Facts About Black Cats & 50 Cute Cat Names

17 reasons to own a black cat

15 Black Cat Fun Facts

Traditional Halloween imagery usually involves, pumpkins, bats, witches…and black cats. Test your black cat knowledge with our 15 black cat fun facts. Did you know:

  1. The Egyptians revered all cats as good luck. Today, many cultures worldwide view black cats as good luck.
  2. Somewhere during the Middle Ages, Europeans got the idea that black cats were associated with witchcraft. The elderly, solitary women who often fed and cared for stray cats were also often (mis) identified as witches and the cats as their conspirators.
  3. In England (except Yorkshire) and Ireland, should a black cat cross your path, it’s good luck.
  4. Speaking of Great Britain, giving a cat to a bride in the English Midlands is good luck.
  5. Are you Scottish? A strange black cat arriving at your home means you may win the jackpot!(A stray black cat arriving on your doorstep signals prosperity.).
  6. If you’re German, you have to pay attention. If the cat crosses your path from right to left, that’s bad; left to right is good. Directionally challenged? We can’t help.
  7. If you’re a pirate, it gets even more complicated. If the black cat is walking toward you, it’s bad luck. If it’s walking away, that’s good. If the cat walks onto the ship and then back off—get off the ship, it’s going to sink. If you can get a cat to do any of those things on command, that’s impressive.
  8. Fishermen (and their wives) saw black cats as good luck, with many keeping them on their ships or in their homes. Black cats became so highly valued that some could not afford them.
  9. In Japan, black cats are considered symbols of good luck, especially for single women. Owning a black cat is thought to attract potential suitors.
  10. In Russia, all cats are viewed as lucky.
  11. There is not just one breed of black cat. There are 19 cat breeds in the Cat Fanciers Association directory that list “black” as a color option.
  12. Many black cats have golden eyes, which is the result of high melanin pigment content in their bodies.
  13. Black cats can be boys or girls, but more are male than female.
  14. Black Cat Appreciation Day is August 17.
  15. Black cats go with every décor, and, best of all, you can’t see their fur on your furniture!

Bonus round: It’s bad luck to walk under a ladder that a black cat just passed. However, we would also suggest that it’s just good common sense not to walk under any ladder, whether or not a cat of any color is nearby.

If you’re interested in adopting a black cat, know that many rescues suspend adoptions of black cats around Halloween. Many also advise keeping your black cat indoors on or near the Halloween holidays. It’s actually a good idea to keep all pets indoors on Halloween; the increased foot traffic, noises and costumes can be frightening to many pets.


Cat Spirit Animal

The cat totem wisdom tells us about timing in action and courage to explore the unknown. Those who have the cat as spirit animal may be encouraged to develop balance between independence and time of togetherness. Harmonious relationships between light and dark, action and observation are also attributes of cat spirit. Let’s follow this spirit animal and embark on a profound journey of self discovery.

Cat Symbolism

The cat carries many meanings revolving around the balance between seemingly opposites, such as inner and outer, action and rest, light and dark. It’s strongly symbolic of the connection with what usually hides in darkness or the unknown. The cat generally represents:

  • Patience, waiting for the right moment to act
  • Independence, yet enjoying social connections
  • Spirit of adventure, courage
  • Deep, relaxed connection with self
  • Healing from the inside out
  • Curiosity, exploration of the unknown or the unconscious

Let’s remember that the cat as we know it today mostly as a domestic animal was not a common animal for the American Indians. It was introduced by the European settlers and therefore is not part of the original totemic traditions. Nevertheless, cat symbolism has pervaded many ancient and modern cultures around the world. One of the most well-known is the worship of the cat in ancient Egypt. Nowadays, the cat is often part of our ordinary life and an inspiring animal totem for many of us.

Cat totem wisdom: Acting when the time is right

The cat spirit animal is a good helper for those who need to find the courage to tackle lingering problems or concerns. The cat is known for being a great hunter using not just force, but a refined sense of timing in the moment of the attack. It seems to follow its prey and be able to patiently wait and position itself until it catches it.

