Please Your Partner with a Sensual Pole Dance.

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Get ready to out your and your partner’s  sexual fantasy by performing a private pole dance.

Here are a few  tips to help get you started:

  1.  Watch a pole dance
  • You could also attend a pole dancing class in your area. Take  mental  notes  about which moves look sexy to you and which you know will arouse your lover.

2. Practice

  • You also practice with an instructor at a pole dancing class .If you can, practice in front of a mirror  so you  watch  your body move.
  • Be sure to relax and feel  confident.
  • Don’t forget  to breathe
  • You to hold your  breath as  you  dance , but deep breaths help  to relax the body and allow the muscles to   move in a more graceful  manner .
  • The more relaxed you are the sexier you  will dance.

3. Create  a character  and scenario

  •  Are you a  naughty  executive , boss, secretary or librarian.
  • Maybe you’re a domineering pirate or leather clad temptress.
  •  You could be the  demure maiden in  white.
  • Let your imagination run wild  and select an appropriate costume.

4. Choreograph your dance

Now that you know your character and have a costume ,come up with the music and dance moves to complement the sence you’ve put together.

  • Don’t let you lack look of professional dance experience be a factor.
  • Choose dance moves you know  you  can do easily, and be sure to  odd variety.
  • Dance to the  left of the pole; dance to the right.
  • Slowly walk around the pole , stroking the steel in a seductive manner.
  • If you’re not ready  to jump and twirl  on the pole, just  dance sexy around it
  • In the  second  half of your performance, your clothes and be  sure to end with a big finish.

5. Perform

  • Invite your playmate to show ser the mood with low lighting  and  soft music
  • Remember ,it’s just too and your lover.
  • Don’t be shy and be sure to look  deep into  your  partner’s eyes during the entire  performance.
  • Be coy ,smile , flirt, and tease.
  • Now is the  time to unleash your inhibitions.Remember ,anything  goes because  your special performance  is being  delivered with passion , romance, and best of all ,love.

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New York, NY 10001

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Brooklyn, NY 11222

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1310 Kings Hwy
Brooklyn, NY 11229

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500 8th Ave
New York, NY 10018

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43 Schermerhorn St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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Brooklyn, NY 11213

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