Best 33 Engagement Quotes For The Couple Getting Married

Engagement is one of the most precious moments in everyone’s life. All of us would like to celebrate this beautiful priceless moment in different ways. When we talk about engagement, never forget engagement ring. Because engagement ring is the main part of your engagement day which connects both of you as a symbol of love.

Best 33 Engagement Quotes

1 – Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.

2 – I take you to be my best friend, my faithful partner, and my one true love. I promise to encourage you and inspire you and to love you truly through good times and bad.

3 – I will forever be there to laugh with you, to lift you up when you are down and to love you unconditionally through all of our adventures in life together.

4 – He stole my heart, so I’m going to steal his last name

5 – From this day forward, you shall not walk alone. My heart will be your shelter, and my arms will be your home.

6 – Now, at last, they were beginning chapter one of the great stories no one on earth has ever read, which goes on forever; in which every chapter is better than the one before.

7 – Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.

8 – He is more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.

9 – This is the start of our sweet little story, the part where your page meets mine, no matter where our tale takes us tomorrow, our story will always read.

10 – The couples that are “meant to be” are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart and come out even stronger than they were before.

11 – When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

12 – I can conquer the world with one hand as long as you are holding the other.

13 – I choose you and I’ll choose you. Over and over and over without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat, I’ll keep choosing you.

14 – Without you, I’m nothing, with you I’m something, but together we are everything.

15 – We cannot start over, but we can begin now, and make a new ending

16 – A relationship is like a house. When a light bulb burns out you do not go and buy a new house, but you fix the light bulb.

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17 – Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and beginning of an eternal love story.

18 – You are not just exchanging engagement rings. You are exchanging expectations and promises.

19 – Be silly and laugh every day, be thoughtful and generous, kiss each other good night, learn from each other, fall in love and grow old together.

20 – Engagement is the time when you have a clear view of how wonderful your coming life will be. So try to get the best vision of a great and wonderful future waiting for you.

21 – After so much waiting and anticipating two hearts unite for a single beating and finds love, joy, peace, and contentment.

22 – Engagement is not just a wearing ring, custom for two, it’s a commitment of dreams, love, and feelings.

23 – My heart to you is given or do give yours to me. We’ll lock them up together, and throw away the key.

24 – Don’t forget that you wear a ring to remind you of your promise made on your wedding day. We never make a promise to things that are going to be easy, but the things that we know will require courage.

25 – Engagement is one of the nicest moments you can say to your GF/BF, “If I had it to do over again, I’d choose you again”

26 – Some knots are meant to be tied forever. Here is our sweet and smooth journey towards eternity holding each other’s hand.

27 – Any home can be a castle when the king and queen be together with unconditional love.

28 – My name sounds even cuter with your last name added to it.

29 – Engagement is not as simple as candlelight and roses. It’s day-to-day living, taking time, making time to be there, with open arms and a giving heart. Engagement is the special day where we start our new story of life.

30 – A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

31 – It’s more than I ever expected, dreamed of or imagined. It means such a lot to me. I feel the luckiest person on the planet with the most exquisite ring on my finger.

32 – Our love is like an engagement ring, it’s a precious thing. Our love together. is the kind that lasts forever.

33 – As we become husband and wife, prepare to welcome a lot of strife each other’s faults we will point out. We will fight and argue, without a doubt don’t even bother trying to find a solution. This is marriage and we know that this is life’s toughest institution.

Best 10 Cute Ways to Propose a Guy Romantically

Love is natural feeling that burns in you when you feel affection for someone. Moreover, the attachment and closeness to someone also define your love to the person whom you are attached to. The natural feeling of love is common and there is no limit to age or race; you may fall in love with a person of any age or you may feel emotionally for a person without considering the race. The feelings arise in both the genders equally; however, they show it in their own ways. Some may like to propose with a red rose; some like to propose in black and white while some say it romantically over knees

Best 10 Cute Ways to Propose a Guy Romantically

1 – Recreate the first date
This is one of the cute ways to propose a guy romantically. At the time you want to propose him, call in his mind the first date. Guys are somehow romantic however usually do not care about these things, but the remembrance of the first date will make help attract towards you and you can simply tell him the feelings that you had since the first date for him. Now, you can make a commitment to be with him forever. Only a few girls follow this, but this is one of the best ways to attracts your guy towards you.

