Lucifer (TV series Characters)

   Real Name: Lucifer Samael Morningstar

Flight, superhuman strength and durability, super-human speed, inter-dimensional travel, psychic abilities, able to send a soul wherever he chooses, knowledge of arcane magic and lore, master planner, expert piano player.

Can be harmed by the powers of gods and other supernatural beings.

Lucifer was the first of the angelic host, created by God Himself. Dissatisfied with the universe’s leadership, Lucifer led a rebellion against the Throne, causing a civil war in Heaven. God cast Lucifer and his followers out of Heaven forever, placing Lucifer over the dominion of the damned and demons.
About fourteen and a half billion years later, Lucifer had grown weary of his post. He abandoned Hell, giving the key to Dream (Morpheus, the Sandman).
After abandoning the ownership of Hell, Lucifer opened a piano bar named Lux, in Los Angeles. Lucifer would eventually be pulled out of retirement, and create his own universe, setting in motion a chain of events that led to God being replaced and other events.

Lucifer is continuously described as a celestial being of incalculable power due to his dominion over the very substance and knowledge of the formation of Creation. Through this understanding, Lucifer can shape the matter and foundation of Creation into anything he can imagine, including matter, energy, and more abstract concepts such as time. However, he does have certain limitations as he is still a creation of God; chiefly, he cannot create something out of nothing, unlike his Creator or brother. In some ways, this makes him the most disadvantaged, though not the weakest, of the higher angelic host. He needs existing matter (and where that is unavailable, the Demiurgic power of the Archangel Michael or that of God Himself) to provide the foundation for him to shape. Only his brother, the Archangel Michael Demiurgos, is his equal in power, and only God, his creator and father, is his superior. However, in certain dimensions for reasons unknown, he is powerless and his mobility is limited without his wings. He may choose to temporarily abandon his powers, including his immortality. In the story titled “Lilith”, it is logically implied that God could destroy him at His own whim, which makes Lucifer sometimes wonder why He hasn’t dealt with him already.

He is never without the formidable resources of his brilliant, nigh-omniscient intellect and his unbending will or inner strength, which allowed him to defy and confront his father as well as many other formidable opponents without fear or doubt. Although Lucifer’s overt exercise of power is limited in the books, if he is provoked to violence, his preference seems to be to use fire and light as a weapon. His original role was as “God’s lamplighter”, in which he used his will to condense clouds of hydrogen into star-masses and set them alight. As terrifying as they are brief, battles with Lucifer usually begin and end with him drawing down the flames of a super-heated main sequence star and incinerating to ash anything in the immediate area. However, the true reasons why he favors light and fire are partially explained in the story “Lilith” (from “Lucifer: The Wolf Beneath the Tree”).

Beyond his demigodly powers as an archangel, Lucifer possesses the common powers appropriate to an archangel of his position; incalculable physical strength, invulnerability, flight, acidic blood (or, rather, he bleeds willpower, as depicted in when he reaches Yggdrasil in “Lucifer: The Wolf Beneath the Tree”), a devastating sonic cry, telepathy, and the power to speak to and understand animals. As an archangel, his powers are significantly superior to other angels and puts him well above such superpowered beings like Superman or the Specter. This puts him even over the mighty Cosmic Armor Superman, an infinite-dimensional literal plot device designed to stop Mandrakk/Monitor Dax Novu, who was capable of destroying the DC Multiverse with his ever-increasing power that was so potent it was extending into the realms of other fictional multiverses.

Smooth, handsome, charming, witty and fully aware of it, Lucifer carries himself with an air of supreme confidence (at times, pure arrogance) which is due in part to his vast supernatural powers such as his indestructibility, immortality and his knack for compelling humans to spill their secrets to him. Because of this, Lucifer is always sure of success in whatever he does, regardless of whatever obstacles are in his way, and fears no consequences. On the rare occasions where he fails to get what he is after, Lucifer usually displays remarkable temper control, often viewing such happenings with amusement and curiosity rather than frustration, likely another byproduct of his immortality and omnipotence. It takes a great personal attack (or attack on someone he cares about, e.g. Chloe) to actually enrage Lucifer and when this happens, he immediately (and sadistically) unleashes his full, hell-fired fury on the one responsible, all with a vicious smile on his face.

