Wonder Woman Day on 06/03/17

These and further anniversary events will culminate in the release of the very first Wonder Woman feature film on June 2, 2017.


Honor the power, wisdom and courage of Wonder Woman as fans around the world celebrate Wonder Woman Day on June 3rd!  Wonder Woman graphic novels and news about Themyscira’s greatest warrior.


Talent Signings – USA

New York

TALENT- Brian Azzarello
Cliff Chiang
Phil Jimenez


Midtown Comics -64 Fulton St. Rm 901, New York, NY 10038 -1-4PM


Talent -Greg Rucka


Powell’s City of Books -1005 W. Burnside St. Portland, OR 97209- 2-4PM


Talent -Alex Sinclair


Vegas Comics –8866 S. Eastern Ave. #103, Las Vegas, NV 89123 -11AM-2PM


Talent -Marc Andreyko
-Cat Staggs


Golden Apple -7018 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038 -1PM

Talent -Shea Fontana


Barnes & Noble –

189 The Grove Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90036 1PM


Wonder Woman hits movie theaters around the world June 2, 2017, when Gal Gadot returns as the title character in the epic action adventure Wonder Woman.  The film also stars Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Connie Nielsen and Elena Anaya.

Patty Jenkins directed the film from a screenplay by Allan Heinberg, story by Zack Snyder & Allan Heinberg and Jason Fuchs, based on characters from DC Entertainment.  Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston.  The film is produced by Charles Roven, Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder and Richard Suckle, with Stephen Jones, Geoff Johns, Jon Berg, Wesley Coller and Rebecca Steel Roven serving as executive producers.

Warner Bros. Pictures presents an Atlas Entertainment/Cruel and Unusual production, Wonder Woman.  The film is scheduled for release worldwide beginning June 2, 2017, and will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.




Wonder Woman Amazon-a-Thon

Travel back in time and watch the classic Wonder Woman television show featuring Lynda Carter for a Wonder Woman Amazon-a-Thon. Then bounce back for the animated series of Justice League and Justice League Action, featuring Wonder Woman alongside fellow Justice League members Batman and Superman for world-saving adventures. Then end the evening playing the Injustice video game series with Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2, where you can play as the Amazon Warrior herself!

Throw a Wonder Woman Costume Party

Park the invisible jet, grab some snacks, put on your tiara, invite your Justice League crew and throw a Wonder Woman Costume Party. Be a superhero for the day by gathering your friends for a crime-fighting-filled day. Enjoy Wonder Woman-themed snacks, desserts and drinks; create themed party games and an Amazon-themed photo booth with Wonder Woman props.

Amazonian Reading Circle

DC has 75 years’ worth of Wonder Woman reading material for you to dive into and explore. If you’re just getting started, try our brand-new Wonder Woman series from the ground-breaking Rebirth event, WONDER WOMAN VOL. 1: THE LIES, WONDER WOMAN VOL. 2: YEAR ONE or the critically acclaimed titles WONDER WOMAN VOL. 1: BLOOD, WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE VOL. 1 and the collection of her best stories in WONDER WOMAN: HER GREATEST BATTLES. For group reading, the DC SUPER HERO GIRLS series is liked by all ages and features many of DC’s iconic characters, including Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumble Bee, Poison Ivy and Katana.

Wonder Woman Day” coincides with the opening weekend for the theatrical release of the highly anticipated, standalone film, Wonder Woman, which hits movie theaters around the world June 2, 2017. The celebration will honor the 75-year legacy of the Amazonian Princess with festivities across the country and around the world, and all things related will be shared, posted, tweeted, grammed, snapchatted, and pinned all over social media with the hashtag #WonderWomanDay.


Wonder Woman Quotes

Col. Steve Trevor: [after Diana shows a girl how to swordfight] “That was sweet. Teaching her to disembowel her playmates like that.””

Wonder Woman

Diana Prince: Mother, the fate of the free world rests in me!
Wonder Woman’s Mother
: Oh, all right. Eat first, save the free world later. You can’t be a martyr on an empty stomach.
Diana Prince: This can’t wait. The nation needs Wonder Woman.”
Author Unknown  

Wonder Woman: I didn’t need you to save me. I needed you to stop Ares.
Steve Trevor: Hey, if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be here right now.
Wonder Woman: I’m an Amazon, Steve. We’re prepared from birth to give our lives in battle. I knew what the consequences were going in to this mission. I bet you would have acted differently, if I were a man.
Steve Trevor: Oh, playing the sex card again, are you? You know what? I’ve had just about enough of listening to you go on about how terrible men are.
Wonder Woman: Does the truth hurt, Steve?
Steve Trevor: News flash: The Amazons ain’t so perfect either. You act brave, but cutting yourselves off from the outside world was cowardly. Not to mention stupid. Like less communication between men and women is what the world needed.
Wonder Woman: How dare you?
Steve Trevor: No! I’m not done. You met your first man, what, like 15 minutes ago. And you think you have us all figured out. Well, I’m sorry, but not everything a man does is to further some misogynistic agenda. We don’t hold doors open or pull out chairs for women because we’re trying to keep you down. And I didn’t save you because I thought were some damsel in distress. I saved you because… Because I care about you, Diana. And I’m not gonna abandon a friend in need, man or woman.
Wonder Woman: You should have saved the world and not me.
Steve Trevor: Maybe I figured the world’s not worth saving if you’re not in it.”
Author Unknown  

