizes peace and struggle, love and forgiveness. Saint Valentine’s Day is a time to give flowers and gifts to your sweethearts, but be careful, some of these symbols of attention can be misinterpreted by your chosen ones.

Which roses to give for Valentine’s day? Do you know that each shade of color of roses has its specific meaning? Find that out:

Valentine’s Day Symbol – Roses

white roses White roses are given to express pure and genuine love with noble intentions.
Red roses Red roses express love and passion. According to a legend, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, has injured her leg with a bush of red roses, when
she was walking in a hurry to meet her sweetheart. Few of her blood drops fell on a flower, since then red roses have become a symbol of love and passion.
Pink roses Pink roses mean friendly attitude with a hope for some closer relationship.
Yellow roses Yellow roses mean friendly relationship and nothing more.
black roses Black roses mean irrevocable breakup.


Cupid Cupid is a mischievous son of Venus, the goddess of love, he’s usually attached to the state of amorousness. According to mythology, anyone injured by a Cupid’s arrow fells in love with the first who comes along. Cupid is in a keeping line with his colleague Eros in mythology. Eros is a son of Aphrodite, he’s also called Amores. Today you can always meet these names, when it comes to love affair.


Hearts The most important Valentine’s Day symbol is the heart of the lovers. At all times a heart has been considered to be a symbol of sensuality, and proposing your heart to someone has a meaning of giving yourself away to a deep and lofty human emotion – love, sinking in thoughts of your loved one. A heart, needled by a Cupid’s arrow has become the most well-known symbol of Saint Valentine’s Day amidst the other symbols.
A Heart Needled by an Arrow is a Symbol of Eternal love

Pigeons – a symbol of devotion and purity

pigeons A pigeon represents purity, humility and innocence. Pigeons were considered to be the most favorite birds Venus, the goddess of love. There is a well-known phrase “pigeon fidelity”. These are the birds who keep their couple for the entire life, and who take care of their offspring together, thus, no wonder, that pigeons have become one of the most suitable Saint Valentine’s Day symbols.

A Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend has to show your attitude and feelings. That’s why on this day, it’s time to be romantic. Don’t stop at simple V-Day cards and post-it notes. Set up a candlelight dinner, or make a reservation at a restaurant, and fully dedicate this day to just the two of you. That’s what makes a real Valentine’s Day – being secure enough to talk about your feelings, gazing at your sweetheart with affection in your eyes, and enjoying the holiday atmosphere, which gave you a reason to share these happy moments together, knowing you’re happy and in love.

But let’s get back to Valentine’s Day gifts for her. We’ll talk about what to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day that won’t hurt your wallet or make her feel obligated in any way.


Cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for girlfriend
A cute token, like a heart-shaped stuffed toy, or a stuffed animal holding a heart. If your girl has a soft spot for stuffed toys, she will not be disappointed.
Beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend
Another safe bet is a makeup set or a basket of health & beauty products.
Lovely Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend
Jewelery made of precious metals and gems will also be met with admiration. Of course, gold is not a cheap option, but it certainly is fail-proof. Even if the piece isn’t particularly something of her taste, she will never box it up with other useless junk she will never use, as it is still valuable in itself, and any girl will appreciate the effort you put into giving her such an expensive and valuable V-Day gift. It is a little bit easier for men whose women prefer to wear silver. This metal is much cheaper, and you can find a decent size jewelry piece, or an entire set for cheaper than a single golden piece.
Amazing Valentine’s Day gift for her
Perfume. It can be tricky to guess what kind of scent she will like, but it’s worth a try. You should choose what you feel is the right scent for her, something you will love her to wear, and she will definitely be happy to use it when she’s with you.
Romantic Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend
Lingerie or a silk robe. Knowing your girlfriend’s size, you can consider this gift option. You can choose something you would love to see her wear.
Sweet Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend
Sweet treats for Valentine’s Day are the best kind of treats. You can easily find a box of chocolates in unique holiday packaging, a heart-shaped cake, ice cream. A selection of chocolate candies can be made to look like a decorative flower bouquet. It is no doubt one of the most interesting and unique gifts. While a real flower bouquet is merely a decoration, the candy version is not only aesthetically pleasing, but edible as well.
Symbolic Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend
And finally, if you want to give a symbolic gift, small decor pieces for home, like small sculptures, statuettes, vases, jewelry boxes, a beautiful picture frame with a photo of you together, a key holder, wallet, or a photo album can be an option. And, of course, a simple bouquet of flowers.
Good Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend
It is also appropriate to invite your girl out for Valentine’s Day. Go to the movies, theater, restaurant, party, or concert.
The right V-day gift to give her also depends on the relationship you two have. Perhaps, you’re just trying to tell her you like her, in which case your gift certainly can’t be too expensive or extravagant. Your relationship could still be new and fresh, or maybe you’ve been together for a long time, or are even married. Either way, Valentine’s Day is the time to confess your love for each other, feel positive vibes and be happy.
Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and your gift has to reflect that. It should come from your heart, and express your love
If you want to surprise a girl, make her feel happy and positive, and really touch her, here’s what you can do.
Making a Valentine’s Day gift for her.
Get a piece of paper and cut it into long strips.
Get a pen and write something you love about her on each strip.
Write just one single thing on each strip.
When you’re done, carefully fold and roll the strips up and put them inside a small bag or gift packaging.
Give it to her on Valentine’s Day, and enjoy watching her read all the strips as she opens it.
To give you an idea of what to write, here’s a few examples:
“I love you because you hold my hand when we hang out together.”
“I love you because you smile when you see me.”
“I love you because you cook for me when I’m hungry.”
“I love you because you spend so much time getting ready when we’re going out.”
“I love you because you have the most kind and beautiful eyes in the world.”
“I love you because you like to get into snow ball fights with me.”
…And so on.

Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Diptyque “Roses” Scented Candle

Instead of the classic bouquet of a dozen roses, why not gift her something that will last more than a few days (or a week, if you’re lucky)? This scented candle is almost like the real thing, since it smells like a fresh arrangement of roses. With a burn time of about 20 hours, it’s guaranteed to be her new favorite home fragrance (at least until the next gifting holiday!). When she lights the candle, the room will smell like it’s covered in bouquets of the romantic flower. If you’re feeling extra generous, there’s also a 6.5-ounce version that burns for up to 60 hours.

To Buy: $32 for 2.4-ounce candle and $62 for 6.5-ounce candle;

Medley + Noir Blooming Tea Set

Tea time just got a lot prettier. Far from the average gift box of assorted tea bags, this set contains six varieties of blooming teas. Yes, that’s right, the flower blooms in the hot water for a dramatic and unique afternoon tea experience. The blends are all silver needle white or black teas, with varieties including amaranth and jasmine; calendula; calendula and jasmine; rose and lily; jasmine and lily; and carnation. When it’s time to sit back and relax with a cup of tea, the blooming process will amaze her as she pours hot water in the teapot.

To Buy: $28;

Love Poems

It’s okay if you don’t really have a way with words—leave it to the experts to show her how you really feel. And by experts, we mean the likes of the most romantic writers in history: John Donne, Christina Rossetti, E.E. Cumming, William Shakespeare, and W.B. Yeats to name a few. The book set comes with five anthologies, featuring love poems, love letters, love songs and sonnets, Indian love poems, and sonnets from Dante to present. The books themselves are packaged beautifully with a pink book band—it’s definitely a collectors’ set and a special gift.

To Buy: $85;

Cosabella Italia Lace Thong and Candle Set

If you’re opting for lingerie this year, you could get her something that looks (and probably is) uncomfortable, or you could get her something that will make her look and feel good. Say goodbye to the cheesy lingerie set that’s likely to be a one-and-done experience and welcome this luxe option instead. Cosabella is a lingerie line known for its beautifully made lace pieces in a rainbow of colors. This bright pink and orange number is both playful and sophisticated—it can be worn for special occasions or everyday, depending on her mood. The set also comes complete with a deliciously scented candle (in grenadine).

To Buy: $54;

La Vie en Rose Pocket Notebook + Clever Pencils

If she never leaves the house without a notebook, or loves to journal, this elegant notebook and pencil set will be a surefire hit. And if she tends to the see the world through “rose-colored glasses,” then this is a match made in heaven. The red pocket notebook has a lizard-embossed front and back cover, with gold gilded edges, and unlined cream papers. The set also comes with 10 pencils—all with clever phrases, from “The Boss” to “Evil Genius.” Here’s hoping that this gift set will stir up a lot of creative ideas and inspiration for her.

To Buy: $46,

Knit Your Own Sweater Kit

If Wool and the Gang’s catchy name and product descriptions don’t grab your attention (early 80s and 90s musical references, anyone?), surely the chic patterns and wide-ranging assortment of yarn will. This knit your own sweater kit will undoubtedly delight the crafty lady in your life. Choose from a colorful variety of either striped or solid alpaca-blend yarn, add an extra ball for larger sizes (optional), and even select a pair of beautiful rosewood knitting needles (if she doesn’t already have her own trusty pair). Helpful video tutorials will steer her back on track if she accidentally drops a stitch.

To buy: $68,

Heart Umbrella

Whether your sweetheart is a resident of the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest or just wants to protect her immaculately styled hair from occasional drizzles, this cheerful heart-shaped umbrella is sure to brighten even the dreariest of days. The generous size (it’s over 3.5 feet wide) is perfect for skipping through the rain à deux—or shielding her favorite oversized handbag and freshly brewed latte. Despite its large size, this crimson red umbrella is lightweight, durable, and windproof thanks to a fiberglass and aluminum construction. It’s perfect for stashing in the back seat, resting on the front porch, or simply displaying in her foyer’s umbrella stand for an eye-popping accent.

To buy: $32;

Cocoa Butter Bathtub Truffles

The only thing better than a box of chocolate truffles is one with plenty of indulgence and no nutritional setbacks. This box of six—bathtub truffles, that is—contains an eclectic assortment of aromatic scents including rose petal, grapefruit eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary mint, citrus spice, and café mocha. Crafted with luxurious and skin-soothing ingredients such as cocoa butter, kaolin clay, and essential oils, they’re the perfect antidote to a long day on her feet. One way to enhance the gesture even more? Crumble one under running water and light a candle on the bathroom vanity before she arrives home to create an unexpected oasis.

To buy: $28 for six;

Constellation Pendant

Even if Mercury is in retrograde, this pendant is sure to put a smile on your love’s face. Whether she is an astronomer or just a casual stargazer, she’ll get a kick out of this cute take on the age-old question, “What’s your sign?” The acrylic medallion can be personalized based on her zodiac sign and favorite color (options include emerald, antique gold, and magenta), so she knows you selected it just for her. The 24-inch chain length will accent any top or dress she chooses to pair it with. Just be sure to plan ahead: Because it’s personalized, this item takes one week to ship out.

To buy: $32;