The History of the Vampire

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The First Vampire Clan

Ambrogio later moved back to Italy, now as a full-fledged vampire.  Legend traces him to the city of Florence (Firenze), where he creates the first Vampire Clan.

We don’t know a whole lot about this clan, other than they were most likely willing volunteers – humans who wanted power and immortality, and were willing to trade their souls for it.  It was believed that the curse would continue for any vampire where their souls would remain in the Underworld (aka Hades aka Hell), where they could return to claim them, but then could never leave.

From what we know of the history of vampires, the clan grew in size and strength, until infighting created something of a “civil war” within the clan, and many vampires left to form their own clans.

What happened to Ambrogio and those who stayed with him is largely unknown, though many believe that he still resides somewhere in Florence.


Vampire Names and Meanings

Vampire names haven’t changed much over the years, at least not in a way that differs from the way human names change year to year.

Modern day vampires have all sorts of names, just like humans.  Since vampires do not breed, vampires don’t get a chance to name their children.  Thus, those who become vampires typically keep their human name.



The following list contains the name and meaning of each ancient vampire name for males:

  • ALESSANDRO: meaning “defender of mankind.”
  • AMBROGINO: meaning “little immortal one.”
  • AMBROGIO: meaning “immortal.”
  • ARNOLDO: meaning “eagle power.”
  • BALDOVINO: meaning “brave friend.”
  • BALDASSARE: meaning “Protect the king.”
  • BERTOLDO: meaning “bright ruler.”
  • BONAVENTURA: meaning “good fortune.”
  • BONIFACIO:  meaning “good destiny.”
  • CIRINO / CIRO: meaning “like the sun.”
  • CLEMENTE: meaning “gentle and merciful.”
  • DARIO: meaning “possesses a lot.”
  • DOMENICO: meaning “belongs to the lord.”
  • EDMONDO: meaning “protector of prosperity.”
  • EDOARDO: meaning “guardian of prosperity.”
  • EGIDIO: meaning “shield of goatskin.”
  • ELIGIO: meaning “to choose.”
  • ELIODORO: meaning “gift of the sun.”
  • EMILIO: meaning “rival.”
  • ERMANNO: meaning “army man.”
  • ETTORE:  meaning “defender.”
  • FARAMUNDO: meaning “journey protection.”
  • FINO: (Serafino) meaning “burning one” or “serpent.”
  • GASPARE: meaning “treasure bearer.”
  • GREGARIO: meaning “watchful.”
  • GUALTIERO: meaning “ruler of the army.”
  • LEANDRO: meaning “lion-man.”
  • MARCO: meaning “defender of the sea.”
  • MASSIMO: meaning “the greatest.”
  • NERIO: meaning “wet one.”
  • NUNZIO: meaning “announces.”
  • ORAZIO: meaning “has good eyesight.”
  • ORFEO: meaning “darkness.”
  • PELLEGRINO: meaning “wanderer.”
  • PONZIO: meaning “of the sea.”
  • RAUL: meaning “wise wolf.”
  • RODOLFO: meaning “famous wolf.”
  • SANSONE: meaning “like the sun.”
  • SILVANO: meaning “from the forest.”
  • TACITO: meaning “mute, silent.”
  • UMFREDO: meaning “giant peace.”

The following list contains the name and meaning of each ancient vampire name for females:

  • ADRASTEIA: meaning “inescapable.”
  • AKANTHA: meaning “thorn.”
  • AKELDAMA: meaning “field of blood.”
  • AMBROSIA: meaning “immortal.”
  • CALLIDORA: meaning “gift of beauty.”
  • DESPOINA: meaning “mistress.”
  • EVA: meaning “life.”
  • IEZABEL: meaning “chaste.”
  • KHARIS: meaning “charm / grace.”
  • KORA: meaning “maiden.”
  • MAIA: meaning “nursing mother.”
  • NARKISSA: meaning “numbness / sleep.”
  • NATÁSA / NATASSA: meaning “resurrection.”
  • NERINE: meaning “sea sprite.”
  • POLONA: meaning “of Apollo.”
  • SELENE: meaning “moon.”
  • SEMELE: meaning “of the underworld.”
  • THANA: meaning “death.”
  • THYIA: meaning “Bacchic frenzy.”
  • THYONE: meaning “inspired frenzy.”

The Vampire Origin Story

Ambrogio was a young adventurer.  Born and raised in Italy, he had always longed to travel to Greece to have his fortune told by the Oracle of Delphi.  When he was an adult, he got on a boat and sailed to the western edge of Greece, near Astakos.  He traveled east until he eventually reached the city of Delphi.

Delphi was home to a great temple of Apollo the sun god.  It was also the home of the Pythia, better known as the Oracles.  The Pythia would sit in a chamber within the temple and speak of prophecies, inspired by Apollo, to those who came to seek the Oracle’s wisdom.

