Jon Snow’s true origin 

Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) and more stare down death in the new character posters for the upcoming season.File:A Song of Ice and Fire arms of House Stark running direwolf white scroll.png

King Jon Snow is the son Lady Lyanna Stark and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen the Prince of Dragon stone. Here is infancy that Jon is presented on the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark Lyanna brother and raised by Eddard alongside his lawful children at Winterfell but his true parentage is kept   secret from everyone including Jon himself in order to escape his bastard status, Jon join the Night’s Watch and is eventually chosen as Lord Commander.

However, his decision to allow thousands of Free Folk safe passage through the Wall alienates many of his culminating in a mutiny where Jon is killed by hisThorne and his group of mutineers. But later revived by Melisandre the Red Woman.

Freed from his Night’s Watch vows he executes the mutineers and join his cousin/sister, Sansa Stark in building and army to retake their home Winterfell from the Hose Bolton. After securing from Ramsay Bolton but he was killed by his own hound dogs.

And restoring the House Stark’s dominion over the North with Jon being declared the new king in the North by Northern Lords.

In eighteen years before the war of the Five Kings. Prince Rhaegor allegedly abducted Lady Lyanna of Winterfell in a scandal that would lead to the outbreak of Robert’s Rebellion.

Rhaegor would eventually return to fight in the war, but not before leaving Lady Lyanna behind at the Tower of Joy guarded by Lord Commander Gerold Hightower and Ser Arthur Dayne of the Kings guard.

Lord Eddard Stark rode to war along with her betrothed, Robert Baratheon to rescue his sister and avenge the death of their and brother on the orders of Rhaegor ‘s father Aerys II the Mad King.

Robert would ultimately kill Rhaegor at the Battle of the Trident, effectively ensuring their victory in the war. After the Sack of King’s Landing, where Jon’s true half-siblings perished along with their mother, Ned continued south in search of his sister and himself and Howland Reed. The defeating the last of the Kings guard he rushed into the tower to save his sister only to find Lady Lyanna dying from childbirth having just birth to Prince Rhaegor ‘s own son.

Desperate to protect the life her new born baby boy, a fading Lady Lyanna pleased with her brother to promise her that he would he would keep her and Prince Rhaegor son safe and his true heritage hidden from Robert as he had been Prince Rhaegor’s most bitter enemy or hater.

Furthermore, the boy’s existence was a potential threat Robert ‘s claim to the Iron Throne after the death of Prince Rhaegor ‘s other children. Haney’s and Eagan by his wife Elia Martell, who also perished during the sack of king’s landing.

In according with her last wish Ned resolved to pass his own nephew as his own   bastard son and raise him in home castle a great blow to his honor as he knew that his decision would be a shame both himself and lady wife Catelyn Tully.


King Jon Snow

Titles also known as –  King in the North

998th Lord Commander  of The North ‘s Watch (formerly)

 Status – Lord Jon Snow

The Bastard of Winterfell

King Crow

The  Prince that was promised The White Wolf

Age – Alive – resurrected
 DOB- Shortly after the  Robert’s Rebellion  281 AL
Death-  Stabbed to death by his own men in the Mutiny at Castle Black
Origin – Mother ‘s Mercy ( later  resurrected )
 Allegiance – Tower of Joy – Birthplace

Winterfell raised  as House of Stark

 Culture – The Night’s Watch  (formerly)
Religion – Northmen

Old Gods of the  Forest

 Father/Mother &

Paternal half-Sibling +

 Biological Parent – Prince Rhaegor Targaryen +Lady Lyanna Stark+

Adoptive Father /Uncle Lord Eddard Stark+

Rhaenys and Aegon Targaryen+



  Maternal Cousin raised as half- siblings +  King Robb Stark+

Rickson Stark +

Sansa Stark

Bran Stark

Arya Stark

Dire Wolf – Ghost


The True Story of Jon Snow ‘s birth nameImage resultImage result for Lady Lyanna Stark

Jon Snow who was a disguised as Ned Stark’s bastard was finally to be son of Prince Rhaegor Targaryen and Lady Lyanna Stark. Jon Snow ‘s birth name is Jaeheary Targaryen. Snow is the name given to bastards of the North and considering Ned was trying to pass him off as his own it’s a natural that he chases to name him Jon Snow. Jaeheary Targaryen ‘s the name is no stranger to the family. So if that so actually his name be will be Jaeheary Targaryen the 3rd. The first Jaeheary was the longest reigning Targaryen king, having had a reign of 55years and was thus also Jaeheary Targaryen the Conciliator Jaeheary Targaryen the wise Jaeheary Targaryen the 2rd was the sixteenth Targaryen king and the father to The Mad King Aerys Targaryen and the great grandfather of Jon Snow


                          Jon Snow Parent true origin

 The ProphecyImage resultApparently, Rhaegar read some prophecy in an arcane book about The Prince That Was Promised, who would save the world from the return of the White Walkers. For a time, it seems that Rhaegar thought he himself was the Prince, but later he apparently thought it would be his children: noting that “the dragon has three heads” (referring to the Targaryen sigil), he seems to have been convinced that the prophecy about “the” Prince actually referred to three people acting together: the Targaryens had first conquered and united Westeros when led by three dragon-riders: Aegon I and his two sister-wives, Rhaenys and Visenya. Rhaegar even named his first two children after the original trio of the Targaryen Conquest generation: first his daughter Rhaenys, then his son Aegon (though in the original trio, Visenya was actually the eldest, Rhaenys the youngest). Unfortunately, the health of Rhaegar’s wife Elia Martell suffered greatly during her first two pregnancies, and the maesters warned that she would not survive an attempt to have a third child. This may have encouraged Rhaegar to try to fulfill the prophecy by having a third child with another woman.Rhaegar’s reasons for kidnapping Lyanna Stark remain a mystery to both his supporters and his detractors, but the entire realm knows that they first met at a great tourney at Harrenhal. Rhaegar had crowned her Queen of Love and Beauty, passing over his own wife, an action that shocked all present.

A year after the tourney, Rhaegar and two knights of the Kingsguard fell upon Lyanna in the Riverlands and took her to a secure location (eventually revealed to be a hidden redoubt in the Red Mountains of Dorne). This event is cited as the catalyst for Robert’s Rebellion, although strictly speaking it was Aerys’ own paranoia and brutal reaction when he executed Rickard and Brandon Stark, Lyanna’s father and brother, that finally prompted the Starks, Baratheons, Arryns, and Tullys to rise in rebellion.




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