Lucifer Season 5 Part B The Celestial War for God‚Äôs Throne

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Who is in the cast?

Obviously, Tom Ellis and Lauren German will be back as Lucifer and Chloe Decker, respectively, as will Rachael Harris (psychiatrist Linda Martin), Aimee Garcia (Ella Lopez), Kevin Alejandro (Dan Espinoza), Lesley-Ann Brandt (Mazikeen), Scarlett Estevez (Chloe and Dan’s daughter Trixie, and D.B. Woodside (Amenadiel), who will also step behind the camera for one episode. Dennis Haysbert also made a very surprising appearance as God in 5A’s midseason finale. One exciting addition (technically re-addition) is Inbar Lavi will be reprising her role as Eve this season.¬†

Netflix has released an official trailer for the second half of Lucifer Season 5, as if fans needed any more excuses to get excited leading up to the premiere on May 28
Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 Goes Into Salsa Mode - DKODING
9. Family Dinner
10. Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam
11. Resting Devil Face
12. Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid
13. A Little Harmless Stalking
14. Nothing Lasts Forever
15. Is This Really How It’s Going to End?!
16. A Chance at a Happy Ending
¬† Lucifer Morningstar, also known as¬†Samael¬†or¬†the Lightbringer, is one of the younger of¬†God’s¬†angels¬†and the infamous¬†ruler of Hell. He served as the King of¬†Hell¬†for eons until he decided that he needed a change of scenery.¬†
  • Chloe Decker¬†(girlfriend)
Chloe Jane Decker She is a homicide detective working in Los Angeles as a member of the L.A.P.D.. While investigating a murder at the Lux nightclub, Chloe encounters Lucifer Morningstar, the former ruler of Hell, who is now living on Earth. She is assisted by Lucifer on the case (despite her protests) and the two end up forming a professional relationship as a detective-consultant duo before she falls in love with the fallen angel.
  • Lucifer Morningstar¬†(boyfriend and coworker)

Michael¬†is an¬†archangel¬†and¬†Lucifer Morningstar’s twin brother.¬†After Lucifer made the selfless act of returning to¬†Hell¬†for all eternity, Michael grew jealous of all the praise he’d gotten from their siblings and ventured to Earth with the intention of ruining his brother’s reputation and proving he hasn’t changed. When Lucifer eventually returned, Michael was given a scar on his face so he would never be able to impersonate his brother again. Michael then started manipulating everyone in Lucifer’s life, turning¬†Mazikeen¬†to his side and exposing Lucifer’s true identity to¬†Dan Espinoza. In midst of a heated battle with his siblings, Michael’s plans took a turn when God appeared to halt the fighting.

Mazikeen of the Lilim, also known by her nickname¬†Maze, is a¬†demon¬†from Hell who holds the form of a beautiful young woman. For millennia, she worked under Lucifer as one of his most trusted lieutenants and servants; he considered her his “right-hand.” She is the best friend and former lover of¬†Lucifer¬†and formerly worked alongside him at the¬†Lux¬†nightclub in¬†Los Angeles¬†before starting a new career as a bounty hunter with the¬†LAPD.



Amenadiel¬†is the eldest of all God’s¬†angels, and serves as a central character of¬†Lucifer.¬†Initially, Amenadiel would occasionally travel to¬†Earth¬†in order to convince¬†Lucifer¬†to return to his duties as the¬†Ruler of Hell,¬†as the latter would often become bored and leave his post. Unbeknownst to his brother, Amenadiel was sent by their¬†father¬†to bless¬†Penelope Decker¬†who was¬†unable to have a child.. That child would later end up being¬†Chloe Decker, who God intentionally placed into Lucifer’s path.


Eve . Among the very first female human created by¬†God, Eve is the¬†“Original Sinner”, second wife of the late¬†Adam, and the mother of the late¬†Cain¬†and¬†Abel.Eve was created to be Adam‚Äôs new mate after he separated from his first wife¬†Lilith. At some point, she and¬†Adam¬†met and they both ended up¬†having¬†a fling with¬†Lucifer¬†while still married to one another. She later went on to give birth to two sons by Adam one named¬†Cain¬†and the other named¬†Abel. When Adam and Eve died on earth they went to¬†Heaven¬†and became the first human residents of the¬†Silver City.Eve spent an eternity married to Adam in Heaven, trying her best to be the woman he wanted her to be but never succeeding. Somehow Eve discovered a way to escape Heaven and was reborn on earth in her original youthful appearance.

Ella Lopez¬†is the¬†Los Angeles Police Department’s forensic scientist. A religious woman growing up in Detroit, Ella moved to Los Angeles (at the wish of “Rae-Rae”) and met¬†Chloe Decker¬†and¬†Lucifer Morningstar.

Ella grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood in Detroit, but also in a strong, Catholic family, under the watchful and protective eye of her five brothers. Her grandmother taught her how to pick locks and she used the skill to steal cars. In “A Good Day to Die”, she admits, “It’s not fun if you don’t drive ’em really, really fast.”

One day when Ella was eight she was injured in a car accident, and she was met by¬†Azrael. However, Azrael “didn’t do her angel of death thing” because it was a false alarm, but she took a liking to Ella who she found to be a good person, especially because she makes a person feel good about themselves. Upon becoming friends with her, Azrael befriended Ella and introduced herself as a ghost named Rae-Rae,¬†Lucifer’s nickname for his sister.

Linda Martin (born 1977) is a therapist living in Los Angeles and serves as a central character in Lucifer. Throughout the series, Lucifer Morningstar, the ruler of Hell, seeks her counsel on a consistent basis, usually involving personal issues with Chloe Decker or his family. Though he never outwardly admits his problems, Lucifer instead supplies the Doctor with biblical metaphors and innuendos, requiring Linda to draw the conclusions herself. She occasionally counsels Chloe and Maze when they reach out to her, and forms close bonds with the two.

As their relationship progresses, Lucifer’s trust for Linda continues to grow immensely, causing her to become a close confidant of Lucifer. This later results in Lucifer revealing his true identity to Linda as the Devil, thus making her one of the first humans to know about celestial life existing. She later bears a¬†child¬†by Lucifer’s eldest brother,¬†Amenadiel, thus becoming a mother of the first¬†Nephilim¬†on Earth.


Daniel “Dan” Espinoza is the ex-husband of Chloe Decker. Together, they had a daughter named¬†Trixie. He is currently an active member of the LAPD and is secretly known for being the responsible of the Palmetto case, which troubled Chloe. Even though Dan dislikes¬†Lucifer, he still stood against¬†Malcolm¬†when it came to killing Lucifer. This can help to conclude that Dan does not hate Lucifer as much as he expresses, thus¬†their on-off relationship. This leads him to interact with¬†Lucifer Morningstar¬†when Lucifer decides to help the LAPD solve cases. Dan dislikes Lucifer quite a bit, due to Lucifer calling him “Detective Douche” and his connection to Dan’s ex-wife,¬†Chloe Decker, and daughter,¬†Trixie.


God is one of the two co-creators of the Universe and the father of all angels along with Goddess. He is seemingly trying to have Lucifer redeem himself, as shown when he has Frank Lawrence cross paths with him. After infighting between his angelic children got out of hand, God returned to Earth for the first time in thousands of years to break up the fighting.


Charles “Charlie” Martin¬†was born to the human¬†Linda Martin¬†and the angel¬†Amenadiel. He was named after their late friend¬†Charlotte Richards.

Charlie was conceived largely by accident due to Amenadiel not knowing it was possible for an angel to impregnate a human woman. Linda suffered from fainting after she and Amenadiel broke up, with Maze forcing her to go see a doctor. Learning that she was pregnant, Linda had the complete support of Amenadiel and Maze despite their lack of knowledge about babies or angel babies, for that matter. 

Beatrice Espinoza, better known as Trixie, is the young daughter of Detective Chloe Decker and Detective Dan Espinoza. She is a very excited, happy young lady that loves meeting new people, is not the slightest bit shy, and loves hugs. We have also learned through multiple episodes (and bribery attempts) that Trixie is a massive chocolate cake lover. She becomes friends with Lucifer Morningstar and Mazikeen.


Family Dinner” is the upcoming ninth episode of the¬†fifth season¬†of¬†Lucifer.


  • Tom Ellis¬†as¬†Lucifer Morningstar¬†and¬†Michael
  • Lauren German¬†as¬†Chloe Decker
  • D.B. Woodside¬†as¬†Amenadiel
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt¬†as¬†Mazikeen

Guest Starring

  • Scarlett Estevez¬†as¬†Trixie Espinoza
  • Dennis Haysbert¬†as¬†God







  • MY Theory
  • Lucifer Musical on episodes 10 Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam

  • Lucifer girlfriend Chloe tell her boyfriend ‘s father he’s a terrible father, but tell him straight to his face”Respectfully.” After she remembers who she’s talking to
  • Eve will come back This is going to be EPIC!!!!
  • Will Maze and Eve be together

  • God’s Plan
  • Lucifer want to be the new God
  • His crazy jealousy twin brother Michael want to be new God To
  • God is cook for his children include Amenadiel Baby Mama Linda Martin He finally meet
  • his grandson Charles “Charlie” Martin A first ¬†Nephilim¬†are hybrids between Angels and humans.¬†

    Michael gather his brother and sister by lie to them

    Who will win Michael or Lucifer

    Will Lucifer and Chloe will be together or not will be children in their future or not

    Who going to die ?

    Who is the Night King ,Azor Ahai,Heroes in the Age of Heroes?

    Is the Night’s King a stark?
    While on his way north, Bran Stark recalls stories told to the Stark children of Night’s King and the Nightfort by Old Nan, servant in Winterfell. … However, she identifies Night’s King as a Stark of Winterfell and brother to the King of Winter and suggests his name was Brandon.
    What is the story of the night king?
    According to legend, the Night’s King was originally a Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch who found in the Haunted Forest a cold woman with bright blue eyes, seemingly a female White Walker. He took her to the other side of the Wall and declared himself the “Night’s King“.
    Why do the white walkers turn babies?
    The White Walkers were often portrayed as a shadowy threat during early seasons, and it was revealed in season 3 that Wilding Craster gave up his male children – born of incestuous relationships with his own daughters – as sacrifices to the Walkers in exchange for being left in peace in the Haunted Forest.
    Do baby white walkers grow up?
    As we know, White Walkers are a magical humanoid, so it seems likely that they would grow up like normal humans. But that would mean that the baby from season four probably isn’t a grownup White Walker yet, which would indicate he isn’t ready to join any invading armies.
    Is the Night’s King a stark?
    While on his way north, Bran Stark recalls stories told to the Stark children of Night’s King and the Nightfort by Old Nan, servant in Winterfell. … However, she identifies Night’s King as a Stark of Winterfell and brother to the King of Winter and suggests his name was Brandon.

    The First Men are the original human inhabitants of Westeros. They ruled the continent for thousands of years before the Andals invaded from the eastern continent of Essos. The Andals overran most of southern Westeros, but failed to take the North. While the blood of the First Men and the Andals has heavily intermingled over the centuries (through marriage or otherwise), the inhabitants of the North have the greatest amount of First Men blood in their veins and still maintain many of their traditions.

    The descendants of the First Men



    Northerners such as Ned Stark are descended from the First Men.

    Many people living in Westeros have at least some blood of the First Men in their ethnic makeup, though this is more common in the lower classes. Even so, the southern kingdoms of Westeros became so thoroughly dominated by the Andals and their culture, that Westeros is often referred to¬†as “the Land of the¬†Andals”¬†in¬†Essos. Two groups in Westeros, however, still claim majority descent from the First Men, and still actively embrace the old ways and religion of their ancestors: the¬†Northmen¬†and the¬†wildlings. The¬†Crannogmen¬†of the¬†Neck¬†are themselves a unique offshoot of the Northerners, while the¬†Hill tribes¬†of the¬†Vale¬†are an isolate of First Men ancestry.



    Dawn Age

    Prehistory Before the coming of men: The lands of Westeros are inhabited in the Dawn Age by a mysterious race of diminutive humanoid creatures known as the children of the forest, as well as giants and other magical creatures.
    ca. 12,000 BC The First Men invade Westeros: A human ethnic group from Essos, the First Men, invades Westeros by crossing the Arm of Dorne, bearing weapons of bronze. In a futile attempt to end the invasion, the children use the hammer of the waters to shatter the land bridge, creating the Broken Arm and the island chain known as the Stepstones.


    The First Men are more numerous, larger, stronger, and more technologically advanced than the children, who try to resist the invaders using their magic and obsidian weapons. It proves unsuccessful, however, and the First Men gradually push deeper and deeper into Westeros, establishing hundreds of petty kingdoms.

    ca. 10,000 BC Signing of the Pact: After years of warfare, the First Men and children of the forest come to a standstill and finally agree to a peaceful coexistence, signing the Pact on the Isle of Faces. This pact gives the First Men dominion over the open lands and lets the children keep control over the forested areas. In time, the First Men adopt the worship of the old gods of the forest.

    Age of Heroes

    ca. 10,000 BC Age of Heroes: An era during the history of Westeros, which would be named so later for the great men and women who live in the years of peace and prosperity following the forging of the Pact. The Pact endures for nearly four thousand years, and in that time, the children of the forest and the First Men grow closer. In time, the First Men set aside many of their cultural differences to embrace the ways and customs of the children of the forest. With the exception of the Drowned God of the Iron Islands and the Lady of the Waves and Lord of the Skies of the Three Sisters, the gods of the children become those of the First Men.


    Many of the noble houses of Westeros today trace their lineage back to the Age of Heroes. This was the time when grand historical figures are said to have lived, such as¬†Brandon the Builder, founder of¬†House Stark¬†in the¬†north;¬†Lann the Clever, founder of¬†House Lannister, who winkles¬†Casterly Rock¬†from the¬†Casterlys¬†in the¬†westerlands; or¬†Garth the Gardener, founder of¬†House Gardener¬†in the¬†Reach. Also during this the¬†Storm Kings¬†of¬†House Durrandon¬†arise in the¬†stormlands‚ÄĒa line with figures such as the founding¬†Durran Godsgrief, supposed builder of¬†Storm’s End‚ÄĒand the¬†Grey King¬†rules the¬†ironborn¬†of the¬†Iron Islands.

    ca.¬†8,000¬†BC¬†or¬†6,000¬†BC The¬†Long Night: In this time, night seems to last for a generation, and the longest, coldest and darkest winter descends on Westeros. The ice spreads down from the north, and under the cover of darkness, the Others invade Westeros from the uttermost north, marching, killing and raising up the dead to be their servants in unlife and nearly destroying all men in Westeros. The Long Night comes to an end with the Battle for the Dawn. The children and the First Men unite to defeat the Others with dragonglass weapons, with the Night’s Watch pushing them back into the frozen reaches of the far north.Legendary figures from this time include the last hero and Azor Ahai, who wields a great sword of fire, Lightbringer. These events are believed to have occurred between eight thousand and six thousand years ago.



    Building of the¬†Wall: With the Others defeated,¬†Bran the Builder, with the aid of giants, the First Men, and perhaps the children of the forest, raises the Wall, a monumental fortification of ice and ancient¬†magic, to shelter the realms of men from the menaces of the north. The Sworn Brotherhood of the¬†Night’s Watch¬†guards the Wall. It is said that Bran the Builder also builds¬†Winterfell, becomes the first¬†King of Winter, and founds¬†House Stark.


    The¬†Night’s King: Not long after the Wall is complete, the thirteenth¬†Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch breaks his oath. He is seduced by an¬† Other¬†woman from beyond the Wall, declares himself the Night’s King, and rises in rebellion with the Watch as his personal army. During the dark years of his reign, horrific atrocities are committed, of which tales are still told in the¬†north¬†even after several millennia. The¬†Starks¬†of¬†Winterfell¬†and the¬†King-beyond-the-Wall,¬†Joramun, join forces to defeat the Night’s King and thus restore honor to the Watch. This is the same Joramun who also finds the¬†Horn of Winter, which he is said to use to awaken¬†giants¬†from the earth.

    The First Men were a savage race, and like the wildlings beyond the Wall, they followed only strength.[28]

    ‚ÄĒAlbin Massey to Alysanne Targaryen
    The blood of the First Men still flows in the veins of the Starks, and we hold to the belief that the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die.

    ‚ÄĒEddard Stark to Bran Stark
    Some twelve thousand years ago, the First Men appeared from the east, crossing the Broken Arm of Dorne before it was broken. They came with bronze swords and great leathern shields, riding horses.

    ‚ÄĒLuwin to Bran Stark

    Who Are the Heroes in the Age of Heroes?




    Who is Brandon the builder?
    King Brandon Stark, also known as Bran the Builder or Brandon the Builder, was a legendary member of the First Men from the Age of Heroes. He went on to found House Stark and reign as the first King in the North and the first Lord of Winterfell.
    How many Brandon Starks are there?
    We only have to back two generations from the current Brandon Stark to find a generation without one. The name is so popular because of Brandon the Builder who was the founder of House Stark. Eddard Stark (son of Rickard and Lyarra) and had three sons; Robb, Brandon (aka Bran), and Rickon.
    Who was the first Stark?  Brandon Stark
    Brandon Stark lived in the Age of Heroes, and was one of the First Men. The legendary founder of House Stark, he was the first King in the North. Brandon Stark was also known as Bran the Builder, and was responsible for the creation of several of the most famous structures in Westeros.
    Is bran a White Walker?
    But¬†Bran¬†arrives while the Children of the Forest are at war with the First Men. Leaf and the Children do not recognize¬†Bran, of course ‚ÄĒ they haven’t met him. So, they capture him and use his body to create the first¬†White Walker

    Brandon was the King of Winter when the Night’s King ruled with his corpse queen at the Wall. He formed an alliance with Joramun, the King-Beyond-the-Wall, to end the thirteen-year long rule of the Night’s King and free the Night’s Watch from bondage.¬†Thereafter he obliterated the Night’s King’s name from memory

    One hero of this fabled age was Bran the Builder. Bran raised the Wall and built the stronghold of Winterfell, establishing House Stark and reigning as the first King in the North.
    ‚ÄēBran Stark

    King Brandon Stark, also known as Bran the Builder or Brandon the Builder, was a legendary member of the First Men from the Age of Heroes. He went on to found House Stark and reign as the first King in the North and the first Lord of Winterfell.

    King Brandon Stark, also known as Brandon the Breaker, was King in the North during the Age of Heroes.

    According to legend, he allied with¬†King-Beyond-the-Wall¬†Joramun¬†to¬†defeat¬†the Night’s King and the¬†Night’s Queen, freeing the¬†Night’s Watch¬†from their rule.

    Lann the CleverLann the Clever.jpg

    What is Lann?
    Lann, known as Lann the Clever, was a legendary trickster of the Age of Heroes. House Lannister boasts descent from him through the female line. According to legend, Lann the Clever swindled Casterly Rock from its previous rulers, House Casterly, using nothing but his wits.

     Lann that contradict each other. The most common story states that Lann frightened the Casterlys out of their home by making them believe that Casterly Rock was haunted, whispering threats to the sleeping residents and making ghostly sounds in the night. Another, a favorite of Tyrion, states that Lann snuck into the castle and fathered enough bastards with Casterly girls for the Casterlys to be forced to accept his rule

    Durran Godsgrief

    King Durran, also known as Durran Godsgrief, was a legendary First Men figure of the Age of Heroes and the first of the Storm Kings, who ruled the Stormlands until the Targaryen invasion of Westeros. According to legend, Durran won the love of Elenei, daughter of the sea god and the wind goddess, and took her as his wife.

    In rage, the gods sent a storm to destroy his keep over¬†Shipbreaker Bay, killing his family and guests. Declaring war against them, Durran built new castles, each larger and more formidable than the previous one, though all were the destroyed by the divine storms. Finally, the seventh castle, which Durran built with the aid of either the¬†Children of the Forest¬†or a very young¬†Bran the Builder, withstood the rage of the gods and became known as¬†Storm’s End, while Durran earned the nickname of “Durran Godsgrief” and ruled as the first¬†Storm King.

    Durran’s dynasty,¬†House Durrandon, perished with the death of¬†Argilac Durrandon. However,¬†House Baratheon¬†descends from it through its female bloodline.

    Garth GreenhandGarth Greenhand - A Wiki of Ice and Fire

    Garth Greenhand was the High King who led the First Men across the Arm of Dorne. Other tales claim he predated the arrival of the First Men, making not only the first human in Westeros but also the only human, and that he interacted with the children of the forest and giants. In some tales he is a god, and in a few of these, the oldest ones, he demands blood sacrifice from his worshippers to ensure a bountiful harvest; in some stories the green god dies every autumn, only to be reborn with the coming of spring. Some tales claim he had green hands, green hair or green skin overall, or antlers like a stag.

    It is said Garth first taught men to farm, giving them the gift of seed and showing them how to plant and sow, how to raise crops and reap the harvest. Some tales indicate he tried to do the same with giants and children of the forest, but the giants pelted him with boulders and the children laughed, stating the woods provided them with all their needs. Where he walked, farms and villages and orchards sprouted. He carried a canvas bag, heavy with seed, which he scattered as he went along. Befitting a god, the bag was filled with seeds for all of the world’s trees, grains, fruits and flowers, and its content was endless.

    Garth Greenhand not only brought fertility to the land but also to women, making barren ones fruitful with a touch, even crones who no longer got their moon blood. Maidens ripened in his presence, mothers brought forth twins or even triplets when he blessed them and young girls flowered at his smile. Lords and common men alike offered up their virgin daughters to him wherever he went so their crops may ripen and trees grow heavy with fruit. Any maiden he deflowered delivered strong sons or fair daughters.

    King Garth the Gardener, also known as Garth Greenhand, was a legendary King of the First Men in the Age of Heroes. He was the founder of House Gardener and the first King of the Reach. According to legend, Garth Greenhand wore a crown of vines and flowers and was said to make the land bloom.

    King Garth’s line ruled the¬†Reach¬†until the¬†Targaryen¬†conquest, becoming extinct with the death of¬†Mern IX, the last King of the Reach. Nevertheless, several of the noble houses of the Reach, such as¬†House Tyrell¬†and¬†House Florent, claim their descent to Garth Greenhand

    The Grey KingGrey King.png

    The¬†Grey King¬†is a legendary monarch of the¬†Iron Islands who is said to have ruled for 1,007 years.¬†All of the great houses of the islands claim descent from the Grey King, including¬†House Greyjoy,with the exception of¬†House Goodbrother, who claim descent from the Grey King’s loyal eldest brother.Blessed by the¬†Drowned God, the Grey King was said to have waged war against the¬†Storm God¬†himself for a thousand years and slain¬†Nagga, the first sea dragon, using its bones to build his hall. Legend has it that he also took a¬†mermaid¬†as his wife and lived for a thousand years,¬†stealing fire from the Storm God and carving the first ship from¬†Ygg, a demonic tree that feasted on flesh.After his death, the Storm God tried to erase his memory, but the ironborn still sing songs about him. His 100 sons slaughtered each other until only 16 remained. Unable to overpower one another, they held the first¬†Kingsmoot¬†to elect the strongest as their king.

    Symeon Star-EyesSymeon Star-Eyes - A Wiki of Ice and Fire        

    He is a legendary figure from the Age of Heroes who was blind. He is described in tales as a knight  even though chivalry came to Westeros thousands of years after. Symeon was a knight who lost both of his eyes. He replaced them by putting star sapphires in the empty sockets, or so the singers claim.He fought with a long staff with blades at both ends and would spin it in his hands to chop down two men at once. He once visited the Nightfort where he saw hellhounds fighting.

    Serwyn of the Mirror ShieldMirror Mirror: Serwyn of The Mirror Shield √ʬĬď Mythological weave of Ice &  Fire

    Serwyn, better known as Serwyn of the Mirror Shield, was a legendary warrior during the Age of Heroes. Some singers now claim him to be a member of the Kingsguard, but this is a fabrication. He served the ancient Kings of the Reach of House Gardener.

    Serwyn is famed for saving the Princess Daeryssa from a group of giants. He slew the dragon Urrax by approaching it hidden behind his mirror shield, so the dragon could only see its own reflection, before spearing Urrax through the eye. It is said that Serwyn was haunted by the ghosts of all the knights that he had killed.

    Some legends claim that Serwyn was a member of the Kingsguard.

    Grazdan zo Ghiscar | Game of Thrones fanon Wiki | Fandom

    Grazdan the Great¬†is the legendary founder of¬†Old Ghis. He is still so revered that men of the slaver families of¬†Slaver’s Bay¬†are still often given his name.¬†According to legend, Grazdan founded the¬†lockstep legions, with which Old Ghis colonized its surroundings and subjugated its neighbors, forming the¬†first empire.Grazdan is also credited with raising the ancient brick walls of Old Ghis.

    Emperor Grazdan zo Ghiscar is the legendary founder of the Ghiscari culture and empire as well as their first leader. A great warrior, he guided his people from the gutter and forged them into masters, promising them that by stripping lesser men of their freedom, he would forge a mighty empire for the rest. While his people and descendants praise him for the empire which he built In his lifetime, countless others curse his name for introducing to the world one of its greatest horrors Рslavery.

    A mighty warrior, he was but one of the many sons of a merchant and a priestess, who had a struggling background. Back then, the predecessors of the modern Ghiscari were a poor overpopulated people, who lived in small villages along what would later be called Slaver’s Bay.

    Swearing to make his people a mighty race, stronger than the raiding Dothraki nomad warriors, Grazdan began to preach that the ‘lesser men’ must submit to their betters wholly in order to be used for the benefit of their society. Eventually, desperation allowed slavery to flourish and Grazdan began training the first slaves in a training regimen so brutal, that countless died. The results were the undefeatable lockstep legions, an army of supreme discipline which became the first army in history to successfully repel the horselords.

    Proving himself right, Grazdan became the undisputed master of his people. So admired was he that his people, till then bearing no unified name, began calling themselves Ghiscari. They built a massive city for themselves and named it after Grazdan – Ghis. Grazdan and his successors began unifying the leaderless lands around their city and beyond, eventually taking over all lands between The Bone Mountains and the Valyrian Peninsula, whose mysterious fire-breathing winged beasts proved untamable and far too dangerous for the people of Ghis.

    His empire and dynasty would last for 3000 years, until the last of his descendants died during the Fifth Ghiscari War. While his family went extinct, all the noble families would use some of his titles, yet none of them would dare take on the title of emperor, out of fear for his soul coming back to haunt them.


    The First Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch   Azor Ahai

    What is the prophecy of Azor Ahai?
    The tales of a man called Azor Ahai were told by multiple characters in the books as prophecies that this legendary hero would be reborn. Part of his tale included the sacrificial death of his great love, Nissa Nissa, as the means of forging his weapon.
    Is Arya Stark Azor Ahai?
    (Spoilers Everything)¬†Arya¬†Is¬†Azor Ahai, the Prince That Was Promised. Get your tinfoil out. We’re going in. The legend of¬†Azor Ahai¬†tells us that after a long Summer,¬†Azor Ahai¬†will be reborn amidst smoke and salt wielding the flaming sword Lightbringer to defend the world from R’hllor’s nemesis, the Other.
    Is Jon Snow Azor Ahai in the books?
    But there are still two¬†books¬†left in Martin’s source saga and we now know¬†Jon¬†actually fulfilled every step of¬†Azor Ahai’s¬†prophecy, on top of actually being a prince.
    What sword is lightbringer?
    Lightbringer¬†is the¬†sword¬†of Azor Ahai, a legendary hero who is prophesied to fight the Great Other.¬†Lightbringer¬†is thought to be a¬†sword¬†made of living fire. It is also known as the Red¬†Sword¬†of Heroes.. Many believe the Legend of¬†Lightbringer’s¬†creation is metaphorical, while others believe it is a physical¬†sword.
    Lightbringer, also called the Red Sword of Heroes, is a magical sword associated with a heroic warrior most commonly named Azor Ahai. Melisandre claims that the sword of Stannis Baratheon is Lightbringer

    Azor Ahai¬†was a legendary hero who wielded a burning sword called¬†Lightbringer,¬†according to tales from¬†Asshai¬†and followers of¬†R’hllor. In some other cultures this warrior is called¬†Hyrkoon the Hero,¬†Yin Tar,¬†Neferion, and¬†Eldric Shadowchaser.

    Nissa Nissa¬†was the wife of¬†Azor Ahai. He sacrificed her to create the famous sword,¬†Lightbringer.The legend of¬†Azor Ahai¬†states that Azor Ahai, during his third try to forge a¬†sword¬†to battle the darkness with, called Nissa Nissa to him after working on his sword for a hundred days and nights. To finish his sword, he drove it through Nissa Nissa’s breast. Her blood, soul, strength, and courage went into the¬†steel¬†of the sword, creating¬†Lightbringer. Following this sacrifice, Lightbringer was as warm as Nissa Nissa had been in life.¬†Nissa Nissa’s cry of anguish and ecstasy left a crack across the face of the¬†moon

    A Clash of Kings
    Salladhor Saan¬†tells¬†Davos Seaworth¬†about the forging of¬†Lightbringer, and¬†Azor Ahai’s sacrifice of Nissa Nissa.
    A Storm of Swords

    Davos Seaworth wonders whether Edric Storm is to play the part of Nissa Nissa, if Stannis Baratheon is indeed Azor Ahai come again.

    Melisandre has mentioned the prince that was promised and Azor Ahai interchangeably, although she tends to use the name Azor Ahai far more often. It is unknown if Azor Ahai is connected with the Westerosi legend of the last hero, who lived during the Long Night and helped to defeat the Others.

    A great warrior rose to fight this darkness lying over¬†the world, according to a legend which spread from¬†Asshai. Followers of¬†R’hllor¬†say the hero’s name was Azor Ahai,while other cultures call him Hyrkoon the Hero, Yin Tar, Neferion, and Eldric Shadowchaser.¬†Tales from¬†Yi Ti¬†speak of a heroic woman with a monkey’s tail,¬†and legends from the¬†north¬†regale about a¬†last hero¬†who gained the aid of the¬†children of the forest.

    Azor Ahai needed to forge a hero’s sword, so he labored for thirty days and thirty nights at the sacred fires of a temple until it was done. However, when he went to temper it in water, the sword broke. He was not one to give up easily, so he started over. Azor Ahai took fifty days and fifty nights to make another sword better than the first. To temper it this time, he captured a¬†lion¬†and drove the sword into its heart, but once more the steel shattered. The third time, with a heavy heart, for he knew beforehand what he must do to finish the blade, Azor Ahai worked for a hundred days and nights until it was finished. This time, he called for his wife,¬†Nissa Nissa, and asked her to bare her breast. He drove his sword into her living heart, her soul combining with the steel of the sword, creating¬†Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes.¬†Lightbringer was henceforth always warm to the touch.

    Although he had Lightbringer, Azor Ahai did not fight alone,instead leading virtuous men into battle so that the darkness could be routed. The Jade Compendium mentions that when the hero thrust the blade through a monster, the creature burst into flame.

    According to prophecy, in ancient books of Asshai¬†from over five thousand years ago, Azor Ahai is to be reborn again as a champion sent by¬†R’hllor.¬†This will occur after a long summer when an evil, cold darkness descends upon the world.It is said that wielding Lightbringer once again, Azor Ahai will stand against the darkness and if he fails, the world fails with him.

    When Prince¬†Rhaegar Targaryen¬†was young, he and Maester¬†Aemon¬†believed that Rhaegar was¬†the prince that was promised.When he was older, Rhaegar came to believe that his infant son, Prince¬†Aegon, fit the prophecy, since a comet was seen above¬†King’s Landing¬†when the boy was born.


    There will come a day after a long summer when¬†the stars bleed¬†and¬†the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world. In this dread hour a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be¬†Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him. Azor Ahai, beloved of¬†R’hllor! The Warrior of Light, the Son of Fire! Come forth, your sword awaits you! Come forth and take it into your hand!

    ‚ÄĒMelisandre¬†to¬†Stannis Baratheon

    Nissa Nissa, bare your breast, and know that I love you best of all that is in this world.

    ‚ÄĒAzor Ahai to¬†Nissa Nissa¬†(according to¬†Salladhor Saan)

    Haldon: The dragons have come to carry her to glory.

    Tyrion: Her. Daenerys?

    Haldon:¬†Benerro¬†has sent forth the word from¬†Volantis. Her coming is the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.¬†From smoke and salt was she born to make the world anew. She is Azor Ahai returned … and her triumph over darkness will bring a summer that will never end … death itself will bend its knee, and all those who die fighting in her cause shall be reborn …

    ‚ÄĒHaldon¬†and¬†Tyrion Lannister

    I pray for a glimpse of Azor Ahai, and¬†R’hllor¬†shows me only¬†Snow.

    ‚ÄĒMelisandre’s thoughts

    When the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone.

    ‚ÄĒMelisandre¬†to¬†Jon Snow

                                                Azor Ahai reborn

    According to the prophecy, as recounted by Melisandre, these are the indicators of the coming of Azor Ahai:

    • After a¬†long summer, when the¬†stars bleed¬†and the¬†cold breath of darkness¬†falls heavy on the world
      • Variant: When the¬†red star bleeds¬†and the¬†darkness gathers
    • He shall be born again¬†amidst smoke and salt
    • He shall¬†wake dragons out of stone
    • He shall draw from the fire a¬†burning sword, Lightbringer

    If Azor Ahai is the same as the prince that was promised:

    • He is born of the line of¬†Aerys II¬†and¬†Rhaella, according to the¬†woods witch
    • His is¬†the song of ice and fire, according to¬†Rhaegar Targaryen
    • According to Maester¬†Aemon, the word used to describe the prince in the prophecy was a gender-neutral word. While all assumed that the prince must be male, Aemon recently came to believe the prophecy could point to a female as well.
    • Stannis BaratheonStannis Baratheon - Wikipedia

      • According to¬†Melisandre, Stannis is Azor Ahai reborn.
      • Stannis wields a magic sword that was forged by plunging a blade through a burning statue of the Maiden at the sept at Dragonstone. This ceremony is meant to be his ‘rebirth’ as Azor Ahai. The burning statues of the Seven provide the smoke and the waves on the shores of Dragonstone provide the salt.
      • Stannis was named the Lord of Dragonstone after¬†Robert’s Rebellion, Dragonstone being a place of smoke and salt.
      • Stannis’ paternal grandmother was¬†Rhaelle Targaryen, meaning that he has the Blood of the Dragon, which may or may not be a prerequisite.
      • However, Stannis wasn’t born¬†from¬†the line of Mad Aerys and Rhaella.
      • Maester Aemon also remarks that Stannis’s sword, while shining brilliantly thanks to Melisandre’s magic, gives off no heat and so could not possibly be Lightbringer.

      Daenerys TargaryenThe Binary Extremes of Daenerys Targaryen | by Cherish Kim | Towards Data  Science

      • After¬†Samwell Tarly¬†tells Maester¬†Aemon¬†of the rumors about¬†Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons, Aemon becomes certain that Daenerys is the prophesied leader.¬†He says to Sam:

      No one ever looked for a girl..It was a prince that was promised, not a princess. Rhaegar I thought … the smoke was from the fire that devoured Summerhall on the day of his birth, the salt from the tears shed for those who died. He shared my belief when he was young, but later he became persuaded that it was his own son who fulfilled the prophecy, for a comet had been seen above King’s Landing on the night Aegon was conceived, and Rhaegar Targaryen was certain the bleeding star had to be a comet.

      What fools we were, who thought ourselves so wise! The error crept in from the translation. Dragons are neither male nor female, Barth saw the truth of that, but now one and now the other, as changeable as flame. The language misled us all for a thousand years.

      Daenerys is the one, born amidst salt and smoke. The dragons prove it.


      He subsequently bids Sam relate all their findings to the maesters in Oldtown and convince them to send a maester to Daenerys.

      • The prophecy was originally made using the Valyrian word for “dragons”, who are neither male or female, meaning Azor Ahai reborn may not necessarily be a man.
      • Daenerys was born on¬†Dragonstone, an island in the narrow sea (“amidst salt”), and reborn as the Mother of Dragons on Khal Drogo’s burning funeral pyre (“amidst smoke”). On that pyre her three petrified dragon eggs hatched (“born amidst salt and smoke¬†to wake dragons from stone“), and on that morning for the first time the¬†Red Comet¬†appeared in the sky (“When the stars bleed…”).
      • An additional prophecy from a¬†woods witch¬†prophesied that the¬†Prince That Was Promised¬†would be born from the line of Prince¬†Aerys¬†and Princess¬†Rhaella. Daenerys is the daughter of Aerys and Rhaella.
      • Benerro¬†of¬†Volantis¬†proclaims that¬†Daenerys Targaryen¬†is Azor Ahai returned.
    • Victarion GreyjoyVictarion Greyjoy by conorburkeart on @DeviantArt | Game of thrones  artwork, Character art, Game of thrones art

      • While traveling to capture Daenerys,¬†Victarion Greyjoy’s likely mortal sword wound is healed by¬†Moqorro, a red priest of¬†R’hllor. Afterward, his arm resembles roast pig and visibly smokes.
      • The ritual was performed at sea, which provides the salt. Victarion’s arm smokes afterward, which provides the smoke.
      • Victarion was saved from death, which could be considered a form of rebirth.
      • Moqorro says he sees a great future for Victarion in the service to R’hllor.
      • Victarion previously beat his wife to death, which is a possible¬†Nissa Nissa¬†connection.

      Aegon TargaryenAegon I Targaryen - A Wiki of Ice and Fire

      • Rhaegar Targaryen believed his son to be the¬†prince that was promised.
      • Aegon was born on¬†Dragonstone, an island in the narrow sea (“amidst salt”). The¬†Dragonmont¬†on Dragonstone is a smoking volcano (“amidst smoke”).
      • On the night of his conception, a red comet was seen above King’s Landing.
      • A prophecy from a¬†woods witch¬†prophesied that the prince that was promised would be born from the line of¬†Aerys II Targaryen¬†and¬†Rhaella Targaryen. Aegon is their grandson.

      Rhaegar TargaryenRhaegar twoiaf.jpg

      • In his youth,¬†Rhaegar Trgaryen¬†and Maester¬†Aemon¬†thought Rhaegar was the prince that was promised, as Rhaegar was born during the¬†Tragedy at Summerhall, amidst the smoke of the burning castle, with the salt coming from the tears shed for those who had died.
      • A prophecy from a¬†woods witch¬†prophesied that the¬†Prince That Was Promised¬†would be born from the line of¬†Aerys II Targaryen¬†and¬†Rhaella Targaryen. Rhaegar was their eldest child, and, until¬†276¬†AC, their only child.

    Jon Snow

    • Long Live Aegon Targaryen, Sixth Of His Name, Heir To The Iron Throne And  King In The North. | Jon snow targaryen, John snow, Jon snowJon’s wounds smoke while¬†Bowen Marsh cries, providing the prophesied salt, and Ser¬†Patrek’s bloody, star laden heraldry is in the air above.
    • When¬†Melisandre¬†looks into her fires for Azor Ahai, she sees only things to do with Jon or snow, which he thinks must just be ash but she sees a possible connection to Jon.
    • Jon Snow¬†has a dream where he fights the¬†Others¬†with a red sword burning in his hand.
    • If having the blood of the dragon is a prerequisite,¬†if Jon’s father is truly Rhaegar, Jon would satisfy that prerequisite. He would be the grandson of Aerys and Rhaella and thus come from their line.
    • Jon chose his duty to the¬†Night’s Watch¬†over his love for¬†Ygritte. He indirectly caused her death by warning Castle Black of the incoming wildling raid. Similar to Azor Ahai sacrificing Nissa Nissa to complete Lightbringer.
    • In the TV show adaptation, whose showrunners know from GRRM himself who¬†Azor Ahai¬†is, revealed in the¬†tenth episode¬†of¬†Season 6¬†that Lyanna Stark is Jon’s mother, and that Jon was born under a bleeding star. Eddard Stark enters the¬†Tower of Joy¬†with a bloodied¬†Dawn, the ancestral sword of¬†House Dayne¬†which was forged from a fallen star, therefore ensuring that in accordance with the prophecy Jon or Azor Ahai was born when stars bleed.

    The Best 2021 Book List to Read

    How do you read more books in 2021?
    1. Read before you fall asleep.
    2. And, maybe even when you wake up in the morning.
    3. Always have a book on deck.
    4. Embrace audio books.
    5. Think about your TV time as reading time.
    6. Download a reading app.
    7. Take your time and set reading goals.
    8. Explore different genres.
    What are book clubs reading in 2021?
    Book club picks for 2021
    • Faye, Faraway by Helen Fisher.Faye, Faraway by [Helen Fisher]
      Faye is a thirty-seven-year-old happily married mother of two young daughters. Every night, before she puts them to bed, she whispers to them: ‚ÄúYou are good, you are kind, you are clever, you are funny.‚ÄĚ She‚Äôs determined that they never doubt for a minute that their mother loves them unconditionally. After all, her own mother Jeanie had died when she was only seven years old and Faye has never gotten over that intense pain of losing her.

      But one day, her life is turned upside down when she finds herself in 1977, the year before her mother died. Suddenly, she has the chance to reconnect with her long-lost mother, and even meets her own younger self, a little girl she can barely remember. Jeanie doesn‚Äôt recognize Faye as her daughter, of course, even though there is something eerily familiar about her…

      As the two women become close friends, they share many secrets‚ÄĒbut Faye is terrified of revealing the truth about her identity. Will it prevent her from returning to her own time and her beloved husband and daughters? What if she‚Äôs doomed to remain in the past forever? Faye knows that eventually she will have to choose between those she loves in the past and those she loves in the here and now, and that knowledge presents her with an impossible choice.

      Emotionally gripping and ineffably sweet Faye, Faraway is a brilliant exploration of the grief associated with unimaginable loss and the magic of being healed by love.
    • Black Buck by Mateo Askaripour.Black Buck: The 'darkly comic' blisteringly smart satire on race, tech and the new American dream - A New York Times bestseller by [Mateo Askaripour]
    • My goal is to teach you how to sell. And if I’m half the salesman every newspaper, blog, and hustler in New York City says I am, then you are in luck. With my story, I will give you the tools to go out and create the life you want. Sound fair?

      Meet Buck. But before Buck was the Muhammad Ali of sales, floating like a butterfly and selling like a demon, he was Darren: an unambitious twenty-two-year-old living with his mother and working at Starbucks. All that changes when a chance encounter with Rhett Daniels, the silver-tongued CEO of NYC’s hottest tech startup, results in Darren joining Rhett’s elite sales team.

      On his first day Darren realizes he is the only Black person in the company, and when things start to get strange, he reimagines himself as ‘Buck’, a ruthless salesman, unrecognizable to his friends and family. Money, partying, and fame soon follow Buck, and wherever he goes more is never enough.

      But when tragedy strikes at home, Buck begins to hatch a plan to help young people of colour infiltrate America’s sales force, setting off a chain of events that forever changes the game.

      An earnest work of satire, Black Buck is a hilarious, razor-sharp skewering of office culture; a propulsive, crackling debut that explores ambition and race, and makes way for a necessary new vision of the American dream.
    • The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah.The Four Winds: A Novel by [Kristin Hannah]
    • Texas, 1921. A time of abundance. The Great War is over, the bounty of the land is plentiful, and America is on the brink of a new and optimistic era. But for Elsa Wolcott, deemed too old to marry in a time when marriage is a woman‚Äôs only option, the future seems bleak. Until the night she meets Rafe Martinelli and decides to change the direction of her life. With her reputation in ruin, there is only one respectable choice: marriage to a man she barely knows.

      By 1934, the world has changed; millions are out of work and drought has devastated the Great Plains. Farmers are fighting to keep their land and their livelihoods as crops fail and water dries up and the earth cracks open. Dust storms roll relentlessly across the plains. Everything on the Martinelli farm is dying, including Elsa’s tenuous marriage; each day is a desperate battle against nature and a fight to keep her children alive.

      In this uncertain and perilous time, Elsa‚ÄĒlike so many of her neighbors‚ÄĒmust make an agonizing choice: fight for the land she loves or leave it behind and go west, to California, in search of a better life for her family.

      The Four Winds¬†is a rich, sweeping novel that stunningly brings to life the Great Depression and the people who lived through it‚ÄĒthe harsh realities that divided us as a nation and the enduring battle between the haves and the have-nots. A testament to hope, resilience, and the strength of the human spirit to survive adversity,¬†The Four Winds¬†is an indelible portrait of America and the American dream, as seen through the eyes of one indomitable woman whose courage and sacrifice will come to define a generation.
    • What’s Mine and Yours by Naima Coster.What's Mine and Yours by [Naima Coster]
    • Coster portrays her characters‚Äô worlds with startling vitality. As the children fall in lust and love, grapple with angst and battle the tides of New South politics, Coster‚Äôs writing shines”‚ÄĒNew York Times Book Review

      From the author of Halsey Street, a sweeping novel of legacy, identity, the American family‚ÄĒand the ways that race affects even our most intimate relationships.

      A community in the Piedmont of North Carolina rises in outrage as a county initiative draws students from the largely Black east side of town into predominantly white high schools on the west. For two students, Gee and Noelle, the integration sets off a chain of events that will tie their two families together in unexpected ways over the next twenty years.

      On one side of the integration debate is Jade, Gee’s steely, ambitious mother. In the aftermath of a harrowing loss, she is determined to give her son the tools he’ll need to survive in America as a sensitive, anxious, young Black man. On the other side is Noelle’s headstrong mother, Lacey May, a white woman who refuses to see her half-Latina daughters as anything but white. She strives to protect them as she couldn’t protect herself from the influence of their charming but unreliable father, Robbie.