Due to being a fallen angel, Lucifer is completely out of step with the social norms and societal rules of humans (or, more likely, he simply chooses to ignore them). As a result, Lucifer tends to be brutally honest with every human he comes across, and enjoys acting inappropriately in any situation, regardless of the circumstances. Humans, who are unaware of his true identity, typically perceive Lucifer as sarcastic, rude, boorish, insensitive, completely inappropriate, arrogant and incredibly irritating, even though they feel compelled to tell him their darkest secrets, due to his powers of coercion.

Lucifer is obsessed with sex, as most human women and men find him carnally irresistible, which he sometimes uses to his advantage when he strikes deals with them.

Lucifer has a tenuous relationship with his angelic kin as a result of his rebellion against God, but as a high ranking angel, he is completely unafraid of regular angels, such as Amenadiel, whom he treats with disdain and disinterest, despite the angel’s threats against him. During the bidding for religious artifacts, Lucifer and Amenadiel joked about St. Paul being too fat to fit in the chains shown at the auction, showing that they subconsciously care about each other, but immediately stopped when they realized.

Despite his flaws, Lucifer is very loyal, cares about certain people, and even shows quite a bit of remorse for the mistakes he made. During his time on Earth, Lucifer has gained a penchant for using his great powers for good rather than evil (much to the chagrin of Maze at times), not only punishing sinners, but also gaining justice for the innocent in the process. Hence, while at times ruthless, Lucifer is not actually malevolent, and is rather just and fair in his own way.

Deep down under his confident exterior, Lucifer appears to be somewhat insecure about the permanent marks on his back (from where his angelic wings used to be), and implores Chloe not to touch them, briefly displaying an uncharacteristic gentleness and emotional vulnerability.

Lucifer has a very low opinion of his father, often criticizing people when they mention them. When Dr. Linda started to theorize that God sent Lucifer to Hell because he was the only one God trusted with this, Lucifer’s voice cracked as he went through all that being the Devil meant, that he had made Lucifer a torturer and caused all humans to blame Lucifer for their problems. Dr. Linda’s continued support of God and calling Lucifer by his original name, Samael, enraged Lucifer to the point of punching a hole in her wall. Lucifer’s hatred of God extend to God’s followers, as when Father Frank came to Lucifer for help, he was quickly denied and Lucifer assumed Frank had something to hide. However, as he became closer with Frank, Lucifer showed a more vulnerable side, revealing that he hated God because “he didn’t believe in me”. Frank brought up that maybe God’s plan for Lucifer wasn’t over yet, which Lucifer seemed to consider. However, after Frank’s death, Lucifer shouted at the sky in rage, claiming God to be a “cruel, manipulative bastard”, and that Frank didn’t deserve to die like that. Lucifer also voiced there was no way to win in his game, regardless of being a malevolent or benevolent figure. During this, Lucifer came the closest to crying than he has ever had since coming to Earth, showing that when it came to God, Lucifer was at his most emotionally vulnerable.

One of the few things that can truly annoy him, is when people blame him when something goes wrong or when they say he made them do it.

In addition, Lucifer is extremely bold, with Amenadiel noting that he has never seen the former scared, with Lucifer only showing signs of fear after learning that his mother had broken out of Hell.

After he killed his brother, Uriel, Lucifer was clearly, emotionally shattered, crying into his mothers shoulder and shaking. Despite having punished countless humans and having watched many people suffer and die, he stated that he never killed before. He also became very self-destructive, having no qualms in letting a shooter kill him and putting himself in harms way to punish himself for what he had done. This shows that despite being out of Heaven for billions of years, and despite the fact that they can hurt and kill him, even when he can annoy them (and vice versa), Lucifer still loves his angelic brothers and sisters dearly.

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar

God’s history is not fully known. He and Mom collectively created the universe, Heaven, and Hell. They had many children, known as Angels. However, when he began to work on humans, their relationship worsened. When Lucifer rebelled, God was so angry that he wanted to destroy Lucifer. Instead, by Mom’s request, he cast Lucifer to Hell to punish the dead mortals for their sins for eternity. Some time later, he also banished Mom to Hell and appointed Lucifer as her warden.