Carlo Indrezzano: YOU saved me?
Wonder Woman
: Yes.
Carlo Indrezzano
: Impossible. You’re a woman!
Wonder Woman
: I have heard that once or twice before.
Wonder Woman – 1976

Wonder Woman: I’m talking about what we do… living a secret life, always in danger every day. It’s a neverending battle. How do you do it?
Clark Kent/Superman: I do it because I have to. People need us. There’s a whole world suffering out there. We’ve been given the power to do something about. It is our gift… the reason we are here…
[Diana and Clark together]
Clark Kent/Superman: for truth and justice.
[the siren of a police car]
Clark Kent/Superman: Let’s go!
Wonder Woman: Balance of Power – 2006

George Calvin: Let me make love to you.
Wonder Woman
: Why?
George Calvin
: You’re a very beautiful woman.
Wonder Woman
: I mean, why should *I*?
Wonder Woman (TV) – 1974

Andros I: Tell me about your Paradise Island.
Wonder Woman: Oh, it’s beautiful. It’s tranquil and peaceful. It’s outside of time Andros. We cherish old ways. We are close to the ancient, natural order of things. We live together in harmony with our living Earth.”
Wonder Woman

Steve Trevor: My assignment is a logical military alternative and a patriotic necessity.
Diana Prince: To quote Dr. Samuel Johnson: Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.
[Etta gets a wide-eyed look of shock]
Steve Trevor: Yeoman Prince!
Diana Prince: [angrily] Yes sir!
Steve Trevor: Dismissed!
Diana Prince: Aye aye, sir!
[angrily leaves]
Steve Trevor: Etta!
[Etta jumps and looks at Steve scared]
Steve Trevor: This is confidential.
Etta Candy: Oh, yes sir! Absolutely!
[Etta leaves the office desperately] “Wonder Woman

Queen Hippolyte: This is the Golden Lasso. Besides being made from an indestructible material, it also carries with it the power to compel people to tell the truth. Use it well, and with compassion.
The New Original Wonder Woman (TV) – 1975

Quotes About Wonder Woman

“If you need to stop an asteroid, you call Superman. If you need to solve a mystery, you call Batman. But if you need to end a war, you call Wonder Woman.”
― Gail Simone
“Imagination is just what others use to get things they can’t understand into their heads. Rarely – if ever – do they actually fit there.
― Brian Azzarello, Wonder Woman, Volume 1: Blood
“Not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force, strength, and power. Not wanting to be girls, they don’t want to be tender, submissive, peace-loving as good women are. Women’s strong qualities have become despised because of their weakness. The obvious remedy is to create a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman.”
― William Moulton Marston
“Active or ambitious women were not only rare but often evil. Wonder Woman flipped this paradigm by embodying the strength, assertiveness, and independence usually associated with bad girls and villains in a positive heroic light. The Golden Age Wonder Woman was a blatant rejection of the good girl/bad girl binary and even offered a critique of the good girl role.”
― Tim Hanley, Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World’s Most Famous Heroine
“Even bullying was important to Wonder Woman, and in Sensation Comics #23 she stopped a gang who were picking on a young boy, showed the head bully the error of his ways and learned about his home situation, spoke to his father about his abusive tendencies, and then helped the father get a job in a wartime factory. She always took the time to get to the root of the problem.”
― Tim Hanley, Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World’s Most Famous Heroine
“Dear Lynda Carter, Please be with me in my hour of need. Especially if I don’t have to twirl around to get my powers.”
― Michael R. Underwood, Geekomancy
“It was a sad day when I realized I wasn’t Wonder Woman. So I decided to go out and write my own stories.”
― Sheila Hight
“There were no more heroes. Kennedy was dead, shot by an assassin in Dallas. Batman and Robin were dead… Superman was missing…”
― Robert Mayer
“I am a great scholar, my mind is full of wonders.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita
“And that’s the point! Not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force strength power. Not wanting to be girls, they don’t want to be tender, submissive, peace-loving as good women are. Women’s strong qualities have become despised because of their week ones.”
― Jill Lepore

“LOIS: The personal stuff you’ve been dealing with, did you feel like you needed someone to catch you? Were we not there for you?

DIANA: (pauses) You know how when people talk of depression, they talk of it both coming in storms and coming stealthily? So that, for many, it is the status quo, before they realize… that we lose our self-awareness in that. So I can’t… I can’t fault the people who love and care for me for not seeing what I did not myself see.

I think, again, when we have our moments of clarity, it is very easy to brush past them, to let the status quo continue. It can be very difficult and sometimes painful to turn and confront them. The only analogy I can think of is chronic pain. When that pain has been with you for so very long, it is background noise. And one is not aware of it until something happens that places it into relief.

LOIS: But you’re not talking about physical pain?

DIANA: No. And I am not certain I am talking about emotional pain either. It has been difficult for me to untangle. I think there is a psychological element to it. I think it is important–and I think as a reporter that you would be inclined to agree–that we question those basic assumptions that we often decide are true.