By affinity with this feline, those who have the cat as a spirit animal may be able to tackle issues with patience, confidence, and a good sense of timing in their actions. The wisdom of the cat totem lies in the ability to remain quiet, observe, and then act when the time is right, so you’re better positioned to reach your goal and preserve your energy even in moments of tension and action.

Attributes of the cat spirit animal: Agility and flexibility

When we observe cats, we see that they are characterized by the flexibility and agility. No matter the circumstances, it will always manage to fall back on its feet. By affinity with the cat totem, you may be encouraged to develop your flexibility at many different levels, whether it is in your physical body, mind, emotions, or spirit.

The cat totem is a source of inspiration to renew your perspective and have the courage to act or integrate it into your life. If the cat spirit animal shows up in your life, it may be time to explore new ways to look at things.

The cat totem: A call for independence

The cat is emblematic of a lifestyle that combines times of fierce independence and moments that are more social and cuddly. Being inspired by the cat’s spirit, you may foster the balance between your personal need for freedom and time alone with the company of others and social activities.

You may be called to bring more balance between your social life, whether it’s in your family, work or school, and time alone. The cat spirit animal could also encourage you to find a way of exploring your inner truths, as well as mystical truths, without sacrificing the connections you have with the rest of your environment.


17 Reasons To Own a Black Cat


Cute Cat Names  

1. Ashes

2. Biscuit

3. Blossom

4. Boo

5. Boots

6. Buttercup

7. Butterscotch

8. Buttons

9. Caramel

10. Catnip

11. Checkers

12. Cookie

13. Cricket

14. Cuddles

15. Cupcake

16. Daisy

17. Feisty

18. Foxy

19. KitKat

20. Kiwi

21. Lilo

22. Lovebug

23. Marbles

24. Maui

25. Milkshake

26. Mittens

27. Mocha

28. Moon

29. Nugget

30. Nutmeg

31. Oreo

32. Patches

33. Peaches

34. Pixie

35. Poppy

36. Rosey

37. Skittles

38. Smokey

39. Snapples

40. Snowball

41. Sparkle

42. Sushi

43. Sweet Pea

44. Taffy

45. Teacup

46. Tinkerbell

47. Trixie

48. Truffles

49. Waffles

50. Wink

The Best Names for Black Cats

  1. Ace
  2. Apollo
  3. Ashes
  4. Bandit
  5. Beauty
  6. Boots
  7. Charcoal
  8. Chocolate
  9. Cocoa
  10. Coffee
  11. Cola
  12. Diesel
  13. Dusk
  14. Eclipse
  15. Ebony
  16. Ember
  17. Espresso
  18. Friday
  19. Galaxy
  20. Guinness
  21. Gypsy
  22. Indigo
  23. Java
  24. Jett
  25. Hershey
  26. Knight
  27. Matches
  28. Maverick
  29. Midnight
  30. Misty
  31. Mocha
  32. Noir
  33. Onyx
  34. Oreo
  35. Pepper
  36. Pepsi
  37. Puma
  38. Raven
  39. Rebel
  40. Satin
  41. Shadow
  42. Sirius
  43. Sky
  44. Spade
  45. Sparrow
  46. Spooky
  47. Storm
  48. Twilight
  49. Velvet
  50. Zorro

Popular Cat Names

  1. Aslan
  2. Bella
  3. Boots
  4. Delilah
  5. Figaro
  6. Fiona
  7. Ginger
  8. Gizmo
  9. Gypsy
  10. Harley
  11. Irena
  12. Izzy
  13. Jackson
  14. Katniss
  15. Loki
  16. Max
  17. Meredith
  18. Midnight
  19. Milo
  20. Mittens
  21. Nala
  22. Nora
  23. Olive
  24. Ollie
  25. Oscar
  26. Patches
  27. Penny
  28. Pepper
  29. Penelope
  30. Pixie
  31. Romeo
  32. Rufus
  33. Sammy
  34. Sasha
  35. Sassy
  36. Shadow
  37. Sheldon
  38. Shelia
  39. Simba
  40. Simon
  41. Snowball
  42. Socks
  43. Stella
  44. Sterling
  45. Taffy
  46. Thor
  47. Tiger
  48. Willow
  49. Winnie
  50. Zeus

50 Female Cat Names You’ll Love

So your new cat is female — time to find the perfect girl cat name for your feline friend. We’ve gathered the most beautiful female kitten names to give you a ton of inspiration. Here are 50 super pretty cat names for your new pet!