Circa 1981, God asked Amenadiel to go down to Earth and bless a couple who were not able to have their own child. The couple was John and Penelope Decker, who later gave birth to Chloe Decker. That was the first and only time God asked Amenadiel to do anything like that.

Amenadiel is the eldest child of God and Charlotte. As a child, he played with his siblings, however, he and the other older children often excluded Uriel from their activities. Regardless, Uriel and many of the other angels admired Amenadiel.

Like his siblings, Amenadiel serves God. Sometime after Lucifer rebelled, Amenadiel took his mother to Hell under his father’s orders.

Circa 1981, for unknown reasons, God asked something of Amenadiel that he never asked before; to go down to Earth and bless a couple who were unable to have a child of their own. That couple was John and Penelope Decker, who would then give birth to Chloe Decker. That was the first and only time God had ever asked Amenadiel to do anything in the same manner.

D. B. Woodside as Amenadiel

Mazikeen is a devoted ally and lover of Lucifer Morningstar and the war leader of the Lilim, a race descended from Lilith. A fearsome warrior and a respected leader, Mazikeen is a prominent character in the Lucifer comics. She has the appearance of a beautiful human female with long bluish black hair. She is also the only character for whom Lucifer seems to have any genuine affection. Mazikeen first appeared in The Sandman, where she was Lucifer’s consort while he reigned in Hell. At the time, half of her face was normal, but the other half was horribly misshapen and skeletal (not unlike the half-corpse appearance of the goddess, “Hel/Hell/Hela”, from Norse mythology), causing her speech to be nearly unintelligible. (Gaiman wrote Mazikeen’s dialogue by trying to speak using only half of his mouth, and writing down phonetically what came out.)

When Lucifer resigned, Mazikeen left Hell and ended up following her master, becoming part of the staff at the “Lux” (Latin for light), an elite Los Angeles bar that Lucifer had opened and at which he played piano. To conceal her demonic nature, she covered the deformed half of her face with a silver mask and rarely spoke.,[ In Lucifer, Mazikeen’s face was turned fully human when she was resuscitated by the Basanos following the destruction of the Lux in a fire. This was because the vessel of the Basanos, Jill Presto, did not realize that Mazikeen’s face was naturally deformed, and assumed that it was burned in the fire.

When Lucifer refused to assist her in restoring her face to its former state, she defected to her family, the Lilim-in-Exile. As their war leader, she led their army against Lucifer’s cosmos, allying herself briefly with the Basanos. However, this was a ruse; after a desperate gamble, she bought Lucifer enough time to destroy the Basanos and regain control of his creation. Lucifer then reaccepted her into his service and made the Lilim-in-Exile the standing army of his universe. She has been Lucifer’s constant ally and the only character in the DC series to genuinely love him. Even during her defection she is shown crying alone in her war leader tent, and she is repeatedly seen as a fierce defender of Lucifer and his goals.

With a new whole face she initially desired Lucifer to remove the magic that was caused by Presto’s wish. After saying that it would take considerable effort and time, she relented and began wearing the half-mask that she had before. Even Lucifer remarked on how beautiful she looked, saying that her new face had a “relentless symmetry.” She has since worn it intermittently, usually when engaged in battle or on a mission from Lucifer such as her voyage to the mansions of silence.

Mazikeen is similar to Lucifer in many ways. They are both confident, sexy, and sarcastic. Also, they both disregard many social norms. This is evident when she undressed an unconscious Dan and put him in Chloe’s bed in hopes of getting Chloe out of Lucifer’s life. Despite her bad girl attitude, she is revealed to be lonely, as she had no real friends until Trixie and Linda. She also shows that she may have real feelings for Amenadiel, as she chose to use Lucifer’s feather to save his life.

She is also sexually promiscuous and has admitted she has had lots of sex with both men and women.

Portrayed by Lesley-Ann Brandt, Mazikeen (going by “Maze” for short) is the confidante and devoted ally of Lucifer Morningstar.

Charlotte Richards/Mum

God and the Goddess of Creation were two celestial beings who fell in love with each other. According to Lucifer, they had sex, i.e. “the Big Bang”, thereby creating the universe. They had many children together, whom were called angels. They also created a home, which became known as Heaven, the Silver City.

