LifeSaving tips for your children For Self-defense

In addition to pencils pens paper and a backpack parents need to make sure they have taught their children basic self-defense and safety skills that could save their life it they are ever attacked .

Here is a list of tips on what parents need to be teaching their kids now to make sure they stay safe throught the school year: 

For every different age groups.

Grades one thought five

Lack of proper supervision is rare for this group of students,expect for every short periods of time.

  • Always walk with a bubby who lives very close.
  • Be sure to go straight to school or home .No detours or goofing
  • If a stranger say HELLO the chlid can smile make eye contact  waive and say hello back but should always keep walking toward either school or home – no matter what.

Grades six through ten

  • Get your child involved in after school activities that he or she genuinely enjoys .
  • Schedule time after school for your child to complete chores or homework.Ensure that you hold him or her to that expectation when you come home from work.

    Communication is key 

    Make sure your children understand that there is no such things as communication too much.By letting them know that you expect regular updates, you will feel better leaving them unattended. 

    Here are a few more tips every parent and children should know:

    Talk to kids about knowing their surrounding .

    By explaining to them that they need to be fully aware of what’s going on around them, they can stop a dangerous from happening.

    Teach them to project confidence.

    Confidence in speech (speaking clearly) and body language ( good posture, eye contact , etc) are the single most important factors that can increase your child’s chances of safety.Regardless of the dangerous situation or the age, a child with a strong presence is less likely to be at risk than those that project shyness or aloofness.

    Children should always listen to their instincts.

    If something doesn’t feel right , they should leave the area immediately without hesitation or fear of getting in trouble.