2 – Create a treasure hunt
Creating a treasure hunt is a romantic technique to realize someone about your love for him. Draft different proposal and turn them into a treasure hunt. In doing so create clues and notes related to your relationship. This will create an eager in him to find the reward. At the final stage, you hold a note of proposal. So, get ready to propose by creating a treasure hunt.

3 – Do some novel activity together
Guys don’t like proposing in public. However, they do show love by different gestures. If you are going to perform a new activity, do ask him to join you or if you find him doing something new, join him and give ideas in order to show your interest in him. At the end of activity, tell him what you feel for him and say openly that you want to do all life activities in his company. The is one of the cute ways of proposing guy romantically and it will sure make him love you.

4 – Cook For Him
If he is going to visit you at your residence and you are anxiously waiting to spend time with him in full joy and fun, your cooked items will surely help you in showing your love to him. Cook all the items that he loves and has pleasure in eating them. Propose him while at dining with him. The cute way of proposing guy romantically will attract his attention. However, if you are not a good cook or do not like cooking, order something favorite for him. If not, go to his favorite restaurant. Moreover, the candle light dinner can help you in proposing him romantically.

5 – Catch his Hobbies
Your guy must have some different hobbies and do love one of the most. So, do the hobby together and let him have fun whole heartedly and at the end surprise him with your proposal. For example, if you guy is good at cricket. Challenge him to have a game with you. Do as much fun as you can create. Let him win at the end. In such a happy ending your proposal will definitely make him love you. Let’s say, your guy like video games. In that case, you try to study about his favorite video games and play with him or, at least, talk with him about those games. It will make him keep in touch with you most of the time and that would be the advantage to propose your love to him romantically.

6 – Gift him his Favoritism
Giving gift is a cute way of proposing a guy romantically and you may also be looking for a traditional way to propose him. The most attractive of them is giving a lovely gift with a love note. So guess his favoritism and send him with your love note. Be cool and write straight what you feel without going too long. Always try to select some best-branded things because boys always like branded stuff. Most of the guys would like to wear watches like branded luxury watches. So be keen to select the best gifts for your guy.

7 – A Simple Note
Nothing is prettier than a love letter that traditionally remained a hallmark of communication among lovers. So, write to him and tell him that he is the one whom you love the most. Tell him that you yearn for him and all your dreams come true if he becomes your life partner. Sending a simple note is the cute ways of proposing a guy romantically. Don’t write a letter with your brain but write a letter with your heart. Say everything that you have in your heart in the letter. A simple and sweet letter would be the best choice if you are really shy to propose your love face to face.

8 – Let him propose you
It is common that guy proposes first, so, try to gauge some chances for him to propose you. Spend time with him and converse frankly so that he can tell you what he feels about love and relationships. Take care of him and try to make him propose as girls usually hesitate to propose first. Keep in mind, guys always seek some chances to propose girls but some girls never give a chance to them. So try to make some chances and let him propose you.

9 – Surprise Party
It’s always common that any boy or girl expect some surprises from their loved ones. So make use of that chance in order to propose your love to him. At any special occasion, invite him and surprise him with an arranged party. For example, call him on his birthday and enjoy the party with him. He will surely be surprised by the cute way of proposing romantically and over your remembrance of his special days. The more surprising will be your proposal to him.

10 – Trip Proposal
Your honey guy must have a favorite place which he never visited and wants to have a trip there. Plan to trip and ask him to come with you on the trip. The visit will be, of course, a surprise for him and he will be more attracted towards you. On return, he will be much pleased and open to you. Now say the magical words to him. Or even you can propose your love on the plane during the flying time. Just go in front of all other passengers and propose him with some cute words.