  1. Addie
  2. Anastasia
  3. Ariel
  4. Bella
  5. Bianca
  6. Bordeaux
  7. Camille
  8. Cappuccino
  9. Cassie
  10. Champagne
  11. Charlotte
  12. Coco
  13. Darcy
  14. Diva
  15. Duchess
  16. Ebony
  17. Fantasia
  18. Fiona
  19. Gabby
  20. Ginger
  21. Gucci
  22. Harlow
  23. Harmony
  24. Iris
  25. Izzy
  26. Jade
  27. Lady
  28. Lila
  29. Luna
  30. Maisy
  31. Malibu
  32. Marilyn
  33. Margarita
  34. Mimi
  35. Mimosa
  36. Minette
  37. Misty
  38. Nala
  39. Olivia
  40. Pearl
  41. Pepper
  42. Posh
  43. Sabrina
  44. Sadie
  45. Sassy
  46. Scarlett
  47. Valentine
  48. Velvet
  49. Vogue
  50. Willow

The 50 Best Male Cat Names

You just got a boy cat — congrats! There are tons of great boy cat names to choose from, but we’ve rounded up the very best to jumpstart your search. Here are the top 50 male kitten names. Happy hunting!

  1. Abbott
  2. Alvin
  3. Archie
  4. Aspen
  5. Bandit
  6. Benji
  7. Bently
  8. Binx
  9. Blitz
  10. Bolton
  11. Charlie
  12. Comet
  13. Cooper
  14. Dexter
  15. Eclipse
  16. Felix
  17. Figaro
  18. Flash
  19. Gadget
  20. Gizmo
  21. Guinness
  22. Hamilton
  23. Harlequin
  24. Harley
  25. Henri
  26. Hershey
  27. Hugo
  28. Jaguar
  29. Jet
  30. Kirby
  31. Knight
  32. Leo
  33. Marvin
  34. Milo
  35. Niko
  36. Obie
  37. Oliver
  38. Racer
  39. Rufus
  40. Rusty
  41. Sampson
  42. Scamp
  43. Simba
  44. Tazz
  45. Teddy
  46. Thunder
  47. Tigger
  48. Toby
  49. Twister
  50. Zoro

Cute Grey Cat Names

Just because your cat has a coat of grey fur doesn’t mean you have to name her Smokey! To free you from a naming rut, we’ve gathered 50 grey cat names that are absolutely perfect for grey kittens.

  1. Alloy
  2. Ash
  3. Ashton
  4. Astro
  5. Celeste
  6. Cinderella
  7. Cloud
  8. Coal
  9. Cobalt
  10. Cobble
  11. Chrome
  12. Disco
  13. Dove
  14. Dusk
  15. Dusty
  16. Earl Grey
  17. Ember
  18. Galaxy
  19. Gandalf
  20. Glitter
  21. Granite
  22. Grayson
  23. Grigio
  24. Gris
  25. Haze
  26. Heron
  27. London
  28. Luna
  29. Mercury
  30. Misty
  31. Moonstone
  32. Nickel
  33. Nova
  34. Pebbles
  35. Platinum
  36. Rocky
  37. Sage
  38. Seattle
  39. Shadow
  40. Shale
  41. Slate
  42. Sparkle
  43. Spooky
  44. Sterling
  45. Stormy
  46. Sylvie
  47. Tinsel
  48. Twilight
  49. Twister
  50. Willow