      When Gee and Noelle join the school play meant to bridge the divide between new and old students, their paths collide, and their two seemingly disconnected families begin to form deeply knotted, messy ties that will shape the trajectory of their adult lives. And their mothers‚ÄĒeach determined to see her child inherit a better life‚ÄĒwill make choices that will haunt them for decades to come.

      As love is built and lost, and the past never too far behind,¬†What’s Mine and Yours¬†is an expansive, vibrant tapestry that moves between the years, from the foothills of North Carolina, to Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Paris. It explores the unique organism that is every family: what breaks them apart and how they come back together.
    • The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner.The Lost Apothecary: A Novel by [Sarah Penner]A forgotten history. A secret network of women. A legacy of poison and revenge. Welcome to The Lost Apothecary‚Ķ

      Hidden in the depths of eighteenth-century London, a secret apothecary shop caters to an unusual kind of clientele. Women across the city whisper of a mysterious figure named Nella who sells well-disguised poisons to use against the oppressive men in their lives. But the apothecary’s fate is jeopardized when her newest patron, a precocious twelve-year-old, makes a fatal mistake, sparking a string of consequences that echo through the centuries.

      Meanwhile in present-day London, aspiring historian Caroline Parcewell spends her tenth wedding anniversary alone, running from her own demons. When she stumbles upon a clue to the unsolved apothecary murders that haunted London two hundred years ago, her life collides with the apothecary‚Äôs in a stunning twist of fate‚ÄĒand not everyone will survive.

      With crackling suspense, unforgettable characters and searing insight, The Lost Apothecary is a subversive and intoxicating debut novel of secrets, vengeance and the remarkable ways women can save each other despite the barrier of time.
    • Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia.Of Women and Salt: A Novel by [Gabriela Garcia]
    • A sweeping, masterful debut about a daughter’s fateful choice, a mother motivated by her own past, and a family legacy that begins in Cuba before either of them were born

      In present-day Miami, Jeanette is battling addiction. Daughter of Carmen, a Cuban immigrant, she is determined to learn more about her family history from her reticent mother and makes the snap decision to take in the daughter of a neighbor detained by ICE. Carmen, still wrestling with the trauma of displacement, must process her difficult relationship with her own mother while trying to raise a wayward Jeanette. Steadfast in her quest for understanding, Jeanette travels to Cuba to see her grandmother and reckon with secrets from the past destined to erupt.

      From 19th-century cigar factories to present-day detention centers, from Cuba to Mexico, Gabriela Garcia’s¬†Of Women and Salt¬†is a kaleidoscopic portrait of betrayals‚ÄĒpersonal and political, self-inflicted and those done by others‚ÄĒthat have shaped the lives of these extraordinary women. A haunting meditation on the choices of mothers, the legacy of the memories they carry, and the tenacity of women who choose to tell their stories despite those who wish to silence them, this is more than a diaspora story; it is a story of America‚Äôs most tangled, honest, human roots.
    • The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth.The Good Sister: A Novel by [Sally Hepworth]
    • Sally Hepworth, the author of¬†The Mother-In-Law¬†delivers a knock-out of a novel about the lies that bind two sisters in¬†The Good Sister.

      There’s only been one time that Rose couldn’t stop me from doing the wrong thing and that was a mistake that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

      Fern Castle works in her local library. She has dinner with her twin sister Rose three nights a week. And she avoids crowds, bright lights and loud noises as much as possible. Fern has a carefully structured life and disrupting her routine can be…dangerous.

      When Rose discovers that she cannot get pregnant, Fern sees her chance to pay her sister back for everything Rose has done for her. Fern can have a baby for Rose. She just needs to find a father. Simple.

      Fern’s mission will shake the foundations of the life she has carefully built for herself and stir up dark secrets from the past, in this quirky, rich and shocking story of what families keep hidden.
    • Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid.
    • Malibu Rising: A Novel by [Taylor Jenkins Reid]June 1, 2021.
      ‚ÄúMalibu Rising¬†will be the sought-after book of the summer.‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒBooklist¬†(starred review)

      Malibu: August 1983. It‚Äôs the day of Nina Riva‚Äôs annual end-of-summer party, and anticipation is at a fever pitch. Everyone wants to be around the famous Rivas: Nina, the talented surfer and supermodel; brothers Jay and Hud, one a championship surfer, the other a renowned photographer; and their adored baby sister, Kit. Together the siblings are a source of fascination in Malibu and the world over‚ÄĒespecially as the offspring of the legendary singer Mick Riva.

      The only person not looking forward to the party of the year is Nina herself, who never wanted to be the center of attention, and who has also just been very publicly abandoned by her pro tennis player husband. Oh, and maybe Hud‚ÄĒbecause it is long past time for him to confess something to the brother from whom he‚Äôs been inseparable since birth.

      Jay, on the other hand, is counting the minutes until nightfall, when the girl he can’t stop thinking about promised she’ll be there.

      And Kit has a couple secrets of her own‚ÄĒincluding a guest she invited without consulting anyone.

      By midnight the party will be completely out of control. By morning, the Riva mansion will have gone up in flames. But before that first spark in the early hours before dawn, the alcohol will flow, the music will play, and the loves and secrets that shaped this family’s generations will all come rising to the surface.

      Malibu Rising is a story about one unforgettable night in the life of a family: the night they each have to choose what they will keep from the people who made them . . . and what they will leave behind.


    The Top-Grossing Book-to-Film Adaptations of All Time

    What do a boy wizard, brooding vampires, and a BDSM-obsessed billionaire have in common? Well, they all star in some of the highest-grossing film adaptations in history, of course. 

    ‘Jurassic Park’
    An astonishing technique for recovering and cloning dinosaur DNA has been discovered. Now humankind‚Äôs most thrilling fantasies have come true. Creatures extinct for eons roam Jurassic Park with their awesome presence and profound mystery, and all the world can visit them‚ÄĒfor a price.
    Until something goes wrong. . . .
    In Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton taps all his mesmerizing talent and scientific brilliance to create his most electrifying techno thriller

    Based On: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, published in 1990.

    This stunning set, complete with five editions of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella, makes the perfect gift for fans of the bestselling vampire love story.

    Deeply romantic and extraordinarily suspenseful, The Twilight Saga capture the struggle between defying our instincts and satisfying our desires

    Based On: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, published in 2005 and followed by five novels.

    ‘The Hunger Games’

    Based On: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, published in 2008 and followed by two novels.

    ‘The Lord of the Rings’

    Based On: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkien, published in 1954 and followed by two novels.

    ‘The Hobbit’

    Based On: The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien, published in 1937.

    ‘Harry Potter’

    Based On:¬†Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone¬†by J. K. Rowling, published in 1997 and followed by six novels.

    ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’

    Based On: TheChronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis, published in 1950 and followed by six novels.

    ‘Fantastic Beasts’

    Based On: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J. K. Rowling, published in 2001.

    ‘The Da Vinci Code’

    Based On: The Da Vinci Codeby Dan Brown, published in 2003, followed by three novels and preceded by one.

    ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

    FIFTY SHADES OF GREY: When college student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she encounters a man who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating. The unworldly Ana realizes she wants this man, and Grey admits he wants her, too‚Äēbut on his own terms. When the couple embarks on a daring, passionately physical affair, Ana discovers Christian’s secrets and explores her own desires.

    FIFTY SHADES DARKER: Daunted by Christian’s dark secrets and singular tastes, Ana has broken off their relationship to start a new career. But desire for Christian still dominates her every waking thought. They rekindle their searing sensual affair, and while Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Ana is forced to make the most important decision of her life.

    FIFTY SHADES FREED: Now, Ana and Christian have it all‚Äēlove, passion, intimacy, wealth, and a world of possibilities for their future. But Ana knows that loving her Fifty Shades will not be easy, and that being together will pose challenges that neither of them would anticipate. Just when it seems that their strength together will eclipse any obstacle, misfortune, malice, and fate conspire to turn Ana’s deepest fears into reality.

    This book is intended for mature audiences.

    Based On: Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, published in 2011 and followed by two novels.

    Welcome to Derry, Maine. It’s a small city, a place as hauntingly familiar as your own hometown. Only in Derry the haunting is real.

    They were seven teenagers when they first stumbled upon the horror. Now they are grown-up men and women who have gone out into the big world to gain success and happiness. But the promise they made twenty-eight years ago calls them reunite in the same place where, as teenagers, they battled an evil creature that preyed on the city’s children. Now, children are being murdered again and their repressed memories of that terrifying summer return as they prepare to once again battle the monster lurking in Derry’s sewers.

    Readers of Stephen King know that Derry, Maine, is a place with a deep, dark hold on the author. It reappears in many of his books, including Bag of Bones, Hearts in Atlantis, and 11/22/63. But it all starts with It.

    Based On: IT by Stephen King, published in 1986.

    ‘Alice in Wonderland’
    The story is deeply but gently satiric, enlivened with an imaginative plot and brilliant use of nonsense. As Alice explores a bizarre underground world, she encounters a cast of strange characters and fanciful beasts: the White Rabbit, March Hare, and Mad Hatter; the sleepy Dormouse and grinning Cheshire Cat; the Mock Turtle, the dreadful Queen of Hearts, and a host of other extraordinary personalities.

    Based On:¬†Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, published in 1865.

    ‘The Jungle Book’
    ¬†The jubilant adventure begins when Mowgli, a little boy raised by wolves, is urged by his friend Bagheera, a wise old panther, to seek safety in the man village. Feeling very much at home in the jungle, Mowgli resists and runs off. Much to Bagheera’s dismay, Mowgli meets a new friend with a happy-go-lucky philosophy of life — Baloo the Bear, a lovable “jungle bum.”

    Based On: The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, published in 1894.

    ‘Forrest Gump’
     The title character retells adventures ranging from shrimp boating and ping pong championships, to thinking about his childhood love, as he bumbles his way through American history, with everything from the Vietnam War to college football becoming part of the story.

    Based On: Forrest Gump by Winston Groom, published in 1986.

     Great 2021 Memoirs  

    ‘Bevelations’ by Bevy SmithBevelations: Lessons from a Mutha, Auntie, Bestie by [Bevy Smith]
    Bevy Smith was living what seemed like a glamorous dream as a fashion advertising executive, blazing a lucrative career for herself in the whitewashed magazine world. She jetsetted to Europe for fashion shows, dined and danced at every hot spot, and enjoyed a mighty roster of lovers.

    So it came as quite a shock to Bevy when one day, after arriving at her luxury hotel in Milan, she collapsed on the Frette bedsheets and sobbed. Years of rolling with the in-crowd had taken its toll. Her satisfaction with work and life had hit rock bottom. But Bevy could not be defeated, and within minutes (okay, days) she grabbed a notepad and started realizing a truer path‚ÄĒone built on self-reflection and, ultimately, clarity. She figured out how to redirect her life toward meaningful creativity and freedom

    The one and only Bevy Smith is here to teach us through her signature wit and charm how we can all live our best lives.

    Just as I Am’ by Cicely TysonJust as I Am: A Memoir by [Michelle Burford]

    ‚ÄúIn her long and extraordinary career, Cicely Tyson has not only succeeded as an actor, she has shaped the course of history.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄďPresident Barack Obama, 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony

    Just As I Am¬†is my truth. It is me, plain and unvarnished, with the glitter and garland set aside. In these pages, I am indeed Cicely, the actress who has been blessed to grace the stage and screen for six decades. Yet I am also the church girl who once rarely spoke a word. I am the teenager who sought solace in the verses of the old hymn for which this book is named. I am a daughter and mother, a sister, and a friend. I am an observer of human nature and the dreamer of audacious dreams. I am a woman who has hurt as immeasurably as I have loved, a child of God divinely guided by His hand. And here in my ninth decade, I am a woman who, at long last, has something meaningful to say.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄďCicely Tyson

    Surviving the White Gaze by Rebecca CarrollSurviving the White Gaze: A Memoir by [Rebecca Carroll]

    A stirring and powerful memoir from black cultural critic Rebecca Carroll recounting her painful struggle to overcome a completely white childhood in order to forge her identity as a black woman in America.

    Rebecca Carroll grew up the only black person in her rural New Hampshire town. Adopted at birth by artistic parents who believed in peace, love, and zero population growth, her early childhood was loving and idyllic‚ÄĒand yet she couldn‚Äôt articulate the deep sense of isolation she increasingly felt as she grew older.

    Everything changed when she met her birth mother, a young white woman, who consistently undermined Carroll’s sense of her blackness and self-esteem. Carroll’s childhood became harrowing, and her memoir explores the tension between the aching desire for her birth mother’s acceptance, the loyalty she feels toward her adoptive parents, and the search for her racial identity. As an adult, Carroll forged a path from city to city, struggling along the way with difficult boyfriends, depression, eating disorders, and excessive drinking. Ultimately, through the support of her chosen black family, she was able to heal.

    Intimate and illuminating, Surviving the White Gaze is a timely examination of racism and racial identity in America today, and an extraordinarily moving portrait of resilience.

    ‘Unfinished’ by Priyanka Chopra JonasUnfinished: A Memoir by [Priyanka Chopra Jonas]

    ‚ÄúI have always felt that life is a solitary journey, that we are each on a train, riding through our hours, our days, our years. We get on alone, we leave alone, and the decisions we make as we travel on the train are our responsibility alone.‚ÄĚ

    A remarkable life story rooted in two different worlds, Unfinished offers insights into Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s childhood in India; her formative teenage years in the United States; and her return to India, where against all odds as a newcomer to the pageant world, she won the national and international beauty competitions that launched her global acting career. Whether reflecting on her nomadic early years or the challenges she has faced as she has doggedly pursued her calling, Priyanka shares her challenges and triumphs with warmth and honesty. The result is a book that is philosophical, sassy, inspiring, bold, and rebellious. Just like the author herself.

    From her dual-continent twenty-year-long career as an actor and producer to her work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, from losing her beloved father to cancer to marrying Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s story will inspire a generation around the world to gather their courage, embrace their ambition, and commit to the hard work of following their dreams.

    ‘Believe It’ by Jamie Kern LimaBelieve IT: How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable by [Jamie Kern Lima]

    In¬†Believe IT, Jamie Kern Lima, founder of IT Cosmetics, shares the wild but true story of how a once struggling waitress turned her against-the-grain idea into an international bestselling sensation, eventually selling the company for over a billion dollars and becoming the first female CEO of a brand in L‚ÄôOr√©al‚Äôs 100+ year history. Faced with¬†self-doubt, body-doubt, God-doubt, down to her last few dollars and told ‚ÄúNo one is going to buy makeup from someone who has your body,‚ÄĚ Jamie reveals for the first time what really went down, how she almost didn‚Äôt make it, how she learned to trust herself, and the powerful lessons you, too, can use to go from underestimated to unstoppable.

    With radical vulnerability and honesty, Jamie takes you on a journey through deeply personal stories of heartbreak and resilience‚ÄĒincluding accidentally finding out she was adopted when she was in her twenties and the reverberations this has had on all aspects of her life. Jamie also pulls back the curtain on her fight to change the beauty industry‚Äôs use of unrealistic images, on behalf of all the little girls who are about to start doubting themselves, and all of the grown women who still do. Spellbinding, riveting, with raw vulnerability and down-to-earth warmth,¬†Believe IT¬†shakes your soul and shows you that¬†you, too, have what it takes to believe in yourself, trust yourself, and go from doubting you‚Äôre enough to knowing you‚Äôre enough!¬†Do you have big goals, hopes, and dreams but let rejection get in the way? Do you struggle with feeling like you‚Äôre not enough and like success is something that happens to¬†other¬†people, but have a hard time believing it‚Äôs possible for you? Do you let past mistakes and failures hold you back? Do you know deep down inside that you were created for more, but somehow still doubt yourself?

    In¬†Believe IT¬†you‚Äôll discover how to…
    -Overcome self-doubt
    -Gain the courage to take risks, an empower yourself and others
    -Tune into and trust your own intuition
    -Let go of your mistakes and insecurities
    -Turn down the volume on your inner critic
    -Handle the rejection, the haters, and the mean girls
    -Boost your confidence
    -Start your dream (and keep going!)
    -And much more…

    ‘I Had a Miscarriage’ by Jessica Zucker

    Sixteen weeks into her second pregnancy, psychologist Jessica Zucker miscarried at home, alone. Suddenly, her career, spent specializing in reproductive and maternal mental health, was rendered corporeal, no longer just theoretical. She now had a changed perspective on her life‚Äôs work, her patients‚Äô pain, and the crucial need for a zeitgeist shift. Navigating this nascent transition amid her own grief became a catalyst for Jessica to bring voice to this ubiquitous experience. She embarked on a mission to upend the strident trifecta of silence, shame, and stigma that surrounds reproductive loss‚ÄĒand the result is her striking memoir meets manifesto.

    Drawing from her psychological expertise and her work as the creator of the #IHadaMiscarriage campaign,¬†I Had a Miscarriage¬†is a heart-wrenching, thought-provoking, and validating book about navigating these liminal spaces and the vitality of truth telling‚ÄĒan urgent reminder of the power of speaking openly and unapologetically about the complexities of our lives.

    Jessica Zucker weaves her own experience and other women’s stories into a compassionate and compelling exploration of grief as a necessary, nuanced personal and communal process. She inspires her readers to speak their truth and, in turn, to ignite transformative change within themselves and in our culture.

    ‘The Beauty of Living Twice’ by Sharon StoneThe Beauty of Living Twice by [Sharon Stone]

    Sharon Stone, one of the most renowned actresses in the world, suffered a massive stroke that cost her not only her health, but her career, family, fortune, and global fame. In The Beauty of Living Twice, Stone chronicles her efforts to rebuild her life and writes about her slow road back to wholeness and health. In a business that doesn’t accept failure, in a world where too many voices are silenced, Stone found the power to return, the courage to speak up, and the will to make a difference in the lives of men, women, and children around the globe.

    Over the course of these intimate pages, as candid as a personal conversation, Stone talks about her pivotal roles, her life-changing friendships, her worst disappointments, and her greatest accomplishments. She reveals how she went from a childhood of trauma and violence to a career in an industry that in many ways echoed those same assaults, under cover of money and glamour. She describes the strength and meaning she found in her children, and in her humanitarian efforts. And ultimately, she shares how she fought her way back to find not only her truth, but her family’s reconciliation and love.

    Stone made headlines not just for her beauty and her talent, but for her candor and her refusal to ‚Äúplay nice,‚ÄĚ and it‚Äôs those same qualities that make this memoir so powerful.¬†The Beauty of Living Twice¬†is a book for the wounded and a book for the survivors; it‚Äôs a celebration of women‚Äôs strength and resilience, a reckoning, and a call to activism. It is proof that it‚Äôs never too late to raise your voice and speak out

    ‘My Mother’s Daughter’ by Perdita FelicienMy Mother's Daughter: A Memoir of Struggle and Triumph by [Perdita Felicien]Decades before Perdita Felicien became a World Champion hurdler running the biggest race of her life at the 2004 Olympics, she carried more than a nation’s hopes‚ÄĒshe carried her mother Catherine’s dreams.
    In 1974, Catherine is determined and tenacious, but she’s also pregnant with her second child and just scraping by in St. Lucia. When she meets a wealthy white Canadian family vacationing on the island, she knows it’s her chance. They ask her to come to Canada to be their nanny‚ÄĒand she accepts.
    This was the beginning of Catherine’s new life: a life of opportunity, but also suffering. Within a few years, she would find herself pregnant a third time‚ÄĒthis time in her new country with no family to support her, and this time, with Perdita. Together, in the years to come, mother and daughter would experience racism, domestic abuse, and even homelessness, but Catherine’s will would always pull them through.
    As Perdita grew and began to discover her preternatural athletic gifts, she was edged onward by her mother’s love, grit, and faith. Facing literal and figurative hurdles, she learned to leap and pick herself back up when she stumbled. This book is a daughter’s memoir‚ÄĒa book about the power of a parent’s love to transform their child’s life.

    Eartha & Kitt: A Daughter’s Love Story in Black and White by¬†Kitt Shapiro(Author)Eartha & Kitt: A Daughter's Love Story in Black and White by [Kitt Shapiro]

    May 4, 2021. 

    A luminous and inspiring portrait of a Black pioneer and artistic force‚ÄĒEartha Kitt‚ÄĒand one of the most moving mother/daughter stories in Hollywood history.

    In this unique combination of African-American, music, and cultural history, we come to know one of the greatest stars the world has ever seen‚ÄĒEartha Kitt‚ÄĒas revealed by the person who knew her best, her daughter.

    Eartha, who was a mix of Black, Cherokee, and white, identified as Black, but Kitt, her biological daughter by a white man, is blonde and pale. This is the story of a little white girl raised by her natural mother, who was the biggest Black celebrity in the world. For three decades until Kitt finally married, they traveled the world together, mother and daughter.

    Eartha came from a hard background ¬†(she was born on a cotton plantation) and did not have her own familial ties to lean on‚ÄĒshe and Kitt were each others whole world.

    Eartha‚Äôs legacy is still felt today.¬† Not only do we still listen to ‚ÄúSanta Baby‚ÄĚ every Christmas, she starred as Helen of Troy opposite Orson Welles in “Dr. Faustus” and stole the show in¬†The Emperor’s New Groove. Lupita Nyong’o was recently asked to name the two people she admired most. Her choices were Eartha Kitt and Katherine Hepburn.

    In these pages, Eartha Kitt comes to life so vividly you will feel as if you’d met her.¬† FIlled¬†with love and poignant laughter,¬†Eartha & Kit¬†captures the passion and energy of two remarkable women.
    My Broken
    Language’ by Quiara Alegr√≠a HudesMy Broken Language: A Memoir by [Quiara Alegr√ɬ≠a Hudes]
    Quiara Alegr√≠a Hudes was the sharp-eyed girl on the stairs while her family danced in her grandmother‚Äôs tight North Philly kitchen. She was awed by her aunts and uncles and cousins, but haunted by the secrets of the family and the unspoken, untold stories of the barrio‚ÄĒeven as she tried to find her own voice in the sea of language around her, written and spoken, English and Spanish, bodies and books, Western art and sacred altars. Her family became her private pantheon, a gathering circle of powerful orisha-like women with tragic real-world wounds, and she vowed to tell their stories‚ÄĒbut first she‚Äôd have to get off the stairs and join the dance. She‚Äôd have to find her language.
    Weaving together Hudes‚Äôs love of books with the stories of her family, the lessons of North Philly with those of Yale, this is an inspired exploration of home, memory, and belonging‚ÄĒnarrated by an obsessed girl who fought to become an artist so she could capture the world she loved in all its wild and delicate beauty.

    ‘I Am a Girl from Africa’ by Elizabeth NyamayaroI Am a Girl from Africa by [Elizabeth Nyamayaro]When severe draught hit her village in Zimbabwe, Elizabeth, then eight, had no idea that this moment of utter devastation would come to define her life purpose. Unable to move from hunger, she encountered a United Nations aid worker who gave her a bowl of warm porridge and saved her life. This transformative moment inspired Elizabeth to become a humanitarian, and she vowed to dedicate her life to giving back to her community, her continent, and the world.

    Grounded by the African concept of¬†ubuntu‚ÄĒ‚ÄúI am because we are‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒI Am a Girl from Africa¬†charts Elizabeth‚Äôs quest in pursuit of her dream from the small village of Goromonzi to Harare, London, New York, and beyond, where she eventually became a Senior Advisor at the United Nations and launched¬†HeForShe, one of the world‚Äôs largest global solidarity movements for gender equality. For over two decades, Elizabeth has been instrumental in creating change in communities all around the world; uplifting the lives of others, just as her life was once uplifted. The memoir brings to vivid life one extraordinary woman‚Äôs story of persevering through incredible odds and finding her true calling‚ÄĒwhile delivering an important message of hope and empowerment in a time when we need it most.

    Sunshine Girl: An Unexpected Life by [Julianna Margulies]‘Sunshine Girl’ by Julianna Margulies Available May 4, 2021

    Known for her outstanding performances on the groundbreaking television series The Good Wife and ER, Julianna Margulies deftly chronicles her life and her work in this deeply powerful memoir.
    ‚ÄúAt once a tender coming-of-age story and a deeply personal look at a young woman making sense of the world against a chaotic and peripatetic childhood.‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒKatie Couric

    As an apple-cheeked bubbly child, Julianna was bestowed¬†with¬†the family nickname ‚ÄúSunshine¬†Girl.‚ÄĚ Shuttled back and forth between¬†her¬†divorced parents, often on different¬†continents,¬†she¬†quickly learned how to be of value to her eccentric mother and her absent father.¬†Raised in fairly unconventional ways in various homes in Paris, England, New York, and New Hampshire,¬†Julianna found that¬†her¬†role among the¬†surrounding¬†turmoil and uncertainty was to comfort those around her,¬†seeking¬†organization among the disorder, making¬†her way in the world as a young adult and eventually an award-winning actress.
    Throughout, there were complicated relationships, difficult choices, and overwhelming rejections. But there were also the moments where fate, faith, and talent aligned, leading to the unforgettable roles of a lifetime, both professionally and personally‚ÄĒmoments when¬†chaos had finally turned to calm.
    Filled with intimate stories and revelatory moments, Sunshine Girl is at once unflinchingly honest and perceptive. It is a riveting self-portrait of a woman whose resilience in the face of turmoil will leave readers intrigued and inspired.

    Stronger: Courage, Hope, and Humor in My Life with John McCainStronger: Courage, Hope, and Humor in My Life with John McCain by [Cindy McCain]April 27, 2021.

    The widow of Senator John McCain opens up about her beloved husband, their thirty-eight-year marriage, and the trials and triumphs of a singular American life.
    My husband, John McCain, never viewed himself as larger than life‚ÄĒbut he was. He had more tenacity and resolve than anybody I ever met. Being with him didn‚Äôt hold me back‚ÄĒit gave me flight, a courage I never would have felt on my own.
    Cindy Hensley was just out of college when she met and fell in love with the celebrated Navy hero John McCain. They embarked on a thrilling life together that put her at the center of American politics for over four decades. In this moving and inspiring memoir, Cindy McCain tells the story of her adventurous life with John for the first time. 
    Raising their four children in Arizona while John flourished as a six-term senator in Washington, D.C., Cindy brought her own flair to the role of political wife. She eagerly supported John’s career even as she tried hard to stay out of the spotlight and maintain her own health and well-being. She is honest in revealing her own successes and missteps, discussing how she dealt with political attacks targeting her children, her battle with opioid addiction, and the wild whirl of campaigning for president.
    As they built their life together, Cindy and John continued the multi-generation McCain tradition of service to country. With both immense pride and deep worry, she sent two sons off to active duty in the military. She describes her own brave efforts bringing medical support to countries in crisis and empowering women in Africa and around the world. And she reveals her feelings about the tumultuous effects of the Trump presidency on the military.
    Most important, this book shares how John‚Äôs humor and strength helped Cindy grow into the confident woman she is now. More than a political story,¬†Stronger¬†is the unforgettable journey of one woman who believes in family, honor, and country‚ÄĒand is willing to stand up for all of them.

    ‘My Remarkable Journey’ by Katherine JohnsonMy Remarkable Journey: A Memoir by [Katherine Johnson, Joylette Hylick, Katherine Moore]available May 25, 2021

    The late, great Katherine Johnson shares her inspiring life story working at NASA as a research mathematician and helping land the first man on the moon in the aptly-titled My Remarkable Journey.

    The remarkable woman at heart of the smash New York Times bestseller and Oscar-winning film Hidden Figures tells the full story of her life, including what it took to work at NASA, help land the first man on the moon, and live through a century of turmoil and change.

    In 2015, at the age of 97, Katherine Johnson became a global celebrity. President Barack Obama awarded her the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom‚ÄĒthe nation‚Äôs highest civilian honor‚ÄĒfor her pioneering work as a mathematician on NASA‚Äôs first flights into space. Her contributions to America‚Äôs space program were celebrated in a blockbuster and Academy-award nominated movie.

    In this memoir, Katherine shares her personal journey from child prodigy in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia to NASA human computer. In her life after retirement, she served¬† as a beacon of light for her family and community alike.¬† Her story is centered around the basic tenets of her life‚ÄĒno one is better than you, education is paramount, and asking questions can break barriers. The memoir captures the many facets of this unique woman: the curious ‚Äúdaddy‚Äôs girl,‚ÄĚ pioneering professional, and sage elder.¬†

    This multidimensional portrait is also the record of a century of racial history that reveals the influential role educators at segregated schools and Historically Black Colleges and Universities played in nurturing the dreams of trailblazers like Katherine. The author pays homage to her mentor‚ÄĒthe African American professor who inspired her to become a research mathematician despite having his own dream crushed by racism.¬†

    Infused with the uplifting wisdom of a woman who handled great fame with genuine humility and great tragedy with enduring hope,¬†My Remarkable Journey¬†ultimately brings into focus a determined woman who navigated tough racial terrain with soft-spoken grace‚ÄĒand the unrelenting grit required to make history and inspire future generations.¬†


    ‘Dear Senthuran’ by Akwaeke EmeziDear Senthuran: A Black Spirit Memoir by [Akwaeke Emezi]

    Available June 8, 2021A full-throated and provocative memoir in letters from the¬†New York Times-bestselling author,¬†‚Äúa dazzling literary talent whose works cut to the quick of the spiritual self.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄĒEsquire

    In three critically acclaimed novels, Akwaeke Emezi has introduced readers to a landscape marked by familial tensions, Igbo belief systems, and a boundless search for what it means to be free. Now, in this extraordinary memoir, the bestselling author of The Death of Vivek Oji reveals the harrowing yet resolute truths of their own life. Through candid, intimate correspondence with friends, lovers, and family, Emezi traces the unfolding of a self and the unforgettable journey of a creative spirit stepping into power in the human world. Their story weaves through transformative decisions about their gender and body, their precipitous path to success as a writer, and the turmoil of relationships on an emotional, romantic, and spiritual plane, culminating in a book that is as tender as it is brutal.

    Electrifying and inspiring, animated by the same voracious intelligence that distinguishes their fiction, Dear Senthuran is a revelatory account of storytelling, self, and survival.


    The Ugly Cry’ by Danielle Henderson The Ugly Cry: A Memoir by [Danielle Henderson]Available June 8, 2021

    If you fight that motherf**ker and you don‚Äôt win, you‚Äôre going to come home and fight me.‚ÄĚ Not the advice you‚Äôd normally expect from your grandmother‚ÄĒbut Danielle Henderson would be the first to tell you her childhood was anything but conventional.

    Abandoned at ten years old by a mother who chose her drug-addicted, abusive boyfriend, Danielle was raised by grandparents who thought their child-rearing days had ended in the 1960s. She grew up Black, weird, and overwhelmingly uncool in a mostly white neighborhood in upstate New York, which created its own identity crises. Under the eye-rolling, foul-mouthed, loving tutelage of her uncompromising grandmother‚ÄĒand the horror movies she obsessively watched‚ÄĒDanielle grew into a tall, awkward,¬†Sassy-loving teenager who wore black eyeliner as lipstick and was struggling with the aftermath of her mother‚Äôs choices. But she also learned that she had the strength and smarts to save herself, her grandmother gifting her a faith in her own capabilities that the world would not have most Black girls possess.

    With humor, wit, and deep insight, Danielle shares how she grew up and grew wise‚ÄĒand the lessons she‚Äôs carried from those days to these. In the process, she upends our conventional understanding of family and redefines its boundaries to include the millions of people who share her story.

    Freed: Fifty Shades Freed as Told by ChristianFreed: Fifty Shades Freed as Told by Christian
    June 1, 2021
    by E L James

    You are cordially invited to the wedding of the decade, when Christian Grey will make Anastasia Steele his wife. But is he really husband material? His dad is unsure, his brother wants to organize one helluva bachelor party, and his fianc√©e won’t vow to obey…

    And marriage brings its own challenges. Their passion for each other burns hotter and deeper than ever, but Ana’s defiant spirit continues to stir Christian’s darkest fears and tests his need for control. As old rivalries and resentments endanger them both, one misjudgment threatens to tear them apart.

    Can Christian overcome the nightmares of his childhood and the torments of his youth, and save himself? And once he’s discovered the truth of his origins, can he find forgiveness and accept Ana’s unconditional love?

    Can Christian finally be freed?

    ‘Yoke’ by Jessamyn StanleyAvailable June 22, 2021Yoke: My Yoga of Self-Acceptance by [Jessamyn Stanley]

    Finding self-acceptance both on and off the mat.
    In Sanskrit, yoga means to ‚Äúyoke.‚ÄĚ To yoke mind and body, movement and breath, light and dark, the good and the bad. This larger idea of ‚Äúyoke‚ÄĚ is what Jessamyn Stanley calls the yoga of the everyday‚ÄĒa yoga that is not just about perfecting your downward dog but about applying the hard lessons learned on the mat to the even harder daily project of living.
    In a series of deeply honest, funny autobiographical essays, Jessamyn explores everything from imposter syndrome to cannabis to why it‚Äôs a full-time job loving yourself, all through the lens of yoke. She calls out an American yoga complex that prefers debating the merits of cotton versus polyblend leggings rather than owning up to its overwhelming Whiteness. She questions why the Western take on yoga so often misses‚ÄĒor misuses‚ÄĒthe tradition‚Äôs spiritual dimension. And reveals what she calls her own ‚Äúwhole-ass problematic‚ÄĚ: Growing up Bah√°√≠, loving astrology, learning to meditate, finding prana in music.
    And in the end, Jessamyn invites every reader to find the authentic spirit of yoke‚ÄĒlinking that good and that bad, that light and that dark.

    Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone (Outlander Series #9)November 23, 2021Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone (Outlander Series #9)

    Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall were torn apart by the Jacobite Rising in 1743, and it took them twenty years to find each other again. Now the American Revolution threatens to do the same.
    It is 1779 and Claire and Jamie are at last reunited with their daughter, Brianna, her husband, Roger, and their children on Fraser’s Ridge. Having the family together is a dream the Frasers had thought impossible.
    Yet even in the North Carolina backcountry, the effects of war are being felt. Tensions in the Colonies are great and local feelings run hot enough to boil Hell’s tea-kettle. Jamie knows loyalties among his tenants are split and it won’t be long until the war is on his doorstep.
    Brianna and Roger have their own worry: that the dangers that provoked their escape from the twentieth century might catch up to them. Sometimes they question whether risking the perils of the 1700s‚ÄĒamong them disease, starvation, and an impending war‚ÄĒwas indeed the safer choice for their family.
    Not so far away, young William Ransom is still coming to terms with the discovery of his true father‚Äôs identity‚ÄĒand thus his own‚ÄĒand Lord John Grey has reconciliations to make, and dangers to meet . . . on his son‚Äôs¬†behalf, and his own.
    Meanwhile, the Revolutionary War creeps ever closer to Fraser’s Ridge. And with the family finally together, Jamie and Claire have more at stake than ever before.

    Beautiful Things: A Memoir by Hunter BidenBeautiful Things: A Memoir

    When he was two years old, Hunter Biden was badly injured in a car accident that killed his mother and baby sister. In 2015, he suffered the devastating loss of his beloved big brother, Beau, who died of brain cancer at the age of forty-six. These hardships were compounded by the collapse of his marriage and a years-long battle with drug and alcohol addiction.

    In¬†Beautiful Things,¬†Hunter recounts his descent into substance abuse and his tortuous path to sobriety. The story ends with where Hunter is today‚ÄĒa sober married man with a new baby, finally able to appreciate the beautiful things in life.

    ‘You Deserve Better’ by Tyler Cameron Available July 27, 2021
    ‘This Will All Be Over Soon’ by Cecily Strong Available August 10, 2021

     Best Books and Audiobooks

    Concrete Rose
    Concrete Rose, by Angie Thomas

    If there’s one thing seventeen-year-old Maverick Carter knows, it’s that a real man takes care of his family. As the son of a former gang legend, Mav does that the only way he knows how: dealing for the King Lords. With this money he can help his mom, who works two jobs while his dad’s in prison.

    Life’s not perfect, but with a fly girlfriend and a cousin who always has his back, Mav’s got everything under control.

    Until, that is, Maverick finds out he’s a father.

    Suddenly he has a baby, Seven, who depends on him for everything. But it’s not so easy to sling dope, finish school, and raise a child. So when he’s offered the chance to go straight, he takes it. In a world where he’s expected to amount to nothing, maybe Mav can prove he’s different.

    When King Lord blood runs through your veins, though, you can’t just walk away. Loyalty, revenge, and responsibility threaten to tear Mav apart, especially after the brutal murder of a loved one. He‚Äôll have to figure out for himself what it really means to be a man.

    HUMANS by Brandon StantonHumans (B&N Exclusive Edition)Humans¬†is hands down one of the best gift books of the season. If you loved¬†Humans of New York, then you saw the poignancy of Brandon Stanton’s photos as he captured ordinary people in New York City going about their lives. For a brief moment in time, they allowed Stanton, and us, into their world. Now with¬†Humans, we find him moving about the globe, in a five-year quest, inviting all walks of life to tell their story, whatever it may be at that moment in time.
    Eat, Pray, #FML by Gabrielle StoneEat, Pray, #FML by [Gabrielle Stone]

    A year and a half into our marriage, I found out my husband had been having an affair with a nineteen-year-old for six months. I filed for divorce and left.


    Two weeks later I met a man, and we fell madly in love. It was a fairy-tale romance for a month and a half, and he convinced me to join him on a romantic month-long vacation in Italy. Forty-eight hours before we were supposed to get on a plane, he told me he needed to go by himself. I was devastated. So, I had a decision to make. Either stay home and be heartbroken, or go travel Europe for a month by myself. And staying at home heartbroken?


    F%*k. That. What does a woman do when her life has fallen apart and her heart has been ripped out and stepped on twice in two months? She goes on a wild adventure, makes some bad decisions, and does a sh*t load of soul searching. But most importantly? She finds out how to love…herself.


    This is so not Eat, Pray, Love.

    This is Eat, Pray, #FML.


    *Due to the mature language and content this book is recommended for readers 18+*


    “Even with five kids, I could NOT put this book down. I don‚Äôt think I‚Äôve ever read something more raw, relatable, and wildly entertaining. For anyone who‚Äôs gone through love, divorce, heartbreak, or needs to learn to love themselves and take their damn power back. READ. THIS. BOOK.

    Becoming by Michelle Obama  Adapted for Young ReadersBecoming: Adapted for Young Readers by [Michelle Obama]

    Michelle Robinson was born on the South Side of Chicago. From her modest beginnings, she would become Michelle Obama, the inspiring and powerful First Lady of the United States, when her husband, Barack Obama, was elected the forty-fourth president. They would be the first Black First Family in the White House and serve the country for two terms.
    Growing up, Michelle and her older brother, Craig, shared a bedroom in their family’s upstairs apartment in her great-aunt’s house. Her parents, Fraser and Marian, poured their love and energy into their children. Michelle’s beloved dad taught his kids to work hard, keep their word, and remember to laugh. Her mom showed them how to think for themselves, use their voice, and be unafraid.
    But life soon took her far from home. With determination, carefully made plans, and the desire to achieve, Michelle was eager to expand the sphere of her life from her schooling in Chicago. She went to Princeton University, where she learned what it felt like to be the only Black woman in the room. She then went to Harvard Law School, and after graduating returned to Chicago and became a high-powered lawyer. Her plans changed, however, when she met and fell in love with Barack Obama.
    From her early years of marriage, and the struggle to balance being a working woman, a wife, and the mom of two daughters, Michelle Obama details the shift she made to political life and what her family endured as a result of her husband’s fast-moving political career and campaign for the presidency. She shares the glamour of ball gowns and world travel, and the difficulties of comforting families after tragedies. She managed to be there for her daughters’ swim competitions and attend plays at their schools without catching the spotlight, while defining and championing numerous initiatives, especially those geared toward kids, during her time as First Lady.
    Most important, this volume for young people is an honest and fascinating account of Michelle Obama’s life led by example. She shares her views on how all young people can help themselves as well as help others, no matter their status in life. She asks readers to realize that no one is perfect, and that the process of becoming is what matters, as finding yourself is ever evolving. In telling her story with boldness, she asks young readers: Who are you, and what do you want to become?

    Bridgerton: The Duke and I, Julia Quinn 
    Bridgerton: The Duke and I (Bridgertons Book 1) by [Julia Quinn]Can there be any greater challenge to London’s Ambitious Mamas than an unmarried duke?‚ÄĒLady Whistledown’s Society Papers, April 1813

    By all accounts, Simon Basset is on the verge of proposing to his best friend’s sister‚ÄĒthe lovely and almost-on-the-shelf‚ÄĒDaphne Bridgerton. But the two of them know the truth‚ÄĒit’s all an elaborate ruse to keep Simon free from marriage-minded society mothers. And as for Daphne, surely she will attract some worthy suitors now that it seems a duke has declared her desirable.

    But as Daphne waltzes across ballroom after ballroom with Simon, it’s hard to remember that their courtship is a sham. Maybe it’s his devilish smile, certainly it’s the way his eyes seem to burn every time he looks at her . . . but somehow Daphne is falling for the dashing duke . . . for real! And now she must do the impossible and convince the handsome rogue that their clever little scheme deserves a slight alteration, and that nothing makes quite as much sense as falling in love.
    You Are a Badass, Jen Sincero
     Every Day: How to Keep Your Motivation Strong, Your Vibe High, and Your Quest for Transformation Unstoppable 
    For anyone who has ever had trouble staying motivated while trailblazing towards badassery,¬†You Are a Badass Every Day¬†is the companion to keep you fresh, grateful, mighty, and driven. In one hundred exercises, reflections, and cues that you can use to immediately realign your mind and keep your focus unwavering, this guide will show you how to keep the breakthroughs catalyzed by Sincero‚Äôs iconic books¬†You Are a Badass¬†and¬†You Are a Badass at Making Money¬†going. Owning your power to ascend to badassery is just the first step in creating the life you deserve‚ÄĒYou Are A Badass Every Day¬†is the accountability buddy you can keep in your back pocket to power through obstacles, overcome the doubts that hold you back from greatness, and keep the fires of determination roaring while you reach your goals.
    Such a Good Wife: A Thriller by Seraphina Nova Glass  Such a Good Wife: A Thriller by [Seraphina Nova Glass]

    Betrayal was just the beginning…

    Melanie Hale is a devoted mother to her two children, a diligent caregiver to her ailing mother-in-law and a trusted neighbor in their wealthy Louisiana community. Above all, she’s a loving partner to her wonderful husband, Collin.

    Then there are the parts of herself that Mel keeps hidden. She‚Äôs exhausted, worried and unfulfilled. So much so that one night, after a writers‚Äô group meeting, Mel begins an affair with a successful local author named Luke. Suddenly she‚Äôs transformed into a role she doesn‚Äôt recognize‚ÄĒa woman who deceives with unseemly ease. A woman who might be capable of just about anything.

    When Mel finds Luke‚Äôs dead body in his lavish rented house, she realizes just how high the stakes have become. Not only does she have to keep her affair a secret in order to preserve her marriage, but she desperately needs to avoid being implicated in Luke‚Äôs death. But who would want to kill him? Who else in her life is keeping secrets? And most terrifying of all, how far will they‚ÄĒand she‚ÄĒgo to keep those secrets hidden?

    “If It Bleeds,”¬†by Stephen¬†King. If It Bleeds by [Stephen King]
    The novella is a form King has returned to over and over again in the course of his amazing career, and many have been made into iconic films, including ‚ÄúThe Body‚ÄĚ (Stand By Me) and ‚ÄúRita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption‚ÄĚ (Shawshank Redemption). Like¬†Four Past Midnight,¬†Different Seasons, and most recently¬†Full Dark, No Stars,¬†If It Bleeds¬†is a uniquely satisfying collection of longer short fiction by an incomparably gifted writer.
    Graphic Novels & Comic Books  Coming Soon
    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Vol. 1, Koyoharu GotougeDemon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Vol. 1Wednesday, April 21
    Learning to destroy demons won‚Äôt be easy, and Tanjiro barely knows where to start. The surprise appearance of another boy named Giyu, who seems to know what‚Äôs going on, might provide some answers‚ÄĒbut only if Tanjiro can stop Giyu from killing his sister first!
    on Netflix 
     Demon Slayer Complete Box Set: Includes volumes 1-23 with premium October 5, 2021Demon Slayer Complete Box Set: Includes volumes 1-23 with premium on Netflix 

    Tanjiro sets out on the path of the Demon Slayer to save his sister and avenge his family!

    In Taisho-era Japan, kindhearted Tanjiro Kamado makes a living selling charcoal. But his peaceful life is shattered when a demon slaughters his entire family. His little sister Nezuko is the only survivor, but she has been transformed into a demon herself! Tanjiro sets out on a dangerous journey to find a way to return his sister to normal and destroy the demon who ruined his life.

    The Crystal Kingdom (B&N Exclusive Edition) (The Adventure Zone Series #4)

    The Crystal Kingdom (B&N Exclusive Edition) (The Adventure Zone Series #4)July 13, 2021

    A desperate call for help interrupts holiday celebrations at the Bureau of Balance, and sends Taako, Magnus and Merle on a high-stakes mission to find and Reclaim a fourth deadly relic: a powerful transmutation stone, hidden somewhere in the depths of a floating arcane laboratory that’s home to the Doctors Maureen and Lucas Miller. An unknown menace has seized control of the stone, and is using it to transform the lab into a virulent pink crystal that spreads to everything it touches. 