Years later, God started focusing on a new project, humanity. God’s project caused the Goddess to become distant, and soon both she and her husband began to neglect their family. The Goddess began to despise humans and wished for their undoing. Feeling forsaken, Lucifer acted out and rebelled against his father. Angered by Lucifer’s rebellion, God wanted to destroy him, but his wife convinced him to eternally banish Lucifer to Hell instead.

Eventually, the Goddess’s hatred for humans grew even more. She caused floods and plagues, angered at the time and effort her husband put into their creation instead of their relationship and children. For this reason, God cast her into Hell as well, banishing her from Heaven and appointing Lucifer as her warden. Lucifer, believing that his mother remained indifferent when God cast him out, assigned Mazikeen to torture her.

Thousands of years later, five years after Lucifer abandoned Hell to live a life on Earth, the Goddess was able to use her limited strength to escape Hell and come to Earth. There, she ventured to Los Angeles, taking possession of various deceased bodies. After three days, she found Lucifer while in the body of Charlotte Richards, which she has since remained in

Tricia Helfer as Charlotte Richards/”Mum” (season 2

Chloe Jane Decker  She is a homicide detective working in Los Angeles as a member of the LAPD. While investigating a murder at the Lux nightclub, Chloe encounters Lucifer Morningstar, the former ruler of Hell, who is now living on Earth. Lucifer assists Chloe on the case (despite her protests) and the two end up forming a professional relationship as a detective-consultant duo.

Before Chloe was born, God sent Amenadiel to Earth to bless a couple that had trouble conceiving a child. Amenadiel later realized that couple was Penelope and John Decker, and that Chloe was the blessed child.

Chloe’s father was a detective with the LAPD, while her mother was a second-rate actress. As a teenager, Chloe had a role in a low-budget movie, Hot Tub High School, in which she appears topless. Though she gained some very minor fame for the role, Chloe realized that this line of work wasn’t for her and decided to become a police officer like her father. Unfortunately, her father died when she was 19. While leaving the funeral, Nick, a paparazzo, took it upon himself to break into the funeral and take pictures of Chloe. In return, Chloe punched his camera, breaking the lens and gave up acting for good.

When she started working at the LAPD, she met Dan Espinoza, who was also an LAPD officer. They later married and had a daughter named Beatrice (nicknamed “Trixie”). Chloe and Dan are now divorced, as Chloe believes he would always put work before his family and never make time for them

Chloe is a very uptight and by-the-books cop who takes pride in her work. This makes her the exact opposite of Lucifer; she constantly berates him for his unorthodox methods and behavior (save for a few instances where she sees them getting results; in which case she will occasionally play along). Due to her skepticism surrounding the Palmetto case, she is unpopular in her department and has few friends – no one wants to be her partner.

Chloe seems to be perplexed by Lucifer, constantly dismissing his claims of being the Devil while also admitting that there is something abnormal and inexplicable about him. Despite this, she admits that she enjoys his company and is hurt when she feels that he is being dishonest with her. She has been known to tease him on occasion, much to Lucifer’s chagrin.

Chloe tracks down Lucifer through his cell phone. She finds him standing on a beach holding his jacket over his shoulder. She jokes about finishing paperwork that Lucifer will turn into a “moment”. Lucifer surprisingly tells her that he will stop trying to have “moments”, and then tells her that she deserves someone better. Chloe responds that it is not what she meant; however, he responds, saying that is what he means. He then tells her about how she deserves someone better than he is, as he considers Chloe special and him not worth it, Chloe finally tells him, “You’re probably right.” Then she leans forwards and kisses Lucifer.

Chloe also has an awkward side, as shown in “Love Handles”. Throughout the episode Chloe makes multiple awkward gestures and comments. The first time Chloe slaps Lucifer butt after he asks her what she desired. Later, she laughs at Lucifer’s comment when Ella Lopez says “ocular discharge”. When she finishes she quickly makes a straight face. Also, she tries to finish his sentence when he says, “I hope poor Ricky made him count, enjoying what little life he had left with sex or friends” and Chloe tries to finish it saying, “Or sex with friends”, while giving a wink to Lucifer. When he doesn’t respond she tells him that’s where she thought it was going.

Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker

Daniel “Dan” Espinoza is a homicide detective in Los Angeles, working as a member of the LAPD. This leads him to interact with Lucifer Morningstar when Lucifer decides to help the LAPD solve cases. Dan dislikes Lucifer quite a bit, due to Lucifer calling him “Detective Douche” and his connection to Dan’s ex-wife, Chloe Decker, and daughter, Trixie

Dan is the ex-husband of Chloe Decker. Together, they had a daughter named Trixie. He is currently an active member of the LAPD and is secretly known for being the responsible of the Pallmeto case, which troubled Chloe. Even though Dan dislikes Lucifer, he still stood against Malcolm when it came to killing Lucifer.

Kevin Alejandro as Detective Daniel “Dan” Espinoza

Beatrice Espinoza, better known as Trixie, is the daughter of Chloe Decker and Dan Espinoza. She becomes friends with Lucifer and Maze. Lucifer meets Trixie at her school, waiting by the principal’s office. When asked the reason for her actions, Trixie replies that the girl made a fake Snapchat account and made fun of Trixie, so she kicked her in the “no-no touch touch square”. Trixie had already seen it since she has Internet and states that she enjoyed the part where Chloe’s character vomits on the cute guy. When Chloe came home after shooting Lucifer, Trixie compared her action to the boy Noah in her class, who kept throwing French fries at her at lunch, and that meant Chloe “must really like” Lucifer.

Being so young, Trixie is innocent and full of wonder. She seems unbothered by her parents’ separation and seems to be more aware of the world than she lets on, such as in “Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.” when she revealed to her mother that she knew about her short-lived career as an actress.

Despite his uncomfortable stance towards children, Trixie seems to enjoy Lucifer’s company, having felt a bond with him when he scared off a bully in “Pilot”. She runs up to hug him when he comes to visit, and even thinks he is “funny.” She seems to see him as a “cool uncle” figure, taking his bad influence to heart, such as in “Favorite Son”  where she takes a bite out of her birthday cake behind her parent’s back because Lucifer told her “if you want something, just take it.”

Scarlett Estevez as Beatrice “Trixie” Espinoza

Linda Martin is a therapist living in Los Angeles. Lucifer Morningstar, the former ruler of Hell, goes to see her as his therapist in exchange for sex

Linda attended medical school before becoming a therapist. To pay for med school, she worked as a phone sex operator, later calling it “1-800-ProfessorFeelGood”.

Linda was the therapist of Delilah. She told Lucifer and Chloe about Delilah’s relationship with a famous celebrity in exchange for sex with Lucifer.

She suggests that a person could be the reason for his change of character.

Maze told Amenadiel about Lucifer confiding in Linda, and the latter starts to get close to her in order to find a way to convince Lucifer to go back to Hell.

Linda pressures Lucifer to tell her the truth and to drop the Biblical metaphors. He decides to show her his true appearance, revealing himself as the Devil. The episode ends with Linda in shock, frozen in place, while a dejected Lucifer leaves her office.

Rachael Harris as Dr. Linda Martin

Ella Lopez is the Los Angeles Police Department’s new forensic scientist.

Ella grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood in Detroit, but also in a strong, Catholic family, under the watchful and protective eye of her five brothers. Her grandmother taught her how to pick locks and she used to steal cars.

While Ella moved onto law enforcement, some of her family, including her brother Ricardo, are still involved in shady business. Ella moved to Los Angeles to keep an eye on Ricardo, but he “totally ghosted” her.

Ella is easygoing and friendly, quick to greet Chloe and Lucifer with a hug. She also talks about faith a lot, and seems to be quick to trust as well. Religion is a large part of her life, as evidenced by her favor from Lucifer, which was to take her to church.

She also seemed to have been able to be seduced by Lucifer’s supernatural charms, briefly agreeing to sleep with him at the Wesley Cabot crime scene, but quickly catches herself and says no to having sex.

Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez (season 2)

Earl Johnson, also known as God Johnson, is an oil magnate. After he started calling himself God, his wife had him committed to a psychiatric hospital.

