My Story

Facts about me and I thought that it would be a good idea to do the tag so people will get to know me better. .Image result for anime

My name is Lilies’ was born   and raised in Brooklyn NY I am 34-year-old. I been battle with mental illness about five years and nine months and 15-day till now. But, I am not alone. I am help people who been   battle with mental illnesses,  and heartbrokenI went to Urban Justice Center advocacy to help people. I am enjoying action movie, amines, making gifts recipe, cook, art, and movies. I also had an obsession with Transformers, G.I Joe & Thunder cats when I was a little blame my two   oldest brother. My favorite Halloween .My favortie aminal : wovles  why  because Wolves live and hunt in packs of around six to ten animals.As a Spirit Animal, Wolf comes to support and teach us about matters of personal power, balance, self-control and our animal instincts.

  • Loyalty
  • Cunning
  • Generosity
  • Intelligence
  • Friendliness
  • Compassionate
  • Communication


When ,I see a spider, mice, or rat.I get  shocked with  fear ,depending on how  big, small or  how close  it  is I will just  become a statue until  someone  comes  kill it.My favorite band and musician Sia, Hozier Linkin Park, Imagine Dragon One Republic, Kendrick Lamar and ect…I love watching to Game of Thrones, Lucifer, Gotham, X-Files, Criminal Mind, and  Supernatural . I am a big fan  of Like Death Note Dragon Ball Z Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Attack on Titan Naruto Shippuden Sword Art Online One Piece Cowboy Bebop  InuYasha Samurai Champloo and  ect.


  • Image result for DIREWOLF
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