    It‚Äôs only a matter of time before this sparkling disaster crash-lands, but in order to find the stone and save the whole planet from being King Midased, our heroes will have to fight their way through a gauntlet of rowdy robots and crystal golems, decide whether they can trust the evasive Lucas Miller, and solve the mystery of what‚ÄĒor who‚ÄĒhas put them all in peril, before there‚Äôs no world left to save.



    Invincible: The Ultimate Collection, Volume 1
    by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker (Artist), Ryan Ottley (Artist)Invincible: The Ultimate Collection, Volume 1  on Amazon Prime 
    Start here with a massive hardcover collecting the first 13 issues of the greatest superhero comic in the universe,
    from visionary creator Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), along with acclaimed artists Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley, including with all the extras from the softcover collections. 

    When Mark Grayson inherits superpowers at seventeen, it’s a dream come true – until he learns that being a hero isn’t as black and white as the comic books he read as a kid.
    Jupiter’s Legacy, Volume 1 (NETFLIX Edition)Jupiter's Legacy, Volume 1 (NETFLIX Edition)May 7, 2021

    In mid-century America, the world’s greatest superheroes face epic threats in public while battling private scandals behind closed doors. Now adapted into a big-budget Netflix Original series, get in on the ground floor with one of the most critically acclaimed superhero series of the past 10 years.


    Celebrity Chefs

    One Piece Pirate Recipes by SanjiOne Piece Pirate RecipesNovember 9, 2021

    Living the life of a pirate requires hearty meals! The master chef Sanji reveals the recipes that power the Straw Hat crew!

    You can’t become King of the Pirates on an empty stomach! Monkey D. Luffy has defeated dozens of rivals, and that kind of success takes a whole lot of energy! Fortunately, the pirate cook Sanji stands by Luffy’s side, ready to support his captain with flaming kicks and piping-hot meals! Hearty and filling, Sanji’s recipes keep the greatest pirate crew in the world well-fed, and his flashy techniques will take your culinary skills to the next level!


    The Tucci Cookbook

    by Stanley Tucci, Francesco Tonelli (Photographer)The Tucci Cookbook
    The Tucci Family brings wine pairings, updated recipes, gorgeous photography, and family memories to a new generation of Italian food lovers.For acclaimed actor Stanley Tucci, teasing our taste buds in classic foodie films such as Big Night and Julie & Julia was a logical progression from a childhood filled with innovative homemade Italian meals: decadent Venetian Seafood Salad; rich and gratifying Lasagna Made with Polenta and Gorgonzola Cheese; spicy Spaghetti with Tomato and Tuna; delicate Pork Tenderloin with Fennel and Rosemary; fruity Roast Duck with Fresh Figs; flavorful Baked Whole Fish in an Aromatic Salt Crust; savory Eggplant and Zucchini Casserole with Potatoes; buttery Plum and Polenta Cake; and yes, of course, the legendary Timpano.
    Food Between Friends Food Between Friends (Signed Book)
    by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Julie Tanous
    Best friends Jesse Tyler Ferguson, star of Modern Family, and recipe developer Julie Tanous pay homage to their hometowns as they whip up modern California food with Southern and Southwestern spins in their debut cookbook.
    Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and chef Julie Tanous love to cook together. They love it so much that they founded a blog, and now put all their favorite recipes into a cookbook for you to dig into with the people you love.


    The Japanese Sake Bible: Everything You Need to Know About Great Sake (With Tasting Notes and Scores for Over 100 Top Brands)The Japanese Sake Bible: Everything You Need to Know About Great Sake (With Tasting Notes and Scores for Over 100 Top Brands)
    Japanese sake is brewed worldwide today and is winning over many converts. A foreword by sake connoisseur and world-renowned DJ Richie Hawtin addresses the spread in global popularity and the shared mission of making this specialty beverage as accessible as possible. With the help of this book you’ll soon become an expert in selecting, serving and enjoying Japan’s favorite drink.
    Untitled Chrissy Teigen Cookbook by Chrissy Teigen, Adeena Sussman A new cookbook from the New York Times bestselling author of Cravings and Cravings: Hungry for More.October 12, 2021

    Star WARS FAN 

    Star Wars: Darth Vader by Greg Pak Vol. 2Star Wars: Darth Vader by Greg Pak Vol. 2 by Greg Pak, Raffaele Ienco (Artist)June 22, 2021

    Darth Vader failed to turn his son, Luke Skywalker, to the dark side. Vader sought revenge against those who hid Luke from him for all these years‚Ķand in doing so nearly betrayed his master. It did not go unnoticed by Palpatine‚Ķand now it is time for Vader‚Äôs next lesson. Now, left battered and broken by his punishment, the Dark Lord drags himself across the scorched surface of Mustafar with vengeance on his mind! But as Vader closes in on the key to Palpatine‚Äôs greatest secret, the deadly assassin Ochi of Bestoon stands in his way. Vader and Ochi are in for the fight of their lives, with the fate of the Emperor in the balance ‚ÄĒ but how much of this deadly scenario is Palpatine‚Äôs grand plan?

    Star Wars: Darth Vader By Greg Pak Vol. 1 – Dark Heart Of The Sith

    by Greg Pak, Raffaele Ienco

    A new chapter in the Sith Lord‚Äôs saga begins here! ‚ÄúJoin me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son!‚ÄĚ In the shattering climax of The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader revealed his true relationship to Luke Skywalker and invited his son to stand at his side. But a horrified Luke chose to plunge into the abyss beneath Cloud City rather than turn to the Dark Side. Now Vader embarks on a bloody mission of rage-filled revenge against everything and everyone who helped to hide and corrupt his only son. But Vader must overcome shocking new challenges from his own dark past, including a hauntingly familiar face that will challenge everything he knows!

    Star Wars: The High Republic: Edge of Balance, Vol. 1Star Wars: The High Republic: Edge of Balance, Vol. 1
    by Shima Shinya, Justina Ireland, Mizuki Sakakibara (Illustrator)September 7, 2021

    Centuries before the Skywalker saga, a new adventure begins …

    Greater Good (B&N Exclusive Edition) (Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy Trilogy #2) by Timothy ZahnGreater Good (B&N Exclusive Edition) (Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy Trilogy #2) April 27, 2021

    Thrawn’s latest triumph still rests newly on his shoulders. He has led the Chiss to victory and brought glory to the House of Mitth, but the true threat to the Ascendancy has not yet been extinguished. Their foes do not send threats or ultimatums, do not mass ships on the edge of the Chaos.

    Star Wars The Prequel TrilogyStar Wars The Prequel Trilogy
    by Terry Brooks, R. A. Salvatore, Matthew Stover

    For the first time in one stunning volume, here is the complete, epic story arc: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. Experience the sweeping tale of good and evil, of myth and magic, of innocence and power‚Äďand witness the tragic transformation of Anakin Skywalker from mere slave to one of the greatest, most powerful, and feared villains of the galaxy: Darth Vader.

    by Terry Brooks, based on the story and screenplay by George Lucas

    by R. A. Salvatore, from a story by George Lucas and a screenplay by George Lucas and Jonathan Hales

    by Matthew Stover, based on the story and screenplay by George Lucas

    The Star Wars TrilogyThe Star Wars Trilogy

    by George Lucas, Donald Glut, James Kahn

    A special anniversary collector‚Äôs edition featuring the novels of all three classic films‚ÄĒStar Wars: A New Hope,¬†Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and¬†Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
    Forty years after the phenomenon was born, Star Wars remains one of the greatest science fantasy sagas ever told. Read these stories and rediscover the wonder of the epic that begins:
    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. . . .

    Star Wars Skywalker A Family At WarStar Wars Skywalker A Family At War

    by Kristin Baver
    The Skywalker story has everything: passion, intrigue, heroism, and dark deeds.

    This revelatory biography explores every twist and turn of the Skywalker dynasty: the slow seduction to the dark side of Anakin; his doomed marriage to Padmé Amidala; the heroics of Luke and Leia; the fall and redemption of Han Solo and Princess Leia’s son, Ben; and the struggles of his dyad in the Force, Rey.

    Star Wars: AhsokaStar Wars: Ahsoka

    by E. K. Johnston
    Finally, her story will begin to be told. Following her experiences with the Jedi and the devastation of Order 66, Ahsoka is unsure she can be part of a larger whole ever again. But her desire to fight the evils of the Empire and protect those who need it will lead her right to Bail Organa, and the Rebel Alliance…

    Weddings Ideas for 2021

    Which season is best to get married?
    The most popular months to¬†get married¬†are June, September, and October and it’s no surprise why ‚ÄĒ the weather is absolutely beautiful in early summer and fall. In general, you can plan for weather based on past records and standards, but always remember to continue to track it throughout your planning process as well.
    What is the best month to have a wedding?
    June,¬†September¬†and¬†October¬†are considered the months with the best¬†weather¬†to get married, due to their milder¬†weather. Your wedding’s season will shape its atmosphere, from the wardrobe to the venue. Think: being dressed fur in a snow covered landscape in December vs walking barefoot along the sand in August.
    In general,¬†wedding season¬†extends from late spring and continues through early fall, with¬†weddings¬†peaking in June and September. Most¬†wedding¬†venues‚ÄĒincluding those in destinations with year-round appeal such as California and Hawaii‚ÄĒhave a peak (busiest)¬†wedding season¬†and a low or off-peak¬†season.
    What months are wedding season?
    In general, wedding season extends from late spring and continues through early fall, with weddings peaking in June and September.
    Spring Wedding
    There’s something so special about¬†spring weddings, from the abundance of flowers to the pastel colors to the gorgeous garden-inspired details. Not to mention, it’s a season of welcome changes: the weather gets warmer, the days get longer, and everything comes alive.With its glorious floral backdrop, perfect temperatures and jubilation of pretty colours ‚Äď there’s no better time than¬†spring¬†for a¬†wedding. … After a long winter, the warmer temperatures and¬†spring¬†sunshine are welcomed ‚Äď as is the landscape, as gardens transform with new colour and fragrance.
    Is March a good month for marriage?
    March, April, May


    Emerging from the cold of winter, spring is such a welcoming time to host your special day. Without many calendar conflicts (St. Patrick’s Day, Passover, and Easter are the only holidays in the spring), your spring¬†wedding¬†should see¬†good¬†attendance.


                                         Top Wedding Color meaning  of 2021
    • 1.Light Pink¬†

    • -The color red¬†represents¬†heat and passion, while the color¬†pink represents¬†romance and charm. Hot¬†pink¬†is used to communicate playfulness, while¬†light pink¬†is used to communicate tenderness.Peach¬†is directly associated with the expression of modesty, earnestly and innocence.A¬†peach-colored¬†rose¬†is sweet, and conveys sincerity and gratitude. It also represents the genuineness of your feelings.

    • 2.Pastels and Deep Accents
    • Pastel colors represent¬†neutrality, they are peaceful and soft. … They are always used in spring since they work well with neutral¬†colors¬†and create a sense of sophistication. The white¬†color¬†used to achieve¬†pastel colors¬†represents clarity, innocence, cleanliness, spirituality, purity, hope, expansiveness and openness.
    • 3.Cinnamon Rose and Dusty Rose
      A soft mix of¬†pink¬†and purple hues, the color¬†Dusty Rose¬†is timeless and elegant but not extravagantly showy. Its subtle blue tones also add depth and tranquility.¬†Dusty Rose¬†is usually associated with affection, love, romance and happiness.Pink¬†roses symbolize¬†gratitude, grace, and joy. … Just like with red¬†roses, pink’s varying shades all have different¬†rose color meanings. A dark pink is a way of saying thank you for showing your appreciation, whereas a pale pink indicates gentleness, especially when given for more sympathetic occasions
    • 4. Light Blue
    • Light blue¬†is a peaceful, calming color. According to color psychology,¬†blue¬†is associated with trustworthiness and reliability.¬†Blue¬†is also said to promote feelings of tranquility;¬†light blue’s¬†gentle appearance means it is particularly likely to make that impression.
    • 5 Blue¬†
    • Blue is for calm, trust and intelligence Blue¬†is a serene and calming¬†color¬†that¬†represents¬†intelligence and responsibility.¬†Blue¬†is cool and relaxing. Light baby¬†blue¬†is peaceful, while dark¬†blue¬†can signify depth and power.

                6  . Modern Rustic Style in Shades of Gray

    Rustic colors are deep and natural. The color palette swings heavily towards neutral, and rich earthy tones like greens, browns, and grays are common color choices.

               7. Rose Gold

    Gold¬†is a marker of wealth, so¬†rose gold¬†is often associated with style, elegance and affluence. … In color psychology,¬†rose gold¬†is through to create a sense of calm and alleviate anger.

                   8 .Sage Green and Light Terracotta

    Sage green is an earthy grayish-green color like that of the culinary herb which has woody stems and grayish leaves.

    Sage is defined as a profoundly wise person‚ÄĒsomeone who is venerated for his wisdom, judgment, and experience.¬†Sage green¬†is, thus, a¬†color¬†that can express wisdom.

    ¬†Terracotta. Reminiscent of a fading sunset or stark desert, terracottas are earthy hues that brings a sense of inviting warmth to any space it touches. Whether it’s a muted¬†clay¬†or a rust orange, this¬†color¬†can suit a variety of home styles and tastes.

    9 Light Beige and Champagne
    It is a color that is linked to red which represents passion, energy, strength, love at a very deep level, among other things.

    10  Light Gray, Greenery and Foil Gold

    Gray¬†is an emotionless, moody color that is typically associated with¬†meanings¬†of dull, dirty, and dingy, as well as formal, conservative, and sophisticated. … The¬†gray¬†color affects the mind and body by causing unsettling feelings.¬†Light¬†grays are feminine in nature, while dark grays are masculine in nature.

    Green also brings with it a sense of hope, health, adventure, and renewal, as well as self-control, compassion, and harmony

    The color gold is cousin to the color yellow and the color brown, and is also associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom. Gold is a precious metal that is associated with wealth, grandeur, and prosperity, as well as sparkle, glitz, and glamour.


    Color green’s¬†association with renewal, growth, and hope, often¬†green¬†stands for both a lack of experience and need for growth.¬†Green¬†also stands for new growth and rebirth, common in the spring season when all of the plants are coming back to life with fresh growth and life after the cold winter months.

    12.Lilac and Lavender

    White¬†lilacs¬†symbolize purity and innocence. … Blue¬†lilacs¬†symbolize happiness and tranquility. Magenta¬†lilacs¬†symbolize love and passion.¬†Lilac, the color for which this flower is named, is a light purple that symbolizes a first love.

    Lavender¬†flowers are known to represent purity, silence, devotion serenity, grace and calmness. In addition to the flower’s significance, its purple color also comes with great¬†symbolism. Purple is the color of royalty and speaks of elegance, refinement and luxury.

    13 Papaya Orange

    A¬†papaya¬†represents good health, bad health, diseases, illness, inner conflicts, inner peace and pressures in your life. If you see too many¬†papayas¬†in your dream and they are all juicy and good, it depicts inner peace and happiness.Orange symbolizes¬†energy, vitality, cheer, excitement, adventure, warmth, and good health.Orange¬†represents confidence, joy and enthusiasm. …¬†ORANGE SPIRITUALLY¬†EFFECTS – Creativity, emotional balance, sexuality, harmony, passion, freedom, intuition, and expression of emotions.


    Neutrality¬†sets us free. It helps us see something more like the truth, what’s happening, instead of experiencing circumstances in relation to expectations and desires.¬†

    • 15 Yellow
    • Yellow¬†is the most luminous of all the¬†colors¬†of the spectrum. It’s the¬†color¬†that captures our attention more than any other¬†color. It’s the¬†color¬†of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring

    16  Ivory

    Ivory is a calming and relaxing color. As a richer and warmer variant of white, it leans more towards ideas of pureness and softness.

    17 Emerald and Ruby

    While the ruby is known to be the stone of passionate love, the emerald is known to be the stone of faithful, deep and mature love.

    Ruby is a stone of Divine creativity. It boosts your energy levels and promotes high self-esteem, intuition, and spiritual wisdom. Ruby is a symbol of good fortune, pure love, and loyalty. As an aphrodisiac stone, it brings vigor into your life.

    Emerald has been a symbol of spiritual awareness, protection, love, and wisdom. Ancient Romans and Greeks believed it to be the representative of the Goddess Venus. Hence, they perceived this gemstone as a conveyor of hope and love.

    18 Indigo and Violet 

    The¬†color indigo¬†is the¬†color¬†of intuition and perception and is helpful in opening the third eye. … Powerful and dignified,¬†indigo¬†conveys integrity and deep sincerity. The¬†color meaning¬†of¬†indigo¬†reflects great devotion, wisdom and justice along with fairness and impartiality.In the¬†meaning¬†of¬†colors, purple and¬†violet¬†represent the future, the imagination and dreams, while spiritually calming the emotions. They inspire and enhance psychic ability and spiritual enlightenment, while, at the same time, keeping us grounded.

    19 Red and White

    The spiritual representation of red is power, energy, vitality, dominance, action, assertion, creation, survival and passion. When a spiritual sign appears in your life that is red, it usually represents that you are ready to take action on a new goal or project that you have been putting off.

    20¬† White¬†represents purity or innocence. … Some of the positive¬†meanings¬†that¬†white¬†can convey include cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity. The¬†color white¬†often seems like a blank slate, symbolizing a new beginning or a fresh start

    21  Fuchsia

    22 Fuchsia symbolizes: uniqueness, confidence, maturity, certainty. Effects of fuchsia: nurtures, soothes, inspires, displeases.

    23 Diamond 

    A¬† symbol of faithfulness, love, purity, innocence and relationships filled with love, diamonds¬†have been regarded over the centuries as a love-bearing crystal which are ‘dependable in its virtues when received as a gift’ ‚Äď so it is no surprise that¬†diamonds are used in our engagement rings¬†

    • The Best Wedding Songs

    What are the most popular songs played at weddings?
    • Christina Perri ‚Äď A Thousand Years.
    • The Goo Goo Dolls ‚Äď Iris.
    • Etta James ‚Äď At Last.
    • Ed Sheeran ‚Äď Thinking Out Loud.
    • John Legend ‚Äď All Of Me.
    • Snow Patrol ‚Äď Chasing Cars.
    • James Taylor ‚Äď How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
    • Adele ‚Äď Make You Feel My Love.
    What are some good wedding songs?
    Classic Wedding Songs
    • Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson.
    • Love¬†and Marriage” by Frank Sinatra.
    • “Twist and Shout” by The Beatles.
    • “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison.
    • “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey.
    • “I Want You Back” by Jackson 5.
    • “Stayin’ Alive by The Bee Gees.
    • “I Got You (I Feel Good)” by James Brown.
    What song gets you on the dance floor?
     Songs Guaranteed to Get All of Your Wedding Guests on the Dance Floor
    • “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire. …
    • “Hey Ya!” by Outkast. …
    • “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. …
    • “P.Y.T.” by Michael Jackson. …
    • “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft. …
    • “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” by Beyonc√© …
    • “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.
    • “Glamorous” by Fergie ft. Ludacris
    • “Angel” by Shaggy ft. Rayvon
    • “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” by¬†Beyonc√©
    • “Shake It Off” by¬†Taylor Swift
    • “Raise Your Glass” by Pink
    • “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo
    • “Chapel of Love” by The Dixie Cups
    • “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor
    • “Can’t Hurry Love” by Diana Ross & The Supremes
    • “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles
    • “I Want You To Want Me” by Letters to Cleo
    • “Your Love” by Nicki Minaj
    • “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)” by Fergie, GoonRock and Q-Tip
    • “High Horse” by Kacey Musgraves
    • “Marry You” by¬†Bruno Mars
    • “I Gotta Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas
    • “Dynamite” Taio Cruz
    • “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk The Moon
    • “Levels” by Avicii
    • “Good Life” by Kanye West ft. T-Pain
    • “Club Can’t Handle Me” by Flo Rida ft. David Guetta
    • “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness
    • “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” by¬†Justin Timberlake
    • “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” by Whitney Houston
    • “Just the Way You Are” by¬†Bruno Mars”Heroes (We Could Be)” by Alesso ft. Tove Lo
    • “Beautiful Day” by U2
    • “Crazy in Love” by¬†Beyonc√©¬†ft. Jay-Z
    • “Forever” by Chris Brown
    • “We Found Love” by Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris
    • “Happy” by Pharrell Williams
    • “First Date” by Blink 182
    • “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons
    • “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors
    • “Sweetest Thing” by U2
    • “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” by Marvin Gaye
    • “Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE
    • “Sugar, Sugar” by The Archies
    • “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard
    • “Sugar” by Maroon 5
    • “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)” by The Four Tops
    • “Candyman” by Christina Aguilera
    • “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses
    • “Honey Bee” by Blake Shelton
    • “Sugar” by Flo Rida ft. Wynter
      • “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper
      • “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi
      • “The Twist” by Chubby Checker
      • “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen
      • “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silent√≥
      • “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid
      • “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond
      • “Wobble” by V.I.C.
      • “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC
      • “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks
      • “Love on Top” by¬†Beyonc√©
      • “In the Name of Love” by Bebe Rexha and Martin Garrix
      • “Ho Hey” by¬†The Lumineers
      • “There is a Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths
      • “Fresh Feeling” by Eels
      • “Walking After You” by Foo Fighters
      • “It’s Oh So Quiet” by Bj√∂rk
      • “Do You Realize??” by The Flaming Lips
      • “Here Comes Your Man” by The Pixies
      • “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure
      • “Let Me Go” by Cake
      • “Maps” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†
      • “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson
      • “Love and Marriage” by Frank Sinatra
      • “Twist and Shout” by The Beatles
      • “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison
      • “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey
      • “I Want You Back” by Jackson 5
      • “Stayin’ Alive by The Bee Gees
      • “I Got You (I Feel Good)” by James Brown
      • “Like a Prayer” by Madonna
      • “It Had To Be You” by Harry Connick Jr

    ¬†It’s important to choose a song that’s personal and sentimental‚ÄĒthere are no rules when it comes to¬†first dance wedding songs.¬†.¬†

    • “The Power of Love” by C√©line Dion.
    • “Thinking Out Loud” by¬†Ed Sheeran
    • “At Last” by¬†Etta James
    • “From the Ground Up” by Dan + Shay
    • “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds
    • “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
    • “All of Me” by¬†John Legend
    • “The Book of Love” by Peter Gabriel
    • “Sea of Love” by Cat Power
    • “The First Day of My Life” by¬†Bright Eyes
    • Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris

    The¬†father-daughter dance¬†songs¬†below are sweet and sentimental‚ÄĒperfect for the special moment.

    • “My Girl” by The Temptations
    • “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys
    • “Isn’t She Lovely” by¬†Stevie Wonder
    • “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan
    • “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles
    • “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman
    • “Tupelo Honey” by Van Morrison
    • “One Call Away” by Charlie Puth
    • “It’s For My Dad” by Nancy Sinatra
    • “That’s My Daughter in the Water” by Loudon Wainwright
    • “93 Million Miles” by¬†Jason Mraz
    • ¬†The list below includes the¬†best¬†wedding¬†songs¬†for any mother and son on the¬†big day.

      • “What a Wonderful World” by Louie Armstrong
      • “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts
      • “In My Life” by The Beatles
      • “You Are The Sunshine of My Life” by¬†Stevie Wonder
      • “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack
      • “Your Song” by Elton John
      • “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King
      • “Days Like This” by Van Morrison
      • “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman
      • “A Song For Mama” by Boyz 2 Men
    • Celebrate with your friends and family by cranking up one of these¬†wedding songs.

      • “E.I.” by Nelly
      • “Timber” by Pitbull ft. Ke$ha
      • “Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers and¬†Coldplay
      • “Live Your Life” by T.I. and Rihanna
      • “Hey Ya” by Outkast
      • “Mo Money Mo Problems” by The Notorious B.I.G.
      • “Your Love” The Outfield
      • “I Love It” by Icona Pop
      • “Uptown Funk” by¬†Bruno Mars
      • “Poker Face” by¬†Lady Gaga
      • “Till the World Ends” by Britney Spears
      • “Sweet Nothing” by Calvin Harris and Florence and the Machine
    • Choose any of the¬†modern¬†wedding songs¬†below to bring everyone together on the¬†dance floor.

      • “Lover” by¬†Taylor Swift
      • “Sweet Creature” by Harry Styles
      • “How Long Will¬†I Love You” by¬†Ellie Goulding
      • “I Do” by¬†Colbie Caillat
      • “Coming Home” by Leon Bridges
      • “Mirrors” by¬†Justin Timberlake
      • “Fallin’ All In You” by Shawn Mendes
      • “Love Me Now” by¬†John Legend
      • “Love Me Like You Do” by¬†Ellie Goulding
      • “Latch” by Sam Smith and Disclosure
      • “XO” by¬†Beyonc√©
    100 Best Wedding Songs

    2018:¬†Us,” by James Bay

    2017:¬†Shape of You,” by Ed Sheeran

    2016:¬†Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend

    2015:¬†“Thinking Out Loud,” Ed Sheeran

    2014:¬†“All of Me,” John Legend

    2013:¬†“Mirrors,” Justin Timberlake

    2012:¬†“Home,” Phillip Phillips

    2011:¬†“A Thousand Years,” Christina Perri

    2010:¬†“Just the Way You Are,” Bruno Mars

    2009:¬†“Lucky,” Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz

    2008:¬†“I’m Yours,” Jason Mraz

    2007:¬†“No One,” Alicia Keys

    2006:¬†“Chasing Cars,” Snow Patrol

    2005:¬†“You’re Beautiful,” James Blunt

    2004:¬†“If I Ain’t Got You,” Alicia Keys

    2003:¬†“Crazy in Love,” Beyonce featuring JAY Z

    2002:¬†“Moment Like This,” Kelly Clarkson

    2001:¬†“Fallin’,” Alicia Keys

    2000:¬†“Breathe,” Faith Hill

    1999:¬†“Kiss Me,” Sixpence None the Richer

    1998:¬†“Truly Madly Deeply,” Savage Garden

    1997:¬†“Something About the Way You Look Tonight,” Elton John

    1996:¬†“Because You Loved Me,” Celine Dion

    1995:¬†“Fantasy,” Mariah Carey

    1994:¬†“I Swear,” All-4-One

    1993:¬†“Have I Told You Lately,” Rod Stewart

    1992:¬†“Save the Best for Last,” Vanessa Williams

    1991:¬†“Everything I Do, I Do it For You,” Bryan Adams

    1990:¬†“Nothing Compares 2 U,” Sinead O’Connor

    1989:¬†“Eternal Flame,” The Bangles

    1988:¬†“A Groovy Kind of Love,” Phil Collins

    1987:¬†“I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” Whitney Houston

    1986:¬†“Take My Breath Away,” Berlin

    1985:¬†“Say You Say Me,” Lionel Richie

    1984:¬†“Time After Time,” Cyndi Lauper

    1983:¬†“Islands in the Stream,” Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers

    1982:¬†“I Will Always Love You,” Dolly Parton

    1981:¬†“Endless Love,” Diana Ross, Lionel Richie

    1980:¬†“Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” Queen

    1979:¬†“September,” Earth, Wind and Fire

    1978:¬†“Wonderful Tonight,” Eric Clapton

    1977:¬†“You Light Up My Life,” Debbie Boone

    1976:¬†“Silly Love Songs,” Wings

    1975:¬†“You’re the First, the Last, My Everything,” Barry White

    1974:¬†“Annie’s Song,” John Denver

    1973:¬†“You Are the Sunshine of My Life,” Stevie Wonder

    1972:¬†“Let’s Stay Together,” Al Green

    1971:¬†“Your Song,” Elton John

    1970:¬†“Bridge Over Troubled Water,” Simon & Garfunkel

    1969:¬†“Something,” The Beatles

    1968:¬†“Love is All Around,” The Troggs

    1967:¬†“All You Need is Love,” The Beatles

    1966:¬†“When a Man Loves a Woman,” Percy Sledge

    1965:¬†“Unchained Melody,” The Righteous Brothers

    1964:¬†“I Want to Hold Your Hand,” The Beatles

    1963:¬†“Hey Paula,” Paul and Paula

    1962:¬†“Can’t Help Falling in Love,” Elvis Presley

    1961:¬†“Stand By Me,” Ben E King

    1960:¬†“Wonderful World,” Sam Cooke

    1959:¬†“I Only Have Eyes for You,” The Flamingos

    1958:¬†“All I Have to Do is Dream,” The Everly Brothers

    1957:¬†“You Send Me,” Sam Cooke

    1956:¬†“Love Me Tender,” Elvis Presley

    1955:¬†“Only You (And You Alone),” The Platters

    1954:¬†“Sh-Boom (Life Could Be a Dream),” The Crew-Cuts

    1953:¬†“That’s Amore,” Dean Martin

    1952:¬†“You Belong to Me,” Jo Stafford

    1951:¬†“Unforgettable,” Nat King Cole

    1950:¬†“Sentimental Me,” The Ames Brothers

    1949:¬†“A Little Bird Told Me,” Evelyn Knight & The Stardusters

    1948:¬†“It’s Magic,” Doris Day

    1947:¬†“Near You,” Francis Craig

    1946:¬†“To Each His Own,” The Ink Spots

    1945:¬†“Till the End of Time,” Perry Como

    1944:¬†“I’ll Be Seeing You,” Bing Crosby

    1943:¬†“I’ve Heard That Song Before,” Harry James, Helen Forrest

    1942:¬†“Happy in Love,” Glenn Miller

    1941:¬†“You and I,” Glenn Miller

    1940:¬†“In the Mood,” Glenn Miller

    1939:¬†“Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” Judy Garland

    1938:¬†“Heart and Soul,” Bea Wein, Larry Clinton

    1937:¬†“Sweet Leilani,” Bing Crosby

    1936:¬†“The Way You Look Tonight,” Fred Astaire

    1935:¬†“Cheek to Cheek,” Fred Astaire

    1934:¬†“The Very Thought of You,” Ray Noble Orchestra

    1933:¬†“Love is the Sweetest Thing,” Al Bowlly, Ray Noble Orchestra

    1932:¬†“Night and Day,” Fred Astaire and Leo Reisman

    1931:¬†“Dream a Little Dream of Me,” Wayne King

    1930:¬†“Three Little Words,” Duke Ellington

    1929:¬†“When You’re Smiling,” Louis Armstrong

    1928:¬†“I Wanna Be Loved By You,” Helen Kane

    1927:¬†“My Blue Heaven,” Gene Austin

    1926:¬†“Always,” George Olsen Orchestra

    1925:¬†“Yes Sir, That’s My Baby,” Blossom Seeley

    1924:¬†“It Had to Be You,” Isham Jones and Orchestra

    1923:¬†“I Love You,” Paul Whiteman

    1922:¬†“Song of Love,” Lucy Isabelle Marsh, Royal Dadmun

    1921:¬†“Sweet Lady,” Frank Crumit

    1920:¬†“When My Baby Smiles at Me,” Ted Lewis and Orchestra

    1919:¬†“When You Look in the Heart of a Rose,” John McCormack

    1918:¬†“Till We Meet Again,” Henry Burr and Albert Campbell¬†


     DIY signs around the ceremony and reception.

    A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake.
    – Elizabeth Gilbert

    To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the wedding cup, whenever you’re wrong, admit it; whenever you‚Äôre right, shut up.
    – Ogden Nash

    The problem with marriage is that it ends every night after making love, and it must be rebuilt every morning before breakfast.
    -Gabriel García Márquez

    I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
    – Rita Rudner

    Marriage is getting to have a sleep over with your best friend, every single night of the week.
    Christie Cook

    Can I borrow a kiss?
    I promise I’ll give it back.

    Never, under any circumstances, should you argue with a spouse who is currently packing your parachute!!!
    – Unknown

    My husband and I have never considered divorce … murder sometimes, but never divorce.
    Dr. Joyce Brothers

    The most important four words for a successful marriage: ‚ÄúI‚Äôll do the dishes.‚ÄĚ

    It is sometimes essential for a husband and a wife to quarrel‚ÄĒ‚Äčthey get to know each other better.
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    I promise not to keep score, even if I am totally winning.


    Get inspired to create some fun and set a jovial tone for the day. From the beverage area to the guest book table, there should your funny saying live.

    Marriage is not just spiritual communion; it is also remembering to take out the trash.
    Dr. Joyce Brothers

    I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now update your Facebook status.

    We weren’t sure about this until we read about all the tax breaks.

    I’m yours 100%! All sales final!

    The vows are done. Now let’s have some fun!

    I like your last name … can I have it?

    Now that we’re together, sit wherever.

    KEEP CALM wedding is coming

    Today we’re kind of a big deal!

    Two less fish in the sea


    Let me put it this way: if you came to lay your sleeping head against my arm or sleeve, and if my arm went dead, or if I had to take my leave at midnight, I should rather cleave it from the joint or seam than make a scene or bring you round. There, how does that sound?
    – Simon Armitage

    You don’t marry one person; you marry three: the person you think they are, the person they are, and the person they are going to become as a result of being married to you.
    – Richard Needham

    The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.
    – Unknown

    Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.
    – Martin Luther

    Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing.
    – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


    May joy and peace surround you, contentment latch your door. And happiness be with you now‚ÄĒ‚Äčand bless you evermore.
    – Irish Proverb

    May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night.
    – Irish Proverb

    A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.
    – Andre Maurois

    May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home.
    – Irish Proverb

    What is the ugliest flower?
    Surprisingly, the plant’s fleshy, brown¬†flowers¬†don’t smell so bad. Discerning botanists have dubbed a newly discovered species of orchid from Madagascar the¬†ugliest¬†in the world, according to a statement from the United Kingdom’s Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.
    Which flowers are most expensive for wedding?
    The most expensive flowers include¬†peonies,¬†gardenias, and¬†hydrangeas. If you’re on a tight wedding flower budget, using lots of greenery is an affordable (and on-trend!) way to decorate your reception. Other inexpensive flowers include freesia, baby’s breath,¬†roses¬†(not garden¬†roses, though), daisies, and carnations
    What is the bride’s flowers called?
    The¬†bridal bouquet¬†is a collection of flowers held by the bride as she walks down the aisle. It’s meant to be a complementary addition to the overall theme of the¬†wedding¬†and the style of her dress.
    Who pays for flowers at a wedding?
    Although there are no longer any hard and fast rules about who pays for what in a wedding, tradition dictates that the bride’s family pay for the ceremony and reception flowers, the bridesmaid bouquets, the¬†flower girl flowers, the groom’s boutonniere, and the cake flowers.
    How many flowers do you need for a wedding?
    To fill out a¬†bridal¬†bouquet, your florist¬†would¬†probably suggest between 24 and 36 stems.¬†You would¬†then use the number of stems in your¬†bridal¬†bouquet to decide on the size for the bridesmaids’ bouquets.
    What do junior bridesmaids carry?
    Junior bridesmaids¬†can also hold bouquets (or whatever your¬†bridesmaids¬†are¬†carrying¬†down the aisle). To mix things up (and make the younger girls feel distinct and special), have your¬†junior bridesmaids wear¬†corsages or hold smaller or different bouquets‚ÄĒbasically any variant of the wedding party’s processional prop


    Wedding  Flowers 

    Choosing wedding flowers is not the easiest of tasks. With so many types of flowers


    Delphiniums symbolize cheerfulness and goodwill, as well as a protective plant. Delphiniums are used to communicate encouragement and joy, as well as remembering loved ones who have passed. Delphiniums are also the official birth flower for July.


    Hydrangea¬†symbolizes heartfelt emotions. It can be used to express gratitude for being understood. In its negative sense¬†hydrangea¬†symbolizes frigidity and heartlessness. First discovered in Japan, the name¬†hydrangea¬†comes from the Greek ‚Äúhydor,‚Ä̬†meaning¬†water, and ‚Äúangos,‚Ä̬†meaning¬†jar or vessel.

    Baby’s Breath

    Baby’s Breath¬†has many different meanings, the most common being everlasting love and innocence. For these reasons, it is usually used for weddings and also given to new mothers. It also represents pureness and freedom from corruption, the power of the Holy Spirit, and self-discipline

    Cherry Blossom

    Cherry blossoms¬†are a symbolic flower of the spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life. Their life is very short. After their beauty peaks around two weeks, the¬†blossoms¬†start to fall. … A¬†cherry blossom¬†makes people merry. They enjoy eating, drinking, and barbecuing underneath the¬†cherry blossoms


    Daisies symbolize innocence and purity. This stems from an old Celtic legend. … In Norse mythology, the¬†daisy¬†is Freya’s sacred flower. Freya is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, and as such the¬†daisy came by symbolize childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings¬†Daisies¬†symbolize innocence and purity. … In Norse mythology, the¬†daisy¬†is Freya’s sacred flower. Freya is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, and as such the¬†daisy¬†came by symbolize childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings.¬†Daisies¬†are sometimes given to congratulate new mothers

     Yellow Daisy

    Yellow symbolizes happiness, joy and friendship. You can always give this flower to someone who is dear to you and a true friend. The yellow daisies are going to be a perfect eye-catcher in your home and it is going to bring you a lot of positive energy


    The Victorian era language of¬†flowers¬†gives a host of¬†meanings¬†to¬†iris flowers. They can represent faith, hope, courage, wisdom and admiration. … When passion is the¬†iris¬†definition you wish to convey, send yellow blooms. Iris¬†usually symbolizes a trinity, a divine link between the Heaven and Earth Realms, psychic abilities and intuition, divine truth, hope, and rebirth. Planting it in your garden and gazing upon it¬†can¬†bring heightened feelings of connection, intuition, and divine royalty.S


    Lavender flowers¬†are known to represent purity, silence, devotion serenity, grace and calmness. In addition to the¬†flower’s¬†significance, its purple color also comes with great¬†symbolism. Purple is the color of royalty and speaks of elegance, refinement and luxury.The color lavender is described as a medium¬†purple¬†or a light pinkish¬†purple. Lavender symbolizes purity, devotion, and love. Lavender is a cool color. Lavender is known for spiritual healing, tranquility, easing of tension, and purification.Lavender¬†flowers are known to¬†represent¬†purity, silence, devotion serenity, grace and calmness.


    Anyone wishing for something blue in their bouquet should check out this pretty bloom known for its blue star-shaped flowers and greenish-gray felted leaves. It makes a statement amongst other subtle florals and symbolizes peace and harmony.As with all plants in the milkweed family, tweedia is toxic to humans and pets if ingested.


    Sunflowers¬†symbolise loyalty, adoration thanks to the myth of Clytie and Apollo. And, because of their association with the sun,¬†sunflowers¬†are well-known for being a happy flower and the perfect bloom for a summer flower delivery to brighten someone’s mood!

    Sunflowers¬†symbolise loyalty, adoration thanks to the myth of Clytie and Apollo. And, because of their association with the sun,¬†sunflowers¬†are well-known for being a happy flower and the perfect bloom for a summer flower delivery to brighten someone’s mood!Sunflowers¬†have a deep¬†love meaning, a person who has¬†loved¬†with sincerity and purity never forgets, on the contrary, truly¬†loves¬†until the end. The flowers that most express fidelity is¬†sunflowers. … The¬†sunflower¬†is the symbol of the Sun and symbolizes¬†love¬†and admiration.Spiritually,¬†sunflowers¬†symbolize faith and are worshiped throughout many cultures. The¬†sunflower¬†resembles the sun, which¬†has¬†been a religious and¬†spiritual¬†desire for the ability to seek enlightenment and truth.

    .Gardenia jasminoides   

    ¬†The¬†gardenia¬†is a flower that¬†symbolizes¬†purity and gentleness. However, this¬†symbolism¬†often depends on the color of the¬†gardenia. … Another symbol of the¬†gardenia¬†is secret love between two people and also joy.


    The flower stands for tenderness and softness, the religious¬†meaning¬†of the¬†Muscari¬†is caring love. It’s the perfect flower if you want to give flowers to a beloved one!

    Water Lily

    Meaning of the Water Lily or Lotus flower is symbolic of rebirth, but in addition to its religious meaning, the lotus is also a symbol of all that is true, good and beautiful, representing good fortune, peace and enlightenment.

    French Parrot Tulip

    The most known meaning of¬†tulips¬†is perfect and deep love. As¬†tulips¬†are a classic flower that has been loved by many for centuries they have been attached with the meaning of love. They’re ideal to give to someone who you have a deep, unconditional love for, whether it’s your partner, children, parents or siblings.The¬†meaning¬†of¬†tulips¬†is generally perfect love. … Red¬†tulips¬†are most strongly associated with true love, while purple symbolizes royalty. The¬†meaning¬†of yellow¬†tulips¬†has evolved somewhat, from once representing hopeless love to now being a common expression for cheerful thoughts and sunshine


    The name¬†Dahlia¬†is a girl’s name of Scandinavian origin¬†meaning¬†“Dahl’s flower”. … The flower was named in honor of the pioneering Swedish botanist Andreas Dahl, which means dale. In the Victorian language of flowers,¬†Dahlia¬†denotes elegance and dignity.The name¬†Dahlia¬†is a girl’s name of Scandinavian origin¬†meaning¬†“Dahl’s flower”. … The flower was named in honor of the pioneering Swedish botanist Andreas Dahl, which means dale. In the Victorian language of flowers,¬†Dahlia¬†denotes elegance and dignity.Dahlia Flower

    Generally, these summer-blooming and vivid flowers symbolize elegance, inner strength, change, creativity, and dignity. Though most of the many symbolism is positive, dahlias still carry a few negative connotations, including betrayal, dishonesty, and instability


    Tropical anthurium is an exotic flower that symbolizes hospitality and also represents kindness, making these heart-shaped blooms a perfect addition to your home.


    The¬†clematis flowers¬†symbolize the beauty of ingenuity or the trait of artifice. … In terms of symbolic representation, it again represents the beauty of mental strength.


    The¬†ranunculus flower¬†appears to symbolize charm and attractiveness across cultures and generations. In the Victorian language of¬†flowers, the¬†ranunculus flower¬†tells the lady your think she is charming and attractive.These fairy tale¬†blooms symbolize¬†radiant charm and beauty. In Victorian times, people¬†would¬†give them to someone they were attracted to as a way of saying ‚ÄúI am dazzled by your charms.‚ÄĚ They’re the perfect ‚ÄúI have a crush on you‚Ä̬†flowers


    Apollo, heartbroken, notices a flower has sprung up from the blood of Hyakinthos, and rightfully names the flower¬†hyacinth, in the young boy’s honor. There you have folks‚ÄĒanother Greek tragedy in the world of flowers. Fittingly,¬†hyacinths¬†are often known as a symbol of jealousy and sorrow.Apollo named the flower that grew from Hyakinthos’s blood¬†hyacinth.¬†Symbolizing¬†sport or play in the language of flowers,¬†hyacinth represent¬†constancy, while blue¬†hyacinth¬†expresses sincerity.

    Phalaenopsis Orchid

    The most highly coveted of ornamental plants the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. In ancient Greece, orchids were associated with virility. In fact, Greek women believed that if the father of their unborn child ate large, new orchid tubers, the baby would be a boy.


    Nerine symbolizes freedom and good fortune. Freedom.

    Any kind of lily, for example, can be dangerous, especially to cats. Similarly, the bulbs of Tulips, Daffodils, Spider Lilies, Jonquils Nerines and Crocuses can also be deadly.

    Queen Protea

    Among the oldest families of¬†flowers¬†on earth, dating back 300 million years, Greek legend tells us that¬†protea¬†were named after Proteus, the son of Poseidon. … With its mythological associations to change and transformation, it’s not surprising that in the language of¬†flowers,¬†protea¬†symbolizes diversity and courage.

    Garden Rose

    The red¬†rose¬†symbolizes romance, love, beauty, and courage. A red rosebud signifies beauty and purity. A thornless red¬†rose¬†means love at first sight. Yellow¬†roses¬†symbolize friendship and joy, and new beginnings. Orange¬†roses symbolize fascination, desire, and sensuality.All¬†roses¬†symbolize God’s love at work in the world, but different colors of¬†roses¬†also symbolize different¬†spiritual¬†concepts. White¬†roses¬†mean purity and holiness. Red¬†roses¬†mean passion and sacrifice. Yellow¬†roses¬†mean wisdom and joy. Pink¬†roses¬†mean gratitude and peace

    Mokara Orchid

    The orchid symbolizes love, beauty, refinement and beautiful woman. It is also the Chinese symbol for many children, thoughtful, maturity or charm. In Greek mythology, Orchis was a man of beauty punished by the Fates for his uncontrolled lust. He was torn apart by beasts and from his death arose orchids. During England’s Victorian era, the orchid was associated with luxury. Today the orchid means refinement, beauty and wisdom.


    The most known¬†meaning¬†of¬†tulips¬†is perfect and deep love. As¬†tulips¬†are a classic¬†flower¬†that has been loved by many for centuries they have been attached with the¬†meaning¬†of love. They’re ideal to give to someone who you have a deep, unconditional love for, whether it’s your partner, children, parents or siblings.

    What should flower girl carry?
    Traditionally, she totes a basket full of petals, but other alternatives include wrapped candies or confetti. Also, instead of scattering aforementioned items, she can carry a single bloom, a pomander (a lush ball of flowers), or blow bubbles
    What can a flower girl throw instead of flowers?
    What can a flower girl throw instead of flowers? Confetti. Your¬†flower girl can¬†kick off your entrance with colorful confetti tossed all over the aisle. If your photographer is uber-talented, you’ll probably get some beautiful photos of her smiles as she¬†throws¬†confetti.
    What do flower girls do?
    A¬†flower girl¬†typically walks in front of the bride during the wedding procession and scatters¬†flower¬†petals on the floor before the bride walks down the aisle, but some venues¬†do¬†not allow the scattering of petals. Her outfit usually resembles a smaller version of the bride’s wedding dress.
    How many petals should a flower girl have?
    Freeze Dried Petals


    Flower girl: 4 to 8 cups per flower girl.