Best 15 Short Inspirational Love Poems For The One You Love And Miss

A person without the sense of love is exactly like a Smartphone without a battery charge. You can only watch it but can’t enjoy the features. The word love was described in different ways by various authors. In simple words I would say, love is a force of nature. You can invite love, but you cannot dictate how, when, and where love expresses itself. You can choose to surrender to love, or not, but in the end, love strikes like lightning, unpredictable and irrefutable. You can even find yourself loving people you don’t like at all. Love does not come with conditions, stipulations, addenda, or codes. Like the sun, love radiates independently of our fears and desires.

Short Inspirational Love Poems For The One You Love

The Day That We Met
I Looked Into Your Eyes
And Saw My Whole Life
It Caught Me By Surprise

You Helped Pick Me Up
When I Was Feeling Down
And With Just One Smile
You Turned My Life Around

I’ve Never Been So In Love
I’m So Happy We Are Together
And You’ll Always Be The One
I Share My World With Forever

Love is a one-way journey, in which it is easy to get in,
Every heart makes this journey, hoping someday they win,
Some hearts never stop and make this journey way too far,
And realize their mistake, only when they end up with a scar.

This is one journey, in which each step teaches something new,
Millions take this journey but successful journeys are few,
Still many make this journey, ignoring the warning from above,
This is not summer trip, it is “The Dangerous Journey Of Love”.

Before you, I walked this world alone,
Carrying the greatest loneliness ever known,
Prayers of mercy turn my heart to stone,
Forsaken by the Creator feeling disowned.

When I look into your eyes I can feel your love,
My beautiful angel sent down from above,
You are the guardian warrior that I dreamed of,
A love like ours is purer than the dove.

Love is pure like a white wedding  gown.
Love is honest and real like your heartbeat.
Love makes you smile for no reason.
Love is like your favorite flower,
which covers the world with its fragrance.
Love is like a fire that burns in the core of the earth.
Love is a paradise where two hearts overflow with delight.
Love is the light that shines on the dark places.
Love is real and not predictable.
It never tells when it arrives, and
You never know when it will go away.
Love is unseen but real,
As the wind is not seen but felt.


Wish that I were the moon
To softly kiss your sleep
To lie in love beside you
Caress your slumber deep

Wish that I were the stars
To light your darkest night
To hold your heart inside me
A beacon shining bright

Wish that I were the sun
To wash your every day
To color all your sunsets
Warmth that never goes away

As light turns into darkness, we run through the night
Stopping for breath, as we hold each other tight
Nothing can pull us apart, we’ll always be together
You know I’ll always love you, forever and ever

My soul is your soul, never it split
Always a candle, forever lit
No one will separate us, forever we’ll be
Always together, you and me

She has her own special way,
Of turning around my terrible day
She makes all the bad things go away,
The second that she says hey

And when I look into her eyes,
I see pure beauty with no disguise
Just a glance at her makes my heart beat rise,
I know for a fact that these feelings aren’t lies

Sometimes I wonder how I feel about you,
Scared of these feelings because it’s still new
I catch myself thinking of the best way to share,
Hoping you’ll return my confession showing you care

The dreams I have of you are so vivid and clear
I feel TRUE happiness inside and that there is nothing to fear
I love you! I love you more than I ever thought I could
Be with me always and be loved like you should

You are my rainbow after the clouds,
My sunshine after the painful sorrows.
You lift me up when I am down
And smile at me to take away my frown.

You are so kind to me, my dear;
You soothe my pain and chase away my fear.
You heal my heart, my broken, shattered heart.
You have been a blessing right from the start.

So restless at night, when I dream of you
I open my eyes, hoping it came true.
It didn’t again so with tears in my eyes
I hold my pillow to soften the cries.

No one has ever made me feel so complete,
My whole life was lived just so we could meet.

I’ll dream of you now, on into the night,
Hoping that soon you’ll be holding me tight.

My dreams will come true one day, I know,
Just hold me close, and never let go.

You appear and my heart beats faster,
You look at me and I blush,
You smile at me and I melt,
You talk to me and I can hardly breathe

When the sun rises slowly in the morning
And I awake from a sleepless, dark night,
I feel how strongly I miss you, it’s burning.
I try to focus on something else, with all my might,
but it doesn’t work, I still miss you with deep yearning.

