The best comic book store in New York and Brooklyn.

Top 5 Comic Book Shops in NYC

1. Midtown Comics

Midtown Comics is one of the biggest and most popular comic book shops in NYC. It has been since the first location opened in 1997. You want selection? How about 50,000 different titles from all of comic book history. They have Manga, T-Shirts, just about anything a comic book fan could want or need.

In the 17 years since opening in Times Square, Midtown Comics now has stores on Lexington Avenue and the Financial District.

Midtown Comics is located on 200 W. 40th Street, 459 Lexington Avenue & 64 Fulton Street

2. Forbidden Planet

Before there was a Midtown Comics, there was Forbidden Planet. A mainstay in the comic book culture of NYC since the 1980s, Forbidden Planet is known for not only its incredible collection of new and classic comics, but for its extensive line of collectible toys and accessories.

With every new major Marvel or DC film release, the shop located near the Union Square Regal has special events and sales based on the hero of the moment.

Forbidden Planet is located on 832 Broadway

3. Bergen Street Comics

While nowhere near as large as Midtown or Forbidden Planet, Bergen Street Comics is probably the best-looking comic book shop in all of NYC. Focused mostly on selling graphic novels and independent comics, this small comic shop in the middle of Park Slope has held events featuring some of the most popular voices in independent comics.

Bergen Street Comics is located on 470 Bergen St 

4. Jim Hanley’s Universe

A staple in Midtown for decades, the selection of Jim Hanley’s matches that of any other comic book shop in the city. However, it does not have many personal space issues. We have gone to get rare and much sought after graphic novels without having to squeeze in-between people every three seconds. To some of us nerds, especially in the summer months, the thought of breathing space alone is enough to get us to go to Jim Hanley’s.

Jim Hanley’s Universe is located on 32 E 32nd St

5.St. Mark’s Comics

Also, on numerous occasions, we have been able to get our hands on a comic book or graphic novel seemingly nowhere to be found elsewhere in the city. In the heart of St. Mark’s Place, which changes seemingly every month, St. Mark’s Comics survives to offer its customers great deals and rare finds.

St. Marks Comics is located on 11 St Marks Pl

6Book-Off49 W 45th between 5th & 6th Avenues, in Midtown near Rockefeller Center.  A used book store with a large selection of books, comic books, magazines, cds, dvds, and games.

7.Metropolis Collectables873 Broadway, Suite 201 at 18th Street between Union Square and Flatiron, Manhattan.  Not a huge NYC comic shop but they carry a good selection of all the classic comics along with some rare, hard to find titles.

9Time Machine207 W 14th Street, 2nd Floor, between Avenue Of The Americas & 7th Avenue, Chelsea.  Do not expect to find indie comic books here.  Time Machine is full of classic comics, collectibles, magazines, and movie memorabilia

10       Kinokuniya    The 24,000 square foot Kinokuniya is known for its selection of Japanese books, manga and English-translated Japanese book, but it’s selection of new and noteworthy US fiction is pretty stellar. Slip down to the basement for artful cards, traditional origami papers and cutesy address books. Should you need sustenance while trying to pick the right memo, you can grab a light bite at Café Zaiya on the second floor.  Midtown West

.Brooklyn’s Best Comic Book Stores

1.  Galaxy Comics

With two locations in the heart of Park Slope and one in Bay Ridge, this well-stocked traditional comic book shop has Archie comics, and every Wednesday gets a shipment of the latest comics from Marvel, DC, etc. The shop also has a great selection of indie comics, as well as comic related merchandise. They participate in the annual Free Comic Book Day. Be sure to get there early to get your free comic book. If you’re a collector, Galaxy also sells boards and bags.

429 5th Ave
Brooklyn, New York, NY 11215


2.  Bullet Proof Comics

Located near the Brooklyn College campus, this shop houses a large collection of comics, collectibles, and will also appeal to gamers. The shop hosts weekly gaming tournaments at Aviator Sports Complex located at Floyd Bennett Field. The shop packs a lot into the space, and is worth a visit for any comic fan.

2178 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, New York
3.Desert Island.
540 Metropolitan Avenue, between Lorimer St & Union Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Voted the best comic book store in the Village Voice 2009 Reader’s Poll.  A hipster comic book store owned by Gabe, the knowledgeable and generally friendly laid back owner usually there.
4.Anyone Comics
Manhattan may have its juggernaut comic book stores, but when it comes to Brooklyn spots to talk about your favorite artists, check out new books and even play pinball (on a legendary old-school X-Men machine), Anyone can’t be beat. With 25% off for subscribers, this little shop is likely to make many lasting connections with fans in the local community.
1216 Union St, Brooklyn ·
5 .
Freshly opened in March 2016, this tiny Cobble Hill spot may not have a wide selection, but its specially curated kids’ offerings should make the city’s youngest fans (and their parents) very happy. With the 2015 closing of Bergen Street Comics, Brooklyn comics fans can turn to Mama’s for a sweet shopping experience

306 Court Street (btwn. Degraw & Sackett)
Brooklyn, NY 11231