    Why does a flower girl throw petals?
    She throws out the petals, which symbolize the transition of the bride into a loving and passionate wife. Originally, the petals may have also been used to ward off evil spirits, so the flower girl walking in front of the bride would protect her on her wedding day.
    Does the flower girl walk first?
    The maid or matron of honor is the last of the bride’s attendants to¬†walk¬†down the aisle, either alone or with the best man. … The¬†flower girl walks¬†in just before the bride. It’s acceptable for the ring bearer and¬†flower girl¬†to enter together.

    Who walks the bride’s mother down the aisle?


    A Groomsman: The most traditional choice is for a groomsman to¬†walk the bride’s mother walked down the aisle. This can be an especially good choice if the two sides of the wedding party are uneven or if you’d like to give this gentleman some additional spotlight.

    A page boy is a young male attendant at a wedding or a cotillion. This type of wedding attendant is less common than it used to be, but it is still a way of including young relatives or the children of friends in a wedding

    What does ring bearer mean?: the person who holds the rings until they are needed at a wedding.

    What is the role of a ring bearer?A Boy Who Carries The Rings To The Altar

    The ring bearer is a direct name for his role. That is to carry the ring down the aisle to the altar. It is a young male between the ages of five and ten. Any younger and you may have trouble having them pay attention or they may get fussy

    What is the role of a ring bearer?A Boy Who Carries The Rings To The Altar

    The ring bearer is a direct name for his role. That is to carry the ring down the aisle to the altar. It is a young male between the ages of five and ten. Any younger and you may have trouble having them pay attention or they may get fussy

    Have the flower girl and ring bearer attend the rehearsal to become familiar with the site and practice their role.
    -At the rehearsal have mock baskets and a mock pillow so that they can practice holding an object while walking down the aisle

    -If the ring bearer is fairly young, it is best to have fake rings tied to the pillow, and have the best man hold the real rings.

    -If the ring bearer and flower girl are prone to restlessness, have them sit with their families rather than standing for the wedding.

    Unexpected Flower Girl Ideas

    Your Flower Girl Carry Down the Aisle Instead of Flowers

    For pennants, they are available in thousands of colors, styles, and patterns. The possibilities are countless, and you can get very creative with your options.¬†They can say anything the couple wants, from ‚ÄúHere Comes the Bride‚ÄĚ ‚Äúto Mr. and Mrs.‚ÄĚ to ‚ÄúWait ‚Äôtil You See Her!‚ÄĚ.


    Tell her that you want her to wave to the people, throw them kisses, and look pretty.


    Depending on what tone your wedding has, you can get a¬†‚Äúreal‚ÄĚ wand, or you can go the fairy tale route and have one made from¬†flowers, twigs, and ribbon. This is one that your flower girl(s) will truly love because they‚Äôll feel like a princess!

    Dried Lavender

    As mentioned before, many wedding venues don’t allow real flower petals to be thrown (apparently flower petals can stain carpet). You really have your heart set on your flower girl throwing something floral, consider dried lavender. It makes a fantastic flower petal alternative because it looks beautiful in photos, and smells wonderful as well.


    If your pet does well with strangers and your flower girl is comfortable with him or her, consider having her carry, walk, or cart them down the aisle. For multiple pets, a wagon may be a cute idea. Incorporating pets into a wedding is always a lovely crowd-pleaser.


    Confetti has a similar aesthetic to flower petals, only it’s much more festive. It also comes in countless colors and styles, so you’ll definitely be able to find something to match your wedding.


    Boutonniere Ideas for Any Wedding Style


    What is the flower on a guys tux called?
    A boutonni√®re (French: [but…Ēnj…õ Ā]) or Buttonhole is a¬†floral¬†decoration, typically a single¬†flower¬†or bud, worn on the lapel of a¬†tuxedo¬†or¬†suit¬†jacket.
    Who all wears a boutonniere in a wedding?
    Boutonnieres. The groom, groomsmen, the bride’s dad, the groom’s dad, the ring bearer, any ushers, both sets of grandfathers, a male officiant, and any male readers should¬†all wear a boutonniere, which is pinned to the left lapel
    Do you need boutonniere for wedding?
    The answer is no. It’s not mandatory just like flowers in general, are not mandatory. Yes,¬†you‘ll typically see¬†boutonnieres¬†at¬†weddings, but¬†you¬†don’t¬†have¬†to¬†have¬†them. In case¬†you¬†aren’t familiar,¬†boutonnieres¬†are pinned to a suit or tux lapel, so they’re typically for men.
    What is the role of the best man?
    The¬†best man¬†may be tasked with¬†duties¬†such as organizing the bachelor party, collecting money and purchasing a gift for the groom, and helping the groom and groomsmen to pick out what they’ll be wearing to the wedding.
    How do I choose my best man and groomsmen?
    Having trouble deciding¬†how to choose¬†a¬†best man?¬†Here’s a list of traits that make the¬†best¬†leader of the pack.
    1. The obvious choice is usually the right choice. 
    2. He knows the crew. 
    3. He’s a doer, not a complainer.
    4. He has your best interests at heart. 
    5. He has party-planning skills. 
    6. He’s organized and trustworthy.
    What is a married best man called?
    When the groom wishes to give this honor to a woman, she may be termed the¬†best¬†woman or¬†best¬†person, or may still be referred to as the ‘best man‘. The bride’s equivalent of the¬†best man¬†is the maid or matron of honour. A gender-neutral term is honor attendant.
    Does the best man pay for anything?
    Yes, part of the¬†best man’s¬†responsibilities is to get the couple a wedding gift. The¬†best man¬†may also choose to get the¬†groom¬†an individual gift as part of the bachelor party festivities, but it’s not necessary. … Traditionally, the¬†best man¬†purchases a gift from the couple’s wedding registry or gives cash.
    Who does the best man thank?
    3 Best man

    Thanks РThe groom on behalf of the wedding party for his words and the gifts from the bride and groom.
    What color should a boutonniere be?  What Is a Boutonniere?
    A boutonniere is a floral accessory worn on the lapel of a tux or suit jacket for special occasions such as weddings. Start with the color: White, green, and yellow are all popular shades. Another great way to balance out a boutonniere is with the addition of bold greenery.

    Dainty Gold Arrows and Brunia Berries

    Symbolism. Brunia stands symbol for chivalry. If you want to express this symbolism even more, you should use Brunia varieties which are silver colored.

    Annabelle Roses and Greenery

    All¬†roses¬†symbolize God’s love at work in the world, but different colors of¬†roses¬†also symbolize different¬†spiritual¬†concepts. White¬†roses¬†mean purity and holiness. Red¬†roses¬†mean passion and sacrifice. Yellow¬†roses¬†mean wisdom and joy. Pink¬†roses mean gratitude and peace’

    A refreshing and revitalizing shade,¬†Greenery¬†is symbolic of new beginnings.¬†Greenery¬†is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.

    Purple Clematis

    The clematis flowers symbolize the beauty of ingenuity or the trait of artifice. Many experts have suggested that this is most likely related to its wonderful and clever ability to climb around places such as walls as well as trellises.

    White Gardenia With Dusty Miller

    The¬†clematis¬†flowers symbolize the beauty of ingenuity or the trait of artifice. Many experts have suggested that this is most likely related to its wonderful and clever ability to climb around places such as walls as well as trellises.The¬†symbolism¬†of¬†Clematis¬†is an intriguing one: this¬†flower¬†stands for mental beauty and ingenuity! As a garden¬†plant,¬†Clematis¬†climbs up trellises and walls, sometimes in an incomprehensible way, and that is probably why the¬†flower¬†got its nice¬†meaning Dusty Miller. Representing happiness and delicacy,¬†dusty miller¬†is a popular green filler¬†flower. It’s often used in soft, garden-like bouquets

    Green Succulent With Red Floral Accents

    The kingdom of plants thrives where sunshine and water interlink. Some are strong, some are gentle. Succulents symbolize enduring and timeless love for they are tenacious plants that store water in their thick leaves and stems.Vibrant red flower arrangements represent a fervent kind of love and desire that is passionate, seductive, and unstoppable. Red is also the symbol of bravery and festive happiness. Vibrant, passionate and demanding to be noticed, red is the color of love and romance. Red flowers symbolize courage, respect, constancy, admiration and, of course, desire.

    Berry and Gum Leaves

    Symbolism. The eucalyptus is a holy tree for the Aboriginals. For them it represents the division of underworld, Earth and heaven. The eucalyptus leaf also has a purifying effect, as negative energy disappears in the place where you burn a eucalyptus leaf.

    Berries often are used to symbolize many different things in literature, art, mythology, and everyday life. It has been thought that the red color of many berries symbolizes life or the blood of mythical creatures. Some of these symbols are positive and uplifting while others are downright scary.

    Astilbe Tied With Ribbon

    Astilbe flowers are a symbol of patience and dedication to a beloved one. If you give this flower away, you give the promise that you will be waiting for this person. The flower is long blooming, this symbolize the dedication to the loved one.Bows are ribbons that have been tied into a decorative and functional knot. Bows and knots are ancient symbols of strength, unions, ties that bind, loyalty, and beauty. Of course, the color of a bow only adds to its symbolic meaning

    Mini Tulips and Herbs

    The most known meaning of¬†tulips¬†is perfect and deep love. As¬†tulips¬†are a classic flower that has been loved by many for centuries they have been attached with the meaning of love. They’re ideal to give to someone who you have a deep, unconditional love for, whether it’s your partner, children, parents or siblings.Across many different cultures and time periods, humans have cherished a secret¬†meaning¬†of¬†herbs¬†and plants. Flowers,¬†herbs, and foliage were given as tokens of good luck and well wishing ‚Äď sprigs of wheat included in bridal bouquets for fertility, wreaths of bay laurels worn as a¬†symbol¬†of victory.

    White Ranunculus and Greenery

    These fairy tale blooms¬†symbolize radiant charm and beauty. In Victorian times, people would give them to someone they were attracted to as a way of saying ‚ÄúI am dazzled by your charms.‚ÄĚ They’re the perfect ‚ÄúI have a crush on you‚ÄĚ flowers¬†White flowers¬†can¬†mean¬†reverence and humility, purity and innocence or sympathy for a bereavement. Depending on the type of blooms chosen by your local florists, a bouquet of¬†white flowers¬†can be bold and brilliant, or gentle and self-effacing.Green¬†represents abundance, renewal, growth and nature. It is a harmonizing, balancing and calming color.¬†Green¬†is a healing color that gives healing energy to the heart.¬†Green¬†is the color of balance. It also¬†means¬†learning, growth, renewal, and harmony.

    Calla Lily With Greenery Accents

    The¬†calla lily¬†flower is the official bloom to represent a sixth wedding anniversary. Because of the flower’s uniqueness, it is often used to mark life’s rites of passage. More broadly, the¬†calla lily meaning is purity, holiness, and faithfulness, which goes back to its religious significance.

    Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate, revitalize and unite,¬†Greenery symbolizes¬†the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.‚ÄĚ … ‚ÄúThe tangy yellow-green¬†speaks to our desire to express, explore, experiment and reinvent, imparting a sense of buoyancy,‚ÄĚ said Ms Eiseman.

    Hydrangea Blossoms, Berries, and Acorns

    The¬†hydrangea¬†represents gratitude, grace and beauty. It also radiates abundance because of the lavish number of¬†flowers¬†and the generous round shape. Its colours¬†symbolise¬†love, harmony and peace.The¬†flowers¬†and¬†berries¬†together¬†symbolize¬†righteousness and spiritual merit in Christian art. … In Victorian¬†flower¬†language, the¬†berry symbolizes¬†perfection and ‚Äúsweetness in life and character.‚ÄĚ It also represents modesty because the¬†berries¬†are often found under the leaves.One little¬†acorn, with time, can also be the start of a whole forest of mighty oak trees.¬†Acorns¬†are also considered to be a lucky¬†symbol, representing prosperity, youthfulness, power and spiritual growth.

    Rustic Thistles

    It’s a symbol of resilience. In Celtic regions, the¬†thistle¬†represents devotion, bravery, determination, and strength. The¬†thistle¬†was one of the respected emblems of Lorraine, a region in northeastern France. In the Basque region of France, the¬†thistle¬†is considered a symbol of protection.

    Pink Garden Rose

    The¬†meaning¬†of¬†pink roses¬†can stand for femininity, elegance, refinement, and sweetness. … A deep or hot¬†pink rose¬†can convey gratitude, appreciation, recognition and is a great way to say ‚Äúthank you,‚ÄĚ while a light or pale¬†pink rose¬†conveys grace, gentleness, joy, and happiness


    Artificial Flowers With a Vintage Skeleton Key

    Artificial flowers¬†are imitations of natural flowering plants used for commercial or residential decoration. …¬†Artificial¬†plants vary widely from mass-produced varieties that are distinguishable from real plants by casual observation to highly detailed botanical or artistic specimens.Skeleton keys¬†symbolize ‚Äúaccess to‚ÄĚ something, whether it be abstract, as in ‚Äúkeys¬†to a city,‚ÄĚ or actual, as in the¬†key¬†to your home. They are often thought to symbolize the¬†key¬†to one’s heart, the¬†key¬†to success, or the¬†key¬†to ‚Äúunlocking the door‚ÄĚ to whatever it is one wishes to attai


    Textured Boutonniere With Berries and Ferns

    A simple flower worn on the lapel of a jacket is a gesture full of meaning that extends beyond the flower. Boutonnieres are a symbol of fragile life, of beauty in nature, of love undefined yet captured in a single bloom

    The fern symbolizes eternal youth. To the indigenous Maori of New Zealand, the fern represented new life and new beginnings. To the Japanese, the fern symbolizes family and the hope for future generations. According to Victorians, the fern symbolized humility and sincerity.

    How to Choose a Bridesmaid Bouquet
    Can bridesmaids wear wrist corsages?
    While your bridesmaids will likely carry bouquets, some brides may opt for their ‘maids to wear corsages or floral bracelets instead.
    Who wears a wrist corsage at a wedding?
    There aren’t any set-in-stone traditions about who gets to wear wedding-day flowers. But here’s who most couples choose to honor: The parents and stepparents, grandparents, any other immediate family members who are not in the wedding party, ushers, and the ceremony readers. Either way, it’s up to you.
    Do bridesmaids have bouquets and corsages?
    If you’re opting to outfit everyone with flowers, it’s typical to have bouquets for your bridesmaids; a basket of petals, nosegay, or flower crown for your flower girl; wrist corsages, nosegays, or floral clutch clips for female family members (like mothers, grandmothers, and sisters); and boutonnieres for the groom
    Should guests wear flowers to a wedding?
    Flowers and Wedding Guests

    When guests decide to buy their own flowers the correct etiquette guidelines are that both female and males guests should wear a single flower buttonhole or corsage as they may end up taking away the special touches the Bride and Groom have chosen for themselves on their wedding day.

    Do mothers wear corsages at weddings?
    Mothers of the bride and groom play an important role in any wedding celebration. But since they’re not necessarily a part of the bridal party, they don’t need to carry a wedding bouquet down the aisle. … Mothers of the bride and groom have been wearing wrist corsages forever


    What can a bridesmaid carry instead of flowers?
    • Lanterns
    • The sky lantern ceremony has come to represent the releasing of one’s deepest fears and desires. It is a symbolic cleansing, a letting go of everything that troubles you. It is also the beginning of a new, enlightened you, with the light illuminating the path of knowledge and righteousness.A

    The fan itself is a symbol of prosperity as it spreads out when we open it, similar to that of a blooming flower or the widening of wealth Fans have many uses ranging from practical to symbolic. They can keep you cool in hot weather, serve in religious ritual, display sophistication and wealth, or function as an advertising medium.


    Together, the circular shape and the evergreen material make the wreath a representation of eternal life. It is also a representation of faith, as Christians in Europe often placed a candle on the wreath during Advent to symbolize the light that Jesus brought into the world.


                                            Another popular choice for symbolic ceremonies is the releasing of balloons as a means of wishing the bride and groom happiness and wellness. … This symbolic act creates such a beautiful moment as you all watch the balloons with the loving notes float over the Tuscan landscape.


                              A wedding tambourine can be the sound that announces the arrival of the couple/bride/groom to the ceremony. Rings can creatively be placed on a tambourine instead of a pillow, or, the tambourine can be incorporated into a unique wedding bouquet.

                    Flower Crowns

    The fresh flower head halo has been a favorite accessory all over the world for centuries. Today, flower crowns are fashionable and trendy. … Since ancient times, horseshoe or circular shape crown has been a symbol of power, eternity and glory. Ancient Rome and Greece had crowns made from wool and ivy leaves


    The idea of carrying an umbrella for shade was very common and it was also a symbol of southern style, femininity and grace. This umbrella became an accessory of choice for many southern weddings and was often an indicator of societal statue.


    The feather, for example, is a powerful symbol that signifies honor and a connection between the owner, the Creator, and the bird from which the feather came. It symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, and freedom. It is an object that is deeply revered and a sign of high honor.

    Feathers are powerful symbol of hope and spiritual growth. A feather is communication from the higher heavenly realms. Birds are free to fly and they represent freedom, and birds are extremely spiritual animals. … Birds represent good luck and prosperity, love and an abundance of wealth and knowledge.

                                             TYPE OF FLOWERS for  Bridesmaid

    Here are a few of the most popular flower choices and the meanings they’re associated with.


    As a whole, roses are considered to symbolize love. 

    Red roses usually stand for passion and courage, in addition to love. Pink roses often symbolize happiness, romance, and admiration. White roses are associated with purity and innocence, and yellow ones are associated with friendship, joy, and delight.


    They symbolize romance and a happy marriage, as well as good fortune and prosperity.


    Dahlias are a beautiful statement flower that symbolizes elegance, inner strength, creativity, change, and dignity.


    These unique flowers are associated with holiness, purity, and faith, and are thus often found in religious wedding ceremonies.


    With each flower containing a complex array of colors, these are known to symbolize radiance, joy, and charm.


    The carnation is a beautiful flower that has been used as decoration for centuries. Its common meanings are love, fascination, and distinction.

    Some legends say that carnations grew from the tears of the Virgin Mary, so they are strongly associated with motherly love.

    Is one of your bridesmaids expecting a child?


    These flowers are associated with friendship and trust. 

    Freesia flower meanings generally include friendship, trust, thoughtfulness and innocence. They are a popular gift for friends and family, and is a popular flower amongst various cultures. According to the Victorian language of flowers, the freesia is the ultimate flower of trust.


    Well, the name comes from the Greek word for dissolution ‘lysis’ and flower ‘anthos’. So lisianthus in Greek basically means dissolving flowers. … It’s scientific name, eustoma, also comes from the ancient Greek language where ‘eu’ means beautiful and ‘stoma’ means mouth or a mouth-like shape.Red Rose symbolizes ‚ÄúLove‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúI love you‚ÄĚ and Lily is symbolic of ‚ÄúSolemn.‚ÄĚ Plus, Gentian’s another flower meaning is ‚ÄúTo feel compassion for your sorrow.‚ÄĚ


    Daisies are the calling card of true love, innocence, purity, and new beginnings. They are a bright reminder that your future with your spouse begins now.


    This wholly unique flower, with its wide center and pointed petals, is a symbol of transformation and courage. 

    The king protea, which is a large, striking bloom that resembles a crown, would make a statement in any bouquet.


    Perfect for a winter wedding, dusty millers are silvery and look like lace. They pair well with delicate flowers to round out any bouquet.

    Because they represent joy, some dusty millers would be right at home in your bridesmaid’s bouquets.


    Succulents are known for being able to survive in harsh conditions. Therefore, in the context of a wedding ceremony, they symbolize everlasting love.


    They are associated with sincerity, compassion, trust, and everlasting love.


     Stephanotis is the symbol of marital happiness, hence the nickname ‘wedding flower’. In modern flower symbolism Stephanotis represents ‘good fortune’ and ‘the longing to travel’.


    Delphiniums symbolize cheerfulness and goodwill, as well as a protective plant. Delphiniums are used to communicate encouragement and joy, as well as remembering loved ones who have passed. Delphiniums are also the official birth flower for July.


    Purple irises symbolize royalty and wisdom. Yellow irises symbolize passion. Blue irises symbolize faith and hope. White irises symbolize purity

    Fall Favorites

    Aster. The September birth flower. This fall-blooming herb with daisy-like flowers stands for Wisdom, Faith, and Valor. Named after the Greek word for “Star” due to it’s blooms resembling a star, Asters symbolize love, wisdom, faith, and color.


    The tiny funnel-shaped flowers of Statice have many meanings, including lasting beauty, success, fond memories, remembrance and sympathy. Fillers add texture and sometimes a pop of color to any arrangements. Bright purple statice pairs beautifully with sunflowers or any yellow bloom.

    Spray Roses

    Roses are most commonly associated with love and romance. Roses can also mean secrecy or confidentiality. The term ‚Äúsub rosa‚ÄĚ, meaning under the rose, comes from ancient times. … On the Strength card, the rose represents balance. And on the Death card, it’s a reminder of purity, clarity, and transparency of intent.

    Pantone Rose Quartz & Serenity

    Rose Quartz conveys passion with a sense of composure. It’s persuasive, yet gentle. A warm, embracing tone. Serenity on the other hand is a cooler tone that brings with it a sense of tranquility

    Pantone Living Coral

    Coral is, for most people, perceived as a largely positive color. Warm, dynamic, and invigorating, it blends the femininity of pink with the optimism and energy of orange. Corals with more red tones are particularly strong and vibrant, and can be used successfully in masculine scheme


    Snapdragons have multiple meanings. They can represent strength, as they’re able to grow in rocky, typically uninhabitable areas, but they can also symbolize themes like deviousness and grace. Snapdragons are sometimes used as a charm against falsehood


    Due to their namesake, orchids are associated with fertility, virility, and sexuality. These associations, coupled with their exotic appearance, have given them a long history of being associated with love, fertility and elegance throughout various cultures and time periods.


    Each different variety of lily holds a different meaning. But the most common meaning is purity and fertility. The sweet and innocent beauty of the lily flower has given it the association of fresh life and rebirth.

    Calla Lilies

    White calla lily flowers are commonly used in Easter services and have come to represent resurrection and rebirth. … White calla lilies also carry the meaning of innocence, while yellow blooms express gratitude. Pink calla lily meaning includes appreciation and admiration. Purple calla lilies signify passion.


    Meanings vary among the numerous varieties of tropical flowers. Orchids represent luxury and rare beauty, and proteas symbolize diversity and courage. Birds of paradise convey joyfulness while anthuriums send a message of hospitality.

    White  Oleander

    Oleander symbolizes desire and destiny, but it can also mean caution. It is also associated with romance, charm and everlasting love.


     Entree Ideas for Your Wedding Menu

    Filet Mignon With Green Beans
    Beef Tenderloin Steaks and Balsamic Green Beans
    Total:35 mins
    Serves 4 (serving size: 1 steak and 1/2 cup bean mixture)
    • 2 teaspoons butter, divided
    • 1 cup vertically sliced yellow onion
    • 1 cup vertically sliced red onion
    • ¬ľ cup sliced shallots
    • 3 garlic cloves, minced
    • ¬Ĺ cup fat-free, lower-sodium beef broth
    • 2 cups green beans, trimmed
    • 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
    • ¬ľ teaspoon salt, divided
    • 4 (4-ounce) beef tenderloin steaks
    • ¬ľ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
    • Cooking spray


    • Step 1

      Melt 1 teaspoon butter in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Add onions and shallots; sauté 6 minutes. Add garlic; sauté 1 minute. Add broth; cook 4 minutes or until onions are tender and liquid almost evaporates. Add beans and vinegar; cover and cook 4 minutes or until beans are crisp-tender. Remove from heat. Stir in remaining 1 teaspoon butter and 1/8 teaspoon salt; keep warm.

    • Step 2

      Sprinkle steaks with remaining 1/8 teaspoon salt and pepper. Heat a cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat. Coat pan with cooking spray. Add steaks to pan; cook 3 minutes on each side or until desired degree of doneness. Let stand 5 minutes. Serve with bean mixture.

    Barbecue Favorites: Fried Chicken, Mac and  cheese and Biscuits
    Buttermilk Fried Chicken
    • Level: Intermediate
    • Total: 2 hr
    • Prep: 30 min
    • Inactive: 1 hr
    • Cook: 30 min
    • Yield: 4 servings

    Toss the chicken, buttermilk and 1 teaspoon salt in a bowl. Cover and refrigerate, 1 hour.
    Heat 1 inch of vegetable oil in a large deep skillet over medium-high heat until a deep-fry thermometer registers 360.
    Mix the flour, paprika, 1/4 teaspoon pepper and the garlic powder in a shallow bowl. Remove the dark meat from the buttermilk, shake off the excess and roll in the flour mixture. Shake off the excess flour, place in the hot oil and fry, turning occasionally, until golden brown and cooked through, about 15 minutes (adjust the heat as needed). Drain on paper towels.
    Reheat the oil to 360 degrees F. Repeat with the chicken breasts and wings, frying for about 15 minutes. Serve hot or at room temperature.

    Fried Chicken
    • Level: Intermediate
    • Total: 10 hr (includes brining and sitting time)
    • Active: 1 hr 30 min
    • Yield: 4 servings
    • Directions:
      Special equipment: a deep-fry
      Level: Intermediate
      Total: 10 hr
      (includes brining and sitting time)
      Active: 1 hr 30 min
      Yield: 4 servings
      2 fryer chickens, each cut into 8 pieces
      4 1/4 cups buttermilk
      5 cups all-purpose flour
      3 tablespoons seasoned salt, such as Lawry’s
      2 teaspoons paprika
      2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper
      2 teaspoons ground dried thyme
      1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, plus more for
      1/4 cup milk
      Canola or vegetable oil, for frying

      Thoroughly rinse the chicken pieces,
      then place them in a bowl and cover
      with 4 cups of the buttermilk. Soak in the
      fridge overnight or up to 24 hours.

    • When you’re ready to fry the chicken,
      remove the bowl from the fridge and
      let it sit on the counter for 30 minutes, just
      to take the chill off.
      In the meantime, preheat the oven to
      360 degrees F and mix up the
      breading. Place the flour, seasoned salt,
      paprika, black pepper, thyme and cayenne
      (plus extra cayenne if you like heat) in a
      very large bowl. Stir together well.
    • In a small bowl, combine the
      remaining 1/4 cup buttermilk and the
      milk. Pour the milk mixture into the flour
      mixture and gradually mix with a fork until
      there are little lumps throughout; these will
      adhere to the chicken and make for a
      crispier breading. If necessary, add a little
      more flour or milk to make the breading
      slightly lumpy.
    • Heat 1 1/2 to 2 inches of oil in a deep
      skillet over medium-high heat until a
      deep-fry thermometer reaches 365
      degrees F. Lower the heat slightly, if
      necessary, to keep the oil from getting
    • Working in batches, thoroughly coat
      each chicken piece with breading,
      pressing extra breading onto the chicken if
      necessary. Place the breaded pieces on a
    • Add the breaded chicken to the oil, 3
      or 4 pieces at a time; make sure they
      don’t stick together. Cover the pan and fry
      for 5 to 7 minutes, checking occasionally to
      make sure the chicken isn’t getting too
      brown. Turn the pieces over, cover again,
      and cook for 3 to 5 minutes more. All the
      while, monitor the temperature of the oil to
      make sure the chicken doesn’t burn.
    • Transfer the fried chicken to a baking
      sheet and continue frying the rest of
      the chicken. When all the chicken has
      been fried, remove the wings and legs to a
      plate and keep covered. (These should be
      cooked all the way through by now, but
      always check if any pink juice or meat is
      visible. If so, return to the hot oil for
      another minute or so, until fully cooked.)
      Leave the thighs and breasts on the baking
    • Bake the thighs and breasts for 15
      minutes to finish cooking. (Sometimes
      I’ll cut into the thicker part of one of the
      larger pieces just to make sure the chicken
      is cooked through. If any pink juice or meat
      is visible, the chicken needs to continue
      cooking in the oven.)

    Homemade Baked Mac and Cheese

    Tips for the Best Homemade Baked Mac and Cheese
    • Use block cheese and shred, do not buy the pre-shredded cheese. The pre-shredded cheese is great for so many things but not macaroni and cheese. It‚Äôs coated and won‚Äôt melt properly. You need to shred it yourself for the best result.
    • Cook your pasta to slightly less than al dente, about one minute shy is perfect. The reason is that this is baked mac and cheese so the pasta will continue to cook in the homemade cheese sauce in the oven. You don‚Äôt want soggy macaroni.
    • This mac and cheese recipe starts with a roux. The roux is super important to getting the creamiest cheese sauce of your life. Here is what you need to look for:
      • The roux (equal parts butter and flour) is whisked together until bubbly and golden.
      • Whisk in cold milk ‚Äď not warm ‚Äď to prevent the flour from clumping.
      • Cook the roux until  you see bubbles on the surface and then continue cooking for an additional 2 minutes before adding the cheese.
     Course Dinner
     Cuisine American
     Keyword cheese, dinner, kid friendly, mac and cheese, macaroni and cheese
     Prep Time 20 minutes
     Cook Time 30 minutes
     Total Time 1 hour
     Servings  12
     AuthorTrish – Mom On Timeout
    • 16 oz elbow macaroni, cooked (or other tubular pasta)
    • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
    • 6 tbsp unsalted butter
    • 1/3 cup all purpose flour
    • 3 cups whole milk
    • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
    • 4 cups sharp cheddar cheese shredded
    • 2 cups Gruyere cheese shredded
    • salt and pepper to taste
    • 1 1/2 cups panko crumbs
    • 4 tbsp butter melted
    • 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese shredded
    • 1/4 tsp smoked paprika (or regular paprika)
    • Preheat oven to 350 F. Lightly grease a large 3 qt or 4 qt baking dish and set aside.Combine shredded cheeses in a large bowl and set aside.
    • Cook the pasta one minute shy of al dente according to the package instructions. Remove from heat, drain, and place in a large bowl.
    • Drizzle pasta with olive oil and stir to coat pasta. Set aside to cool while preparing cheese sauce.
    • Melt butter in a deep saucepan, dutch oven, or stock pot.
    • Whisk in flour over medium heat and continue whisking for about 1 minute until bubbly and golden.
    • Gradually whisk in the milk and heavy cream until nice and smooth. Continue whisking until you see bubbles on the surface and then continue cooking and whisking for another 2 minutes. Whisk in salt and pepper.
    • Add two cups of shredded cheese and whisk until smooth. Add another two cups of shredded cheese and continue whisking until creamy and smooth. Sauce should be nice and thick.
    • Stir in the cooled pasta until combined and pasta is fully coated with the cheese sauce.
    • Pour half of the mac and cheese into the prepared baking dish. Top with remaining 2 cups of shredded cheese and then the remaining mac and cheese.
    • In a small bowl, combine panko crumbs, Parmesan cheese, melted butter and paprika. Sprinkle over the top and bake until bubbly and golden brown, about 30 minutes. Serve immediately.
    Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits
    1. All-purpose Flour
    2. Baking Powder
    3. Salt
    4. Cold Butter
    5. Cold Buttermilk
    6. Honey
    •  Prep Time: 20 minutes
    •  Cook Time: 15 minutes
    •  Total Time: 35 minutes
    •  Yield: 8-10 biscuits
    • Ingredients
      • 2 and 1/2 cups (312g) all-purpose flour, plus extra for hands and work surface
      • 2 Tablespoons aluminum free baking powder (yes, Tablespoons)
      • 1 teaspoon salt
      • 1/2 cup (1 stick; 115g) unsalted butter, cubed and very cold (see note)
      • 1 cup + 2 Tablespoons (270ml) cold buttermilk, divided
      • 2 teaspoons honey
      • optional honey butter topping: 2 Tablespoons melted butter mixed with 1 Tablespoon honey

      1. Preheat oven to 425¬įF (218¬įC).
      2. Make the biscuits: Place the flour, baking powder, and salt together in a large bowl or in a large food processor. Whisk or pulse until combined. Add the cubed butter and cut into the dry ingredients with a pastry cutter or by pulsing several times in the processor. Cut/pulse until coarse crumbs form. See photo above for a visual. If you used a food processor, pour the mixture into a large bowl.
      3. Make a well in the center of the mixture. Pour 1 cup (240ml) buttermilk and drizzle honey on top. Fold everything together with a large spoon or rubber spatula until it begins to come together. Do not overwork the dough. The dough will be shaggy and crumbly with some wet spots. See photo above for a visual.
      4. Pour the dough and any dough crumbles onto a floured work surface and gently bring together with generously floured hands. The dough will become sticky as you bring it together. Have extra flour nearby and use it often to flour your hands and work surface in this step. Using floured hands or a floured rolling pin, flatten into a 3/4 inch thick rectangle as best you can. Fold one side into the center, then the other side. Turn the dough horizontally. Gently flatten into a 3/4 inch thick rectangle again. Repeat the folding again. Turn the dough horizontally one more time. Gently flatten into a 3/4 inch thick rectangle. Repeat the folding one last time. Flatten into the final 3/4 inch thick rectangle.
      5. Cut into 2.75 or 3-inch circles with a biscuit cutter. (Tip: Do not twist the biscuit cutter when pressing down into the dough‚Äď this seals off the edges of the biscuit which prevents them from fully rising.) Re-roll scraps until all the dough is used. You should have about 8-10 biscuits. Arrange in a 10-inch cast iron skillet (see note) or close together on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Make sure the biscuits are touching.
      6. Brush the tops with remaining buttermilk. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until tops are golden brown.
      7. Remove from the oven, brush warm tops with optional honey butter, and enjoy warm.
      8. Cover leftovers tightly and store at room temperature or in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.
    Oven Pork Ribs with Barbecue Sauce
    Prep Time 15 mins
    Cook Time 2 hrs 15 mins
    Total Time 2 hrs 30 mins
    Course: BBQ, Dinner, Ribs
    Cuisine: American
    Keyword: barbecue pork ribs, oven pork ribs, spice rub for pork ribs
    Servings: 6
    Calories: 814cal
    Author: Nagi | RecipeTin Eats

    Barbecue Rub for Ribs:

    • 2.5 tsp paprika powder
    • 2 tsp garlic powder (sub with onion powder)
    • 1.5 tsp onion powder (sub with garlic powder)
    • 1 tsp cayenne pepper (omit for not spicy)
    • 1.5 tsp dried thyme
    • 1.5 tsp dried oregano
    • 1.5 tsp salt
    • 0.5 tsp black pepper


    • 2 – 2.5kg / 4 – 5lb pork ribs (2 racks)
    • 3/4 cup sweet alcoholic apple cider (hard cider) , or apple juice (Note 2)
    • 1 tbsp olive oil

    Homemade Barbecue Sauce

    • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar (Note 3)
    • 1 1/2 cups tomato ketchup (or Aussie tomato sauce)
    • 1/2 cup water (or use remaining apple cider!)
    • 1 1/2 tbsp molasses , orginal (not blackstrap, Note 4)
    • 1/3 cup brown sugar
    • 2 tsp mustard powder
    • 1 1/2 tsp garlic powder
    • 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
    • 1 tsp salt
    • 1 tsp black pepper
    • 1 tsp Tabasco or cayenne pepper (optional, for spiciness)
    • Combine the Rub ingredients and rub onto both sides of the ribs (most on meaty side). Set aside to marinate for 20 minutes (or overnight).
    • Preheat oven to 160¬įC/320¬įF (all oven types).
    • Place ribs on a tray in a single layer. Pour apple cider underneath the ribs, cover with foil then bake for 1 hour 30 minutes or until the meat is pretty tender (Note 5).
    • Remove from oven, turn up to 180¬įC/350¬įF. Remove foil, drizzle with olive oil, then return ribs to oven for 15 minutes or until rub becomes nice and crusty.
    • Line a new tray with foil then baking / parchment paper (you’ll thank me later).
    • Remove ribs from oven, transfer to lined tray. Pour any juices from tray over the ribs.
    • Flip ribs so the bonier side is up. Slather with Barbecue Sauce, then bake 10 minutes.
    • Remove from oven, then turn ribs over so the meaty side is up. Slather with Barbecue Sauce, bake 5 minutes. Repeat 2 or 3 more times until you’ve got a thick glaze on the ribs.
    • Cut ribs into individual or multiple rib portions and serve with remaining Barbcue Sauce!

    Barbecue Sauce

    • Place all ingredients in a saucepan and simmer over medium heat, stirring occasionally, for 45 minutes or until thickened.
    • Adjust to taste: sweetness with brown sugar / honey, salt and sour with vinegar. Use for glazing ribs and as a sauce for serving.
    Seasonal Salad
    Broccoli Tahini Pasta Salad
    Prep time
    Cook time
    Total time
    This healthy broccoli pasta salad is made with a tangy, vegan no-mayo tahini dressing – perfect for summer picnics!
    Author: Jeanine Donofrio
    Recipe type: Salad
    Serves: 4 to 6
    • 3 cups small broccoli florets
    • 1 cup cut green beans
    • 2 cups uncooked gluten free fusilli pasta
    • 1 small zucchini, thinly sliced and cut into half moons (or spiralized)
    • 1 cup sliced cherry tomatoes
    • 4 oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, chopped
    • 8 fresh basil leaves, thinly sliced
    • ¬ľ cup pine nuts
    • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    Lemon Tahini dressing: (can be made ahead)
    • 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
    • 3 tablespoons tahini
    • 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, more for squeezing at the end
    • 2 tablespoon white wine vinegar
    • 1 garlic clove, minced
    • ¬Ĺ teaspoon Dijon mustard
    • ¬Ĺ teaspoon maple syrup
    • ¬Ĺ teaspoon sea salt
    • 3 tablespoons water
    • Instructions
      1. In a small bowl, whisk together the olive oil, tahini, lemon juice, vinegar, garlic, mustard, maple syrup, salt and water. Set aside.
      2. Prepare a large pot of salted boiling water and a large bowl of ice water. Drop the broccoli and green beans into the boiling water and blanch for 1-2 minutes, until tender but still bright green. Remove and immediately immerse in the ice water to stop the cooking processing. Keep in the ice water long enough to cool completely, about 15 seconds. Then, drain and and place on a kitchen towel to dry.
      3. In a large pot of salted boiling water, prepare the pasta according to the instructions on the package, cooking until al dente. Drain and rinse with cold water.
      4. In a large bowl, combine the broccoli, green beans, zucchini, tomatoes, basil and the pasta. Drizzle with the dressing and toss. Season to taste with salt, pepper, and squeezes of lemon, if desired. Sprinkle with the pine nuts and chill for 15 minutes. Can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.
    Citrus Salad with Fennel & Avocado
    Prep Time: 30 mins
    Serves 4 to 6
    • 1 fennel bulbsliced into wedges and roasted
    • 1 fennel bulbvery thinly sliced
    • 5 radicchio leavestorn
    • 2 satsumas or 1 small orangesegmented
    • 1 small pink grapefruitsegmented
    • 1 avocadosliced
    • 2 tablespoons pine nuts
    • ¬ľ cup shaved pecorino
    • ¬ľ cup fresh mint leaves
    • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    Lemon Dressing
    • ¬ľ cup extra-virgin olive oil
    • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
    • 1 garlic clovegrated
    • ¬Ĺ teaspoon Dijon mustard
    • ¬ľ teaspoon sea salt


    • Prepare the roasted fennel according to these directions.
    • Make the dressing: In a small bowl, whisk together the olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and Dijon mustard.
    • In a medium bowl, toss the sliced fennel with a few drizzles of the dressing. Set aside for 15 minutes so the fennel softens a bit.
    • Assemble the salad on a platter by arranging half of the sliced fennel, all the roasted fennel, radicchio, and half of the citrus segments. Drizzle with a few spoonfuls of the dressing and sprinkle with salt. Layer the remaining fennel and the remaining citrus onto the salad. Top with the avocado, pine nuts, pecorino, and mint. Drizzle with more dressing, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and serve.
    • Kale Salad with Carrot Ginger Dressing
    • Prep Time: 15 mins
      Cook Time: 25 mins
      Total Time: 40 mins
      Serves 4
    • Ingredients

      Carrot Ginger Dressing (See notes)

      • ¬Ĺ cup chopped roasted carrotsfrom 3/4 cup raw carrots
      • 1/3 to ¬Ĺ cup water
      • ¬ľ cup extra-virgin olive oil
      • 2 tablespoons rice vinegar
      • 2 teaspoons minced ginger
      • ¬ľ teaspoon sea salt


      • 1 batch Roasted Chickpeas
      • 1 bunch curly kalestems removed, leaves torn
      • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
      • ¬Ĺ teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
      • 1 small carrotgrated
      • 1 small red beetgrated*
      • ¬Ĺ watermelon radishvery thinly sliced
      • 1 avocadocubed
      • 2 tablespoons dried cranberries
      • ¬ľ cup pepitastoasted
      • 1 teaspoon sesame seeds
      • Sea salt & Freshly ground black pepper
      • Instructions
        • Make the dressing and roast the chickpeas: Preheat the oven to 400¬įF and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. Toss the chickpeas with a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle with pinches of salt and pepper. Place the carrot pieces for the dressing in their own corner on the baking sheet to roast alongside the chickpeas. Roast for 25 to minutes, or until the chickpeas are browned and crisp and the carrots are soft. Set the roasted chickpeas aside. Transfer the carrots to a blender and add the water, olive oil, rice vinegar, ginger, and salt. Blend the dressing until smooth and chill in the fridge until ready to use.
        • Place the kale leaves into a large bowl and drizzle with the lemon juice, ¬Ĺ teaspoon of olive oil, and a few pinches of salt. Use your hands to massage the leaves until they become soft and wilted and reduce in the bowl by about half.
        • Add the carrot, beet, watermelon radish, half of the cubed avocado, cranberries, pepitas, a few more good pinches of salt and a few grinds of pepper, and toss. Drizzle generously with the carrot ginger dressing. Top with the remaining avocado, more dressing, the roasted chickpeas and sprinkle with the sesame seeds. Season to taste and serve.
        Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts
        Prep Time: 20 mins
        Cook Time: 40 mins
        Total Time: 1 hr
        Serves 4
        Maple Balsamic Brussels Sprouts
        • 1 pound Brussels sproutssliced in half
        • 1 small red onionsliced into wedges
        • Extra-virgin olive oilfor drizzling
        • 1 1/2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
        • 1 teaspoon maple syrup

        For Serving

        • 2 cups cooked farro
        • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
        • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juicemore to taste
        • ¬Ĺ teaspoon Dijon mustard
        • ‚Öď cup toasted pecans
        • ‚Öď cup dried cranberries
        • Handful of microgreensoptional
        • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    Chicken and Waffles
    Classic Chicken & Waffles
    1 qt. buttermilk
    2 tbsp. kosher salt

    Mix of bone-in chicken thighs, breasts, and drumsticks (about 2 lbs.)