When Ambrogio finally arrived at the temple, he went to speak to the Pythia.  The Pythia, whose words were often cryptic, said only a few words: “The curse.  The moon.  The blood will run.”

He couldn’t sleep that night. He stayed awake outside of the temple, pondering the meaning of the Pythia’s words.  As the sun rose in the morning he realized that he had not slept.  As he walked back toward the town he saw a beautiful woman dressed in white robes walking to the temple.  He ran over to her and introduced himself.

Her name was Selene, and she was a maiden of the temple.  Her sister was the Oracle, and so Selene tended to the temple and took care of her sister while in her entranced state.

For the next few days every morning Ambrogio met Selene at dawn before she entered the temple.  They soon fell in love.

On his last day in Greece, Ambrogio asked Selene to marry him and return with him to Italy.  She agreed.  He said he would make the preparations then meet her at dawn the next morning at their meeting spot outside the temple.

Apollo, the sun god, had been watching.  He himself had taken a liking to the beautiful Selene and was enraged that Ambrogio would come to his temple and take one of his maidens away.  At sunset that night, Apollo appeared to Ambrogio and cursed him so that from that day forth a mere touch of Apollo’s sunlight would burn Ambrogio’s skin.

He had no way to contact Selene.  He had parchments, but no writing implement, so he took his bow and arrow and killed a swan.  Using its feather as a pen, and its blood as the ink, he wrote her a note explaining that he could not  meet with her but would find a way for them to be together.  He left the note in their meeting place and ran off to find a place to hide from the sunlight.

Naturally, Selene was devastated when she found the note, but she kept working at the temple as she did not want to anger Apollo any further.  The next morning, Selene went back to the meeting place, but once again Ambrogio was not there.  She saw another piece of parchment with writing in blood on it.  It was a love poem from Ambrogio.

Before morning for 44 days Ambrogio slew a swan and used its blood to write Selene a love poem.  After draining the blood and taking a single feather he offered the body of the swan as a tribute to Artemis, the goddess of hunting and the moon, and also sister to Apollo.  He hoped that even if he could not steal her bow, she would be honored by the tribute and would be able to convince her brother Apollo to remove the curse.

On the 45th night, Ambrogio had only one arrow left.  He shot it at a swan and missed, the arrow sailing into the distance.  He had neither the blood to write Selene’s poem nor the swan to sacrifice to Artemis.  He fell to the ground and wept.

Seeing how good of a hunter and how dedicated of a follower Ambrogio had been, Artemis came down to him.  He begged Artemis to let him borrow her bow and an arrow so he could kill one last bird and leave one final note to Selene.

Artemis took pity on him and agreed to let him borrow her silver bow and an arrow.  He took the bow, and in desperation, ran to the cave that led to Hades.  Artemis realized what was happening and cast her own curse on Ambrogio.  The curse caused all silver burn his skin.  Ambrogio dropped the silver bow and fell to the ground in pain.

Artemis was furious at his deceit, but he begged her for forgiveness.  He explained the deal he was forced to make with Hades, his curse by Apollo, and his love for Selene.  He apologized profusely and swore that he had no other choice.

Artemis took pity on him again and decided to give him one last chance.  She offered to make him a great hunter, almost as great as she was, with the speed and strength of a god and fangs with which to drain the blood of the beasts to write his poems.  In exchange for this immortality, he would have to agree to a deal.  He and Selene would have to escape Apollo’s temple and worship only Artemis forever.  The catch was that Artemis was a virgin goddess, and all of her followers had to remain chaste and unmarried, so Ambrogio was never allowed to touch Selene again.  They could never kiss, never touch, never have children.

Ambrogio agreed.  At least this way he and Selene could be together.  He killed another swan and left Selene a note telling her to meet him on a ship at the docks.  Before dawn the next morning, she saw the note and ran away before Apollo could notice.

When Selene arrived at the dock she found Ambrogio’s ship and met him down in the hull.  There was a wooden coffin with a note on it, telling her to order the ship’s captain to set sail, and to open the coffin only after the sun had set.  She did as the note said, and after sunset she opened the coffin to find Ambrogio alive and well.

The couple sailed to Ephesus, where they lived in a cave during the day and worshiped Artemis at her grand temple every night.  They lived happily together for many years, never touching, never kissing, never having children.

After a number of years, Ambrogio’s immortality allowed him to stay young, but Selene continued to age as a mortal.  She finally fell ill and was on her deathbed.  Ambrogio was distraught, knowing that he would not join Selene in the afterlife because his soul still resided in Hades.  At night, he went into the woods and found a white swan swimming alone in a small lake.  He killed the swan and offered it to Artemis, begging for her to make Selene immortal so they could stay together forever.

