How to spot womanior in the sport.

What is a womanizer?

A womanizer will use every trick in book get you into bed and as soon as you are out of sight will be doing the some with some one else behind your back and will be cheating on you with any number of woman and the sad thing is that in the process he will have totally stolen your heart.

Master of Disguise 

  • He will appear charming.
  • Make you go all weak at the knees
  • He appraches you he will flatter you.
  • Smother you in a waterfall of compliments
  • All of which is drowing you further and further into his web 
  • He is manipulating you and you are playing right into his hands.

Defining a wamanizar 

There a number of words that immediately spring to mind when asked or describe a womanizer.

  • Word like charming abtentive 
  • Powerful and mmysterious are some of the most common.
  • Cosomoua , lady -killer and seductive these descriptions are a lot closer to the truth unfortunately these word do not convey the at most sincerely that he use his approach to his seduction.

The most common of which is the Alpha male:

  • It doesn’t matter what the situation is where you meet this man he will make sure that he is ppositioned in such a why he is looked up to by his peers and worshipped by woman.
  • He may feel like he is asking with control over all that he surveys you can be sure that you will not be treated with the respect deserving of royally.

Spotting the Signs 

The number of signs and given ways that you can look out for .

One of the sad things is that women often don’t realize that they are caught up in one of these which is why it is important know what to look for right from the start.

Pet Names

  • A serial womanizer will tend to call you by alot a pet names thing likesweetieandprincessnothing that could be a derivatives of your own name.
  • Please bear in mind that just because your man calls you by a pet name this does not mean that he is a womanizer it is just something that you should be aware of.

Moblie Phone:

  • Womanizers in relationship will be incredibly protective of their moblie phones .
  • Even if has ever crossed your mind to take a peek will not keep a record of text , video , vocie message everything will be deleted as will be no trace of the messages that he has sent either.

Vanity :

  • All woman are inherently wain the world has to revolves around them and their inflected ego has them believing that the way that they treat woman is totally acceptable .
  • They take a lot of care over their appearance and are generally handsome and well groomed and will take incredible offence to derogatory remakes made about the way that they look .

Trust Your Instincts:

  • Men have been getting away with treating women this way for generations and no matter what you may think if a man doesn’t want to be changed .No amount of love from a good woman is ever going to change him.