Because of you
My world is now whole,
Because of you
love lives in my soul.
Because of you
I have laughter in my eyes,
Because of you
I am no longer afraid of goodbyes.
You are my pillar
My stone of strength,
It grows stronger every day
knowing that you’ll always be mine.

I’m hurt all the time.
I don’t want to cry for the way I feel inside.
I just want someone to hold me.
I’m alone in the dark, please try to find me.
Anyone find me! Anyone care!
I’m sorry, I just don’t want to be alone anymore.
I feel unheard and unseen. Depressed and weak.
Please hold me until it all ends.
Just hold me that’s all I want.

I love you so deeply,
I love you so much,
I love the sound of your voice
And the way we touch.

I love your warm smile
And your kind, thoughtful way,
The joy that you bring
To my life each day.

I love you today
As I have from the start,
And I’ll love you forever
With all my heart.

Best 14 Romantic Quotes For Her From The Heart In English

Love is life. Some of us knowing the meaning of Love and respect their love. But most of us failed to do that. This is why many relationships get to break up easily. When you say “I Love You” to someone, keep in mind that you are making a promise with someone else’s heart.

Romantic Quotes For Her From The Heart

If I could have one wish,
I would wish to wake up every day to
the sound of your breath on my neck..
The warmth of your lips on my cheek..
The touch of your heart beating with mine..
Knowing that
I could never find the feeling with anyone other than you..

You are the beat of my heart..
You are the love of my life..
I promise I’ll always love you till my last breath..
Baby, Hold me tighter,
kiss me longer and love me harder..
I want you today and tomorrow and
next week and next month and
rest of my whole life..

You are special..
The kind of special that
makes me stay up all night and
thinking about how amazing you are..
You are my special girl..
You are nothing like any girl I have ever met..
You are exactly what I need and
everything I ever wished for..
Don’t expect me to let you go, ever..

Even after we fight and
I don’t want to talk to you,
I still check my phone to see if you called or text..
Sometimes we argue and
some other times we fight..
But by the end of the night we are alright..
You believe or not,
even though we fight,
All I pray to God is to
sleep and wake up next to you every morning

When we first met,
I honestly had no idea that
you would be so important to me..
The feelings that I have for you,
I can’t explain.
I swear, you are everything I need,
and that won’t change..
I never want anything in this world
other than to be your everything..

I don’t want much,
just your hugs,
kisses and you..
When you kiss me, everything becomes perfect again..
And it feels so right when you hug me so tight..
I can’t wait anymore to
spend the rest of my life with you.
Maybe I’m too late to be your first..
But right now,
I’m preparing myself to be your last..

I thought love is cute when I saw some couples..
But then I realised love is more beautiful
when I saw you at the first time.
I totally agree that every love story is beautiful..
But, I’m pretty sure that
ours is beyond every beautiful love stories..

I’m not perfect, my parents said..
And you are not perfect, your parents said..
But we are perfect together, the whole world said and
that’s all that matters..
I still remember the first day I met you..
We are like strangers..
But, baby you are the reason why I stand in the right position..
And your unconditional love
creates some unforgettable memories..

Your eyes are like the stars in the sky..
your sweetest smile is what makes me high..
Sometimes I wish I could hug you forever..
And till the end of our life, be together..
You are the one made my ordinary life so very special..
I promise to love you till the end of my life..
Let me be your hero, my beloved, my wife..

I may not have sweet words to make you feel ok..
I may not have gold and diamond..
But I have hands to hold you..
Ears to listen to you..
Eyes to see you everyday..
And apart from all my heart to Love you every second..

I wasn’t Love your beautiful face, Because
I know it will grow old one day..
I wasn’t Love your beautiful skin, Because
I know it will wrinkle one day..
I wasn’t Love your hot body, Because
I know it will change one day..
But I love your Loyalty, Honesty and
A heart that was beaten only for me..

