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Top 5 best Upcoming Horror Movies 2017 -Trailers



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Upcoming Horror Movies 2017

Annabelle 2: Creation Official Trailer #2 (2017) Horror Movie HD

Final Destination 6 Trailer 2017 HD

Wrong Turn 7: The Clown

Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral – Official Trailer

Amityville: The Awakening (2017) Movie


Starring Jennifer Morrison, Cameron Monaghan, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Thomas Mann
Directed by Franck Khalfoun

These new Amityville: The Awakening (2015) movie stills look extremely scary and blood-curdling, I like it! The director tapped for this horror movie is Franck Khalfoun. I see they are really ramping the scare factor up. Disney Channel star Bella Thorne stars in her horror movie debut. Starring in Amityville: The Awakening are Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bella Thorne, McKenna Grace, Cameron Monaghan, Taylor Spreitler, Thomas Mann and Jennifer Morrison.


A single mother moves her three children into a haunted house, unaware of its bloody history.

Be Afraid (2017) Movie

Starring Kevin Grevioux, Louis Herthum, Brian Krause, Noell Coet
Directed by Drew Gabreski

Synopsis: Not long after John Chambers and his family arrive at their new home in a small country town of Pennsylvania…

Gremlin (2017) Movie

Starring Christian Bellgardt, Raychelle McDonald, Mitch McFarland, Aaron Bushong
Directed by Ryan Bellgardt

Ryan Bellgardt“s Gremlin (2017) Imagine a horrible looking Gremlin emerging from a mysterious box similar to the Dybbuk box and terrorizing all around it. Adam Hampton, Kristy K. Boone, and Geoff Barron star in Gremlin.

It (2017) Movie

Starring Javier Botet, Steven Williams, Megan Charpentier, Stephen Bogaert
Directed by Andrés Muschietti

The first of the two-part film will release in movie theaters on September 8, 2017, via Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema. This film will focus on the children growing up with Pennywise the Clown and the outcome therein. Bill Skarsgard (Netflix”s Hemlock Grove) will play the object of our future nightmares, Pennywise the Clown immortalized by Tim Curry. Jaeden Lieberher (Midnight Special (2016)) is cast as Bill Denbrough, the leader of “The Losers Club” in the story originally played by Jonathan Brandis in the original It (1990) film.


In Derry, Maine, seven friends come face-to-face with a shape shifter, who takes the form of an evil clown who targets children.

Leatherface (2017) Movie

Starring Velizar Binev, Stephen Dorff, Lili Taylor, Ian Fisher
Directed by Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury
Synopsis: Prequel about teenage Leatherface who escapes from a mental hospital with three other inmates, kidnaps a young nurse and takes her on a road trip from hell. Along the way, they are pursued by an equally deranged lawman out for revenge, one of these teens is destined for tragedy and horrors that will destroy his mind, molding him into the monster we now call Leatherface.

EVIL DEAD 2 Trailer 2017 HD

Flatliners (2017) Movie

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Diego Luna, Stefano DiMatteo, Ellen Page
Directed by Niels Arden Oplev

Niels Arden Oplev“s Flatliners (2017) is set to release on September 29, 2017. Flatliners will be a drama horror sci-fi film very similar to the original Flatliners (1990). Nina Dobrev, Ellen Page, and Diego Luna star in Flatliners.


Medical students experiment on “near death” experiences that involve past tragedies until the dark consequences begin to jeopardize their lives.

The Dark Tower (2017) Movie

Starring Idris Elba, Jackie Earle Haley, Matthew McConaughey, José Zúñiga
Directed by Nikolaj Arcel

The Dark Tower movie is based on the Stephen King series by the same name. The Dark Tower is set to release in movie theaters this upcoming July 28, 2017. Katheryn Winnick, Matthew McConaughey, and Idris Elba star in The Dark Tower.

Update 03-31-2017: EW reports The Dark Tower release date is now pushed back to August 4, 2017.


The Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, roams an Old West-like landscape where “the world has moved on” in pursuit of the man in black. Also searching for the fabled Dark Tower, in the hopes that reaching it will preserve his dying worl


Death Note (2017) Movie

Starring Michael Shamus Wiles, Willem Dafoe, Chris Britton, Chris Webb
Directed by Adam Wingard

Director Adam Wingard is going to lend his unique directing skills to creating the English adaptation of the popular manga series in Death Note (2017). I am interested to see how Wingard pulls off this 37 episode anime series into a traditional movie timeframe; hopefully, the studio understands this and grants Wingard the resources and cooperation he needs to make this happen. Thank God the studio is Netflix, and they should understand this. Willem Dafoe, Lakeith Stanfield, and Margaret Qualley star in Death Note.


Light Turner, a bright student who stumbles across a mystical notebook that has the power to kill any person whose name he writes in it…

Justice League Dark (2017) Movie


Starring Fred Tatasciore, Rosario Dawson, Roger Cross, Alfred Molina
Directed by Jay Oliva

Justice League Dark (2017) assembles the Justice League team in charge of dealing with the supernatural evil forces in the DC Comics universe. Jay Oliva did a fantastic job with this animated superhero film, and it is something I enjoyed watching with my family. Voice actors in Justice League Dark include Matt Ryan, Camilla Luddington, and Jason O”Mara.


Beings with supernatural powers join together to fight against supernatural villains. This team of supernatural beings include John Constantine, Zatanna and Jason Blood also known as the demon Etrigan.