Artemis appeared to him.  Thankful for his years of dedication and worship, she made him one last deal.  Artemis told Ambrogio that he could touch Selene just once – to drink her blood.  Doing so would kill her mortal body, but from then on, her blood mixed with his could create eternal life for any who drink of it.  If he did this, Artemis would see to it that they stayed together forever.

Ambrogio wanted to refuse, but after telling Selene what happened, Selene begged him to do it.  After much convincing, he bit her neck and took her blood into his body.  As he set her limp body down, Selene began to radiate with light, and raise up to the sky.  Ambrogio watched as Selene’s glowing spirit lifted to meet Artemis at the moon.  When she arrived, the moon lit up with a brilliant light.

Selene became the goddess of moonlight, and every night she would reach down with her rays of light to the earth and finally touch her beloved Ambrogio as well as all of their children – the newly created vampires who carried the blood of Ambrogio and Selene, together.


Vampirism – Human to Vampire Transformation


Vampires: Vampirism

The transformation from the human state to the Vampire state takes over from anywhere between six to nine months to complete. The virus that causes vampirism resembles a more primitive virus known as a prion. Most viruses act on a host by attacking the hosts’ cells and changing the DNA and making the infected cells cause a monopoly effect. The host immune system then sees these cells with a different DNA as infections and attacks them. The virus that causes vampirism works in a more efficient and organized fashion. Instead of changing the DNA of the cells, the cells are modified to a degree in which it doesn’t look too alien. This is done by introducing “mini chromosomes” called plasmids which enhance the original genetic code. The hosts’ immune system then overlooks these cells. When you really think of it on a basic level, the human is the host organism and the vampirism causing virus is acting on a symbiotic relationship. Thus both organisms continue to thrive with one another.

Vampire Virus Contraction

This virus may be transmitted by bodily fluids such as blood, saliva and sometimes even in semen.

If transmitted by blood to a healthy host with an efficient immune system, large amounts of the virus must be either be injected or ingested.

It is highly unlikely that saliva can be the cause of infection due to the small amounts of the virus in the saliva. The virus within the saliva functions to infect a bitten area and heal the punctured skin, thus leaving no trace of the event.

Special Cases

The strain that causes type Wampyrus Nosferatu is a more aggressive strain. The virus infects the host at an accelerated rate and is less effective in modifying the cells DNA. This causes the immune system to fight against the cells. That is why some Nosferatu never make it to the final stage in their development and often die. If they do survive, they carry the scars of this internal war with them throughout their existence.


Wampyrus Chiroptera can alter their physiological appearance depending on their skill and power. Some may even achieve the ultimate transformation into a giant creature which resembles that of a bat. Increased benefits of being in this state include heightened awareness, sense of smell and hearing. These creatures have their faults as well. They can not actually achieve lift off flight but they can only glide over long distances. Another downside to this change is that the Vampire loses most of its sense of sight along with their ability to determine color.

The change is also accompanied by extreme pain when the Vampire changes into the bat creature and vice-versa. The individual will often remain weak for up to a few weeks after each change. The individual must consume an enormous amount of raw materials in order to re-arrange its body. This is the only time that Vampires may consume anything other then blood. Some materials that they may consume in order to prepare for this incredible metamorphosis may be chalk (extra calcium), fish, nuts (extra protein) and fruit (sugar energy).

The Vampires hormones are another key factor in this transformation. Hormones are released from the endocrine system which triggers the nervous system, within twelve hours, to change both flesh and bone. The bone changes form by redistributing the mineral within the bone until both shape and density have been altered while the flesh just stretches or contracts over this new bone. The Vampires bones become as hollow as bird bones. The fingers stretch and flesh grows between thus becoming the wing membrane. The tree bottom ribs are then fully absorbed and broken down into the body for further distribution else where. The other ribs plus the shoulder blade becomes flatter and broader in order to support enormous muscles that are needed for the Vampire to “glide.” The spinal column bends into an inverted “U” shape and the tail bone extends into an actual tail. The upper and bottom jaw stretch forward while pushing the teeth towards the front middle section. The top section of the skull flattens while moving it back; this causes the eye sockets to become disfigured. The ears then stretch and broaden to resemble that of a bat for better hearing but still lacking echo-location like real bats. The nose is disfigured due to the other distortions of the cranium.

Extra melanin is deposited into the skin to bring the skin to that dark brown or black color in order for extra stealth. All hair however remains unchanged throughout the process because hair is non living and is thus not affected by hormones.


Top 10 Best Vampire Movies to Watch Now

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7). 30 Days of Night (2007)

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6). From Dusk Till Dawn (1996From Dusk Till Dawn

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5). Fright Night (1985)

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4). Dracula (1992)

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3). Blade (1998)

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2). Interview with the Vampire (1994)

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1). The Lost Boys (1987)

The Lost BoysThe Lost Boys (1987) is a 1h 37-min rated R American comedy horror film that was/is a 1980’s American teen classic.