    Vegetable oil, for frying

    2 c. all purpose flour
    1 tbsp. paprika
    1 tsp. cayenne

    Kosher salt

    Freshly ground black pepper

    2 Large eggs
    2 c. all-purpose flour
    2 tbsp. granulated sugar
    1 tsp. baking powder
    1/2 tsp. baking soda
    1 c. sour cream
    1 c. milk
    6 tbsp. butter, melted, plus more for waffle iron
    3 Large eggs, separated


    1. Brine chicken: In a large bowl, mix together buttermilk and 2 tablespoons salt. Add chicken and cover bowl with plastic wrap. Refrigerate at least 2 hours and up to overnight.
    2. Meanwhile, make waffles: Preheat oven to 200¬į. In a large bowl, whisk together flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and a pinch of kosher salt. 
    3. In a separate bowl, whisk together sour cream, milk, butter and egg yolks. Gently fold wet mixture into dry mixture. 
    4. In a large bowl, using a hand mixer (or in the bowl of a stand mixer), beat egg whites until stiff peaks form. Fold whipped egg whites into batter, being careful not to over mix.  (A few fluffy streaks of whites are fine!) 
    5. Heat waffle iron according to manufacturer‚Äôs instruction. When the iron is hot, brush grates with melted butter. Spoon about ‚Öď cup of batter into waffle maker and cook until golden, about 5 minutes. Repeat with remaining batter. Place cooked waffles in a clean kitchen towel on a baking sheet. Place in oven to keep warm while preparing chicken. 
    6. When ready to fry: Fill a Dutch oven fitted with a candy thermometer with vegetable oil until 2″ to 3″ deep, then preheat until oil reaches 350¬ļ. Prepare one sheet pan lined with paper towels and a wire rack.
    7. Transfer chicken from brine to another sheet pan and dry thoroughly with paper towels. Season generously with salt and pepper.
    8. In a large, deep bowl, whisk together flour, paprika, cayenne, salt, and pepper. In a large bowl, beat eggs with 2 tablespoons water. Using tongs, place chicken in egg mixture, roll in flour mixture, and shake off excess. Fry chicken in 2 batches until golden brown and cooked through, 6 to 8 minutes (internal temperature should read 165¬ļ). Bring oil back to 350¬ļ before adding last batch.
    9. Place chicken on wire rack and season with salt immediately. Plate waffles with a pat of butter and top with 2 to 3 pieces of fried chicken. Serve with maple syrup on the side for drizzling.
    Fajita and Taco Bar

    Taco Bar

    A Taco Bar is the perfect way to serve food to a large group. It’s inexpensive, easy to put together, and allows customization for guests.
    Prep Time 20 minutes
    Cook Time 10 minutes
    Total Time 30 minutes

    Main Dish
    Cuisine:America Mexican
    Keyword: beans ground beef tacos
    Servings: 10
    • 1 lb ground beef
    • 2/3 cup water
    • 2 tbsp fajita seasoning 
    • 1 can refried beans
    • 2 cups Mexican blend cheese (shredded)
    • 1 onion (chopped)
    • 1 tomato (chopped)
    • 1 cup lettuce (shredded)
    • 2 avocados (sliced)
    • 1 can black beans (drained)
    • 1 cup sour cream
    • 1 cup pico de gallo
    • 10 flour tortilla shells
    • In a medium skillet, brown the ground beef over medium heat until it is cooked through
    • Drain the beef then place back in the pan, adding water and taco seasoning
    • Cook for about 5-7 minutes, until the water has mostly evaporated, stirring occasionally
    • Meanwhile, cook the refried beans in a medium pot over medium heat, stirring frequently to prevent burning
    • Chop and prepare all taco toppings
    • Place the toppings in individual dishes or serving platters
    • Keep the meat and beans warm either on low on the stovetop or in chafing dishes
    • Serve with corn tortillas, allowing everyone to prepare their own taco
    • Fajita Seasoning
    • Course Pantry
      Cuisine Mexican
      Prep Time 5 minutes
      Total Time 5 minutes
      Servings 4 tablespoons
      Author Meggan Hill
      • 4 teaspoons chili powder
      • 2 teaspoons ground cumin
      • 2 teaspoons paprika
      • 2 teaspoons granulated sugar
      • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
      • 1 teaspoon onion powder
      • cayenne pepper to taste
      • salt to taste
      • In a small bowl, stir chili powder, cumin, paprika, sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, and salt to taste (I like 1 teaspoon) and cayenne pepper to taste (I like 1/2 teaspoon, please use less or omit if you’re sensitive to spice). Store in an airtight container.
      Chicken Fajita Bar Party!
      • SERVES 10-12
      • 4 to 5 squeezed limes (enough to make about 1/2 cup lime juice)
      • 1/2 cup olive oil
      • 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
      • 2 tablespoons Balsamic vinegar
      • 2 tablespoons minced garlic
      • 2 teaspoons ground cumin
      • dried ancho chiles, stems removed
      • 1/2 teaspoon Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb blend (optional)
      • Ground black pepper, to taste
      • 3 to 4 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts, halved lengthwise if really thick
      • Directions
        1. Put all the ingredients in a blender or food processor except the chicken, and blend until smooth.
        2. Place the chicken in a non-metallic container or gallon-sized zip-top baggie.
        3. Pour the marinade over the chicken, and marinate at least several hours or overnight.
        4. When ready to cook, fire up the grill to medium-hot heat, and grill each side about 5 minutes or until the inside is no longer pink.
        5. Remove from grill and let rest for five minutes. Slice into quarter- to half-inch strips across the grain.
        6. Serve on flour tortillas with condiments of choice from a buffet table laid out with the following: homemade or store-bought pico de gallo and guacamole, grilled red and yellow peppers, grilled onions, cheese, cilantro, black beans, and sour cream. I grilled the peppers and onion first, then sliced the peppers up thinner and kept them and the onions warm in a foil pan on the upper rack while the chicken was grilling.
      • Taco Meat  Heidi Potter

        Tacos – A great way to feed a crowd!
      • PREP TIME 10 mins
        COOK TIME 15 mins
        TOTAL TIME 25 mins
        COURSE dinner
        CUISINE Mexican
        SERVINGS 6
        • 3 lb ground beef
        • 3 cup diced white onion
        • 3 packet taco seasoning
        • In a saute pan, brown ground meat. After this is browned, add onion and cook until it is translucent. Add taco seasoning packet and follow directions. Let simmer or place into a crockpot to keep warm until your dinner is served.
        • Elements of the Taco Bar:

          • Taco Meat
          • Charro Beans
          • prep time 15 MINUTES

             cook time 1 HOUR
             total time 1 HOUR 15 MINUTES

          • INSTRUCTIONS
            1. In the Instant Pot using the saut√© setting, cook the chopped bacon until crispy.  Add the onions and garlic, and cook until the onions are softened.  I don’t drain the bacon grease because I think it adds to the flavor of the charro beans, but if there is a lot of it, you can drain most of it before adding the onions, leaving just a little to cook the onions in.
            2. Add all of the remaining ingredients to the bacon, onions, and garlic, then secure the lid and change the setting to high pressure (my Instant Pot has a button for “beans/chili” that I press and set to “Normal”) for 30 minutes.  
            3. When the time is up, allow the pressure cooker to do a complete natural release before removing the lid.  It will take about 30-45 minutes.
              •  1/2 pound bacon, chopped (about 8 slices)
              •  1/2 yellow onion, chopped
              •  2 cloves garlic, minced
              •  1 pound dried pinto beans
              •  3 cups water
              •  2 cups beef broth
              •  1 (15-ounce) can diced tomatoes and green chilies
              •  1 jalapeno, minced with seeds removed (optional)
              •  1/2 bunch of fresh cilantro, chopped
              •  2 teaspoon salt
              •  1 teaspoon cumin
              •  3/4 teaspoon chipotle chili powder
              •  1/2 teaspoon oregano
              •  1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
              •  1/2 teaspoon black pepper
          • Mexican Rice

          • SERVINGS: 8 -10
            PREP TIME:5 MINUTES
            COOK TIME:15 MINUTES
            • 3 tablespoons olive oil
            • 1/2 medium onion chopped
            • 2 cups basmati rice well rinsed and drained*
            • 3 garlic cloves minced
            • 1-3 jalapeno peppers seeded, deveined, minced
            • 2 3/4 cups low sodium chicken broth
            • 1 cup (8 oz.) tomato sauce
            • 1 14 oz. can fire-roasted tomatoes well drained
            • 2 teaspoons (or 2 chopped cubes) TOMATO bouillon with chicken flavor see notes**
            • 3 tablespoons mild chopped green chiles
            • 1/2 tsp EACH ground cumin, chili powder, dried oregano
            • 1/4 tsp EACH ground coriander, smoked paprika, salt


            • finely chopped cilantro
            • lime juice
            • Heat oil in a Dutch oven or large heavy pot over medium-high heat. Once hot, add onions and rice and saut√© for 3 minutes then add jalapenos and saut√© until rice is toasted, approximately 2-3 more minutes. Add garlic and saut√© 30 seconds.
            • Stir in all remaining Rice ingredients (except for cilantro and lime juice garnish). Bring to a boil, cover, and reduce heat to LOW. Simmer 12-15 minutes, or until water is evaporated and rice is tender, stirring once at 8 minutes and replacing lid.
            • Once water is evaporated, remove from heat, stir, cover and let sit undisturbed for 10 minutes.
            • Add cilantro and lime juice if desired and fluff with a fork. Taste and season with additional salt or lime juice if desired.
          • Hard and soft shell tortillas
          • Toppings
            • Thinly sliced iceberg lettuce
            • Sliced tomato
            • Sliced white onion
            • Cilantro
            • Guacamole
              •  PREP TIME: 5 MINS
              •  COOK TIME: 0 MINS
              •  TOTAL TIME: 5 MINUTES
              •  YIELD: ABOUT 2 CUPS 
              • INGREDIENTS
                • 3 ripe avocados
                • 1 lime
                • To cut the avocados, run a knife around the avocado (from top to bottom) and twist in half. Pull out and discard the pit. Using a spoon or your thumb, remove the flesh and place into a medium-sized bowl.
                • Cut the lime in half and squeeze both halves into the bowl with the avocado, being careful not to get any seeds in the bowl. Add the garlic, salt and any/all or none of the optional ingredients. Using a fork gently mash each avocado half a few times then stir all ingredients together.
            • Salsa
            • Homemade Salsa
            • prep time: 5 MINUTES
              total time: 5 MINUTES
              • 4 ripe tomatoes, cored and quartered
              • 1 red onion, peeled and quartered
              • 3 garlic cloves, peeled
              • 3 jalapenos, stemmed and seeded (you can substitute 1-2 habanero or serrano peppers.)
              • 1/3 cup fresh cilantro
              • 3 tablespoons fresh lime juice
              • 2-3 teaspoons ground cumin
              • 2-3 teaspoons sugar (optional)
              • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
              • 15 ounces crushed San Marzano tomatoes (1 can)
              • 4.5 ounces diced green chiles, mild, medium, or hot (1 can)
              • Place the fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic, peppers, cilantro, lime juice, 2 teaspoons cumin, 2 teaspoons sugar (if using), and salt in a food processor. Pulse until the contents are fine and well blended.
              • Pour in the crushed tomatoes and green chiles. Puree until mostly smooth. Taste, then add more cumin and sugar if desired. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
            • Sour Cream
            • Cheese, cheese and more cheese
            • Jalapenos 
    Grilled Chicken and Cherry Tomato Skewers

    Tomato Basil Chicken Skewer Ingredients

    • 2 tbsp olive oil
    • 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
    • ¬Ĺ tsp sea salt
    • ¬Ĺ tsp black pepper
    • 3 cloves garlic (crushed)
    • 2 tbsp fresh basil (chopped)
    • 1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast (cut into 1 inch cubes)
    • 2 cups fresh basil leaves
    • 4 cups Combine the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic and 2 tbsp chopped basil in a medium bowl. Add the chicken and marinate for 10-15 minutes.cherry tomatoes
    • Combine the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic and 2 tbsp chopped basil in a medium bowl.
    • Add the chicken and marinate for 10-15 minutes.
    • Remove the chicken from the marinade and skewer with the cherry tomatoes and basil leaves.
    • Heat a grill, or grill pan, over medium heat and spray or brush with olive oil.
    • Once the grill is hot, add the skewers and grill for 4-5 minutes, flip and grill for an additional 4-5 minutes.
    • Remove from the grill and serve.
    • Caprese Chicken Kebabs
        • 1 3/4 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts
        • 1 lb. grape tomatoes
        • 1 Tbsp olive oil
        • 1 (8 oz) package mozzarella balls, drained
        • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
      • 3 Tbsp store-bought or homemade balsamic glaze

      Homemade Pesto

      • 2 cups (40g) slightly packed fresh basil leaves
      • 3 Tbsp finely shredded parmesan cheese
      • 2 Tbsp pine nuts or chopped walnuts
      • 1 large garlic clove, minced (1 1/2 tsp)
      • 1/3 cup olive oil (regular or extra virgin)
        Servings: 5
        Prep 20 minutes
        Cook 10 minutes
        Ready in: 30 minutes
      • If using wooden skewers soak in water at least 1 hour (I like to soak overnight. I used 11 8-inch skewers).
      • Preheat a grill over medium-high heat to about 425 degrees.
      • Thread chicken and tomatoes onto skewers (as pictured above, 4 pieces of chicken and 3 tomatoes per skewer).
      • Brush both sides with 1 Tbsp olive oil and season both sides with salt and pepper.
      • Grill chicken kebabs about 4 – 6 minutes per side until chicken registers 165 in center.
      • Meanwhile prepare pesto, in a food processor pulse basil, parmesan, pine nuts and garlic several times until minced.
      • Season with salt and pepper to taste and with food processor running slowly pour in olive oil.
      • Steak And Cherry Tomato Skewers
        • Prep Time: 15 minutes
        • Cook Time: 4 minutes
        • Total Time: 19 minutes
        • Yield: 4 skewers
        • Category: Dinner
        • Method: Grill
        • Cuisine: American
        • 1 teaspoon chili powder
        • 1 teaspoon mustard powder
        • 1 teaspoon paprika
        • 1 teaspoon cumin
        • 1 pound sirloin or filet steak, cut into cubes
        • 1 pint cherry tomatoes
        • Canola oil for basting
          1. If you are using wooden skewers, soak them in water for about 15 minutes. Heat the grill to high.
          2. Mix all the spices together and put them in a bowl with the steak cubes. Stir until the cubes are coated with spices.
          3. Thread the skewers with steak cubes alternated with cherry tomatoes and brush with a little oil.
          4. Grill for 3-4 minutes total for medium rare and serve! (If you have used metal skewers, it’s best to remove the steak and potatoes first before serving, as it takes metal skewers a while to cool down.)
        • Beef Kebabs
        • Ingredients
          • MARINADE:
          • 1 tablespoon olive oil
          • 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice or vinegar
          • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
          • 2 tablespoons fresh parsley or cilantro, minced
          • 1 clove of garlic , crushed
          • fresh ground pepper to taste
          • salt to taste
          • 1 pound lean beef tenderloin
          • 1 large red onion
          • 8 ounces button mushrooms
          • 8 cherry tomatoes or 1 large whole tomato
          • 2 green bell peppers

          30 mins


          10 mins

          READY IN

          40 mins


          • Whisk together all marinade ingredients in a large bowl. Remove half of marinade to a smaller bowl so meat and vegetables can be marinated separately. Place meat in smaller bowl, letting it remain for 30 minutes at room temperature. Marinate vegetables in larger bowl for 30 minutes at room temperature.
          • Turn meat and vegetables several times while they are marinating to coat all sides.


          • Cut tenderloin into 1-inch square cubes. Quarter onion and separate curved sections so they can be placed on skewer and wrapped loosely around the next item on skewer. Chop bell peppers into 4 sections and cut each section, shaping pieces so they are approximately an inch or less square and can easily fit onto skewer. If a large whole tomato is used instead of cherry tomatoes, cut whole tomato into 8 wedges.
          • Begin to assemble kebab alternating meat, onion, pepper, mushroom, and tomato, leaving a small amount of space between each item. Leave the mushrooms whole, inserting skewer into the base of the mushroom and through the top. Select firm parts of tomato for inserting skewer so it stays positioned on skewer as the kebabs cook on the grill.
          • Preheat grill on medium heat. When ready to grill, place the skewers on the grill grate, keeping each skewer 1 to 2 inches away from the next skewer.
          • Allow the kebabs to cook for several minutes on each side, gently brushing remaining marinade on the kebabs and turning them 2 to 3 times to cook all surfaces.

           Hors D‚Äôoeuvre Ideas for the Best Cocktail Hour Ever

          Cocktail Meatballs
          Servings: About 25 mini meatballs
          Total Time: 40 Minutes
          • 1 large egg
          • 1/4 cup heavy cream or milk
          • 3/4 cup cubed white sandwich bread, crusts removed
          • 1/2 pound ground pork
          • 1 garlic clove, minced
          • 1/8 teaspoon ground allspice
          • 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper
          • 3/4 teaspoon salt
          • 1 teaspoon baking powder
          • 1/2 pound ground beef (85% lean)

          FOR THE SAUCE

          • 1/2 cup ketchup
          • 1/2 cup packed dark brown sugar
          • 2 tablespoons water
          • 1-1/2 tablespoons cider vinegar
          • 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
          • 1 tablespoon finely grated shallot, from one shallot
          • small clove garlic, minced
          • 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper
          • 1/2 teaspoon salt
          FOR SERVING
          • Finely chopped parsley, if desired
          1. Preheat the oven to 325. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil for easy clean-up and place an ovenproof baking/cooling rack over top; spray rack generously with nonstick cooking spray.
          2. Whisk the egg and cream together in a medium bowl. Stir in the bread and mash until no large bread chunks remain. Set aside.
          3. In a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the pork, garlic, allspice, pepper, salt, and baking powder on high speed until smooth and pale, about 2 minutes, scraping bowl as necessary. Add the bread mixture to the mixing bowl and beat on high speed until smooth and homogeneous, about 1 minute, scraping the bowl as necessary. Add the beef and mix on medium-low speed until just incorporated, about 20 seconds, scraping the bowl as necessary.
          4. Using moistened hands (it’s sticky and wet hands help; keep wetting them as you go), form the meat mixture into tablespoon-size round meatballs and place on the prepared rack. Bake for about 20 minutes, until just done.
          5. Meanwhile, in a large sauté pan, mix together all of the ingredients for the sauce. Bring to a simmer and cook gently until thickened, about 10 minutes.
          6. Add the baked meatballs to the sauce and stir to coat evenly. Transfer them to a serving platter, spear with toothpicks and spoon the sauce over top. Garnish with parsley if desired. Serve warm.
          Bruschetta With Tomato And Mozzarella 
          • 2 cups 2 large tomatoes, chopped fine
          • red onion, chopped fine
          • 1/4 cup fresh basil, chopped
          • 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
          • 2 tablespoons capers
          • 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
          • salt and pepper to taste
          • loaf, French baguette bread
          • 2 ounces fresh mozzarella or buratta cheese
          Container:Mixing bowl

          45 mins


          5 mins

          READY IN

          50 mins

          • Chop the tomatoes, onions, and basil into fine pieces. Combine with capers in a large bowl, stirring in the vinegar and olive oil. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
          • Preheat oven on broil.
          • Cut baguette bread into individual slices about 1/2 inch thick. A smaller sized baguette approximately 2 to 3 inches in diameter works well.
          • Arrange pieces of bread on a baking sheet and place the sheet in the middle of the oven to toast the bread. Allow 1 to 2 minutes or remove when golden brown.
          • While the toasted slices are kept on the baking sheet, brush one side of the warm bread with olive oil. If desired for added flavor, the pieces of bread can be rubbed with a clove of garlic prior to brushing on the olive oil or use a garlic flavored olive oil.
          • Top each piece of bread with approximately 1 teaspoon of the tomato, onion and caper mixture.  Then, top the mixture with 1/4 teaspoon of cheese.
          • Place the baking sheet in the middle of the oven to melt the cheese, approximately 1 minute or until slightly melted.
          • Remove from oven and serve.
          Shrimp Kabobs with Pineapple
          TOTAL:1 hr 25 mins

          SERVINGS: 12 servings (as an appetizer)


            • 1.5 cup light coconut milk*
            • 12 teaspoons Tabasco Original Red Sauce or hot sauce of choice
          • 6 teaspoons soy sauce
          •                        0.75 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
          • 0.75 cup freshly squeezed lime juice from about 2 large  limes
          •               3 pound  large shrimp 31-40 count, peeled and deveined (you can use fresh or frozen, thawed shrimp)
          •                    2.25 pound  pineapple chunks 1 inch-cut
          • Canola oil for grilling
          • Freshly chopped cilantro and/or green onion for serving
          • In a medium bowl, combine the coconut milk, Tabasco sauce, soy sauce, orange juice, and lime juice. Add the shrimp and toss to coat. Cover and place in the refrigerator to marinate for 1-2 hours, tossing occasionally. If using wooden skewers, soak in warm water while the shrimp marinates. Meanwhile, prepare the pineapple if needed.
          • Preheat the grill to medium high heat. Remove the shrimp from the marinade, and reserve the marinade for grilling. Thread the shrimp onto a skewers, alternating with the pineapple.
          • Lightly brush the grill with canola oil, then place the shrimp on the grill. Grill the shrimp for 3 minutes, brushing with the marinade, then turn and cook for an additional 2-3 minutes, brushing with the marinade again, until the shrimp are just cooked through. Remove to a serving plate and garnish with cilantro and green onion. Serve hot
          50 Deviled Eggs
        • Place 12 large eggs in a wide pot; cover with cold water by 1 inch. Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium low; simmer 10 minutes.

          Drain the eggs and run under cold water to cool slightly. Peel and halve each egg lengthwise.

          Scoop out the yolks and mash according to the recipe, then spoon into the egg whites.

          1. Classic Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon relish and 1 to 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites; dust with paprika.

          2. Sausage-Cheddar Mash the yolks with 1/4 cup each mayonnaise and shredded cheddar. Season with salt and hot sauce. Spoon into the egg whites; top with browned crumbled sausage and chives.


          3. Pepperoni Pizza Mash the yolks with 1/3 cup each mayonnaise and shredded mozzarella, 1/4 cup diced tomatoes and 2 tablespoons chopped basil. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites; top with sliced pepperoni.

          4. Pulled Pork Mash the yolks with 1/4 cup mayonnaise and 2 tablespoons barbecue sauce. Spoon warm pulled pork into the egg whites; top with the yolk mixture and coleslaw.

          5. Green Eggs and Ham Puree the yolks with 1/3 cup mayonnaise, 1/4 cup each chopped parsley and scallions, and 2 tablespoons capers in a food processor. Spoon into the egg whites; top with strips of deli-sliced ham.

          6. Crab Mash the yolks with 1/4 cup mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon chopped basil or parsley, 1 teaspoon whole-grain mustard and the juice of 1/2 lemon. Stir in 8 ounces lump crabmeat. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites.


          7. Bagels and Lox Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup cream cheese, 1/4 cup mayonnaise, 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard and 2 sliced scallions. Stir in 3 ounces chopped smoked salmon. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites; top with broken bagel chips and more smoked salmon.

          8. Smoked Trout Mash the yolks with 1/4 cup each mayonnaise and sour cream, 2 teaspoons each whole-grain mustard and chopped dill, and the juice of 1/2 lemon. Stir in 6 ounces flaked smoked trout. Season with salt. Spoon into the egg whites; top with more dill.

          9. Lobster Roll Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup each mayonnaise and chopped celery, 2 teaspoons each chopped parsley, chives and Dijon mustard, and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Stir in 8 ounces diced lobster meat. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites; top with celery leaves.

          10. Chicken Salad Pulse the yolks with 1 cup shredded cooked chicken, 1 each chopped celery stalk and carrot, and 2 tablespoons chopped mixed herbs in a food processor until combined. Add 1/3 cup mayonnaise, season with salt and pepper and pulse. Spoon into the egg whites.

          11. Chicken Club Make Chicken Salad Deviled Eggs (No. 10); place each on a toasted baguette slice and top with 1/2 slice cooked bacon and a halved cherry tomato. Secure with a toothpick.

          12. Tuna Salad Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup mayonnaise and 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard. Season with salt and pepper. Stir in 1 drained 5-ounce can water-packed tuna and 1/4 cup each finely chopped celery, dill pickles and parsley. Spoon into the egg whites; top with celery leaves.

          13. Ham Salad Pulse the yolks with 1 cup diced ham and 1 chopped celery stalk in a food processor until combined. Add 1/4 cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons chopped chives and 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard. Season with salt and pepper and pulse until incorporated. Spoon into the egg whites; top with thinly sliced cornichons and small cubes of ham.

          14. Beef-Horseradish Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon creamy horseradish and 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites; top with more creamy horseradish, strips of deli-sliced roast beef and chopped chives.

          15. Reuben Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon each sweet chili sauce and relish, and 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard. Add 1/4 cup chopped sauerkraut. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites; top with shredded Swiss cheese, chopped corned beef and caraway seeds.

          16. Caesar Salad Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 2 minced anchovies and 1 grated garlic clove. Spoon into the egg whites; top with croutons, shredded romaine and Parmesan.

          17. Greek Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, 1 tablespoon relish, 2 teaspoons chopped dill, 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard and a dash of hot sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites.

          18. Green Goddess Mash the yolks with 1 avocado, 1/4 cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons each chopped parsley, tarragon and chives, and 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites; top with more chopped parsley.

          19. Martini Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon vodka, 1 teaspoon each green olive brine and Dijon mustard, and 1/4 teaspoon dry vermouth. Season with salt. Spoon into the egg whites; top with halved pimiento-stuffed olives and chopped cocktail onions.

          20. Truffle Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1 to 2 tablespoons truffle oil and 1 teaspoon each minced parsley, chervil, chives and tarragon. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites.

          21. Caviar Mash the yolks with 1/3 cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Gently stir in 2 tablespoons carp roe caviar (tarama). Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites; top with chopped parsley.

          22. Bagna Cauda Mash 6 chopped anchovies with 1 chopped garlic clove; mash with the yolks and 1/3 cup each mayonnaise and chopped parsley. Spoon into the egg whites.

          23. Blue-Cheese Walnut Mash the yolks with 1/3 cup mayonnaise and 3 tablespoons crumbled blue cheese. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites; top with candied walnuts.

          24. Broiled Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon relish and 1 teaspoon dijon mustard. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites; brush with mayonnaise and sprinkle with breadcrumbs and cayenne. Broil until browned.

          25. All-White Finely chop 8 egg white halves and mix with 1/4 cup mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon finely chopped celery and 2 teaspoons relish. Season with salt. Spoon into the remaining 16 egg whites; top with sliced scallion whites.

          26. Triple Onion Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup prepared french onion dip and 3 tablespoons chopped scallions. Spoon into the egg whites; top with canned French-fried onions.

          27. Hummus Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup hummus, 1/4 cup plain yogurt and the juice of 1/2 lemon. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites. Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil with 1 tablespoon chopped kalamata olives and 1/4 teaspoon each dried mint and red pepper flakes in a small skillet over medium-high heat; drizzle over the eggs.

          28.  Piquillo Pepper Pulse the yolks, 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 3 chopped jarred piquillo peppers, and 1 teaspoon each Dijon mustard, smoked paprika and lemon juice in a food processor until combined. Season with salt. Spoon into the egg whites; top with chopped parsley and more paprika.

          29. Moroccan Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil with 1 teaspoon each ground cumin, coriander and grated garlic in a skillet over medium heat, 2 minutes. Let cool; mash with the yolks, 1/4 cup each Greek yogurt and mayonnaise, and 1 to 2 tablespoons harissa (or other hot chile sauce). Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites; top with chopped cilantro.

          30. Buffalo Mash the yolks with 1/4 cup each mayonnaise and finely chopped celery, and 2 tablespoons Buffalo hot sauce. Spoon into the egg whites; top with crumbled blue cheese and chopped celery leaves.

          31. Cajun Saute 1/4 cup each finely chopped andouille sausage and green bell pepper in vegetable oil with 1 teaspoon each Cajun seasoning and cayenne. Let cool; mash with the yolks. Spoon into the egg whites; sprinkle with more cayenne.

          32. Spicy Jerk Mash the yolks with 1/3 cup mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon each mango chutney, chopped cilantro and red onion, 1 teaspoon jerk seasoning and 1/2 diced jalape√Īo pepper. Season with salt. Spoon into the egg whites; sprinkle with cayenne.

          33. Curry Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 2 teaspoons chopped cilantro and 1 teaspoon each curry powder and lime juice. Spoon into the egg whites; top with mango chutney and more chopped cilantro.

          34. Wasabi Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup mayonnaise and 4 teaspoons wasabi paste. Spoon into the egg whites; top with chopped pickled ginger and more wasabi paste.

          35. Toasted Sesame Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup mayonnaise and 1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil. Season with salt. Spoon into the egg whites; top with toasted sesame seeds.

          36. Miso-Sesame Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1 to 2 tablespoons miso paste, 2 teaspoons lemon juice, 1 teaspoon Sriracha and 1/2 teaspoon toasted sesame oil. Spoon into the egg whites; top with toasted sesame seeds, sliced scallions and more Sriracha.

          37. California Roll Mash the yolks with 1/3 cup each mayonnaise and finely diced peeled cucumber, and 1 teaspoon each soy sauce, rice vinegar and wasabi paste. Spoon into the egg whites; top with small cubes of avocado, crabmeat and nori (dried seaweed) flakes.

          38. Korean Lettuce Cups Mash the yolks with 1/3 cup mayonnaise and 1/2 cup finely chopped kimchi. Season with salt. Spoon into the egg whites and set each in a Bibb lettuce leaf; top with more chopped kimchi and sliced scallions.

          39. Pickled Beet Place the egg whites in a shallow dish with 1 cup beet juice (from a can of beets); cover and refrigerate until pink, 1 hour. Mash the yolks with 1/4 cup mayonnaise and 3 tablespoons each horseradish and sour cream. Season with salt and pepper. Remove the egg whites from the beet juice and pat dry with paper towels. Spoon the yolk mixture into the egg whites; top with thinly sliced cooked beets.

          40. Veggie Medley Mash the yolks with 1/4 cup each cream cheese and mayonnaise, and 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard. Stir in 2 tablespoons each finely chopped red bell pepper, broccoli, celery, carrot, scallion and parsley. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites; top with diced cucumber.

          41. Cucumber-Dill Mash the yolks with 1/4 cup each mayonnaise and sour cream, and 2 teaspoons dijon mustard. Season with salt and pepper. Stir in1/2 cup finely chopped cucumber and2 tablespoons chopped dill. Spoon into the egg whites; top with dill sprigs.

          42. Guacamole Mash the yolks with 1/2 avocado, 2 tablespoons sour cream and the juice of 1 lime. Season with salt. Stir in 1/2 cup chopped tomato and 1/4 cup chopped cilantro. Spoon into the egg whites; top with more chopped tomato and avocado.

          43. Black Bean Mash the yolks with1/2 cup prepared black bean dip and 1/4 cup mayonnaise. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites; top with shredded cheddar and chopped cilantro.

          44. Nacho Mash the yolks with 1/3 cup mayonnaise, 3/4 cup shredded cheddar and 2 tablespoons minced pickled jalape√Īos. Spoon into the egg whites; top with salsa.

          45. Frito Pie Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon relish and 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard. Season with salt and pepper. Add 1/2 cup crushed Fritos (or other corn chips) and 1 chopped scallion. Spoon into the egg whites; top with warm chili, shredded cheddar and sliced scallions.

          46. Pimento Cheese Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon relish and 1 teaspoon dijon mustard. Season with salt and pepper. Add 1/2 cup shredded cheddar and 1/4 cup chopped pimentos. Spoon into the egg whites; top with chopped chives.

          47. Salsa Verde Mash the yolks with 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon relish and 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard. Add 1/2 cup chopped parsley, 2 chopped anchovies and 1 tablespoon chopped capers. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon into the egg whites; top with more chopped parsley.

          48. Pico de Gallo Pulse the yolks, 1/4 cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons pico de gallo (or other fresh salsa) and 2 teaspoons chipotle hot sauce in a food processor until smooth. Season with salt. Spoon into the egg whites; top with more pico de gallo.

          49. Ranch Mash the yolks with 1/3 cup prepared ranch dip. Spoon into the egg whites; top with sliced scallions, shredded Parmesan and ranch-flavored chips.

          50. Light Discard the yolks from 8 egg white halves and grate the whites. Mash the grated whites with the remaining egg yolks, 1/4 cup mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon relish and 2 teaspoons each buttermilk and Dijon mustard. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon the mixture into the remaining 16 egg whites; top with chopped parsley.

        • Hot Hawaiian Beef Sandwiches
          • Level: Easy
          • Total: 30 min
          • Active: 15 min
          • Yield: 24 sandwiches
        • 24 dinner rolls, such as King’s Hawaiian
          Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
          1/2 cup salad dressing spread, such as
          Miracle Whip
          Hot sauce, to taste
          24 thin slices deli roast beef
          12 slices pepper Jack cheese
          1 stick butter
          1 tablespoon lemon pepper
          1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
          6 dashes Worcestershire sauce
          1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
          2. Slice the rolls in half and place the bottoms in a single layer in a 9-by-13-inch dish.
          3. Mix the salad dressing and some hot sauce together in a small bowl. Spread the mixture on the rolls in the dish. Layer on the roast beef and then the cheese over the rolls. Place the top halves of the rolls on the cheese.
          4. In a small saucepan over medium-low heat, melt the butter with the lemon pepper, mustard and Worcestershire sauce. Drizzle or brush the butter mixture over the sandwiches. Cover with foil.
          5. Bake until the cheese melts, 10 to 12 minutes. Uncover and cook until lightly browned, about another 2 minutes. Serve hot.
        • Charcuterie, Cheese, and Fruit Spread

        • Charcuterie Board

          This impressive Charcuterie Board is the essence of easy entertaining! Piled high with cured meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit, nuts and more, your guests will be wowed by this gorgeous and delicious spread. My favorite appetizer for a party!
           Course Appetizer
           Cuisine American
           Keyword charcuterie, charcuterie board
           Servings 12
           Calories 609 kcal
           Author Trish – Mom On Timeout

          Jam, Jellies, Spreads, Preserves

          • 10 oz spreads and or jams fig spread, marionberry habanero pepper jelly, pesto, coarse ground mustard, apricot jam
          Fresh Fruit and Crackers
          • 16 oz grapes get at least two varieties
          • 8 oz strawberries halved
          • 3 oz blueberries
          • 3 oz raspberries
          • 12 oz crackers Triscuit recommended
          Cheese and Meat
          • 10 oz soft cheese fresh mozzarella, blue cheese, brie, etc.
          • 10 oz semi-hard cheese sliced (Cheddar, Monterey, Gouda, Havarti, Provolone, etc.)
          • 8 oz cured or smoked meats Columbus salame, Prosciutto, ham, etc.
          Dried Fruits and Nuts
          • 10 oz dried fruits dates, apricots, cherries, etc.
          • 8 oz nuts raw almonds, pecans, pistachios, etc.
          • fresh herbs to garnish mint, rosemary, basil, etc.

          Pickles, Peppers, Olives Etc.

          • 5 oz cornichons
          • 5 oz stuffed olives
          • Place all jams, preserves, mustards, or dips into small bowls or shallow dishes and place on the board.
          • Add meats and cheese, placing larger items like sliced meats and blocks or slices of cheese on the board first.
          • Add crackers and.or bread next, spacing them out on the board,.
          • Fill in gaps on your board with fresh and/or dried fruit. 
          • Add garnish and serve immediately or chill until ready to serve.
          • How to Build a Charcuterie Board

            Suggested items for Charcuterie board are endless, here are a few I used on the board for this post…
            Prep Time 15 minutes
            Total Time 15 minutes
            Servings 21 -15 servings

            Author Si Foster, A Bountiful Kitchen


            • 3.5 oz cheese per person 4 oz per person if this is the only food served
            • 1.753.5 oz meat per person 3-4 per person if this is the only food served
            • one large board or flat platter or cookie sheet or sheet of slate make sure all are safe for food
            • Soft Cheese choose 2-3 types: Brie Camembert, Cambozola, Burrata, Bleu, Fontina, Goat, etc
            • Semi hard cheese choose 2-3 types: Gouda White Cheddar, Manchego, Gruyere, etc.
            • 1.75 spreadable cheese I purchased Boursin Garlic Cheese*
            • 1.75– 14 oz package mini mozzarella cheese balls Trader Joe’s*
            • 7 oz Calabrese uncured Italian Salami with red pepper and paprika, Creminelli brand
            • 7 oz Felino uncured Italian Salami Creminelli
            • 8.75 oz Casalingo Mild Italian hard salami Creminelli
            • 2.63 lbs grapes a combination of red, green and black grapes, seedless*
            • 3.55.25 kiwi washed and sliced*
            • 3.5 persimmons washed and cut into slices*
            • 14 oz blueberries washed and drained
            • 28 oz strawberries washed and drained
            • 14 oz raspberries washed and drained
            • 15.75 ox package dark sweet cherries*
            • 0.88 lb baby cucumbers cut into 1/2 inch chunks*
            • 0.88 lb sugar snap peas washed*
            • 15.75 oz package baby beets cut into quarters*
            • 3.5 baguettes sliced
            • crackers 1 package
            • almonds dried and salted 1 lb*
            • seasoned cashews Thai Lime and Chili Cashew 1 lb used about 1/4 lb
            • additional suggestions:
            • preserves such as marmalade fruit spreads, honey, other jams, olives, small pickles (sweet and dill), mustards, sweet crackers.
            1. Gather board, small bowls, appetizer forks, spreaders, etc.
            2. Clean the board or surfaces to be used and dry thoroughly.
            3. Wash and thoroughly drain any veggies and fruits being used. Gently pat dry.
            4. Unwrap any cheese and meat being used.
            5. Slice cheese and meat.
            6. Start at center of board and arrange items on board, Try to set contrasting colors and shapes together to create more visual interest.
            7. Replenish board as needed.
            All measurements are approximate. You will need to scale up or down depending on the size of your board and then number of people you are serving. 


    A Cupcake Table

    Go-To Vanilla Cupcakes
    • Level: Easy
    • Total: 1 hr 10 min (includes cooling time)
    • Active: 40 min
    • Yield: 12 cupcakes (or about 48 mini cupcakes)
    • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
      1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
      1/4 teaspoon fine salt
      2 large eggs, at room temperature
      2/3 cup sugar
      1 1/2 sticks (12 tablespoons) unsalted butter,
      2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
      1/2 cup milk
      Your favorite frosting, for topping
      Special equipment:

       a 12-cup standard muffin tin or two 24-cup mini-muffin tins, cupcake liners

      1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and position a rack in the middle of the oven. Line one 12-cup standard muffin tin or two 24-cup mini-muffin tins with cupcake liners.
      2. Whisk the flour, baking powder and salt together in a medium bowl.
      3. In another medium bowl, beat the eggs and sugar with an electric mixer until light and foamy, about 2 minutes. While beating, gradually pour in the melted butter and then the vanilla.
      4. While mixing slowly, add half of the flour mixture. Then add all the milk, followed by the remaining flour mixture; take care not to overmix the batter. Divide the batter evenly in the prepared muffin tin.
      5. Bake until a cake tester inserted into the center of the cupcakes comes out clean, rotating the tin about halfway through baking time, 18 to 20 minutes for standard cupcakes or 10 to 12 minutes for minis. Cool the cupcakes in the tin on a rack for 10 minutes, then remove from the tin and cool on the rack completely. Frost and decorate as desired.
    • Lemon Blossom Cupcakes
      1. For the Cupcakes:
        • 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
        • 2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
        • 1/4 teaspoon salt
        • 8 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature
        • 1 3/4 cups sugar
        • 2 large eggs, at room temperature
        • 2 1/4 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
        • 1 1/4 cups whole milk, at room temperature
        • 1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
        • 1/2 cup freshly grated lemon zest (2 to 3 lemons)
      2. For the Lemon‚ÄďCream Cheese Frosting:
        • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature
        • 6 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature
        • 4 cups confectioners‚Äô sugar, sifted
        • 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
        • 1/2 cup freshly grated lemon zest (2 to 3 lemons)
          Makes 12 cupcakes
      1. For the Cupcakes:
        1. Preheat the oven to 350¬ļF. Line a standard cupcake pan with twelve paper baking cups, or grease the pan with butter if not using baking cups.
        2. Sift together the flour, baking powder, and salt on a sheet of parchment paper or wax paper and set aside.
        3. In the bowl of a stand mixer or in a bowl with a handheld electric mixer, cream together the butter and sugar for 3 to 5 minutes, or until light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time, mixing slowly after each addition.
        4. Add the vanilla to the milk in a large liquid measuring cup.
        5. Add one third of the dry ingredients followed by one third of the milk, and mix thoroughly. Repeat. Stop to scrape down the bowl as needed. Add the last third of dry ingredients followed by the last third of milk. Mix slowly until just incorporated. Add lemon juice and zest, and mix thoroughly at low speed.
        6. Scoop the batter into the cupcake pan using a standard-size ice-cream scoop until the cups are two-thirds full, and bake for 16 to 18 minutes (start checking at 15 minutes), or until a toothpick comes out clean.
        7. Transfer the pan to a wire rack to cool completely.
      2. For the Frosting:
        1. Combine the ingredients in a mixer and whip together at high speed until light and airy, approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Frost the cupcakes with a swirl, and top with a lemon wedge or piece of lemon zest!
    Homemade Sprinkles
    Makes about 1/3 cup sprinkles
    30 minutes
    30 minutes, plus setting time
      • 1/2 cup freeze-dried raspberries
      • 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons powdered sugar
      • 1/2 teaspoon dried or powdered egg whites
      • Pinch of kosher salt
      • 1/4 teaspoon lemon extract


      1. Pulse raspberries in a food processor until finely ground (you should have a scant 1/4 cup). Sift powdered sugar and raspberry powder through a very fine-mesh sieve into a medium bowl; discard raspberry seeds.
      2. Whisk dried egg whites and 1 Tbsp. warm water in a small bowl until frothy. Whisk in salt.
      3. Pour egg white mixture into raspberry mixture and stir with a spatula until thick but fully incorporated. Stir in lemon extract. Mixture should be smooth, satiny, and very thick; if it seems too stiff to stir, add 1/2 tsp. water.
      4. Fit a pastry bag with a #2 round icing tip, if using. Transfer mixture to pastry bag or plastic bag (cut off 1 corner before piping to make a very small opening). Pipe long, straight lines, small hearts, dots, letters, or any other favorite shape onto a parchment-lined rimmed baking sheet.
      5. Let sit at room temperature until hardened, at least 8 hours or up to 1 day (to speed up drying, you can also bake sprinkles in a 150¬įF oven 2‚Äď2 1/2 hours). Break sprinkles piped into lines into various lengths, if desired.
    1. Do Ahead:
      1. Sprinkles can be made 1 week ahead; store in an airtight container at room temperature.
    Toasted Marshmallow Cupcakes
    Makes 12 cupcakes
      • 60g (about 2 oz) digestive biscuits
      • 1 x My Favorite Vanilla Cupcakes recipe
    1. Ganache filling:
      • 100g (3.5 oz) dark chocolate (70‚Äď80% cocoa solids)
      • 1 tsp butter
      • 50ml (1/4 cup) heavy cream
    2. Marshmallow topping:
      • 125g (2/3 cup) superfine sugar
      • 75g (1/4 cup) golden syrup
      • 2 large egg whites
      • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
      • 4 squares of dark chocolate, to decorate
    3. Special Equipment
      • Electric hand-held whisk
      1. Blitz the digestive biscuits in a food processor until they are finely ground, or put them into a sealable bag, seal the bag and crush with a rolling pin. There shouldn’t be any large pieces remaining.
      2. Make My Favourite Vanilla Cupcakes recipe, adding the digestive biscuit crumbs with the flour in step 1.
      3. To make the filling, finely chop the chocolate and put it into a small bowl. Heat the butter and cream in a saucepan until steaming hot but not boiling, then pour over the chocolate. Remove from the heat and leave to stand for a minute before stirring to form a smooth ganache. If any lumps of chocolate remain, put the bowl into the microwave for ten seconds then stir; repeat until the lumps are gone. Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes or so, until it is firm and scoopable.
      4. To make the marshmallow topping, put the sugar, golden syrup and 2 tablespoons of water into a saucepan and cook over a medium-high heat without stirring until the mixture reaches the soft-ball stage (244¬įF/118¬įC on a candy thermometer). If you don’t have a thermometer, the mixture is ready when the bubbles start to stick together in the pan and it drips off a spoon in a steady stream. Remove from the heat.
      5. Put the egg whites into a clean, grease-free bowl and whisk with an electric hand-held whisk until soft peaks form. With the whisk on low, carefully pour the hot sugar onto the egg whites, whisking all the time. When all the sugar has been added, increase the speed to high and whip until the sides of the bowl feel only slightly warm and the mixture is thick and glossy. Add the vanilla extract at the end. This icing is easiest to pipe when it is warm, so transfer immediately to a piping bag fitted with a large circular nozzle or with the tip cut off.
      6. To assemble, use a sharp knife or specialist cupcake corer to make a circular incision in the center of each cupcake, remove the center and fill each one with a teaspoon of the chocolate filling.
      7. Pipe a large mound of marshmallow topping on the top of each cupcake, covering the chocolate filling. Use a blowtorch, if you have one, to lightly brown each one, avoiding the paper case as this will burn. You could use the broiler to brown the marshmallow topping, but watch carefully because it is more difficult to control the color and prevent it burning.
      8. To finish, chop the chocolate squares finely and sprinkle over the top of the marshmallow.
    My Favorite Vanilla Cupcakes
    Makes 12 cupcakes
      • 175g (1 1/3 cups) all-purpose flour
      • 200g (about 1 cup) superfine sugar
      • 75g (5 1/4 Tbsp) butter
      • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
      • 2 eggs, at room temperature
      • 90ml (1/3 cup) whole milk, at room temperature
      • 1 tsp vanilla bean paste
    1. Special Equipment
      • Stand mixer, 12-hole cupcake tin, and paper cupcake cases.
      1. Preheat the oven to 350¬įF/180¬įC/160¬įC fan/gas 4. Line the cupcake tin with 12 cupcake cases. In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine the flour, sugar, butter, and baking powder using the paddle attachment. Mix on a low speed until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. You shouldn’t see any large lumps of butter. Alternatively, use your fingers to rub the butter into the flour and sugar.
      2. In a small jug, use a fork to blend the eggs, milk, and vanilla bean paste together. Add the mixture a little at a time to the bowl, beating until it is all combined. Keep beating for a few minutes more, until the mixture is uniform and smooth with no lumps.
      3. Divide the mixture between the cases evenly, filling each one no more than two-thirds full. Bake in the preheated oven for 16‚Äď18 minutes, until a skewer inserted comes out clean and the cakes are a pale golden brown. Don‚Äôt be tempted to over-bake here; get them out as soon as the skewer is clean. The last thing you want is dry cakes!
      4. Leave to cool for five minutes in the tin, then remove and leave to cool completely on a cooling rack. Do not attempt to core, fill or decorate them until they are cold.
    Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes
    Makes 24 cupcakes
    1. For the vanilla creme filling:
      • 2 large egg yolks
      • 1/4 cup sugar
      • 1/4 cup sifted all-purpose flour
      • 1/4 cup cornstarch
      • 1 cup whole milk
      • 2 tablespoons heavy cream
      • 1/4 teaspoon rum extract
      • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
      • Seeds from 1 vanilla bean
    2. For the cupcakes:
      • 2 1/2 cups sifted all-purpose flour
      • 2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
      • 1/4 teaspoon salt
      • 8 tablespoons unsalted butter
      • 1 3/4 cups sugar
      • 2 large eggs
      • 2 1/4 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
      • 1 1/4 cups whole milk
      • Seeds from 1 vanilla bean
      • 1 cup fresh strawberries, diced
    3. For the frosting:
      • 16 tablespoons unsalted butter
      • 4 cups sifted confectioners‚Äô sugar
      • 1 teaspoon whole milk
      • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
      • 1/4 teaspoon salt
      • 1/2 cup diced strawberries
    4. For inside layer and garnish:
      • 24 fresh strawberries, sliced


    1. For the filling:
      1. In the bowl of a stand mixer, using the paddle attachment, or in a bowl with a handheld electric mixer, mix the egg yolks and the sugar for 4 to 5 minutes.
      2. In another large bowl, sift together the flour and the cornstarch.
      3. Add the flour mixture to the egg mixture slowly, mixing on low speed for 1 to 2 minutes or until smooth.
      4. In a medium saucepan, warm the milk on medium heat, just until it starts to boil.
      5. Switch your mixer to the whisk attachment, then add the hot milk slowly to the mixer, and whisk continuously at medium speed while pouring the milk, to keep the mixture smooth, without lumps or curdles.
      6. Add the heavy cream, rum extract, vanilla extract, and vanilla bean seeds and mix thoroughly for 2 to 3 minutes.
      7. Then pour the mixture back into the saucepan and cook over medium heat until it boils. Note: It must be hand-whisked constantly during this time. After it reaches boiling, whisk for 2 more minutes, until it thickens.
      8. Remove from heat. Let it come to room temperature before pouring in a bowl. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours to chill.
    2. For the cupcakes:
      1. Preheat the oven to 350¬įF. Line two cupcake pans with twelve paper baking cups each, or grease pans with butter if not using baking cups.
      2. Sift together the flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl, and set aside.
      3. Place the butter in the bowl of a stand mixer or in a bowl with a handheld electric mixer. Add the sugar; beat on medium speed until well incorporated, approximately 3 to 5 minutes.
      4. Add the eggs one at a time, mixing slowly after each addition.
      5. Combine the vanilla extract and milk in a large liquid measuring cup. Carefully scrape the vanilla bean seeds from the milk.
      6. Add one third of the flour mixture to the butter mixture, then gradually add one third of the milk mixture, beating slowly until well incorporated. Add another third of the flour mixture, followed by another third of the milk mixture. Stop to scrape down the bowl as needed. Add the remaining flour mixture, followed by the remaining milk mixture, and beat just until combined.
      7. Using a spatula, gently fold into the strawberries.
      8. Scoop batter into baking cups so that each is two-thirds full, and bake for 15 to 18 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cupcake comes our clean. Transfer the pans to a wire rack to cool completely.
    3. For the frosting:
      1. Place all of the ingredients in the bowl of a stand mixer or in a bowl with a handheld electric mixer. Beat until well incorporated and the frosting is light and fluffy, approximately 3 to 4 minutes.
    4. To assemble:
      1. Once cooled, peel the wrappers off the strawberry cupcakes and slice in half length-wise. Add a tablespoon of the filling on top of the bottom half of the strawberry cupcake; add a layer of sliced strawberries; cover with the top to make a cupcake ‚Äúsandwich‚ÄĚ; then frost with a swirl and garnish with a strawberry slice.