I have found myself in a position where a great deal of what I took as true no longer seems accurate.

That may be because I have changed. That may be because the world has changed. Or it may be because I was mistaken. And it is that last that is the most concerning. I put great stock in truth–I think that’s one of the reasons why we get along.”
― Greg Rucka

“…we must be tolerant with ourselves and allow ourselves some deviations from the straight line we set up to follow. Even more we must allow others the same prerogative.”
― Jill Lepore, The Secret History of Wonder Woman
“To love and be loved is a wonderful feeling.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita
“And that to me is something. Coming to an understanding of who you are in the midst of discovering who you aren’t.”
― Brian Azzarello
“The historian, on the contrary, cannot experiment and can rarely observe. Instead, the historian has to collect his own evidence, knowing, all the while, that some of it is useless and much of it unreliable.”
-Professor Charles Homer Haskins”
― Jill Lepore
Wonder Woman isn’t Spider-man or Batman. She doesn’t have a town, she has a world. That was more interesting to me than a kind of contained, rote superhero franchise.
-Joss Whedon
The 1970s ‘Wonder Woman’ was sort of a kitsch thing. It was a very specific time for that, and it’s hard to modernize something like that.
-Maggie Q
I actually read ‘Wonder Woman,’ and here’s the thing about her: she’s more of a physical presence than anything else. You don’t get to really know her on the inside.
-Jaimie Alexander
Wonder Woman, she’s amazing. I love everything that she represents and everything that she stands for. She’s all about love and compassion and truth and justice and equality, and she’s a whole lot of woman.
-Gal Gadot
I never planned on being an actress or Wonder Woman, but everything just happened, and I am grateful and happy and in love with what I do.
-Gal Gadot
Wonder Woman is a fighter, better than most, but it’s what she fights for that is important. It’s her vision of a future of peace and acceptance that makes her the right ambassador for everyone. -Gal Gadot
What’s so lovely about Wonder Woman is yes, she has the strength and power of a goddess, but she has the heart and mind of a human. So I play her as I think a woman like me would act in the situations she’s going through. You treat her as a normal woman who happens to be fantastic and almighty.
-Gal Gadot
I grew up watching Wonder Woman; I grew up watching Batman. I grew up watching George Reeves as Superman.
-Diane Lane
 It’s just a great, legendary comic book hero and it’s one that has never been kind of been brought back to life after Lynda Carter. I mean, it’s a reinvention. When Tim Burton reinvented Batman after Adam West, and when Donner reinvented Superman after George Reeves, it’s time to do that with Wonder Woman.
-Joel Silver
People always want me to talk about Wonder Woman, so I do.
-Lynda Carter
It’s truly an honor to get to write Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman and all those great people, but when you can take something that’s not well thought of and make it something that people do think highly of, that’s much more gratifying, I think.
-Andrew Kreisberg
Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman and was one of the first female superheroes. It gives me more of an encouragement that we can be strong and can do whatever a guy can do.
-Thuy Trang
 I think Wonder Woman is a very difficult character to crack. More difficult than Superman, who is also more difficult than Batman. Also, a lot of people in Hollywood believe that it’s hard to do a big action movie with a female lead. I happen to disagree with that.
-David S. Goyer
Wonder Woman was my favorite superhero as a little girl. I still have a huge girl crush on Wonder Woman; I think she’s amazing.
-Evangeline Lilly
Since I started playing at the Olympics in 2000, I have always wanted to do a dress based on Wonder Woman. It should be interesting to wear. And hopefully, it will get me a gold medal. -Venus Williams
                       WONDER WOMAN: THE TRUE AMAZON

WONDER WOMAN: THE TRUE AMAZON is Jill Thompson’s original graphic novel reimagining of the early years of the Amazon Princess Diana, who would grow up to become Wonder Woman. This fully painted graphic novel is unlike any Wonder Woman tale you have ever read, told as only Eisner Award- winning writer/artist Thompson could. When young Diana has the fawning attention of a nation, she grows spoiled. But a series of tragic events take their toll, and Diana must learn to grow up, take responsibility, and seize her destiny.Steeped in the mythology of this iconic character’s original conception, WONDER WOMAN: THE TRUE AMAZON is designed to appeal to a wide range of readers. It’s a fresh, stand-alone interpretation of the most famous and iconic female superhero of all time and the fulfillment of a dream project by one of contemporary comics’ most acclaimed creators. Price: $22.99

Wonder Woman is Princess Diana of the immortal Amazons from Greek mythology.  When army pilot Steve Trevor crashes on the warriors’ secluded island paradise, Diana wins the right to escort him home and make her people known to the world. Entering our cynical world for the first time, there’s a lot she must wrap her head around, especially our ways of war, hate, and, well… dating. Helping her are her superhuman strength and speed, as well as the trademark bulletproof bracelets, but it’s probably her Golden Lasso of Truth most people really wish they had.
Torn between a mission to promote peace and her own warrior upbringing, Wonder Woman fights evil while hoping to unlock the potential of a humanity she doesn’t always understand.