The Greatest Disney Song on All Time.

March 31st 2017 90 Day of the year  275 days remaining until of 2017

Pinocchio 1940- When you  wish  upon  a star  Sung by Cliff EdwardsImage result for Pinocchio


The Little Mermaid 1989 Part of your world  Sung by Jodi Benson


The Jungle Book -1967 – The Bare Necessitics Sung by Phill Harris and Bruce ReithernImage result for The Jungle Book

Beauty & the Beast  1991 – Beauty & the Beast   Sung By Angela LansburyImage result for Beauty & the Beast Image result for Beauty & the Beast

Aladdin  1992- A whole New World Sung  by Brad Kane &Lea Salonge Image result for Aladdin

The Lion King 1994  Circle of Life  Sung by  Carmen Twille &Lebo MImage result for the lion king movie

Frozen 2013 Let it Go  Sung by Idina Menzel Image result for frozen

Dumbo 1941 Baby Mine Sung by Betty NayesImage result for dumbo

The Little Mermaid 1989 – Under the Sea Sung by Samuel E. Wright Image result for the little mermaid

Aladdin 1992 Friend like Me   Sung By Robin Williams Image result for genie aladdin

Mary Poppins 1964 Supercalifragilsticesxpiolidocious  Sung by Julice Andrews and Dick Van DykeImage result for mary poppins

Beauty and The Beast 1991  Be our Guest  Sung by  Jerry Orbach & Angela Lansbury Image result for beauty and the beast

The Lion King 1994 Hakuna Matata Sung by Nathan & Ernie Sabella

Image result for The Lion King



Image result for snow white and the seven dwarfs

Snow White & the Seven Dwarft 1937  – Someday My Prince Will Come        Sung by Adriana Caselotti


Lady and the Tramp 1955 Bella Notte Sung by George Civot

Image result for lady and the tramp spaghetti



The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993  What’s This?”& This is Halloween  Sung by Danny Eltman

Pochanatas 1995 Color of the Wind Sung by Judy Kuho

Mulan 1998  I ‘ll make a man out of you Sung by Danny Osmond

Cinderlla 1959  A Dream is a  wish your heart makes Sung by Ilene WoodsImage result for cinderlla

Toy Stoy  1995  You ‘ve Got a friend  in me  sung by Randy Newman

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