    French Buttercream

      • 1 cup water
      • 2 cups sugar
      • 2 tablespoons corn syrup
      • 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
      • 5 egg yolks
      • 1 whole egg
      • 1/8 teaspoon xanthan gum
      • 1 1/2 pounds cold butter, preferably European


      1. In a heavy nonreactive saucepan, add water, then add sugar, corn syrup, and cream of tartar. The last 2 help keep the sugar from crystallizing. (Candy thermometer. Non-negotiable!)
      2. Put the pot on high heat. It’s going to be there for a while. Be patient and keep your eye on it. Don’t go walking away and watching TV or something.
      3. Put yolks and eggs in a stand mixer with the whisk attachment and turn to high. Just let it go! Eggs will triple in volume and go to “ribbons stage.” You can’t overwhip!
      4. Wait on the sugar‚ÄĒlooking for 230¬įF, aka “soft ball.” When it happens, be ready to move quickly. Turn off the mixer and add the xanthan gum, turn back up to medium.
      5. Remove the thermometer from hot sugar. Lift with two hands. Rest the lip of the saucepan on the edge of the mixer bowl.
      6. Slowly tilt and pour sugar in a sloooow steady stream down the side of the bowl. Don’t go too fast! If you do there will be chunks of scrambled eggs in your buttercream.
      7. Once sugar is all in, turn the mixer to high. Beat until cool. Gauge this by putting the inside of your wrist to the outside of the bowl. It’s more accurate than your hands. Switch out the whisk for the paddle. Next we’re adding the butter. It’s too heavy for the whisk and you’ll end up breaking your stand mixer if you stay with the whisk.
      8. Start cutting the butter into thin pieces‚ÄĒyou could shave it with a cheese slicer if you’d like. Add butter piece by piece‚ÄĒpain in the derriere, yes, but we’re making an emulsion.
      9. See, if you dump all the butter in at once, the butter and eggs will never combine properly, and you’ll have a “broken” buttercream. You’ll be able to identify this easily‚ÄĒit’ll be a chunky, watery, hot mess.
      10. If your buttercream does break, you can fix it! Turn to medium high, then add a little more butter, piece by piece, until fixed. Or try adding a little guar gum! This is very strong, so add a pinch and beat for a minute, then check.
      11. Once your butter is added, turn the mixer to medium high to add some air‚ÄĒ10, 20 seconds at most. Quelle Magnifique! It should be fluffy and make you want to eat it with your fingers
    Coconut-Chocolate Chip Cupcakes
    Makes 20
    1. Cupcakes:
      • 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour
      • 1 cup unbleached all purpose flour
      • 1/2 cup coconut milk powder (sifted, then measured)
      • 1 teaspoon baking powder
      • 1/2 teaspoon salt
      • 1 1/4 cups (2 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature
      • 1 3-ounce package cream cheese, room temperature
      • 1 1/2 cups sugar
      • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
      • 4 drops coconut flavoring or 3/4 teaspoon coconut extract
      • 5 large eggs
      • 2 tablespoons whole milk
      • 1 3/4 cups bittersweet chocolate chips (10 to 11 ounces)
    2. Frosting:
      • 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature
      • 1/2 cup coconut milk powder (sifted, then measured)
      • 1/4 teaspoon salt
      • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
      • 3 drops coconut flavoring or 1/2 teaspoon coconut extract
      • 4 to 5 cups powdered sugar (16 to 20 ounces)
      • 4 tablespoons (or more) whole milk
      • Flaked sweetened coconut (optional)
    1. For cupcakes:
      1. Preheat oven to 350¬įF. Line 20 standard (1/3-cup) muffin cups with paper liners. Sift first 5 ingredients into medium bowl. Using electric mixer, beat butter and cream cheese in large bowl until smooth. Gradually beat in sugar, then vanilla extract and coconut flavoring. Beat in dry ingredients (batter will be stiff). Add eggs 1 at a time, beating to blend after each addition. Beat in milk, then stir in chocolate chips. Spoon scant 1/3 cup batter into each paper liner. Bake cupcakes until tester inserted into centers comes out clean, about 22 minutes. Let cool 10 minutes, then turn cupcakes out of pan and cool on rack.
    2. For frosting:
      1. Using electric mixer, beat butter, coconut milk powder, and salt in large bowl until smooth. Beat in vanilla extract and coconut flavoring. Beat in enough powdered sugar, 1 cup at a time, to form very thick frosting. Beat in milk, 1 tablespoon at a time, until frosting is thin enough to spread.
      2. Spread frosting on cupcakes. Sprinkle with flaked coconut, if desired. DO AHEAD: Can be made 1 day ahead. Store cupcakes airtight at room temperature.
    Champagne-Vanilla Cupcakes
    • Level: Intermediate
    • Total: 2 hr
    • Active: 1 hr
    • Yield: 12 cupcake

    For the cupcakes:
    For the custard frosting:
    1 half-bottle (375 ml) champagne or other
    sparkling wine (about 1 1/2 cups)
    1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
    1 cup all-purpose flour
    1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
    1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
    6 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room
    3/4 cup sugar
    1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise and seeds
    scraped (pod reserved for the frosting)
    1 large egg, separated
    2 teaspoons unflavored gelatin powder
    1/2 cup sugar
    1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
    4 large egg yolks
    1/2 cup cold heavy cream
    Sugar pearls, for decorating


    1. Make the cupcakes: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line a 12-cup muffin pan with liners. Pour the champagne into a bowl and whisk until the bubbles dissipate. Combine 1/2 cup of the champagne and the vanilla extract in a small bowl. Set aside the remaining champagne for the frosting.
    2. Whisk the flour, baking powder and salt in a medium bowl. Beat the butter, sugar and vanilla seeds in a large bowl with a mixer on medium-high speed until light and fluffy, about 5 minutes. Add the egg yolk and beat until smooth. Reduce the mixer speed to low; beat in the flour mixture in two batches, alternating with the champagne-vanilla mixture in two batches, until just combined. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg white until stiff peaks form, then gently fold into the batter with a rubber spatula.
    3. Divide the batter among the prepared muffin cups, filling each about two-thirds of the way. Bake until the tops of the cupcakes spring back when gently pressed, 20 to 25 minutes. Let cool 5 minutes in the pan, then remove to a rack to cool completely.
    4. Meanwhile, make the frosting: Put 1 1/2 tablespoons of the reserved champagne in a small bowl; sprinkle the gelatin on top and let stand 5 minutes. Whisk the sugar, salt and egg yolks in a small saucepan until smooth. Whisk in the remaining champagne (about 1 cup) and add the vanilla pod. Cook over medium heat, stirring, until the custard is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon, 3 to 4 minutes. Pour the hot custard through a fine-mesh sieve into a large metal bowl; discard the vanilla pod. Add the gelatin mixture and stir until dissolved. Refrigerate the custard, stirring every 5 minutes, until it is the consistency of soft whipped cream, 10 to 20 minutes.
    5. Beat the heavy cream in a medium bowl with a mixer on medium speed until stiff peaks form. Add the whipped cream to the custard and gently whisk until combined. Refrigerate the frosting, gently folding with a rubber spatula every 5 minutes, until thick enough to pipe, 10 to 20 minutes.
    6. Working quickly, transfer the frosting to a piping bag fitted with a large round tip and pipe onto the cupcakes. Decorate with sugar pearls. Refrigerate immediately to set the frosting, at least 30 minutes.
    • Chocolate-Strawberry Cupcakes

      • Level: Intermediate
        Total: 2 hr
        Active: 1 hr
        Yield: 12 cupcakes
        For the cupcakes:
        For the strawberries and frosting:
        1 cup all-purpose flour
        1/2 teaspoon salt
        1/2 teaspoon baking soda
        1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
        1 teaspoon instant espresso powder
        3/4 cup whole milk
        1 cup granulated sugar
        3/4 cup vegetable oil
        1 large egg
        1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
        1/4 cup strawberry preserves or jelly
        1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
        6 ounces semisweet chocolate, finely chopped
        12 medium strawberries
        2 ounces white chocolate, finely chopped
        1 1/2 sticks (12 tablespoons) unsalted butter,
        at room temperature
        2 pinches salt
        2 cups confectioners¬Ņ sugar
        2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
        2 tablespoons whole milk
      • Directions

        1. Make the cupcakes: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line a 12-cup muffin pan with liners. Whisk the flour, salt and baking soda in a medium bowl. Combine the cocoa powder and espresso powder in a large bowl. Heat the milk in a small saucepan over medium heat until hot but not simmering; pour over the cocoa powder mixture and whisk until smooth. Let cool a few minutes, then add the granulated sugar and whisk until dissolved. Whisk in the vegetable oil, egg and vanilla, then whisk in the flour mixture until combined.
        2. Divide the batter among the prepared muffin cups, filling each about two-thirds of the way. Bake until the tops of the cupcakes spring back when gently pressed, about 20 minutes. Stir together the strawberry preserves and lemon juice and brush on the warm cupcakes. Transfer to a rack to cool completely.
        3. Meanwhile, make the chocolate-dipped strawberries: Microwave 4 ounces semisweet chocolate in a bowl in 30-second intervals, stirring, until melted. Dip the strawberries in the chocolate; place on a plate. Let set, 20 to 30 minutes.
        4. Make the frosting: Microwave the white chocolate and the remaining 2 ounces semisweet chocolate in separate bowls in 30-second intervals, stirring, until melted. Let cool. Beat 6 tablespoons butter and a pinch of salt in a bowl with a mixer on medium-high speed until smooth. Beat in the melted white chocolate. Add 1 cup confectioners¬Ņ sugar; beat until fluffy, 3 minutes, then beat in 1 teaspoon vanilla and 1 tablespoon milk. Set the white chocolate frosting aside. Repeat this step with the melted semisweet chocolate to make a semisweet chocolate frosting.
        5. Spoon the white chocolate frosting onto one side of a piping bag fitted with a large round tip. Spoon the semisweet chocolate frosting next to the white chocolate frosting so the two flavors are side by side; pipe the swirled frosting onto the cupcakes. Top each with a chocolate-dipped strawberry.

        Rainbow Cupcakes

        • Level: Intermediate
          Total: 1 hr 45 min
          Active: 1 hr
          Yield: 12 cupcakes
          For the cupcakes:
          For the frosting:
          1 3/4 cups cake flour
          1 teaspoon baking powder
          1/4 teaspoon baking soda
          1/2 teaspoon salt
          2/3 cup whole milk, at room temperature
          Finely grated zest of 1 lemon plus juice of 1/2
          1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
          1 1/2 sticks (12 tablespoons) unsalted butter,
          at room temperature
          1 cup sugar
          3 large egg whites, at room temperature
          Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple gel
          food coloring
          2/3 cup sugar
          2 large egg whites, at room temperature
          1/4 cup cold water
          1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
          1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar
          Pinch of salt
        • Make the cupcakes: Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Line a 12-cup muffin pan with white paper liners. Whisk the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a medium bowl; set aside. Stir together the milk, lemon juice and vanilla in a small bowl; set aside (the milk will curdle). Beat the butter, 3/4 cup sugar and the lemon zest in a large bowl with a mixer on medium-high speed until light and fluffy, about 5 minutes. Reduce the mixer speed to low. Beat in the flour mixture in three batches, alternating with the milk mixture in two batches, until combined. Increase the mixer speed to medium and beat briefly until smooth.
        • Beat the egg whites in a large bowl with a mixer on high speed until foamy. Gradually beat in the remaining 1/4 cup sugar; continue beating until stiff glossy peaks form, about 3 minutes. Using a rubber spatula, fold the beaten egg whites into the batter in two batches. Divide the batter evenly among 6 small bowls; tint each with 1 to 3 drops gel food coloring, stirring to distribute the color.
        • Divide the purple batter evenly among the prepared muffin cups (about 1 1/2 teaspoons per cup) and gently spread to cover the bottom; layer the blue, green, yellow, orange and red batters on top, gently spreading each color but making sure not to swirl the colors together. (The liners will be full.) Bake until the tops of the cupcakes spring back when gently pressed, about 20 minutes. Let cool 5 minutes in the pan, then transfer to a rack to cool completely.
        • Meanwhile, make the frosting: Whisk the sugar, egg whites, water, vanilla, cream of tartar and salt in a large metal bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water until combined (do not let the bowl touch the water). With the bowl still over the simmering water, beat the mixture with a hand mixer on medium-high speed until stiff glossy peaks form, 5 to 7 minutes. Remove the bowl from the saucepan and let cool 5 minutes. Transfer the frosting to a piping bag fitted with a large round tip. Generously pipe onto the cupcakes.
        • Carrot-Walnut Cupcakes
        • Level: Intermediate
          Total: 2 hr
          Active: 1 hr
          Yield: 12 cupcakes
          For the cupcakes:
          For the candied carrots and
          For the frosting:
          1 cup all-purpose flour
          3/4 teaspoon baking powder
          1/2 teaspoon baking soda
          3/4 teaspoon salt
          1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
          1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
          2 large eggs
          1/2 cup granulated sugar
          1/3 cup packed light brown sugar
          1/3 cup (51/3 tablespoons) unsalted butter,
          1/3 cup walnut oil or vegetable oil
          1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
          1 3/4 cups finely grated carrots (about 2
          1/2 cup walnuts, roughly chopped
          1 tablespoon finely chopped candied ginger
          Cooking spray
          1 large carrot, peeled
          3/4 cup granulated sugar
          3/4 cup water
          12 walnuts
          6 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room
          1 8-ounce package cream cheese, at room
          1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
          1/8 teaspoon salt
          3 1/2 cups confectioners¬Ņ sugar, sifted
        • Directions
          1. Make the cupcakes: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line a 12-cup muffin pan with liners. Whisk the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg in a medium bowl. Whisk the eggs, granulated sugar, brown sugar, melted butter, walnut oil and vanilla in a large bowl until smooth. Whisk in the flour mixture, then fold in the grated carrots, chopped walnuts and candied ginger with a rubber spatula.
          2. Divide the batter among the prepared muffin cups, filling each two-thirds of the way. Bake until the tops of the cupcakes spring back when gently pressed, about 20 minutes. Let cool 5 minutes in the pan; remove to a rack to cool completely.
          3. Meanwhile, make the candied carrots and walnuts: Coat a baking sheet with cooking spray. Peel 12 long ribbons from the carrot using a vegetable peeler. Combine the sugar and water in a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer, add the carrot ribbons and cook until translucent, 25 to 30 minutes. Carefully remove with tongs and arrange each ribbon in a small bundle on the baking sheet. Add the walnuts to the saucepan and simmer until glossy, 5 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and place on the baking sheet; let the candied carrots and walnuts cool.
          4. Make the frosting: Beat the butter, cream cheese, vanilla and salt in a large bowl with a mixer on medium-high speed until smooth. Beat in the confectioners¬Ņ sugar on low speed; increase the speed to medium high and beat until fluffy, 3 minutes. Transfer to a piping bag with a large round tip; pipe onto the cupcakes. Top with the candied carrots and walnuts.


    What do you put in wedding goodie bags?
    Throw in a drink or two, like bottles of water. You’ll keep guests hydrated without sending them to the hotel gift shop. Add a custom label to show off your wedding colors, motif or monogram. Get Creative: Swap out the bottle of water for something that speaks directly to the theme of your wedding.
    Who gets welcome bags at weddings?
    There is no rule book that states you must provide welcome bags for your guests if they choose to stay in a hotel. However, greeting guests with goodies that they may need during their visit is a wonderful way to welcome them to your wedding.

    What should be included in a welcome bag?

    Weather essentials – for warm weather weddings, these might be mini bottles of sunscreen, after sun or bug spray, for other climates, ponchos, hand warmers and umbrellas are a good shout. A mini hangover kit – this can include things like painkillers, eye masks and a vitamin tablet or sachet!

    What do you put in a thank you bag?
    Chocolates, cookies, candies, snacks, whether homemade or prepackaged, are the most popular choice for putting in goody bags. Edibles which are wrapped in a very decorative style, enhance the visual appeal, and so are a favorite with kids and adults alike.
    What should I get my flower girl?
    Will you be my flower girl?
    • A Ring Pop! Who¬†could¬†say no¬†to¬†candy? …
    • Something monogrammed. A bracelet or necklace engraved with her name and¬†the¬†wedding date is a keepsake she’ll treasure forever.
    • A book. We love¬†the¬†idea of gifting her with one of¬†the¬†many picture books about¬†flower girls.
    What should I get my flower girl?
    Flower Girl Gifts
    • Little Miss¬†Flower Girl Embroidered Jean Jacket. AKC01DMC.¬†
    • Personalized Gold Floral¬†Flower Girl Bracelet.¬†
    • Flower Girl Necklace.¬†
    • Flower Girl Insulated Tumbler.¬†
    • Pers¬†Flower Girl Pearl Bracelet with Gift Box.¬†
    • Personalized¬†Flower Girl Mini Tote Bag.¬†
    • Sprinkle¬†Flowers¬†and Eat Cake¬†Flower Girl T-Shirt.¬†
    • Personalized Compact Mirror.

    Disney Frozen Touchscreen Interactive Smart Watch (Model: FZN4151AZ)

    Official frozen Kid’s smartwatch with selfie-cam, voice recorder, 3x games, pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, and calculator

    Doctor Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear – Unicorn Gifts for Girls
    VIKI LYNN Initial Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Letter Personalized Gifts for Girls

    The silver alphabet pendant can be the initial of your name, or birth month. Or you can just choose one of the letters you like.

    DC Comics Girls Wonder Woman Printed Waterproof Hooded Rain Slicker

    INTIMO Girls’ Wonder Woman Sporty Mesh Pajama Set
    JoJo Siwa Girls’ #Besties Emoji JoJo & Bow Bow Siwa Short Sleeve Tee

    JoJo Siwa Girls’ Little Big Bow Zip Up Athletic Hoodie

    junior bridesmaids are 12-16

    Fashionable Friendship Bracelet

    This retro beaded bracelet is one of our favorite junior bridesmaid gift ideas. Customize it with their initials for an ultra-thoughtful present. 

    BaubleBar custom multi Pisa beaded bracelet, $36,

     Cozy Waffle Robe

    Bridesmaid robes are a staple when it comes to the morning of the big day. Make sure your juniors are in on the fun with their very own comfy clothing. 

    The Knot Shop personalized embroidered junior bridesmaid waffle robe, $26,

     Phone Case Gift Card

    Let your junior bridesmaid take the wheel and design their own phone case.

    BaubleBar design a phone case gift card, from $78,

    Pretty PJs

    Try this cute set of bridesmaid pajamas‚ÄĒthey’re great for a girls’ night in before the big day. Bonus: This awesome brand donates part of its profits to saving the elephants.   

    Ivory Ella Aileen sleep tee, $35,; Ivory Ella Aura ruffle sleep short, $39, 

     Monogram Necklace

    Jewelry¬†is one of those gifts that’ll work just as well for junior bridesmaids as the grown-up members of your squad.¬†

    Anthropologie delicate monogram necklace, $38,

    Luxurious Bath Bomb

    A bath bomb is a welcome gift for any bridesmaid who wants to relax after the celebrations. 

    Da Bomb Fizzers Fairy Bomb bath fizzer with surprise inside, $8,

    Junior Bridesmaid Candle

    This thoughtful candle comes with a sweet note (and an even sweeter smell). Give it as a solo gift or as part of a junior bridesmaid proposal box. Either way, it’s sure to be appreciated.

    Vintage Created junior bridesmaid proposal gift candle, $17,  

    Personalized Makeup Bag

     You can even fill this cute junior bridesmaid gift with some other goodies (think: candy or lip gloss) for an extra-special present.  

    The Knot Shop large personalized canvas makeup and toiletry bag, from $15,

    Unicorn Bridesmaid Proposal Box

     It’s filled with a personalized candle, moisturizer, a compact mirror, a makeup bag and candy of your choosing.   

    Amy Lucy Designs personalized unicorn bridesmaid proposal gift box, $24,

    Tie the Knot Bracelet 

    This gorgeous bracelet certainly doesn’t look cheap, and the unique knot design is a fitting nod to the occasion.

    Vantage Ways Will You Be My Junior Bridesmaid gift, from $10,

    Colorful AirPods Case

    This pastel-hued keychain case will keep their earphones safe in style.

    Elago AirPods hanging case in Moss, Lavender or Peach, $15,

    Iridescent Makeup Brushes

     It’s something they’ll get plenty of use out of, and the chic monogram case can easily be stowed away.

    The Knot Shop personalized makeup brush set & travel pouch in Iridescent Unicorn, $20, 

    Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor Gift Ideas

    Tie the Knot Necklace

    Poppy Kitten Designs Tie the Knot bridesmaid necklace, from $17,

    Custom Hair Clip

     They’re bright, bold and lots of fun, just like you and your besties.

    BaubleBar wide custom hair clip, $32,

    Silk Pajamas

    Simply throw them in the wash whenever it’s needed‚ÄĒno hand-washing or dry cleaning required.

    Lunya washable silk set, $178,

    Bridesmaid Gift Crate

    This lovely set contains a custom champagne flute, relaxing candle, personalized bracelet and cute note card.

    Art and Deco Shop bridesmaid wood custom gift set, from $25,

    Pampering Gift
    Setif a super-luxurious bridesmaid gift idea is what you’re after, a kit of fancy lip, face and eye care essentials totally fits the bill.

    L’Occitane¬†Full of Beauty collection, $83,¬†

    Weekend Bag

    Have it embroidered with their initials for a sweet personal touch.

    The Knot Shop large personalized weekender cotton canvas fabric tote bag, $30,

    Monogram Necklace

    The other part is they have a cool autumn color palette, making them fitting fall wedding gifts for bridesmaids.

    Palomaria forest fall wedding bridesmaid necklaces, $29,

    Personalized Pocket Journal

    The Knot Shop personalized charcoal gray pocket notebook, $20,

    Thoughtful Gift Box

    Step one: Choose from a range of stylish packaging designs. Step two: Decorate the inside with special photos and a personal note. Step three: Pick out a pint-sized present to stuff the box with! The possibilities are practically endless‚ÄĒtalk about a cool bridesmaid (or bridesman!) gift.

    Greetabl gift box, from $13,

    Monogram Clutch

     This sleek monogram clutch will never go out of style.

    The Knot Shop faux leather clutch, $20,

    Cute Custom Candle

    Mod Party personalized bridesmaid gift ideas, $9,

    Stylish Tea Infuser

    That friend who solves every problem with a soothing cup of tea? Yep, this is probably the best bridesmaid gift for her. Bonus: It’s perfect for infusing fruit in water too.

    Grosche Chicago Saturn double walled stainless steel 15.2 oz. tea infuser bottle & tea tumbler, $30,

    Comfy Robe

    Giving this cute bridesmaid gift tells your friends they deserve a little R&R. Plus, it’s a practical present for¬†the morning of the wedding day.

    The Knot Shop personalized embroidered floral satin robe in Light Blue and Red Blissful Blooms, from $22,

    Custom Ring Dish

     These affordable bridesmaid favors will make a lovely addition to gift baskets, or simply present them on their own with a cute thank-you note.

    Mod Party personalized bridesmaid gifts monogram ring dish, from $12,

    Gold Initial Bracelet

     The personalized initials will make these really stand out in bridesmaid gift bags.

    David’s Bridal personalized gold floral bridal party bracelet, $23,

    Travel Jewelry Case

    This gorgeous jewelry case is a bit of a splurge, but it’ll be something they turn to on the regular.

    Mejuri jewelry case, $85,

    Spa Day Gift Bask

    Give your girls the gift of a DIY spa day with this bridesmaid gift basket filled with a variety of handmade and homegrown spa products.

    Natasha McCrary Farm Fresh spa experience tin, $32,

    Cute Book Collection

    Bridesmaid gift sets don’t have to be inspired by the spa. If your friends seem to always have their nose in a book, they’ll adore a set of classics with beautifully designed covers.¬†Little Women,¬†Anne of Green Gables,¬†A Little Princess¬†and¬†Heidi¬†make up this coveted collection.

    Penguin Young Readers Group The Puffin in Bloom Collection, various authors, $64,

    Personalized Yoga Mat

    If you’re looking for a wedding gift for bridesmaids who never miss a yoga class, how about new yoga mats? Have them personalized with their names or a cute quote.  

    Personalization Mall Script Style personalized yoga mat, $40,

    Initial Gym Bag

    This one comes embellished with an initial so they won’t get mixed up if you’re hitting the gym together. Add this one to the list of personal and practical bridesmaid gifts.

    Cathy’s Concepts monogram duffel bag, $89,

    Timeless Jewelry Box

    This beautiful vintage-inspired jewelry box is the perfect place for friends to store the jewels they sported at your wedding. Have the lid personalized with each bridesmaid’s initials for an ultra-thoughtful present.

    The Knot Shop small personalized vintage glass jewelry box, $30,

    Sister Bridesmaid Bracelet

     Bohemian bridesmaids will really dig this rustic bracelet, which reads “my bridesmaid today, my sister forever.” 

    Red Fern Studio bridesmaid sister bracelet, from $36,

    Cute Leather Tote

    The Knot Shop large personalized color block faux leather tote bag, $20,

    Wine and Cheese

    This bridesmaid gift basket isn’t a basket at all‚ÄĒinstead it’s a neat box filled with gourmet cheese, meat, crackers and wine. Foodie friends will rejoice.

    Hickory Farms wine & savory snack collection, $46,

    Birth Flower Ring

    These dainty rings celebrate each bridesmaid’s birth flower, making them wonderfully personal. 

    Caitlyn Minimalist birth flower ring, from $29,

    Bridal Party Sunglasses

    These snazzy sunglasses are a chic (and affordable) summer wedding favor for bridesmaids. 

    David’s Bridal¬†white bridal party sunglasses, $23 for a set of 6,¬†

    Amazing Compact

    Tell your best gals just how amazing you think they are with these embossed faux-leather compacts. If you’re looking for personalized bridal party gift ideas, you can also have them engraved on the back.

    The Knot Shop¬†personalized engraved faux leather compact mirror in You’re Amazing, from $12,¬†

    Cozy Throw Blanket

    If you want to splash out, make these snug blankets your bridesmaid presents.

    Boll & Branch cable knit throw blanket, $125,

    Druzy Necklace

    hese gemstone pieces might just be the unique bridesmaid gifts you’ve been looking for.

    Simple & Dainty tiny druzy necklace bridesmaids gift, from $38,

    Glass Ornament

    Bounita bridesmaid glass ornament winter wedding gift, $14,

    Movie Scratch-Off Poster

    . This dynamic duo has everything they’ll need for a relaxing soak in the tub. Bye-bye bridesmaid stress!

    Lush Peachy fruity foam and fizz, $19,

    Minimergency Kit

     With 17 essentials to get your bridesmaids out of a pinch, this useful gift will serve them well on any night out.

    Pinch Provisions leopard-print Minimergency kit, $20,

    Spa Treatment

     Give them gift cards for the spa treatment of their choice‚ÄĒmani, pedi, massage, facial or whatever else their hearts desire.

    Spa Week gift card, from $10,

    Personalized Beach Towel

    Personalized beach towels are especially cool bridesmaid gifts if you’re planning a seaside (or poolside) bachelorette party, wedding or future vacay

    The Knot Shop personalized round beach towel, $18,

    Bridesmaid Box

    With a thoughtful handwritten note, this luxurious box is also a great idea for bridesmaid proposals.

    BOXFOX Bridesmaid box, $40,

    Aromatherapy Diffuser

    This gift will let your bridesmaids break out their favorite essential oils for an evening of well-deserved relaxation.

    Vitruvi stone diffuser, $119,

    Chic Suede Journal

    These suede journals come in delicate pastel hues, perfect for your style-savvy squad to stow in their handbags.

    Anthropologie braided suede journal, $38,

    Lipstick Flask

    This red lips flask is a cute bridesmaid gift idea for friends who occasionally like to let loose‚ÄĒand do it in style.

    The Knot Shop red lips stainless steel hip flask, from $20,

    Coffee-Themed Gift Basket

    A bridesmaid gift basket filled with coffee-inspired treats is sure to earn appreciation from your caffeine-loving bridal squad.

    Mouth The Coffee Fix, $74,

    Vintage-Style Locke

    Jewelry, and a vintage-style locket with a picture of you and your friend inside is about as meaningful as it gets.

    Says the Stone bridesmaid jewelry locket, from $32,

    Sentimental Photo Book

     For the ultimate bridesmaid gift, make a photo book filled with favorite photos of your biggest adventures. This one will be treasured forever.

    Artifact Uprising Color Series photo book, from $20,

    Sleek New Watch

    A watch is a valuable and timeless keepsake, which is why it’s an ultra-thoughtful wedding gift for bridesmaids. 

    Olivia Burton Queen Bee mesh strap watch, $145,



    You can never go wrong with classic gifts. These are the gifts that will never go out of style no matter the year. They’re the accessories that every guy needs at least one of, so don’t overthink it!

    • Groomsmen boxes¬†that contain multiple items
    • Pocket knife or multi-tool
    • Wristwatches or pocket watches
    • Money clip
    • Lighters
    • Business card holders
    • Wallets

    With these gifts, they’ll have a custom memento to honor brotherhood with every time they pour a drink.

    • Personalized beer mug or flask
    • Shot glass set
    • Corkscrew or bottle opener
    • Give each groomsman/usher a bottle of their favorite liquor
    • Custom bar signs

    What is a good gift for a ring bearer?Here, we’ve gathered our favorite gifts to consider buying for your ring bearer.

    • This Ring Security T-Shirt.
    • A Buddy for the Bearer.
    • A Special Tie.
    • This Magically Hilarious Candy.
    • For the Kid Who Lights Up Your Life.
    • A Dino-Distractor.
    • An Adorable Tote¬†Bag.
    • A Personalized Sweatshirt.

    Tickle & Main – Ring Bearer Gift Set ‚Äď Includes Book, Badge, and Wedding Ring Security Briefcase. I’m Head of Security – I’m The Ring Bearer!

    This unique and charming 3 piece Ring Bearer Gift Set contains a storybook, security briefcase, and toy leather badge. Everything your ring bearer needs to understand and perform his important role!

    Marvel The Avengers Kids’ AVG3508 Watch with Black Rubber Band

    GKTZ Kids Video Camera Digital Cameras Camcorder Birthday Gifts for Boys and Girls Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9,HD Children Videos Recorder Toy for Toddler with 32GB SD Card – Blue

    Dinosaur Toys for 3-8 Year Old Boys,Dino Projection Kids Toys for 3-8 Year Olds Boys 2 in 1 Car Toys for 2-10 Year Olds Boys,Chirstmas Xmax Birthday Gifts for 2-10 Year Olds Kids Children Gifts

    Cyiecw Piano Music Mat, Keyboard Play Mat Music Dance Mat with 19 Keys Piano Mat, 8 Selectable Musical Instruments Build-in Speaker & Recording Function for Kids Girls Boys, 43.3” x14.2”

    Musical play impacts children in a big way. It teaches self-expression and sparks all areas of child development, including intellectual, social, emotional, motor and language skills. help with child development, brain power, memory, confidence, patience, socially and fosters creativity!

    Trendy Home & Garden 3D Dinosaur Night Light- 5 Designs 16 Colors Changing LED Decor Lamp with Remote. 3D Illusion Toy Lamp Nightlight

    Gneric Children’S Simulated Outdoor Adventure Toy Bag, Binoculars, Flashlight, Compass, Insect Net, Insect Observation Box, Travel Toys for Boys and Girls Aged 3 to 12

    Star Wars The Child Plush Toy, 11-in Yoda Baby Figure from The Mandalorian, Collectible Stuffed Character with Carrying Satchel for Movie Fans Ages 3 and Older

    Black Panther Kid’s Light Up Digital Watch with Opening Face Cover

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    Sam Wilson teams up with Bucky Barnes in a worldwide adventure that tests their abilities and their patience.The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premiered on March 19, 2021, and will run for six episodes until April 23. It is part of Phase Four of the MCU. The  Falcon and the Winter Soldier  two  episodes  left for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier






    Cast and characters

    • Sebastian Stan¬†as¬†James “Bucky” Barnes / Winter Soldier¬†/¬†White Wolf:
      An enhanced soldier and¬†Steve Rogers’ best friend during the 1940s who was presumed¬†killed in action¬†during¬†World War II, before re-emerging as a brainwashed assassin in the present day.
    • Anthony Mackie¬†as¬†Sam Wilson / Falcon:
      An¬†Avenger¬†and¬†pararescueman¬†who was trained by the military in aerial combat using a specially-designed wing pack.¬†Wilson was handed¬†Captain America’s shield¬†by Rogers at the end of¬†Avengers: Endgame¬†(2019),
    • Wyatt Russell¬†as¬†John Walker / Captain America:
      A decorated and high-ranking member of the U.S. Army and the new Captain America chosen by U.S. government.
    • Erin Kellyman¬†as¬†Karli Morgenthau:
      The leader of the anti-patriotism group the Flag Smashers, who are enhanced with a recreation of the Super Soldier Serum and believe the world was better during the Blip, fighting for open national borders.
    • Danny Ramirez¬†as¬†Joaquin Torres:
      A¬†first lieutenant¬†in the¬†U.S. Air Force¬†who serves as Wilson’s support staff and is investigating the Flag Smashers
    • Georges St-Pierre¬†as¬†Georges Batroc:
    • A mercenary who is the leader of the criminal group LAF
    • Adepero Oduye¬†as¬†Sarah Wilson:
      Sam’s sister who runs the Wilson family fishing business in Louisiana.
    • Don Cheadle¬†as¬†James “Rhodey” Rhodes:
      An officer in the U.S. Air Force and Avenger who operates the War Machine armor
    • Daniel Br√ľhl¬†as¬†Helmut Zemo:
      A¬†Sokovian¬†terrorist and a¬†baron¬†who was responsible for the Avengers’ breakup in¬†Captain America: Civil War (2016)
    • Emily VanCamp¬†as¬†Sharon Carter:
      A former agent of¬†S.H.I.E.L.D.¬†and the¬†CIA, and¬†Peggy Carter’s niece.
    • Florence Kasumba¬†as¬†Ayo:
    • A member of the¬†Dora Milaje,¬†Wakanda’s all-female¬†special forces.

    What is  Super Soldier Serum


    The Super Soldier Serum is a chemical solution originally created by Abraham Erskine. The serum was formulated to enhance the human body and mind, and was intended to be utilized by the United States Armed Forces during World War II in order to transform Allied soldiers into super soldiers.

    Doctor Abraham Erskine was a scientist who created the original Super Soldier Serum. Whilst living in Nazi Germany, he was forced to use a preliminary version of the serum on HYDRA


    leader Johann Schmidt. Fleeing to the United States of America, Erskine joined the Strategic Scientific Reserve¬†where he managed to perfect his serum, and chose¬†Steve Rogers¬†to be its recipient. However, moments after Rogers’ transformation, Erskine was¬†assassinated¬†by¬†Heinz Kruger.

    “The¬†serum¬†amplifies everything that is inside, so good becomes great; bad becomes worse. This is why you were chosen. Because the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows… compassion.”
    ‚ÄēAbraham Erskine to¬†Steve Rogers
    Side Effects of Super Soldier Serum

    As is the case with the effects of the Super Soldier Serum, the side effects vary depending on the variation given to the individual. The most common side effect of taking the Super Soldier Serum is psychosis. Due to the rapid evolution of the human brain as a result of exposure to Super Soldier Serum, the individual Super Soldier is far more susceptible to mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and paranoia than an average human.

    Protocide, the first specimen experimented on during Project: Rebirth, suffered a near total mental break down prior to his death as a result of his exposure to the Super Soldier Serum without the stabilizing effects of the Vita-Rays. Upon his resurrection he showed some signs of mental instability but to far smaller degree.

    The Grand Director and Jack Monroe appeared to be fine at first but soon succumbed mental instability in the form of severe paranoia.

    Isaiah Bradley retained almost perfect health, both mental and physical, well into the later years of his life before side effects appeared. When the side effects finally surfaced, Bradley’s mental faculties quickly degenerated until his mind could function no better than that of a small child’s.

    Master Man, due to his strain of the Super Solider Serum suffered complete loss of his powers and accelerated aging.

    As a result of Taskmaster’s treatment with a variation of the Super Soldier Serum he is unable to retain long term memories as his photographic reflexes over-write his memories with his ability to repeat any physical action he witnesses.

    The most severe set of side effects shown thus far is with Sentry. Due to the near unlimited power granted to him by his strain of the Super Soldier Serum he was capable of manifesting a second personality in not only form but powers. Along with his manifestation of the Void Sentry also suffered from along list of mental disorders including anti-social disorder, agoraphobia and severe depression.

    As is the case with the effects of the Super Soldier Serum, the side effects vary depending on the variation given to the individual. The most common side effect of taking the Super Soldier Serum is psychosis. Due to the rapid evolution of the human brain as a result of exposure to Super Soldier Serum, the individual Super Soldier is far more susceptible to mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and paranoia than an average human.

    Protocide, the first specimen experimented on during Project: Rebirth, suffered a near total mental break down prior to his death as a result of his exposure to the Super Soldier Serum without the stabilizing effects of the Vita-Rays. Upon his resurrection he showed some signs of mental instability but to far smaller degree.

    The Grand Director and Jack Monroe appeared to be fine at first but soon succumbed mental instability in the form of severe paranoia.

    Isaiah Bradley retained almost perfect health, both mental and physical, well into the later years of his life before side effects appeared. When the side effects finally surfaced, Bradley’s mental faculties quickly degenerated until his mind could function no better than that of a small child’s.

    Master Man, due to his strain of the Super Solider Serum suffered complete loss of his powers and accelerated aging.

    As a result of Taskmaster’s treatment with a variation of the Super Soldier Serum he is unable to retain long term memories as his photographic reflexes over-write his memories with his ability to repeat any physical action he witnesses.

    The most severe set of side effects shown thus far is with Sentry. Due to the near unlimited power granted to him by his strain of the Super Soldier Serum he was capable of manifesting a second personality in not only form but powers. Along with his manifestation of the Void Sentry also suffered from along list of mental disorders including anti-social disorder, agoraphobia and severe depression.





    . It is notably responsible for the superhuman abilities of Johann Schmidt, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Isaiah Bradley, Emil Blonsky, Karli Morgenthau, and John Walker.


    Evolution of Johann Schmidt : marvelstudiosJohann Schmidt was a Nazi general officer and confidant of Adolf Hitler. He has been closely affiliated with HYDRA and is an enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers, and the interests of the United States and the free world in general.[10] He was physically augmented by having his mind placed into the body of a clone of Captain America, the pinnacle of human perfection. He has been seemingly killed in the past, only to return time and time again to plague the world with schemes of world domination and genocide.

    Johann Schmidt was born in a village in¬†Germany¬†to Hermann Schmidt and Martha Schmidt. His mother died in childbirth, and his father blamed Johann for her death. Johann’s father tried to drown the baby, only to be stopped by the attending doctor; he later committed suicide, leaving Johann an orphan. The doctor took Johann to an orphanage, where the child led a lonely existence. Johann ran away from the orphanage when he was 7 years old and lived on the streets as a beggar and thief. As he grew older, he worked at various menial jobs but spent most of his time in prison for crimes ranging from vagrancy to theft. The Skull’s real name of Johann Schmidt was not revealed in his¬†Golden Age¬†and Silver Age appearances.

    As a young man, Schmidt was from time to time employed by a Jewish shopkeeper, whose daughter Esther was the only person who had treated Schmidt kindly up to that point. Seized with passion for Esther, Schmidt tried to force himself upon her, only for her to reject him. In unthinking fury, Schmidt murdered her. Schmidt fled the scene in terror but also felt ecstatic joy in committing his first murder. In killing Esther, he had given vent to the rage at the world that had been building up in him throughout his young life.

    According to the official version of the story told by the Red Skull and the Nazis, Schmidt met Hitler while working as a¬†bellhop¬†in a hotel. This occurred during his late teens, around the same time that the¬†Nazi Party¬†gained power in¬†Germany. Schmidt wound up serving Hitler’s rooms at the hotel. By chance, Schmidt was present by bringing refreshments when the F√ľhrer was furiously scolding an officer for letting a spy escape, during which Hitler declared that he could create a better National Socialist out of the bellhop. Looking closely at the youth and sensing his dark inner nature, Hitler decided to act on his words and recruited Schmidt. In the miniseries¬†Red Skull: Incarnate, it has been revealed that Schmidt actually engineered his meeting with the F√ľhrer with himself disguised as a bellhop, tricking his fellow orphan Dieter into trying to kill Hitler and then taking this opportunity to save Hitler’s life.

    Becoming the Red Skull

    “We know that the superior man will not be born, Professor Erskine. He will not be a member of any “master race”. He will be a race unto himself. And you are going to help me make him.”
    “You work with Nazis even though you do not follow their ideology?”
    ‚ÄēJohann Schmidt and¬†Abraham Erskine

    In 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland, thus starting World War II. As the war continued, Schmidt had actively participated in several German conquests, earning several high military decorations, including the Panzer Badge and the Iron Cross First Class, and Schmidt may have also suffered a wound during combat to merit him the Wound Badge which he would wear on his own SS uniform.

    Schmidt questions Abraham Erskine

    In¬†1940, Schmidt had learned that, at long last, the first, unstable version of¬†Abraham Erskine’s¬†Super Soldier Serum¬†was now finished, which Schmidt had desired for himself. However, despite Schmidt’s orders and even the threat of execution, Erskine refused to hand it over to Schmidt. In the end, Schmidt took the Super Soldier Serum by force and had Erskine imprisoned before ordering that Erskine’s own¬†wife¬†and¬†children¬†were sent into a concentration camp.

    Schmidt injects himself with the Serum

    Having regained Erskine’s serum as he had intended, Schmidt then traveled onto¬†Castle Kaufmann¬†in the¬†Bavarian Alps, where Schmidt had injected himself with the serum in order to get superpowers. The serum was supposed to make him faster, stronger, and more agile, and Schmidt soon felt all the effects running through his body, as his muscles grew and his mind became clearer, as Schmidt finally became the superior man as he had always intended.

    Schmidt’s face becoming hideously disfigured

    However, the process also came with some painful side effects and rendered Schmidt with a red and horrifically deformed face. Though he adopted a¬†synthetic mask that resembled his former appearance to disguise the deformity, he became known as “Red Skull”

    Red Skull’s image being used as propaganda

    As compensation, Adolf Hitler gave Schmidt a new base in the Alps, which became the headquarters of HYDRA, working on weapons for the Third Reich. However, Schmidt saw his new post more as an exile than as a reward. He continued his research into the occult and developed a sense that HYDRA had become superior to the Nazis and sought to find a weapon that would overthrow Hitler.