Johnson was a wealthy oil magnate from Odessa, Texas. While in New Mexico for work, he picked up a belt buckle in a Navajo gift shop. The belt buckle made him believe he was God. He gave away all his money and changed his name to God. At this point, his wife committed him to Westridge Canyon Psychiatric Hospital.

When an orderly, Toby Mulligan, is murdered at the hospital, Johnson is the prime suspect. Lucifer is intrigued that Johnson thinks he is God and tries to prove him an impostor. However, when Johnson calls him “Samael”, Lucifer believes that it is really his father.

Later, when Johnson’s belt is removed, he regains his mind. He has no memories of his time as “God” – the last thing he can remember is picking up the belt buckle in the gift shop.

Timothy Omundson as Earl “God” Johnson

John Decker

John Decker was a police officer with the LAPD. He married Penelope, who was a famous 80’s sci-fi movie star, and they had a daughter, Chloe. John was murdered in an apparent robbery gone wrong when Chloe was 19. Because of Penelope’s fame, paparazzi invaded his funeral and Chloe ended up punching out Nick Hofmeister’s camera. Shortly after, Chloe left acting and decided to join the LAPD.

John’s murder was actually not a robbery but an intentional assassination. His murder had been orchestrated by a prison warden named Perry Smith. Smith also arranged for Joe Fields, an innocent man, to take the fall for the murder in return for money. Sixteen years later, Chloe arrested Perry Smith after finding proof that Fields could not have committed the crime. However, with Charlotte’s help, Smith got acquitted. Later, Dan and Maze inform the Russian mob that Fields was responsible for Boris Sokolov’s murder and where to find him. The mob kidnap and murder Fields.

                               Season 2

Candy Morningstar” is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Lucifer.

Two weeks after Chloe’s near-death, Lucifer has gone off the grid, cutting off all contact from his family and the police department. He materializes just in time to help solve an up-and-coming guitarist’s murder and introduces the department to a ditzy stripper named Candy… a new mystery woman in his life. While Lucifer’s mom desperately tries to contact her son, Chloe tries to push him away. Lucifer must find a way to prove himself in order to be invited back onto the team.””Lucifer’s mom realizes she may have found a way to finally get them back to Heaven.”

Deceptive Little Parasite” is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Lucifer
When it is discovered that the flaming sword is the only hope for the family returning home safely, the pressure is on for Lucifer to control what he has never been able to control before – his emotions – in order to ignite it. Meanwhile, Chloe wants to air some emotions of her own, but when a therapist and head of admissions at a prestigious private school turns up dead, the team must get to the bottom of it.”
God Johnson” is the sixteenth episode of the second season of Lucifer.
When a grisly murder takes place at an insane asylum, the prime suspect calls himself God. After realizing that this man could actually be his father, Lucifer struggles with his feelings towards him and tries to find the truth, all while trying to discover who the real killer is.”
Sympathy for the Goddess” is the seventeenth episode of the second season of Lucifer.
“When the man who had the final piece of the Flaming Sword is murdered and the piece goes missing, Mom joins Chloe and Lucifer on the case to track down the killer. But when Lucifer gets sidelined, Maze recruits him to help save Dr. Linda’s endangered career and confronts him about the secrets he’s been keeping.”
Air on May 22,2017
The Good, the Bad and the Crispy” is the eighteenth episode of the second season of Lucifer
After Charlotte accidentally charbroils a man to death in self-defense, Lucifer must try and keep Chloe from figuring out the truth. Lucifer puts Maze in charge of finding Charlotte and Amenadiel, who have both gone missing in light of recent circumstances, while he finds a permanent solution for the ticking-time-bomb he calls Mom.”

Air date -May 29, 2017

Season 3 is the third season of Lucifer. FOX announced that the series was renewed for a third season on February 13, 2017. The season will have 22 episodes. Later, four episodes were moved from the second season to the third season – it is unclear if they count toward the 22 previously announced episodes.

Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith” is an episode of the third season of Lucifer.

“City of Angels?“is an episode of the third season of Lucifer

Off the Record” is an episode of the third season of Lucifer

Vegas With Some Radish” is an episode of the third season of Lucifer