Right from the start
I knew I had to make you mine..
Hereafter I’m not going to allow
anyone else to have your heart,
kiss your lips or be on your lap..
Because that’s my place and only my place..
If I have a chance to live my life over again,
Next time I will find you sooner so that
I can love you longer..

I love my eyes when you look into them..
I love my name when you whisper it..
I love my heart when you love it..
And I love my life when you are part of it..
You are my favourite hello and
the hardest goodbye baby..

You are the first person
I wish to see when I wake up and

the last person
I want to talk to before I fall asleep..
You are the reason for my smile every morning and
the reason for a pleasant sleep every night..
This is why I consider you to be my heart beat..

Best 10 Sad Love Quotes For Him From The Heart In English

You meet thousands of people, and none of them really means anything to you. And then you meet one person who will change your life entirely. This is the power of love. Love is not a joke; Love is not a game. Once you fall in love, You will never be the same. Love can make you weak, Love can make you even stronger.

Sad Love Quotes For Him From The Heart

I remember the day you walk away from me…
The day my all happiness gone away…
The day my feeling dead… The day I lost my smile…
The day my eyes cried a lot…
The day my heart beats slowly…
The day my brain went to null…
I remember the things happened to me…
Why did you leave me without a reason?
Come back honey,
I’m only yours, and you are only mine

I know that you are looking for a perfect girl…
I’m pretty sure that you missed an imperfect girl
Who could make you perfectly happy…
When you proposed me, you said,
I’m the perfect girl in the world..
Where those words gone now?
Every night I’m crying for you..
Why you make me like this???
Do you think my heart was made to be broken??

I missed your jokes…
I missed your talks…
I missed your smile…
I missed your hugs…
I missed your kisses…
Even I missed your angry face reactions…
I’m crying now darling…
Come here…
Hug me tight and say you will not leave me alone anymore…
It will make me cry even more,
but I feel perfect to cry on your shoulder…

I do remember the day we fight at last, and you go away from me…
On that day I feel it’s better to be alone than being with you…
I can realize now,
It’s very hard to stay without you even a single minute…
Please come back, Honey…
Without you I’m nothing…
How can I survive without seeing you??
When you left, I send my heart with you..
Bring my heart back and give me another meaningful life…

I’m sure that you cry there like I cry for you…
You miss me like I miss you…
You need me like I need you…
You want to talk to me like I need to talk to you…
Your heart beat for me like my heart beat for you…
Then why this unwanted distance darling…
It’s frustrating, and I don’t want to live this shit life…
Come and take me with you, Honey…
All I want is sleep and wake up next to you…

Darling do you remember those days we together…
How happy we were???
How much we enjoyed our each and every moment…
Where it was all gone???
You asked me to forget you..
Yes, I tried..
But then I realised trying to forget you is like
Trying to remember someone I never met in my life…
Where ever I go, everywhere I see only you…
Where should I go without you???

I’m not the perfect person…
I know that I make a lot of mistakes…
But, I’m sure I truly love you…
My heart eagerly needs you…
It’s really hard to replace another one in your place,
And my heart won’t accept anyone else…
I will do anything for your everything…
Please don’t avoid me darling…
It’s killing me little by little…

Yes, that was a small misunderstanding between us..
But why you left me for that darling??
Do you forget many lovable moments we spent together??
My heart and brain were almost not working after you ignore me…
True love is always finding a way to come back, and we know that our love is true…
I want to hug you and cry on your shoulders now..
I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you..

The fight happened between us is a single page of a book…
But the moments we enjoyed together is the rest of all pages from that book…
How do you miss the whole book for a single page Honey?
It’s all my mistake,
And I asked you to pardon me more than 1000 times…
I cry here every single night..
If you just give me another small chance,
I’ll prove it to you that I’ll one of the best decisions you’ll ever made…

Why you showed so much of love to me darling…
It creates a non-curable pain when you start avoid me…
I feel so bad here and couldn’t able to do my day to day works even…
Please try to understand that I’m nothing without you…
If you come here and hug me tight,
Everything becomes right again,
And I’m waiting for that day baby…