    “I don’t like bullies. I don’t care where they’re from.”
    “Well, there are already so many big men fighting¬†this war. Maybe what we need now is the little guy, huh?”
    ‚ÄēSteve Rogers and¬†Abraham Erskine


    “The¬†serum¬†amplifies everything that is inside. So, good becomes great. Bad becomes worse. This is why you were chosen. Because a strong man, who has known power all his life, will lose respect for that power. But a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows compassion.”‚ÄēAbraham Erskine¬†to Steve Rogers


    Alter ego
    Steven Rogers
    Team affiliations
    • Avengers
    • Avengers Unity Division
    • All-Winners Squad
    • Illuminati
    • Invaders
    • Landau, Luckman, and Lake
    • New Avengers
    • Project: Rebirth
    • Redeemers
    • S.H.I.E.L.D.
    • Secret Avengers
    • Secret Defenders
    • U.S. Army
    • New York City Police Department
    • Bucky Barnes
    • Falcon
    • Black Widow
    • Iron Man
    Notable aliases
    The Captain
    Spider King
    • Enhanced strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes, senses, and mental processing via the super soldier serum
    • Master martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant
    • Accelerated healing
    • Immunity to diseases and toxins
    • Slowed aging
    • Master tactician, strategist, and field commander
    • Using¬†Vibranium-steel alloy shield

    Steven Rogers was born in the¬†Lower East Side¬†of¬†Manhattan,¬†New York City, in 1920 to poor¬†Irish¬†immigrants, Sarah and Joseph Rogers.Joseph died when Steve was a child, and Sarah died of pneumonia while Steve was a teen. By early 1940, before America’s entry into¬†World War II, Rogers is a tall, scrawny¬†fine arts¬†student specializing in illustration and a comic book writer and artist.

    Disturbed by the devastation of Europe by the Nazis, Rogers attempts to enlist but is rejected due to his frail body. His resolution attracts the notice of U.S. Army General¬†Chester Phillips¬†and “Project: Rebirth”. Rogers is used as a test subject for the¬†Super-Soldier project, receiving a special serum made by “Dr. Josef Reinstein”,¬†later¬†retroactively changed¬†to a code name for the scientist¬†Abraham Erskine.

    The serum is a success and transforms Steve Rogers into a nearly perfect human being with peak strength, agility, stamina, and intelligence. The success of the program leaves Erskine wondering about replicating the experiment on other human beings. The process itself has been inconsistently detailed: While in the original material Rogers is shown receiving injections of the Super-Serum, when the origin was retold in the 1960s, the Comic Code Authority had already put a veto over graphic description of drug intake and abuse, and thus the Super-Serum was retconned into an oral formula.

    Erskine refused to write down every crucial element of the treatment, leaving behind a flawed, imperfect knowledge of the steps. Thus, when the Nazi¬†spy¬†Heinz Kruger¬†killed him, Erskine’s method of creating new Super-Soldiers died. Captain America, in his first act after his transformation, avenges Erskine. In the 1941 origin story and in¬†Tales of Suspense¬†#63, Kruger dies when running into machinery but is not killed by Rogers; in the¬†Captain America¬†#109 and #255 revisions, Rogers causes the spy’s death by punching him into machinery.

    Unable to create new Super-Soldiers and willing to hide the Project Rebirth fiasco, the American government casts Rogers as a patriotic superhero, able to counter the menace of the¬†Red Skull¬†as a¬†counterintelligence agent. He is supplied with a patriotic uniform of his own design,¬†a bulletproof shield, a personal¬†side arm, and the codename Captain America, while posing as a clumsy¬†infantry¬†private at Camp Lehigh in Virginia. He forms a friendship with the camp’s teenage¬†mascot, James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes.

    Barnes learns of Rogers’¬†dual identity¬†and offers to keep the secret if he can become Captain America’s¬†sidekick. During their adventures,¬†Franklin D. Roosevelt¬†presents Captain America with¬†a new shield, forged from an alloy of¬†steel¬†and¬†vibranium, fused by an unknown catalyst, so effective that it replaces his own firearm.[58]¬†Throughout World War II, Captain America and Bucky fight the Nazi menace both on their own and as members of the superhero team the¬†Invaders¬†as seen in the 1970s comic of the same name.Captain America fights in numerous battles in World War II, primarily as a member of 1st Battalion,¬†26th Infantry Regiment¬†“Blue Spaders”.Captain America battles a number of criminal menaces on American soil, including a wide variety of costumed villains: the Wax Man,the Hangman, the Fang, the Black Talon,[¬†and the White Death,among others.

    In addition to Bucky, Captain America was occasionally assisted by the Sentinels of Liberty.Sentinels of Liberty was the title given to members of the Captain America Comics fan club who Captain America sometimes addressed as an aside, or as characters in the Captain America Comics stories.

    In late April 1945, during the closing days of World War II, Captain America and Bucky try to stop the villainous Baron Zemo from destroying an experimental drone plane. Zemo launches the plane with an armed explosive on it with Rogers and Barnes in hot pursuit. The pair reaches the plane just before takeoff. When Bucky tries to defuse the bomb, it explodes in mid-air. Rogers is hurled into the freezing waters of the North Atlantic. Both are presumed dead, though it is later revealed that neither had died.

    Powers and abilities
    Steve Rogers’ physical transformation, from a reprint of Captain America Comics¬†#1 (March 1941). Art and story by¬†Joe Simon¬†and¬†Jack Kirby.
    Tactician and field commander

    Rogers’ battle experience and training make him an expert¬†tactician¬†and an excellent field commander, with his teammates frequently deferring to his orders in battle. The Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and other heroes choose Rogers as their leader during the¬†Secret Wars; Thor says that Rogers is one of the very few mortals he will take orders from, and follow “through the gates of Hades”.

    Rogers’ reflexes and senses are extraordinarily keen. He has blended¬†aikido,¬†boxing, judo, ¬†karate, jujutsu,¬†kickboxing, and gymnastics into his own unique fighting style and is a master of multiple martial arts. Years of practice with his near-indestructible shield make him able to aim and throw it with almost unerring accuracy. His skill with his shield is such that he can attack multiple targets in succession with a single throw or even cause a¬†boomerang-like return from a throw to attack an enemy from behind. In canon, he is regarded by other skilled fighters as one of the best¬†hand-to-hand combatants¬†in the Marvel Universe, limited only by his human physique.Although the Super Soldier Serum is an important part of his strength, Rogers has shown himself still sufficiently capable against stronger opponents, even when the serum has been deactivated reverting him to his pre-Captain America physique.

    Stan Lee claimed that he’d “always been fascinated by the fact that, although Captain America has the least spectacular superpower of all, the mantle of leadership falls naturally upon him, as though he was born to command… Cap is one of the hardest hero characters to write, because the writer cannot use some exotic super-power to make his episodes seem colorful… All he has to serve him are his extraordinary combat skills, his shield, and his unquenchable love for freedom and justice.”

    Rogers has vast¬†U.S. military¬†knowledge and is often shown to be familiar with ongoing, classified Defense Department operations. He is an expert in combat strategy, survival, acrobatics,¬†parkour, military strategy, piloting, and demolitions. Despite his high profile as one of the world’s most popular and recognizable superheroes, Rogers has a broad understanding of the espionage community, largely through his ongoing relationship with¬†S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Super Soldier Serum

    Steve Rogers is often considered to be the pinnacle of human potential and operates at peak physical performance due to his enhancement via the Super Soldier Serum. The Super Soldier Serum enhances all of his metabolic functions and prevents the build-up of¬†fatigue poisons in his muscles, giving him endurance far in excess of an ordinary human being. This accounts for many of his extraordinary feats, including bench pressing 1,100 pounds (500¬†kg) as a warm-up¬†and running a mile (1.6 km) in less than a minute (60 mph/97 km/h, nearly twice the maximum speed achieved by the best human sprinters).¬†Furthermore, his enhancements are the reason why he was able to survive being frozen in suspended animation for decades. He is highly resistant to hypnosis or gases that could limit his focus. The secrets of creating a super-soldier were lost with the death of its creator,¬†Dr. Abraham Erskine. In the ensuing decades there have been numerous attempts to recreate Erskine’s treatment, only to have them end in failure. Even worse, the attempts have instead often created psychopathic supervillains of which Captain America’s¬†1950s imitator¬†and¬†Nuke¬†are the most notorious examples

    Weapons and equipment

    Captain America has used multiple shields throughout his history, the most prevalent of which is a nigh-indestructible disc-shaped shield made from a unique combination of Vibranium, Steel alloy, and an unknown third component that has never been duplicated called Proto-Adamantium.The shield was cast by American metallurgist Dr. Myron MacLain, who was contracted by the U.S. government, from orders of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, to create an impenetrable substance to use for tanks during World War II.This alloy was created by accident and never duplicated, although efforts to reverse-engineer it resulted in the discovery of adamantium.

    Captain America’s uniform is made of a fire-retardant material, and he wears a lightweight, bulletproof¬†duralumin¬†scale armor¬†beneath his uniform for added protection.Captain America has used a custom specialized motorcycle, modified by the¬†S.H.I.E.L.D.¬†weapons laboratory, as well as a custom-built battle van, constructed by the¬†Wakanda¬†Design Group with the ability to change its color for disguise purposes (red, white and blue), and fitted to store and conceal the custom motorcycle in its rear section with a frame that allows Rogers to launch from the vehicle riding it.

    James Buchanan “Bucky” BarnesBy far, my favorite character arc of any franchise: Sergeant James Buchanan  'Bucky' Barnes. : FavoriteCharacter

    Barnes is childhood best friends with Steve Rogers who serves alongside him during World War II before being transformed into a brainwashed Hydra super soldier and assassin, the Winter Soldier.

    In-universe information
    Full name James Buchanan Barnes
    • Winter Soldier
    • White Wolf
    Nickname Buck
    Title Sergeant (U.S. Army)
    • Avenger
    • Hydra¬†assassin¬†(brainwashed)
    • Soldier
    • Avengers
    • Hydra (brainwashed)
    • Soviet Union¬†(brainwashed)
    • Howling Commandos
    • Strategic Scientific Reserve
    • United States Army
    • Vibranium¬†arm
    • Various¬†firearms
    • Grenade launcher
    • Cybernetic, metal arm
    Family 4 unknown siblings
    Origin Brooklyn, New York, United States
    Nationality American

    James Buchanan Barnes was born in¬†Shelbyville, Indiana¬†in 1925.Barnes grew up as an¬†Army brat.He was orphaned when his father was killed in training at U.S. Army Camp Lehigh in Virginia just before the United States’ entry into¬†World War II. As a result, he is unofficially adopted by the camp as a mascot. Nicknamed “Bucky”, he takes to wearing a uniform and becoming savvy with the ins and outs of military life, even though he is a teenager. It was at Lehigh that he meets and befriends Private Steven Rogers, who by all appearances is the clumsiest soldier in the camp. This was at the same time that reports of the then-mysterious¬†Captain America¬†begin to appear in news magazines, and Barnes eagerly devours the accounts of this new hero.

    In 1940, Bucky accidentally walked in on Steve Rogers changing into his uniform, thus discovering his friend was Captain America and insisted that he join him. He underwent extensive commando training with the British¬†SAS and was assigned to be Captain America’s partner. The military justified putting a 15-year-old in harm’s way by using him as a symbol to rally the youth of America . They fight the¬†Red Skull¬†together, and Captain America accepts Bucky as his partner.Together, Captain America and Bucky fight¬†Nazis¬†both at home and abroad, as a duo and as part of the superhero team known as the¬†Invaders, fighting¬†Master Man¬†in their first mission.Barnes also teams up with¬†Toro, the sidekick of the original¬†Human Torch, along with four non-superhero youths to form a group called the¬†Young Allies. Additionally, Bucky was¬†retconned¬†in 1976 as the organizer of the¬†flashback¬†World War II¬†super-team the¬†Liberty Legion, set between the formations of the¬†Invaders¬†and the post-war¬†All-Winners Squad. He was also briefly one of the Kid Commandos at this time. Bucky served as an advance scout for Captain America and the Invaders, often being assigned tasks that none of the heroes could be seen doing.

    In the closing days of World War II in 1945, Captain America and Bucky tried to stop the villainous¬†Baron Zemo¬†from destroying an experimental¬†drone plane. Zemo launches the plane with an armed explosive device on it, with Rogers and Barnes in hot pursuit. They reach the plane just before it takes off. Bucky unsuccessfully tries to defuse the bomb, and it explodes in mid-air before reaching its intended target. He will be believed to have been killed in action, as Rogers is hurled into the freezing waters of the¬†North Atlantic.Rogers’ body, preserved in¬†suspended animation¬†in a block of ice, is found decades later by¬†The Avengers¬†while searching the Arctic for the Sub-Mariner.

    It was only in modern times that Captain America would learn that Bucky had a sister, Rebecca, whom he met at a veterans Christmas celebration. Bucky also had one notable post-mortem appearance when the Grandmaster challenged the West and East Coast Avengers for the destruction of the universe, apparently resurrecting long-dead friends and foes for them to fight. Captain America battled Bucky, whom he defeated, and the apparitions disappeared

    ¬†General Vasily Karpov and the crew of a Russian patrol submarine found Bucky’s cold-preserved body, albeit with his left arm severed. Bucky was revived in Moscow, but suffered brain damage with¬†amnesia¬†as a result of the explosion. Scientists attached a¬†bionic arm, periodically upgrading it as technology improved.

    Programmed to be a Soviet assassin for Department X‚ÄĒunder the code name the “Winter Soldier”, he is sent on covert¬†wetwork¬†missions and becomes increasingly ruthless and efficient as he kills in the name of the state. While a Soviet agent, he also has a brief relationship with the Black Widow. The Winter Soldier is kept in a cryogenic stasis when not on missions, and as a result has aged only a few years to a young adult since the closing days of World War II. In 1968, the Winter Soldier was sent to kill Professor Zhang Chin, whom he had met over 20 years earlier. He was thwarted by an intangible being called the Man with No Face, though he was able to escape.On assignment in the¬†United States¬†in the 1970s, he suffers a breakdown and goes missing for days after¬†assassinating¬†his target.The Winter Soldier also aided in¬†Wolverine’s escape from the Weapon X laboratory and later murdered¬†Itsu, Wolverine’s wife, seemingly killing their unborn son¬†Daken, who survived the attack after being cut from his mother’s womb.

    In the present day, the Winter Soldier seemingly kills the¬†Red Skull¬†and¬†Jack Monroe¬†(Nomad) under orders from former Soviet general¬†Aleksander Lukin¬†(Karpov’s former prot√©g√©). The Winter Soldier launches a terrorist attack on¬†Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, killing hundreds, and charges the¬†Cosmic Cube¬†which Lukin sent him to retrieve. He kidnaps¬†Sharon Carter, an agent of the international espionage agency¬†S.H.I.E.L.D.¬†and a former lover of Steve Rogers (Captain America). Upon her rescue, Carter tells Captain America that Winter Soldier looked like Bucky. S.H.I.E.L.D. chief¬†Nick Fury¬†confirms the Winter Soldier’s existence, but cannot ascertain his identity.

    Captain America tracks down and confronts the Winter Soldier. Regaining his memories, Bucky becomes overwhelmed by guilt over his past actions, crushing the Cosmic Cube and teleporting away.

    He reappears shortly afterward in¬†London, where he helps Captain America fend off a terrorist attack. He asks Nick Fury for employment and new equipment following the loss of his bionic arm.¬†Following the events of the superhuman¬†Civil War, Winter Soldier helps Fury plan the escape of an arrested Steve Rogers. Before the plan can be implemented, however, Rogers is assassinated.¬†Considering registration architect Tony Stark (Iron Man) as ultimately responsible, Winter Soldier plans to kill Stark in revenge. Deducing that Stark will oversee the appointment of a new Captain America, Winter Soldier steals Captain America’s shield from S.H.I.E.L.D. agent¬†Black Widow so that it cannot be handed down.Ultimately, he heads to Kronas’s headquarters, where Lukin reveals he is the Red Skull and has the evil psychiatrist¬†Dr. Faustus¬†attempt unsuccessfully to brainwash the Winter Soldier.

    Powers and abilities

    Having trained under Steve Rogers (the original Captain America in World War II) and others in the time leading up to World War II, “Bucky” Barnes is a master of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts, as well as being skilled in the use of military weapons such as firearms and grenades. He also used throwing knives on occasion and was a gifted advance scout. His time as the covert Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier helped to further hone his skills, making him the equal to his predecessor in combat skills and an expert assassin and spy. He is also fluent in many languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Latin, and Japanese.He can understand French.

    Winter Soldier’s left arm is a cybernetic prosthetic with superhuman strength and enhanced reaction time. The arm can function when not in contact with Barnes and can discharge an EMP causing electronics to either shut down or become useless. The use of Barnes’ EMP is shown when Barnes uses it to shut down a Nick Fury¬†LMD and when he attempts to use it on Iron Man. The arm has a holographic function to disguise it as a flesh and blood arm.

    As Captain America, he possesses the original, indestructible, vibranium alloy shield used by his predecessor, as well as a¬†Kevlar/Nomex¬†blend shock-absorbing costume. He often carries several conventional weapons such as knives, guns‚ÄĒmostly a¬†Colt 1911A1 .45¬†and a¬†P08 Luger‚ÄĒand grenades.

    isaiah bradley

    Alter ego Isaiah Bradley
    Notable aliases Captain America
    Abilities Trained unarmed combatant
    Peak physical attributes
    Slowed aging
    Extraordinary immunity to disease
    Carries a convex triangular metal shield

    Project: Rebirth begins as a collaboration between US, British and German scientists led by Dr. “Josef Reinstein” (real name Dr. Wilfred Nagel), and Dr. Koch. When World War II begins, Koch takes over the German program and Josef Reinstein takes over the American program. Each attempts to recreate the super soldier serum which had previously turned Steve Rogers into Captain America a year prior to Pearl Harbor. Reinstein’s early attempts to refine the formula are tested on African-Americans. Three hundred of these soldiers are taken from Camp Cathcart and subjected to potentially fatal experiments at an undisclosed location, as seen in¬†Truth: Red, White & Black. Only five subjects survive the original trials. In the name of secrecy, US soldiers execute the camp’s commander and hundreds of black soldiers left behind at Camp Cathcart. The government tells the families of the three hundred subjects that their loved ones had died in battle.

    Due to field missions in Europe and internal strife, Bradley emerges the sole survivor of his test group. He steals a spare costume and a shield intended for Captain America before he engages in a suicide mission to destroy the Super Soldier efforts of the Nazis at the Schwarzebitte concentration camp. There, he is able to assassinate Koch, but the mission ends when the Germans capture Bradley. Nazi interest in the American¬†super soldier¬†is high; he is even brought before the¬†F√ľhrer¬†himself, who decides to dissect him in order to reverse engineer his powers and send the spare parts back to America as a message. Bradley is later rescued by German insurgents, only to be court-martialed and imprisoned at¬†Leavenworth¬†around 1943. In 1960, Bradley is pardoned by¬†President Eisenhower¬†and released.

    Considered to be the “Black Captain America”, Isaiah Bradley is depicted as an underground legend among much of the African-American community in the Marvel Universe. A number of the most noted Africans and African-Americans of the twentieth century’s last four decades visit Bradley as a sign of respect and, in many cases, hero worship. He receives visits from¬†Malcolm X,¬†Richard Pryor,¬†Muhammad Ali,¬†Angela Davis,¬†Alex Haley,¬†Nelson Mandela, and¬†Colin Powell.

    At the time when Isaiah was in prison for operating as Captain America, the government attempts to use his altered DNA to create another Super Soldier. After 39 attempts the result is a child named Josiah, Isaiah and Faith’s genetic son.¬†Josiah X, as he would later call himself, is born to a surrogate mother, who smuggles him out of the government’s clutches.

    Meanwhile, the long-term effects of the test serum severely damage Isaiah Bradley’s mind and body, similar in part to the effects of various steroids and¬†Alzheimer’s.

    Captain America never discovers that the true mastermind behind the Super Soldier program is the clandestine organization Weapon Plus and that Bradley is only one in a long line of Weapons, including Wolverine and Fantomex.

    Isaiah is also the grandfather of Elijah Bradley (aka¬†Patriot¬†of the¬†Young Avengers). Elijah initially claims that his powers originated from a blood transfusion from Isaiah, whereby he gained the abilities of the super soldier serum. However, it is subsequently revealed that this is a lie, and Elijah really gains his powers artificially from the drug Mutant Growth Hormone. The Young Avengers convince him that he does not need superpowers to be a superhero and he becomes the head of the Young Avengers using his intelligence and natural athletic abilities. After Eli is critically injured in a battle with the¬†Kree¬†and¬†Skrulls, he gets a blood transfusion from his grandfather which enables him to have his grandfather’s abilities.

    Powers and abilities

    While Isaiah possesses no superhuman powers as such, the super soldier formula running through his veins means that, physically, he is the perfect human: his agility, dexterity, strength, speed, endurance, reflex and reaction time, coordination, and balance are superior to any Olympic athlete who has or ever will compete. Once it is metabolized, the super soldier formula enhances all of his bodily functions to the peak of human efficiency: his body eliminates any excessive build-up of lactic acid and other fatigue poisons in his muscles, which grants him phenomenal endurance; he has an extraordinary immunity to disease; and his aging process is also slowed dramatically. Isaiah is trained in unarmed combat by the US Army.

    Isaiah carries a concave triangular metal shield, useful for either defense or offense, which he decorated with the Double V campaign eagle crest, a symbol of a victory against the Axis as well as a victory against racial discrimination at home.For protection, he wears a loose chain mesh shirt over light padding; the shirt is capable of blunting the impact of most small arms fire.

    Josiah X

    The son of Isaiah Bradley, with all the abilities that the Super Soldier Serum grants. He joined James Rhodes Crew to defend against crime in the inner city.

    After losing the secrets of the Super Soldier Serum when Dr. Erskine died from Nazi assassination, the United States Army still wanted to produce more like Steve Rogers aka Captain America. To this end, Col. Walker Price and Dr. Wilfred Nagel took 300 African-American soldiers from Mississippi to experiment upon with variants of the serum. Only a handful of men survived the gruesome process, and only one of them survived the covert missions and assignments: Isaiah Bradley.

    Bradley’s last mission was to destroy the German Super Soldier formula research and a¬†Nazi¬†death camp in Schwarzebitte,¬†Germany. Before leaving on the mission, Isaiah took a¬†Captain America¬†costume and¬†shield¬†with him. He was successful, but was also captured. Luckily, Isaiah was rescued by a group of German freedom fighters. Months after Isaiah was rescued from¬†Germany, he was able to finally return home where he was court-martialed and given life in prison for stealing the¬†Captain America’s costume. Starting in 1943, Isaiah served seventeen years in solitary confinement. There his body and mind slowly deteriorate due to unforeseen side effects of the Super Solder Serum. He was only released because his wife¬†Faith¬†wrote¬†President Eisenhower¬†a letter every month for three years. In 1960, on the day of¬†Kennedy¬†inauguration, Bradley was granted a full pardon and swore to secrecy.

    During Bradley’s imprisonment, the U.S. military began experiments to duplicate his powers and create more Super Soldiers. To this end, they harvested blood from Isaiah Bradley (before the Super Soldier Serum made him super durable) to create a child who would be as receptive to the Super Soldier process as Isaiah Bradley was. Thirty-eight failed attempts occurred before the child named Josiah was finally carried to term.¬†A young African-American girl¬†matching Faith’s blood type served as surrogate mother, but when she discovered the truth about what the child would be used for, she escaped with Josiah and found Faith Bradley. Faith publicly told the girl she was stupid, that their house was watched, and with Sarah Gail’s doll in the basket she sent the girl out, screaming for her to run. Then, late at night Faith and¬†Sarah Gail¬†snuck out of the house and put the infant on a train. Sarah Gail left a note on her brother’s blanket, “My name is Josiah.”

    Josiah grew up in a Catholic orphanage outside of¬†Boston¬†during the early years of his life. Here he felt hopeless and abandoned by¬†the God¬†he was taught to worship. When Josiah’s powers manifested, he shoved¬†Sister Irenia¬†and accidentally knocked her unconscious. Fearing he had killed her, he fled. Not long after, Josiah lied about his age, and under the assumed name of¬†Josiah Smith¬†he enlisted into the¬†U.S. Army¬†during the¬†Vietnam War.

    Josiah served several tours in¬†Vietnam, becoming a seasoned and experience veteran. His combat unit, made up of primarily black soldiers, was nearly killed on a mission by an inconsiderate and racist officer’s order to bomb the area while they were still on patrol. He punched the officer and was court martialed, and sent back to the States to be held in military prison.

    While imprisoned, tests suggested Josiah may be the missing Super Soldier baby. Agreeing to what he was told would be minor tests in exchange for his freedom, Josiah willfully allowed his transfer from detainment in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas to a secret research facility in Berkeley, California. It was here that blood tests proved he was the missing child and the only known subject that had survived. His surrogate mother, brought in to confirm a genetic match, again helped him escape and told him what she knew about his past, the first names of his genetic parents.


    Justice has powers similar to his father and his nephew. During his creation his genetic code was monitored with great precision, and manipulated to compensate for the side effects of the unrefined Super Soldier Serum. These powers include:

    • Peak Human Strength:¬†
    • Josiah’s strength is increased to the peak of human potential. He is stronger than normal humans. He could lift up to 800 lbs, which gave him the power to bend a very strong rusty iron bars as his powers manifested as a teen at the orphanage.
    • Peak Human Speed:¬†Josiah is faster than normal humans. He could run and move at great speeds, which makes him capable of reaching up to 30 mph. On one occasion, he has been shown to easily outrun a squad of soldiers after breaking out of the testing facility he was in.
    • Peak Human Stamina:¬†Josiah’s musculature produced less fatigue toxins during physical activity than most other humans, though not to a superhuman degree. He could physically exert himself at peak capacity for up to 1 hour before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood began to impair him.
    • Peak Human Durability:¬†He is more resistant to physical injury than that of normal humans. While not superhuman, he is able to fall from several stories like 100 ft and withstand certain amounts of blows from superhuman opponents. For example, if a person beats him with a ironwood baseball bat, the bat will easily break and he would shown a little discomfort.
    • Peak Human Agility:¬†Josiah’s agility is also increased to the level that is, while not superhuman, superior to that of any Olympic athlete that has ever competed.
    • Peak Human Reflexes:¬†Josiah’s reflexes were increased to the levels that is superior to that of any Olympic athlete.
    • Peak Human Healing:¬†Josiah’s healing is faster than normal humans. He is able to heal broken bones, torn muscles, several gunshot & knife wounds and other severe injuries within of several days and most lesser injuries like cuts, scrapes and burns within hours. Unlike his father and his nephew, it is unknown if he is capable of regenerating lost limbs.
    • Peak Human Senses:¬†Josiah’s sense are enhanced to the peak of human potential.
    • Peak Human Longevity:¬†Josiah’s aging is dramatically slowed due to having incredibly healthy cells in his body.
    • Peak Human Intelligence:¬†Unlike his father, Josiah’s mental performance has been greatly enhanced while his creation was being monitored, allowing his mind to operate in the most efficient and rapid manner possible. One manifestation of this is his tactical genius; the ability to quickly process multiple information streams (e.g., threat assessment) and rapidly respond to changing tactical situations. Josiah also possesses an eidetic memory, meaning that he never forgets anything and has perfect recall. This enables him to remember any military tactic and apply it to any situation.

    In the course of his many years, Justice has had experience and training as a soldier, a radical activist and as a mercenary. He has learned a variety of martial arts styles, foreign languages and weapons training.

    Strength level

    Peak Human Strength

    • Isaiah Bradley’s Shield:¬†Justice carries the scarred battle shield belonging to his father, Isaiah. An unsophisticated concave triangular shield, useful for defense or as an attack weapon. Justice does not typically carry a firearm but has no compunction against using one.


    Eli Bradley and Rayshaun Lucas.Patriotya.png

    In-story information
    Alter ego Jeffrey Mace
    Elijah “Eli” Bradley
    Rayshaun Lucas
    Team affiliations Young Avengers
    “Secret Avengers” (Civil War)
    Notable aliases Lieutenant America
    Abilities Enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, senses, healing and endurance
    Carries triangular shield and metallic throwing stars

    Eli Bradley¬†has a family legacy of heroes. After losing the secrets of the¬†Super Soldier Serum¬†when¬†Dr. Erskine¬†died, the¬†United States Army¬†still wanted to produce more¬†Super Soldiers¬†like¬†Steve Rogers. To this end, Col. Walker Price and Dr. Wilfred Nagel took 300 African-American soldiers from¬†Mississippi¬†to experiment upon. Only a handful of men survived the gruesome process, and only one of them survived the covert missions and assignments:¬†Isaiah Bradley, Eli’s grandfather.His uncle,¬†Josiah X, continued the family tradition, enlisting in¬†Vietnam War. Later he even took up Isaiah’s old¬†Captain America¬†uniform and joined the¬†Crew.Before Isaiah received the Super Soldier Serum, he fathered¬†Sarah Gail, Eli’s mother. Because of this Eli was born with no superhuman abilities.


    Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Eli was originally born with no superhuman powers. However, after receiving a blood transfusion from his maternal grandfather Isaiah, he became mutated due to exposure to the Super-Soldier Serum which enhanced all of his bodily functions to the peak of human potential, his powers including:

    • Peak Human Strength:

      ¬†Eli’s physical strength is enhanced to the peak of human potential. He is stronger than normal humans. While not superhuman, he is strong enough to lift up to 800 lbs with maximum effort.

    • Peak Human Speed:

       Eli can run and move at great speeds faster than normal humans. He is capable of reaching up to 30 mph. At peak capacity, he can fully exert his speeds for no more than 35 mph. On one occasion, he has been shown to almost outrunning a helicopter.

    • Peak Human Stamina:

      ¬†Eli’s musculature produces considerably fewer fatigue-toxins, allowing him to physically exert himself for up to one hour before showing any signs of fatigue. His lung capacity is at peak human level enabling him to hold the breath for 6 minutes underwater.

    • Peak Human Durability:¬†
    • His skin, bone, and muscle tissues are augmented to levels that are denser and harder than normal humans. He shrugged off a hail of tranquilizer darts and survived a building of massive explosion without stopping.
    • Peak Human Healing
    • ¬†Eli‚Äôs healing speed is faster than normal humans. He is able to regenerate injured tissue, brain cells, heal broken bones and torn muscles to an extraordinary level. However, he is unable to regenerate missing limbs or organs.
    • Foreign Chemical Immunity:¬†
    • The Super Soldier Serum in his body are efficient enough to keep him from becoming intoxicated by alcohol, drugs, poison gases and impurities in the air.
    • Disease Immunity:¬†
    • Due to his highly efficient immune system, Eli is immune to all Earthly poisons, toxins, venom, viruses, bacteria, diseases, disorders, parasites, allergens, gas attacks, and nerve-toxins of any kind.
    • Peak Human Agility:
    • ¬†Eli’s agility, balance, flexibility, dexterity, and bodily coordination is enhanced to the levels that are above than an Olympic gold medalist. He has the combined agility and acrobatic prowess of the most accomplished circus aerialists and acrobats.
    • Peak Human Reflexes:¬†
    • Eli’s reflexes are enhanced to the levels that are superior to that of any Olympic-level athlete that has ever compete.
    • Peak Human Intelligence:
    • His mental performance has been greatly enhanced, allowing it to operate in the most efficient and rapid manner possible. His mind also processes information quickly, giving him an accelerated learning aptitude or knack for quickly analyzing multiple information streams and rapidly respond to changing tactical situations when necessary. He possesses an eidetic/photographic memory and perfect recall.
    • Extended Longevity:
    • The SSS dramatically slows Eli aging due to extensively healthy cells regenerating. Much like¬†Isaiah Bradley¬†and¬†Josiah X, two others exposed to the Super Soldier Serum.
    In-universe information
    Full name Robert Bruce Banner
    • Hulk
    • Professor Hulk
    • Doctor
    • Champion of¬†Sakaar and A King¬†
    • Avenger
    • Gladiator
    • Biochemist
    • Nuclear physicist
    • Professor
    • Consultant for¬†S.H.I.E.L.D.
    • Avengers
    • Revengers
    • Culver University
    Significant other
    • Betty Ross¬†(formerly)
    Nationality American

    In-story information
    Alter ego
    Emil Blonsky
    Human mutate
    Team affiliations
    Legion Accursed
    Masters of Evil
    Lethal Legion
    Notable aliases
    Agent R-7
    The Ravager of Worlds
    • Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability
    • Regeneration
    • Gamma ray emission and manipulation

    Emil Blonsky was born in Zagreb (then part of Yugoslavia) and became a KGB agent who infiltrated an Air Force Base in New Mexico where Dr. Bruce Banner was attempting to kill the Hulk through overexposure to gamma rays. Blonsky triggers the event that turns Banner into the Hulk, and himself into a hideous lizard-like creature.

    The Abomination reappears when summoned by a¬†coven¬†of¬†witches¬†to briefly battle the cosmic hero the¬†Silver Surfer and summons¬†Thor¬†(via an absent Stranger’s technology) to aid him in escaping the Stranger’s laboratory world. Thor frees the Abomination and the other captives, but, on discovering they are all evil, uses his mystic hammer¬†Mjolnir¬†to¬†time travel¬†several hours into the past to undo his mistake. After defeating the Abomination and placing the Abomination in prison, Thor departs. When the Hulk is defeated by the alien Xeron the Star Slayer (who is in¬†New York City¬†hunting a giant creature called¬†Klaatu) and brought aboard a space vessel, the Abomination is revealed to be¬†First Mate¬†of the alien crew. When the captain of the vessel directs Xeron and the crew to battle Klaatu in space, the Hulk and the Abomination are thrown from the vessel and battle until the pair are drawn into Earth’s¬†orbit¬†and separated.

    Emil Blonsky was born on March 1, 1971 in Russia and raised in England, where he eventually joined the Royal Marines of the British Armed Forces, and was swiftly promoted to the rank of Captain. Despite receiving an incredible track record, Blonsky refused to be promoted to Colonel, claiming that he wanted to be a fighter for as long as he could. Despite reaching the age of 39, Blonsky refused to allow his body to slow down, and continued to be considered one of the most formidable fighters in the Armed Forces.

    During a black ops mission in¬†South America¬†to take down a terrorist cartel, Blonsky and his team instead found the terrorists’ base destroyed, but with no sign of weaponry being fired. Finding a boy,¬†Miguel, Blonsky learned that “an American” had helped him find the base after he got lost, but was assaulted by the terrorist leader. Following that, the boy claimed that the American turned into a monster, confusing Blonsky.Captain¬†Emil Blonsky¬†is a former special-ops commander of the¬†British Royal Marines¬†who was loaned to¬†SOCOM. In his efforts to¬†capture¬†Hulk, U.S. General¬†Thaddeus Ross¬†recruited Blonsky and had him injected with a variant of the¬†Super Soldier Serum.General Ross explained that he would receive a small dose of a replicated variant of the¬†Super Soldier Serum, originally created by Dr.¬†Abraham Erskine¬†for¬†Project Rebirth¬†and, if anything went wrong, he would be pulled from the mission. Blonsky received the injections, including an extremely painful injection into his bone marrow, coming out with his strength, speed, and agility heightened to remarkable levels.[

    Powers and abilities

    The Abomination is similar to the Hulk in terms of strength, stamina, speed and durability, and the ability to regenerate. In contrast with the Hulk, he retains his intellect after transforming, and cannot change back into human form. He also possesses gills, enabling underwater breathing, and he can enter a state of suspended animation when bereft of oxygen for long periods. Initially, the Abomination is twice as strong as the Hulk, but unlike the Hulk his strength does not increase/decrease in proportion to level of anger, with the result that the Hulk is able to gain an advantage over the Abomination if the fight takes a sufficient amount of time for his anger to increase.

    After being further empowered by Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the Abomination is considerably larger than before, can project hellfire and is strong enough to rip off the shell of his successor¬†A-Bomb¬†(something which even the Red Hulk had previously been unable to do).After his second resurrection by the Illuminati-dubbed Order of the Shield, the cloned Abomination gains further augmentation through Banner’s biological grafts. The Abomination gains the ability to track the Hulk anywhere in the world at will.[Another feature is his ability to control his gamma radiation output in such a way that he can make it toxic to even the most resilient of individuals, including energy absorbers such as the Hulk, Captain Marvel and Sunspot.



    UNION JACK 1.jpg
    Alter ego -Lord James Falsworth
    -Brian Falsworth
    -Joseph Chapman
    Team affiliations (All)
    British Army
    Freedom’s Five
    Notable aliases (Brian)
    The Mighty Destroyer
    Abilities (James)
    Superb athlete, expert hand-to-hand combatant, espionage training, skilled in the use of a dagger and a handgun
    Enhanced peak human condition, superb athlete, expert hand-to-hand combatant, ability to project bolts of magical lightning

    Brian Falsworth, aka. Union Jack and the Destroyer received a variant of Dr. Erskine’s Super Soldier Serum from captured biochemist Eric Schmidt, while imprisoned by the Nazis during World War II. This variant seemed to be a perfected version of the Super Soldier Serum as it required no Vita-Rays to stabilize it and Falsworth suffered none of the psychological problems that the original serum created when taken by itself. Falsworth would escape from Nazi imprisonment and take up the identity of the Destroyer and later Union Jack and fight for Great Britain for the remainder of World War II. Post World War II Falsworth would continue to operate as Union Jack until his death in a car accident in 1953.

    Brian is the son of Lord Falsworth and the brother to Jacqueline Falsworth. He was raised in the Falsworth Manor. Brian used the name of Keene Marlow. Brian and his childhood friend and lover Roger Aubrey left England to go to Germany to promote peace instead of war at the beginning of World War 2. In Germany the two would be arrested by the Gestapo for their anti-war propaganda. The two were separated and brought to different prisons.

    While in prison he met Professor Schmitt who was imprisoned by the Red Skull for having a Jewish background. Schmitt worked along side Professor Erskine before he defected to the America to create the super-soldier formula and made Captain America. Schmitt had made a formula of his own while in prison and gave it to Brian to take back to the Allied forces. Yet, Brian had a different idea. Some guards heard sounds coming from their jail cell and came in firing their weapons and fatally shot Schmitt. Brian who just took the formula himself, which enhanced his strength and reflexes, retaliated and broke free from the prison. While free, he donned a costume as the Destroyer and fought Nazis within their country.

    James Montgomery Falsworth was an athletic man who possessed no superhuman powers. However, he was trained in the field of espionage, a veteran of two world wars, and highly trained in armed and unarmed combat. He wore a bullet-proof costume and carried a 6-inch dagger and a Webley .455 revolver, both of which he used with great skill. Falsworth began using a wheelchair in 1942 and was debilitated by extreme old age at the time of his death.

    During his initial career as the second Union Jack, Brian Falsworth possessed no superhuman powers. He was a superbly athletic man, but, having been exposed to a variant of the Super Soldier Formula, was enhanced to the peak of human potential, and was highly trained in armed and unarmed combat. Like his father, he wore bulletproof fabric and primarily used a Webley .455 revolver and a 6-inch dagger. After an encounter with Thor later in his career, he gained the ability to discharge bolts of mystic lightning from his fingertips after his body was energized by a lightning strike.

    Like those who held the title of Union Jack before him, Joey Chapman is an athlete in peak physical condition. In addition, his strength, speed, and stamina are enhanced by the Power of the Pendragon. Chapman usually carries a handgun of some variety (changing it as appropriate to the mission) and a silver-edged dagger used for supernatural foes.


    Alter ego
    • Kevin “Keen” Marlow
    • Brian Falsworth
    • Roger Aubrey
    • Peak human physical condition
    • Skilled fighter and marksman
    • Aubrey: Size reduction
    • Super-Soldier Formula enhanced physical abilities

    Roger Aubrey, aka. Dyna-Mite and Destroyer, was the lover of the second Union Jack (Brian Falsworth). Both were imprisoned near the start of World War II. Aubrey was experimented on and brainwashed by Nazi Scientists into becoming Dyna-Mite. Aubrey gained the ability to shrink to twelve inches tall while retaining his full strength. Later he would become a member of The Crusaders and fight against the Nazis on the side of the allies. At some point Aubrey received yet another variant of Dr. Erskine’s Super Soldier Serum. Yet again this appears to be a perfected version of the serum. This variant, besides granting Super Soldier abilities, also greatly retards the aging process allowing Aubrey to retain his physical abilities and youthful appearance into current continuity. When Brian Falsworth took up the mantle of Union Jack Aubrey took up his previous identity as the Destroyer and maintains that identity to this day.Roger Aubrey, aka. Dyna-Mite and Destroyer, was the lover of the second Union Jack (Brian Falsworth). Both were imprisoned near the start of World War II. Aubrey was experimented on and brainwashed by Nazi Scientists into becoming Dyna-Mite. Aubrey gained the ability to shrink to twelve inches tall while retaining his full strength. Later he would become a member of The Crusaders and fight against the Nazis on the side of the allies. At some point Aubrey received yet another variant of Dr. Erskine’s Super Soldier Serum. Yet again this appears to be a perfected version of the serum. This variant, besides granting Super Soldier abilities, also greatly retards the aging process allowing Aubrey to retain his physical abilities and youthful appearance into current continuity. When Brian Falsworth took up the mantle of Union Jack Aubrey took up his previous identity as the Destroyer and maintains that identity to this day.



    Aubrey possessed various superhuman attributes as a result of ingesting a derivative of the Super-Soldier Serum that would be used on Steve Rogers.

    Superhuman Strength:

    The Super-Soldier Serum derivative augmented Aubrey’s musculature, granting him a slight degree of superhuman strength. At his peak, Aubrey possessed sufficient strength to lift approximately 1,000 lbs.

    Peak Human Speed: 

    The Super-Soldier Serum derivative also increased Aubrey’s running speed to the peak of human efficiency. Aubrey could sprint at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

    Superhuman Stamina:

    Aubrey’s augmented and superior musculature produced less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of a normal human. At his peak, he could exert himself at peak capacity for up to three hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood began to impair him.

    Superhuman Durability: 

    Aubrey’s bodily tissues were augmented by the Super-Soldier Serum derivative to the point that they were tougher and more resistant to some kinds of injury than the bodily tissues of an ordinary human. While far from invulnerable, Aubrey could withstand powerful impact forces. He could withstand impacts with little to no injury to himself, such as being struck by a superhumanly strong opponent or falling from several stories, that would severely injure or kill a normal human.

    Superhuman Agility: 

    The Super-Soldier Serum derivative augmented Aubrey’s natural agility, balance and bodily coordination to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. Aubrey’s agility was often likened with that of a tiger.

    Superhuman Reflexes: 

    Aubrey’s reflexes were similarly enhanced and were superior to those of the finest human athlete.


    The Destroyer retains the ability to shrink down to 12″ tall, while maintaining his full strength level. He keeps this power a close secret to maintain the advantage of surprise.

    Fighting Skill: 

    Destroyer is an exceptional hand-to-hand fighter with decades of experience.


    Strength level   In spite of his advanced years, the Destroyer possesses the strength of a man in the prime of his life who engages in intense regular exercise.


    Alter ego Julia Frieda Koenig Lohmer
    Team affiliations Super-Axis
    Abilities Excellent skills in espionage and hypnotism
    Enhanced strength and stamina

    Julia Koenig, aka. Warrior Woman, was a Nazi Spy during World War II. Upon capturing a US scientist who knew the formula for another variant of Dr. Erskine’s Super Soldier Serum, took it upon herself to take the serum and was granted Super Soldier Abilities. Again, this variant appears to be a perfected version of the Super Soldier Serum as it required to Vita-Rays to stabilize and Koenig has shown none of the psychosis associated with taking the Serum by itself. Koenig would go on to be a powerful member of the Nazi party and opponent of the Invaders. Post World War II she was placed in suspended animation until being woken some time after the German Reunification. She is currently a member of the Axis Mundi.

    Julia’s early life has yet to be revealed. She was a spy during the¬†Nazi¬†regime in¬†World War II. She caught and hypnotized an¬†American, William Joseph White, who held secrets to the¬†Super-Soldier Formula¬†that transformed¬†Captain America. “Bill Jo” White wrote comics, which noted a super-soldier serum and had received secret and key information from his long-time friend Dr. Anderson, a collaborator on¬†Operation Rebirth.[2]¬†Despite objections from her superiors, Koenig decided to try what she had learned of the formula on herself. An explosion took place during the process, and Julia was transformed into a female version of a¬†Super Soldier.

    On one of her first missions, Warrior Woman accompanied the Red Skull and a team of superhuman Nazi operatives to Wakanda to recover a supply of vibranium for the Nazi war effort. She was seemingly killed during the battle by the Black Panther, but she somehow survived.

    Adolf Hitler¬†was so impressed with this new “Krieger Frau” that he wanted her to marry¬†his Master Man. Against her better judgement (and standards), she agreed only because it was Hitler’s wish. As part of the celebration in¬†Berlin, Hitler wanted to execute the¬†Invaders, who had been recently captured by Warrior Woman and Master Man. The final vows were never spoken, as reserve members of the Invaders rescued their teammates.

    Later, against her will, she was among the Axis supervillains who were organized by the mind-controlling Lady Lotus in her Super-Axis. She was taken into custody with the rest of the team when defeated by the Invaders.

