Show Me Some Emoji




Upgrade a teen party with snacks and games that speak their  language

Late – Night Munchies Order Up

Ask your local pizza restaurant to arrange pizza topping in a smiley face.

Fruit Tray Face

Arrange  fruit pieces  in the shape  of a heart  or frown  face for grad – and  go munching through  the night . For the  face use  cubed mango or banana  slices. For the eyes use blueberries and add strawberry  slices  in the shape of lips for a mouth.

Marshmallow Mania

Put marshmallows  on lollipop  and use  edible markers like Wilton  to draw emoji  or icons  from  social networking sites  like Facebook’s  thumbs up.

Night Owl activities

Photos with your friends

  • yellow balloons make quick

PHOTO  Booth

Blow up balloons  and draw on them permanent markers with different color  for an evening of   social – media-  worthy  selfies.

Teen Speak

Go to emoji type in any  phrase , and it will  be converted into picture – packed code.

# Treat yourself to Jelly Belly’s new  Mixed Emotions $ 7  , grocery stores sets of flavored jelly beans , each symbolized  an emtion . How fun  combining the candies  to reprenesent real-life  events for the group to guess. For example . two happy emoj beans .You Feel on A Friday.