    Julia was put into a form of cryonic suspension after the war, not being recovered until after the German reunification. A man who called himself “Herr Nacht” had fallen in love with her image, and had re-created the strength formula and taken it himself, becoming a self-proclaimed new Master Man. Unfortunately, it seems her long freeze had given Warrior Woman some brain damage, complicating her recovery.Herr Nacht attempted to use the blood containing¬†Horton Cells¬†of the original¬†Human Torch¬†to try to heal her, but the involvement of the¬†Sub-Mariner, Captain America,¬†Union Jack, and an elderly¬†Jacqueline Crichton¬†prevented that. However, the original Master Man had also been awakened and, tired of her flirtations with Nacht and her constant berating him, took his revenge by blowing up the building they were in. The original Master Man, Wilhelm Lohmer, was later seen alive although reverted to his true age.

    Warrior Woman also later re-appeared as a member of Axis Mundi. She has also acquired the affection and attention of the new Master Man.


    The Super Soldier Serum¬†(SSS) metabolized and enhanced all of her’ bodily functions to the peak of human potential.

    Artificially Enhanced Physiology:

    Julia has no superhuman powers, although as a result of the Super-Soldier Serum, she was transformed from a average young woman into a “perfect” specimen of human development and conditioning. Julia is as intelligent, strong, fast, agile, and durable as possible for a human being to be without being considered superhuman.

    • Peak Human Strength:
    • Julia’s physical strength is enhanced to the very peak of human potential. As a result, she is as physically strong as a human being can be. Surpassing even the strongest of Olympic athletes.
    • Peak Human Speed:
    • Julia can run at speeds of up to approximately 48 kilometers per hour (30 miles per hour) or higher, and has run a mile (1.6 km) in 73 seconds (49 mph/78 kph). When under duress she can run a mile in just over a minute (60 mph).
    • Peak Human Durability:
    • Her bones and muscles are denser and harder and so are amplified to the highest human potential, which makes her very durable compared to a normal human. Julia was caught in a huge explosion without sustaining any injuries.
    • Peak Human Agility:
    • Her agility is greater than that of an Olympic gold medalist. She has complete control of her body and can coordinate her movements with outstanding balance, flexibility, and dexterity.
    • Peak Human Reflexes: Julia’s reflexes border on superhuman level. Her reaction speed is 20 kph, which makes it possible for her to dodge gunfire even in point blank range from multiple gunners at the same time.
    • Peak Human Stamina: Julia’s body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing chemicals in her muscles, granting her exceptional endurance and lung capacity. She can exert herself at peak capacity for a hour without any rest and before showing any signs of fatigue.
    • Peak Human Healing: Julia’s healing speed and efficiency is at the highest limits of human potential, which means she can heal faster than most humans. The white blood cells and the Super-Soldier Serum in her body are efficient enough to fight off any microbe, foreign body and others from his body keeping him healthy and immune to most if not all infections, diseases and disorders. Also she cannot become intoxicated by alcohol, drugs, or impurities in the air and is immune to terrestrial diseases. She is also highly resistant to hypnosis or gases that could affect her focus.
    • Peak Human Mental Process:
    • Her mental performance has been greatly enhanced, allowing her mind to operate in the most efficient and rapid manner possible. One manifestation of this is her tactical genius; the ability to quickly process multiple information streams (e.g., threat assessment) and rapidly respond to changing tactical situations. Julia also possesses an eidetic memory, meaning that she never forgets anything and has perfect recall. This enables her to remember any movement and military tactic and apply it to any situation.
    • Peak Human Senses:
    • Julia’s senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch are at the highest possible limits of human potential.
    • Peak Human Longevity:
    • The Super-Soldier Serum dramatically slows Julia’s aging due to extensively healthy cells. Sersi once stated because of this it is possible that she may indefinitely maintain her youth.

    Master Martial Artist: 

    Julia is a master in hand-to-hand combat being highly skilled in multiple combat styles. Julia seems to have mixed savate, san soo, judo, wrestling, and jujutsu into her personal style. Matching her personality, her fighting style is highly calculating and ruthless in nature. Unlike Master Man, Julia is shown to be a very methodical and technical fighter; she uses complex grappling moves and can strike at precise spots to systemically wear down her opponent. Julia’s fighting skills have proven so exceptional she was able to easily defeat¬†Captain America¬†numerous times.

    Master Man

    Master Man (Character) - Comic Vine

    Wilhelm “Willie” Lohmer first appears in the title¬†Giant-Size¬†Invaders. Portrayed as a physically frail¬†American Bundist and¬†Nazi¬†sympathiser, Lohmer agrees to participate in an experiment in which he is subjected to the Nazi version of the¬†Super-Soldier Serum. Endowed with physical abilities that exceed those of¬†Captain America, the character is given a costume and the alias¬†Master Man, with Lohmer to be the first of a new¬†Aryan¬†“master race”. As Master Man, Lohmer battles the¬†Allied¬†superheroes the¬†Invaders, but is defeated when his new abilities prove to be temporary..

    The character reappears in a two part story in the title Marvel Two-In-One, and with Nazi allies Brain Drain, U-Man and Skyshark plans to sabotage New York City with a new super weapon. The plan, however, is foiled by time travelling Fantastic Four member the Thing and the Liberty Legion.

    A revitalised Master Man, now possessing even greater abilities, reappears in the title¬†Invaders¬†and¬†ambushes¬†the superteam while they are flying over¬†Europe. During the course of a multi-issue storyline involving the Invaders’ incarceration and eventual escape from a prison in the German city of¬†Berlin, Master Man meets Julia Koenig, who courtesy of an accident gains abilities similar to his own and becomes the Nazi heroine¬†Warrior Woman. At the insistence of¬†Adolf Hitler, leader of the¬†Third Reich, the two are to be married, his logic being that they are the progenitors of a new race. The ceremony, however, is interrupted when the priest is killed by rubble from a building damaged during a battle between the Invaders and¬†German¬†troops. Master Man and Warrior Woman retreat when confronted by the¬†Human Torch, who becomes enraged when his ward¬†Toro¬†is wounded by gunfire.

    Master Man continues to be a perennial foe for the Invaders, battling the team while disguised as the hero the Destroyer and as part of a team formed by the Japanese spy Lady Lotus, the Super-Axis.


    William Burnside

    Alter ego William Burnside; legally changed to Steven “Steve” Rogers
    Team affiliations United States Government
    National Force
    Notable aliases Captain America
    Abilities Trained boxer
    Superhuman strength
    Peak-level speed, agility, dexterity, reflexes, coordination, balance and endurance
    Access to various forms of advanced technology
    As Captain America:
    Wears a chain-mail costume
    Carries a bulletproof steel shield
    Use of an “atom-blaster” weapon

    In the 1950’s, William Burnside called himself and legally changed his name to Steve Rogers. The original Steve Rogers at this time was presumed killed in action at the end of World War II. Burnside was obsessed with Captain America and discovers a secret Nazi file that contained Dr. Erskine’s complete formula for the chemical portion of the Super Soldier process. Burnside takes the formula to the US Government in return for being made the next Captain America. Initially his plan goes as planned, but with the ceasefire in Korea the government decides they no longer need a Captain America and shut the project down before Rogers can be dosed with the serum.

    Powers and Abilities

    William Burnside has superhuman strength. His agility, dexterity, speed, reflexes, coordination, balance, and endurance are superior to those of any Olympic athlete, and his physiological functions operate at the peak of human efficiency. He also has an accelerated healing factor that regenerates his injuries and keep him young & healthy.

    He is a trained boxer and a competent hand-to-hand combatant. As the 1950s Captain America, he wears a chain-mail costume (his 1950s version was distinguishable from the World War II Captain America’s costume in that his 1950s costume torso stripes did not fully encircle the costume’s waist) and carried a bulletproof steel shield which was destroyed.

    Following his first revival from suspended animation, he briefly used an “atom-blaster” weapon, presumably salvaged from a government lab. As a member of the National Force, he had access to various forms of advanced technology.

    His current Captain America costume is an exact match to the first Rogers’ primary current costume and carries a new round shield that has survived blows with the “indestructible” round shield now used by Barnes. The exact composition of this new shield has not been revealed as yet.

    Jack Monroe

    Jack Monroe (Earth-616) | Marvel Database | Fandom
    Alter ego Jack Monroe
    Team affiliations Secret Defenders
    Partnerships Captain America
    Captain America/William Burnside
    Notable aliases Bucky, Nomad, Scourge

    When the Communist Red Skull emerges and threatens the UN, Burnside doses himself and his side kick, Jack Monroe aka. Bucky, with the Super Soldier Serum. Burnside and Monroe gain Super Soldier abilities and fend off the Red Skull, but the side effects of taking the serum without being exposed to Vita-Rays soon surface and Rogers and Monroe develop psychosis. The pair soon begin attacking innocents for their race and differing political beliefs. The government soon subdue Burnside and Monroe and place them in suspended animation.

    The pair would be reawakened and manipulated periodically over the next 50 years, normally by Dr. Faustus and Red Skull. Under Faustus’ manipulation Burnside adopts the mantle of the Grand Director and leads a group of super powered Neo Nazis. Monroe, who would become the vigilante known as Nomad, is later killed by the original Bucky who at the time was brainwashed into becoming Winter Soldier. Burnside is presumed dead after being shot and falling off the Hoover Dam by the original Bucky this time in the guise of Captain America.

    Jack Monroe was born in Naugatuck, Connecticut. He became an adventurer and the partner of William Burnside who had assumed the identity of Steve Rogers in the 1950s. After operating together for some time as Bucky and Captain America, respectively, the two were placed in suspended animation. The two superheroes are reawakened decades after being put in suspended animation. In their delusional state, the man and teenager who were the 1950s Captain America and Bucky attempt to kill the original Captain America and the Falcon. However they are eventually captured and returned to a state of suspended animation.

    Burnside is later revived and brainwashed by the psychologist¬†Doctor Faustus¬†into becoming the fascistic¬†Grand Director, leader of the¬†National Force. Under Faustus’ control Burnside shoots and apparently kills his former partner Bucky. Faustus and Burnside are defeated by the original Captain America and¬†Daredevil¬†after which Burnside commits suicide.

    It is later revealed that Faustus had loaded the gun with blanks as he intended to use Monroe in a later plot which was never realized. Monroe was subsequently taken into¬†S.H.I.E.L.D.¬†custody and seemingly cured of his psychotic symptoms. Monroe then sought out Steve Rogers, and dons a Bucky costume to help him defeat the female terrorist¬†Viper.Monroe is then given Rogers’ former Nomad identity, and Monroe dons the Nomad costume to battle the Viper alongside Captain America.Nomad next battled the Slayer.

    Nomad then became Captain America’s partner, and battled the¬†Sisters of Sin.As Bucky, he psychologically battled¬†Baron Zemo.¬†Nomad helped Captain America defeat the¬†Red Skull, a conflict in which the Red Skull seemingly perished.Nomad completed a successful solo mission apprehending the deranged¬†Madcap, and afterwards ends his partnership with Captain America.

    Nomad later obtained a new costume, and battled the¬†Slug, dismantling his criminal empire with Captain America’s assistance.¬†Monroe returns again after Steve Rogers is stripped of the Captain America identity by the¬†Commission on Superhuman Activities.Rogers continues being a superhero under the identity of “The Captain” and, wearing a black version of his regular costume, he begins traveling the country fighting evil with a group of his former partners, including Nomad,¬†Demolition Man¬†and the Falcon. The group also includes Nomad’s then-girlfriend, a neophyte adventurer who goes by the codename¬†Vagabond. During this storyline Nomad is depicted as a tetchy and insolent character who takes an instant disliking to Demolition Man, a dislike increased by an apparent attraction between Vagabond and Demolition Man.

    Nomad battled Vibro.When a faction of the Serpent Society under the leadership of the terrorist Viper attempts to poison the Washington, DC water supply, The Captain and his team intervenes. During these events, Nomad, Vagabond, and Demolition Man are captured by The Commission and imprisoned. The former Serpent Society leader known as Sidewinder uses his teleportation ability to enter the jail and free Diamondback, a Society member who has remained loyal to Sidewinder and helped The Captain fight Viper, and as a result was in jail, too. Sidewinder offers to free the other heroes imprisoned there, but Vagabond and Demolition Man turn him down, saying that they think it was wrong to flee the authorities. Nomad scoffs at this notion, and decides to leave the jail with Sidewinder and Diamondback.This incident ends his relationship with Vagabond. The Captain approaches Nomad for help, but finds Nomad in a bar, drunk. Upon finding out Rogers plans to give himself up to the Commission, Nomad refuses to help him and the two men part on bad terms.

    Going solo again, Nomad began a war against drug dealer Umberto Safilios.Monroe later discards his spandex outfit choosing to become an urban¬†vigila.Monroe kidnaps an infant girl from her drug addicted mother, naming her “Bucky”. The Commission on Superhuman Activities begins to put Monroe under scrutiny. The Commission, allied with the military, sends Steve Rogers (now restored to the Captain America role) to try and subdue Nomad. In a subsequent firefight Nomad defeats Safilios, and kills several drug dealers and government officials.Nomad begins to spend some time on the road, dealing with problems not usually the purview of superheroes, such as¬†AIDS,¬†homelessness, and¬†hate crimes.

    At one point Monroe spends an extended period in¬†Los Angeles, California. While in L.A. Nomad becomes loosely affiliated with the “Undergrounders”, a network of people across America who willingly help each other out in need. This allows Nomad access to trusted babysitters when he needs to enter situations far, far too dangerous for Bucky (though many think Nomad’s life is consistently far too dangerous). During this phase of his life, Nomad sheds much of his previous acerbic, self-destructive personality, and becomes a more laid-back, compassionate person. Later Nomad realizes that both he and/or Bucky could be infected with HIV, Bucky due to her parentage and Nomad due to his time receiving medical care from the Undergrounders. He has himself and Bucky tested but it is never revealed if either of them are infected.

    Nomad later teams up with the¬†Punisher¬†and¬†Daredevil¬†against a coalition of criminal organizations.During the¬†Infinity Crusade, Nomad is shown among dozens of superheroes who travel into outer space. Nomad doesn’t have much involvement in the events, however, and he and¬†Forge¬†are literally seen hanging around during much of the action.Nomad does confront an evil clone of¬†Gambit¬†who had gotten lost on the way to the battles.Around this time, Nomad is one of the heroes recruited by¬†Doctor Strange¬†to battle the demonic threat of Lilin, a powerful ancient queen.

    During his time on the road, Nomad confronts the Hate-Monger, Man-Thing and even the mother of Bucky herself, who had been brainwashed into a trained assassin sent to kill him. The assassination training is done by the ‘Favor Broker’, an adversary who plagues Nomad throughout much of his series.

    Nomad is eventually believed dead after a confrontation with his old hometown’s Nazi militia (Monroe’s father had been a Nazi sympathizer during World War II) but it was revealed that he was in fact placed in suspended animation. An innocent bystander’s body was used to replace his.

    Some time later,¬†Henry Gyrich¬†revives Monroe and infuses his body with¬†nanites¬†that placed him under command, and turned Monroe into a new version of the¬†Scourge of the Underworld.Though Monroe was conscious and aware of his actions, he could neither resist Gyrich’s orders nor reveal his true identity or details of his servitude to anyone. As Scourge, he battled the¬†Thunderbolts¬†who eventually freed him from Gyrich’s control.

    After returning to his original Nomad costume and identity, Monroe began to relapse into some psychotic episodes and symptoms. At this time, Monroe had checked in on his former ward he called Bucky who had since been adopted. Jack is shot dead by a mysterious assailant as he leaves a bar.The cyborg assassin¬†Winter Soldier¬†is ultimately revealed to be Monroe’s assassin.

    Powers and abilities

    While Jack Monroe’s strength, endurance, reflexes, and agility were not beyond the limits of the human body, they were superior to that of any Olympic athlete who ever competed. As a result of not going through the Vita-Ray process, his transformation eventually drove him insane and gave him a form of cancer.

    As Nomad, he wore a pair of stun-discs on each shoulder near the collarbone. These 6-inch (150 mm) tool-steel alloy discs could be thrown as projectile weapons.

    Monroe has extensive experience in hand-to-hand combat, having received personal tutoring by Captain America. He is also an expert marksman.

    As Scourge, he had access to an array of equipment based on devices confiscated from costumed criminals, created for the Scourge identity by the¬†Commission on Superhuman Activities¬†on Henry Gyrich’s orders. Such items seen in use by Monroe include versions of the¬†Goblin glider, the¬†Unicorn’s energy-projecting headgear, and¬†Stilt-Man’s telescoping legs, as well as other unspecified weaponry. Certain items were installed in the Scourge costume, while others were miniaturized with¬†Pym particles¬†and stored in one of the costume’s gauntlets; all of this equipment was accessible through voice-coded commands. Monroe was also able to use his gauntlet’s store of Pym particles to alter his own size or that of other people and objects; however, his supply of the particles was not infinite, and exhausting that supply could force him to abandon much of his stored weaponry.


    Alter ego

    Robert Reynolds


    Human Mutate

    Team affiliations

    New Avengers

    Mighty Avengers

    Dark Avengers

    Horsemen of Death

    Notable aliases

    The Void, Death



    • Molecular Manipulation: all of his powers are based on this

    • Superhuman strength, durability, stamina, speed, agility, reflexes, dexterity, intelligence

    • Superhuman senses: hearing,sight, and smell

    • Travel at a speed exceeding speed of light

    • Regeneration

    • Immortality

    • Complete invulnerability

    • Resurrection

    • Flight

    • Electromagnetic spectrum vision

    • Microscopic vision

    • Telescopic vision

    • Infrared vision

    • X-Ray vision

    • Matter manipulation

    • Energy manipulation, absorption, creation, and projection

    • Solar energy manipulation, absorption, creation, and projection

    • Teleportation

    • Telekinesis

    • Telepathy

    • Mind control

    • Mind control resistance

    • Empathy/emotion manipulation

    • Aura detection

    • Astral projection

    • Precognition

    • Invisibility

    • Intangibility

    • Shape-shifting

    • Illusion casting

    • Energy and matter manipulation

    • Force-field projection

    • Photokinesis

    • Generation of hard-light constructs

    • Time manipulation

    • Empathy/emotion manipulation

    • Reality manipulation

    • Power bestowal

    • The power of one million exploding suns


    • Umbrakinesis

    • Death touch

    • Atmokinesis

    Robert Reynolds, aka.¬†Sentry, received his powers when he ingested a variation of the Super Soldier Serum. After the failures of Project: Rebirth, Canada and the United States decide to once again recreate the Super Soldier Serum, but in turn they want to multiply its effects a thousand fold. Reynolds was a junkie who stumbled into¬†Dr. Cornelius’ lab looking for a fix. Upon finding the variant Super Soldier Serum and mistaking it for an illegal drug, Reynolds consumes it. With that, he is gifted “The power of a million exploding suns.” Taking the mantle of the Sentry, Reynolds would go onto become the world’s greatest hero. But as a result of the serum Reynolds developed extreme psychosis. This psychosis manifested itself as the¬†Void. For every life that Sentry would save the Void would take one. The exact limits of Reynolds’ powers are unknown.

    Powers and abilities

    Chemically Enhanced Physiology:

    ¬†The Sentry’s superhuman powers and abilities derive from¬†Golden Sentry Serum. The experimental serum granted him photokinetic based powers, essentially being fueled by the sun itself. His various powers seem to be based in molecule manipulation or reality warping, all stemming from his base solar charged body.¬†Though most of his powers and their limits are still unknown, the Sentry has been said to have the power of a million exploding suns. He is so powerful that¬†Karla Sofen¬†theorized in front of¬†Norman Osborn¬†that what happened after¬†Scarlet Witch broke down would be nothing compared to what Sentry could do.¬†Sentry has also fought Galactus. He was stated to be an¬†Omega-Level Threat¬†by¬†Mister Fantastic,¬†and¬†Nick Fury’s intel classified him as Power Level 10+. During a meeting with Professor X, Emma Frost openly stated that the Sentry’s powers are godlike,¬†and during his time as a member of the Dark Avengers, Sentry’s profile note that there is no limit to his powers and that he is nigh-omnipotent,¬†thus making him the strongest member in the Dark Avengers Team. Following his return latter on, the Sentry finally accept his dark self, the Void and merge with the entity, creating a being far more powerful than all his past incarnations, when considering all the impressive feat throughout the Sentry and the Void lifetime of struggle, the all-new merged Sentry can be said to be arguably the most powerful superhuman on Earth.

    • Molecular Manipulation:
    • ¬†Following a confrontation with¬†Molecule Man, Robert discovered he has the powers of molecular manipulation which he had used to revert himself from the liquid Molecule Man had turned him into. The extent of these powers are not yet known, but he was able to defeat the Molecule Man.However it should be noted that unlike Molecule Man, Sentry has little control of his powers. Since The Void and the Sentry are essentially the same person with differing personalities, The Void’s own¬†shapeshifting¬†might be a result of the Sentry’s molecular manipulation. Additionally Reynold’s molecular manipulation ability theoretically would give him potential regenerative healing abilities as well despite his nigh-invulnerability. It has been theorized that the vast majority of his powers are derived from his ability to alter matter and energy and that he could simulate almost any superpower with enough practice and control. He seems to do this unconsciously as the Void when he changes shape and power sets. It is also possible that he had survived from being disintegrated by Morgan Le Fay due to the same power. Since losing his agoraphobia, and therefore gaining full control over his powers (in Uncanny Avengers), he has been able to utilize his power to manipulate molecules to even greater degrees than ever before.
      • Materialization:¬†
      • Sentry learned he could craft and build various constructs or even sentient effigy’s by rearranging molecules by force of will. Either conjuring a miniature werewolf in the palm of his hand, erecting a force field able to deflect¬†Terrax the Tamer’s energy waves with relative ease, and at his most uninhibited, create massive Sand Golems capable of downing a giant sized Wasp.
    • Immortality:¬†
    • The Sentry is chemically mixed with the super soldier serum. This makes him and the Void both immune to aging.
    • Superhuman Strength:¬†
    • The Sentry’s strength varies greatly and depends on his mental stability. The Sentry possesses vast superhuman strength, granting him the ability to lift (press) far in excess of 100 tons easily. He is one of the strongest beings in the Universe. He has demonstrated several astonishing feats of strength during his career, including easily lifting tremendous weights, ripping¬†Carnage¬†in two,taking¬†Terrax¬†the Tamer’s cosmic axe and shattering it with his bare hands,moving a cruise liner effortlessly,and his unrestrained power overloaded the¬†Absorbing Man.The Void was even able to break the Hulk’s limbs with relative ease, and the Sentry himself was able to easily kill Ares¬†by ripping him in half.[74] He can also absorb solar radiation for additional strength.The Sentry has yet to demonstrate an upper-limit to his strength, but he has shown that it can rival the likes of the¬†Hulk, although this depends on his mental state. The Sentry has also shown enough physical strength to be able beat the Void into submission more than once with pure force when he was relatively stable, which shows a high degree of power.During his most recent battle with the Void inside of the Sentry World, Sentry demonstrate devastating feat in shattering the entire moon to reveal the Void’ whereabouts and then kill him easily by ripping him apart afterward. Following his fusion with the Void that granted him access to the combined might of both beings, Sentry has demonstrated an even greater degree of super strength, managing to easily overpower Scout, who had injected himself with the Golden Sentry Serum, to the point of effortlessly crushing his fist and breaking his neck. During an encounter with the Avengers, with Thor, Captain Marvel and She-Hulk in their ranks, the merged Sentry manhandle them and knock them all aside with ease.
    • Superhuman Speed:¬†
    • The Sentry possesses the ability to think, move, run, and react at superhuman speeds. He has been observed catching bullets and has also been seen moving far in excess of supersonic speeds; his speed on earth is enough to be gauged as fast enough to move at orbital velocity (5 miles a second).[citation needed]¬†It should also be noted that the Sentry has numerously been depicted as able to fly to the sun in a matter of moments (where it takes light over 8 minutes). This shows that his speed during inter-stellar travels is several times in excess of the speed of light.[21]¬†He has recently shown the ability to travel an indistinguishable amount of light years in a very short of time in flight. Sentry’s flight was described to be bending space and time through pure speed, and that the speed he was flying at was so fast that it was disorienting¬†Thor.[50]¬†Sentry has even been able to occasionally match Thor’s combat speed in battle.[51][75](Thor has routinely matched beings with extreme combat speed, such as¬†Gladiator[76]¬†and¬†Silver Surfer[77])
    • Nigh-Invulnerability:¬†The Sentry is, for all intents and purposes, almost completely impervious to harm, unless he wills himself to be killed he has shown no direct weakness. He has been seen surviving extremely harsh atmospheric conditions, including the vacuums of space. Nick Fury has stated that so far S.H.I.E.L.D. has yet to find a way to kill him,and even Iron Man’s scanners found no physiological defects in the Sentry’s body.¬†Like all of his abilities, his durability depends on his mental state. He can go to completely no-selling Class 100-level characters but as soon as he wishes himself dead he could be killed in an instant, notably in Siege where he asked Thor to kill him.He has also been damaged when he requested to Hulk to punch him in during the Green Goliath’s takeover of Manhattan to prevent himself from destroying everyone on the Earth.
      • Self-Sustenance:¬†
      • Sentry has admitted to Lindy that he does not need to ever use the bathroom.¬†He also does not appear to have the need to eat either, as shown when his wife was eating a meal with him and he only had a glass water in comparison.
    • Superhuman Stamina:¬†
    • Sentry’s enhanced musculature is far more efficient than that of a human. As a result his muscles produce no fatigue toxins. However, his stamina, along with the rest of his powers, greatly varies depending on his mental and emotional state.
    • Superhuman Agility:¬†
    • Sentry’s natural balance, agility, and body coordination are enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.[
    • Superhuman Reflexes:¬†
    • The Sentry can react at superhuman speeds exceeding the equivalent of several times the speed of Sound. As such, Sentry was able to catch a sniper bullet from a highly advanced¬†Skrull¬†gun.Sentry has in the past saved¬†Cornelius Worth¬†from a point blank gunshot wound to head from being inflicted on him by the¬†Void. With him taunting Sentry, asking if he was “faster than a speeding bullet”. Upon Sentry saving Dr. Cornelius he says to the Void that he himself knew he could catch the bullet because the Void knew how fast the Sentry was to the nearest millisecond.
    • Superhuman Senses:¬†
    • The Sentry possesses vastly enhanced senses. He is able to hear almost any sound at any decibel, pitch, and frequency. The only Earth creature who can detect sounds at the frequencies he can is a blue whale (0.01-200,000 Hz). He has shown enough control to block out ambient sounds to focus on a specific source/frequency (He has remarked that he was able to hear a butterfly’s heartbeat in Africa).The range of his eyesight is also far greater than that of a human being. He is able to detect a single person from hundreds of miles in the air and above cloud level. The full extent of Robert’s other senses superhuman capabilities is unknown.
    • Flight:¬†
    • The Sentry possesses the ability to float by defying gravity, using his superhuman speed to fly far above hypersonic speeds (above mach 10). He has demonstrated travelling to the Sun and back in a matter of moments which would require him to fly at speeds faster than light.And during the Skrulls secret invasion he flew to Saturn (about 746 million miles distance) almost immediately, which required him either to move at many times the speed of light (still thought to be impossible in this space-time) or to have bypassed space altogether thus giving the impression that he had moved faster than light-speed. He has also been stated to travel at many times the speed of light. One plausible explanation is that Sentry uses his absolute control of his molecular structure to mitigate and or prevent his body from obtaining additional mass as he moves/flies at speeds far greater that light-speed, although this has yet to have been proven or shown.¬†And has also been remarked to fly at such speeds not even a god of Asgard could withstand.Sentry has also been able to fly with such force to behead and kill¬†Attuma.
    • Teleportation:¬†
    • On at least one occasion, Sentry has shown an ability to teleport in a blinding flash of golden light.¬†Sentry teleported away, after meeting¬†Nate Grey¬† aka¬† Cable , he was also able to teleport from the Sun back to the Earth ,¬†and managed to get into an area which was protected by Reed Richard’s force fields.
    • Photokinesis:
    • ¬†It may be theorized that the Sentry also has the superhuman ability to generate, control, and emit light. This ability to produce hard-light constructs may be similar to those of Dazzler when it was revealed that the Void is a just an expression of his repressed persona, and thus his creation, he has also used it to block an energy blast from Terrax.
      • Light Projection:¬†Having absolute control over the light he produces, he can control its direction, frequency (color), amplitude (intensity), and duration. The Sentry can produce numerous effects with the light he manipulates. He can simply cause a bright glow all about his body. He can create a pulse of light on the order of several tens of thousands lumens of power per second (the sun produces at most 10,000 lumens of brightness at noontime), which temporarily blinds people with its brilliance. This ability has been proven to be able to calm down the¬†Hulk¬†though it also reduces him to a childlike mentality who believes the Sentry and his wife to be his mother and father.
      • Invisibility:¬†Sentry can turn invisible by deflecting light and radiant emissions.
      • Energy Blasts:¬†The Sentry can generate light, heat, kinetic force, and other forms of energy as powerful blasts and explosions of a yellow color. These blasts are usually generated from the hands and eyes. The maximum power of these blasts is unknown. It has shown previously to be capable of burning Hulk’s skin and levelling whole city blocks in the past.He has also shown the ability to emit omnidirectional blasts that were able to eliminate a large group of¬†Attuma’s soldiers.
    • Darkness Manipulation:
    • ¬†After merging with the Void, Sentry gained the Void’s darkness manipulation abilities. He could generate tentacles from his darkness that could restrain someone as well as knock them away.
    • Psionic Abilities:¬†
    • The Sentry possesses powerful psychic and mental powers mainly used for holding his physical form together, (though it is not yet known whether the Sentry can use them the way Professor X and other psychics use theirs). The few psychic abilities he has displayed so far was implanting his memories inside¬†Paul Jenkins’ mind,¬†being able to erase himself from the memories of every being on the planet, with the help of CLOC, Dr. Strange, and Reed Richards.¬†When at his full potential he could even use it in almost psychokinetic ways such as stopping a full-speed Mjolnir throw directed at him by Thor, though this may have been an extension of his matter manipulating abilities.
    • Biokinesis:¬†
    • The Sentry has an unknown or rarely used ability to affect biophysical effects to an unknown but seemingly limitless degree. Both his Sentry and Void persona’s having used this aspect of their shared ability for various purposes. Robert once using his power to cure his therapist’s daughter of a vegetative state and spinal problems seemingly just by being in the same room as her, while the Void bestowed an young unwed mother with an incurable breast cancer disease from states away.
      • Resurrection:¬†
      • The Sentry appears to be able to bring the dead back to life under extreme emotional distress. After¬†Ultron¬†murdered his wife, Sentry was able to resurrect her by simply touching her. It does not appear he has control over this power, as he was shocked by his ability to do such an act. This may also extend to simply healing others’ injuries.
      • Regenerative Healing Factor:¬†
      • The Sentry can heal himself from virtually all injuries. He twice even came back from having his molecularity dispersed, during his fights with the Molecule Man¬†and Morgan le Fay.
    • Power Sharing:¬†
    • A couple of times the Sentry has utilized a unique ability to bestow portions of his own power onto others or using it to augment existing powers in those of his friends. Taking a young boy named¬†Billy Turner¬†and giving him similar abilities compared to his own and taking him on as a sidekick called Scout, or making a playmate for himself and the Hulk when similarly empowering a dog named¬†Normie¬†who took the name of Watchdog.¬†Reynolds even gave Hulk some of his own quintessence as a means to protect him from his dark half, The Void.
    • Energy Absorption:¬†
    • The Sentry has been stated to be capable of drawing energy from ‘anywhere and everywhere’ including the¬†Microverse.

    Genius Intelligence:¬†Robert is very intelligent. He is capable of using his powers to detect all substances in a single object and thence determine how much of what substances make up an object. He is adept with mechanics, architecture, machinery, tracing energy sources, cybernetics, robotics and computer science. He used his great intelligence to construct his Watchtower as well as everything inside of it. Since he has never been very wealthy, it is likely he recovered all of the substances required for his Watchtower’s construction from many different areas of the Earth or (perhaps) other planets as well. Once he collected the right amounts of the different substances he needed, he would then forge them into the materials and technology he needed. His other inventions include CLOC (with the help of Reed Richards)¬†and the Watchtower.

    Strength level

    Class 100+; the Sentry possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift well over 100 tons easily. He has been able to stalemate one of the most powerful incarnations of the Hulk while weakened by his Agoraphobia,[18]¬†destroy the shields of¬†Dr Doom,and even contain a Cosmic Cube for a while before it was absorbed into the Sentry’s body. Marvel dubbed The Sentry as the world’s most powerful superhero at some point in time.


    Due to his condition, Robert suffers from many weaknesses:

    • Psychic Assault:¬†The Sentry has a fragile psyche and is readily susceptible to mental manipulation. Although if he is relatively stable he can resist such manipulation, as he has in the past when Dr Strange tried to convince him that the Sentry wasn’t real and that it was an illusion, stating that “he was always too powerful for this type of magic”.
    • The Negative Zone:¬†The Sentry is at his weakest in the¬†Negative Zone. His powers and health gradually deteriorate the longer he is inside the zone itself and even worse, his counterpart/nemesis The Void’s powers increase to maximum.¬†However, in his new state while merged with the Void, Sentry was able to retain all his superpowers in the Negative Zone without weakening at all.
    • Lack of Control:¬†Sentry doesn’t seem to have complete control over all of his abilities, as he didn’t even know he was capable of Molecular Control until his battle with the Molecule Man and was genuinely shocked after reviving his wife from the dead.
    • Vulnerability to Chi:¬†Spiritual energy based attacks, such as Chi, have been shown to be capable of injuring Sentry especially when inflicted by someone powerful.



    Taskmaster, aka. Tony Masters was a SHIELD agent on a mission in Bolivia, invading a replica of Heinrich Himmler’s castle created by a Nazi like Militia.

    Masters discovers a variation of the Super Soldier Serum granting him his “Photographic Reflexes” ability at the cost of his own memories.

    This variation allows Taskmaster to recall and repeat any action he sees including motions performed at Super-Human speeds, activated by watching actions in fast forward.

    Taskmaster is a mysterious figure believed to have been born in Bronx, New York City. He has the ability to mimic the physical movements of anyone he witnesses; writers differ on whether this counts as a “super power”. He claims that he has had this ability since childhood. He works as a combat instructor and trains others to become lackeys for other villains by utilizing the techniques he has learned from his observation of superheroes and participates in mercenary jobs from time to time. Initially portrayed as a villain, he has also been shown training¬†U.S. Agent¬†and other neophyte superheroes at the behest of the US government. As a mercenary, he has no ideology except that of his employer. Due to his ability to imitate the techniques and armory of other heroes and villains, Taskmaster has occasionally been used to impersonate other characters.He then began a program of observing the fighting techniques of numerous costumed heroes and villains (using archival television news broadcasts). He initially used his fighting skills to execute several successful grand larcenies, but he had not properly anticipated the dangers involved. He decided to use his stolen capital to establish a center for training aspiring criminals to turn into polished professionals. His goal was to become a supplier for criminal organizations around the world.

    Powers and abilities

    Taskmaster injected himself with¬†SS-Hauptsturmf√ľhrer¬†Horst Gorscht’s primer, an elaborate modification of the adrenal steroid¬†cortisol¬†designed to unlock the mind’s¬†procedural memory¬†potential. This enhanced Taskmaster’s natural ability to absorb knowledge instantaneously. This ability is linked to his¬†muscle memory, allowing the Taskmaster to instantly replicate the physical movement of peak-level humans. Taskmaster is not capable of duplicating a physical feat if the effort to do so requires superhuman effort; for instance, while he could view an opponent lifting a car, he could not do so because his body cannot duplicate the superhuman strength. Using these “photographic reflexes”, the Taskmaster is highly skilled in various forms of combat, as an exceptional martial artist (mimicking¬†Elektra,¬†Iron Fist,¬†Shang-Chi), a skilled swordsman (Black Knight,¬†Silver Samurai,¬†Swordsman), a deadly accurate marksman (Captain America¬†with a shield,¬†Hawkeye¬†with a bow and arrow,¬†Punisher¬†with firearms, and¬†Bullseye¬†with various projectiles) as well as displaying a strenuously honed athletic ability (Daredevil). Taskmaster has also demonstrated the ability to use every fighting style he has watched at the same time.[volume¬†&¬†issue¬†needed]¬†Once the Taskmaster has mastered an opponent’s physical movements, he can then predict his opponent’s next attack, The only person shown capable of negating Taskmaster’s abilities is¬†Deadpool, whose manic personality makes him nearly impossible to predict,as well as¬†Mister X, who uses his psychic abilities to get the better of Taskmaster in a fight. A side effect of the primer is severe¬†declarative memory¬†loss. The more implicit memories (i.e. knowledge and abilities) he learns, the more explicit memories (i.e. personal experience) he loses. Because of his explicit memory loss, the Org (Mercedes Merced) has acted as Taskmaster’s surrogate memory, his banker, and his handler for his entire criminal career.

    By viewing a video in fast-forward, the Taskmaster can learn to replicate human movement at near-superhuman speed. However, this puts his body under intense strain and can only be used for short periods of time. He also has the ability to manipulate his vocal cords to mimic the voices of others. The Taskmaster is also skilled in meditation techniques that allow him to slow his breathing and heart rate and survive for extended periods of time without air, this also means that to the untrained eye he will appear to be dead. He also claims to have learned forensic methods from CIA Agents and Mossad Operatives. The Taskmaster is also capable of utilizing chi, but under exceptional circumstances.The Taskmaster was once shown to have aquaphobia (the fear of water), but later overcame his fears.


    Alter ego Dr. Theodore “Ted” Sallis
    Species Swamp monster
    Team affiliations Nexus of All Realities
    Legion of Monsters
    Avengers of the Supernatural
    Ancient Order of the Shield
    Partnerships Howard the Duck
    Notable aliases Vorgornus Koth
    Abilities Superhuman strength, durability and stamina
    Empathic senses
    Chlorokinetic regeneration
    Size alteration
    Corrosive-chemical secretion
    Portal creation
    Fear empowerment
    Reality guardianship
    Plant manipulation

    Man-Thing, a human scientist named Ted Sallis, was charged with replicating the Super Solider Serum and achieved a fair amount of success in creating a nearly identical serum. His lab was attacked by A.I.M. and in an effort to save his research, he injects his variation of the serum into himself. In his attempt to escape the terrorists, Ted Sallis stumbles into a swamp and incidentally into the Nexus of All Realities. The combined burgeoning effects of this variation of the Super Soldier Serum on his body and the energies given off by the Nexus of All Realities transform a mere human into the undefeatable guardian/protector of the Nexus of All Realities, Man-Thing.

    Man-Thing is granted superhuman strength, superhuman durability, healing factor, a telepathic link to the actual planet Earth/Multiverse, the power to set fire to those that fear him via eye contact, and the ability to teleport, and thus teleport those around him and know his exact location and how to return to his original location on instinct from anywhere in the Multiverse.

    The exact extent of the full range of Man-Thing’s powers granted by both the variation of the Super Soldier Serum and his contact with the Nexus of All Realities is unknown. Man-Thing’s teleportation abilities, however appear to be a result of his contact/connection with the Nexus of All Realities.

    Young¬†biochemist¬†Dr. Theodore “Ted” Sallis, a native of¬†Omaha, Nebraska,is working in the¬†Everglades¬†as part of Dr. Wilma Calvin’s Project: Gladiator team, which includes Dr.¬†Barbara Morse¬†and her¬†fianc√©¬†Dr. Paul Allen, and an assistant named Jim. A Dr. Wendell is later cited as being on the staff after Dr. Calvin is shot.The group is attempting to recreate the Super-Soldier Serum that had created¬†Captain America.¬†Web of Spider-Man¬†(vol. 2) #6 revealed that Sallis at one point treated and worked alongside¬†Dr. Curtis Connors¬†shortly after Connors’ arm was amputated, driving the research that would eventually transform Connors into the¬†Lizard.

    Though warned that the technological terrorist group¬†Advanced Idea Mechanics¬†(A.I.M.) has been operating in the area, Sallis breaches security by bringing with him his lover,¬†Ellen Brandt¬†(referred to here as “Miss Brandt”, but later¬†retconned¬†to be his wife). He destroys his notes to his formula, which he has memorized. Later, he is ambushed by two thugs and learns that Brandt has betrayed him. Fleeing with the only sample of his serum, he injects himself with it in hopes of saving himself. However, he crashes his car into the swamp where scientific and, as¬†Man-Thing¬†#1 later explained, magical forces combine to instantly transform him into a slow-moving plant-matter creature with large, solid red eyes.[31]¬†Unable to speak, and with dim memories, he attacks the ambushers and Brandt, burning and scarring part of her face with an acid that he now secretes in the presence of negative emotions. The Man-Thing then wanders away into the swamp.

    The Man-Thing is a former scientist who was transformed into a creature composed of vegetable matter through the synergistic interaction of mystical energy and swamp mutagens. Though the beast now lacks a normal human intellect and has shed any desire to communicate with human society, it nevertheless often becomes an accidental hero as it stumbles upon various crime and horror scenarios.

    In the pages of¬†The Thunderbolts,¬†Dr. Henry Pym¬†has expressed the view that the Man-Thing is sentient, though difficult to communicate with.For example, he once rescued an infant and left the child with a doctor (which would require an understanding of the function of a doctor and the ability to navigate to a specific address).He is shown to understand concepts such as how to ring a doorbell, how to put an arm in a sling,¬†and even how to flip an auto-destruct switch.The change in the Man-Thing’s intellect can partly be explained by fact that its brain, sensory organs, and central nervous system are now organized in a completely different fashion than a human’s; for instance, the Man-Thing’s auditory receptors are in his forehead.Regardless of what level of humanity the creature still possesses, it can discern when a person’s motivations are evil, which causes it pain and motivates it to lash out.

    The Man-Thing possesses a variety of superhuman powers, described below, that are derived from the combined interaction of the scientific formula created by Ted Sallis and the mystical energies of the Nexus of All Realities.

    It is able to sense human emotions, and is enraged by fear and automatically secretes a powerful corrosive; anyone feeling fear and clutched by the Man-Thing is prone to be burned (either chemically or mystically), hence the series’ tagline: “Whatever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing’s touch!” Though fear is understandably most people’s response to the creature, both for his monstrous appearance and the physical danger of his touch, typically only villains end up meeting an immolating death at its hands. Many survive being burned, notably Ellen Brandt,[47]¬†Kurt “Nightcrawler” Wagner¬†(whom he does not even scar),and Mongu, whose hand he permanently attaches to his axe,[50]¬†either due to intervention or dissipation. Unusual psychic and mystical forces react in what passes as the “brain” cells located throughout his body. These unique forces render the Man-Thing extremely sensitive to emotions. Emotions that are mild and generally considered positive arouse curiosity and the Man-Thing will sometimes observe from a distance. However, emotions that are often viewed as negative, such as violent emotions like anger, hatred and fear, cause the Man-Thing great discomfort and might provoke him to attack. Once provoked into violent actions, his body secretes highly concentrated acid that can burn human beings to ashes within a matter of seconds. Even individuals that have high levels of superhuman durability have proven unable to withstand this potent acid. While the Man-Thing is devoid of violent emotions, his body produces a type of foamy, soapy mucus that neutralizes the acid.

    Although the Man-Thing’s superhuman strength, speed, intelligence, durability, and immortality, give the monster his powers it is his spiritual ability that makes him immune to any other disease, it has been established that the creature possesses physical stamina beyond the limitations of any human athlete. Initially, the Man-Thing is only slightly stronger than Captain America, but in later appearances, the Man-Thing possesses sufficient superhuman strength to stand toe-to-toe with much stronger villains.[He is able to lift a 2,000 pound automobile when sufficiently moved to do so.

    The Man-Thing’s body is practically invulnerable to harm. Because his body is not entirely solid, but composed of the muck and vegetative matter of the swamp, fists, bullets, knives, energy blasts, etc. will either pass entirely through him or will harmlessly be lodged within his body. Even if a vast portion of the Man-Thing’s body were to be ripped away or incinerated, he would be able to reorganize himself by drawing the necessary material from the surrounding vegetation. The¬†Devil-Slayer once sliced him nearly in half,¬†and he has survived being incinerated by a¬†Celestial,¬†although his healing from the latter has been the longest and most complex in his lifetime.

    Due to the construction of his body, the Man-Thing is able to ooze his body through openings or around barriers that would seem too small for him to pass through. The smaller the opening, the longer it will take for him to reorganize his mass upon reaching the other side. This ability can be defeated mystically.

    The Man-Thing was once dependent upon the swamp he inhabits for his continued survival; his body would slowly weaken and eventually lapse into dormancy if not returned to the swamp or would be greatly damaged if exposed to clean water. His exposure to the Citrusville waste treatment plant greatly enhanced his ability to leave the swamp, as he became a self-contained ecosystem, feeding off of his own waste products.He generally leaves the swamp of his own accord only if he senses a mystical disturbance. The Man-Thing has also demonstrated himself susceptible to possession by other entities.

    The Man-Thing and a host of alternate counterparts have undergone a couple of changes in form, like having the ability to control and alternate plant matter both from its own person and the surrounding area. he Man-Thing also has trans-reality shifting abilities due in part to his nature as a living extra-dimensional crossroads; he is able to open portals to and from alternate realities, interact with different dimensional counterparts and even alternate the physical appearances of said doppelgangers with those of their prime universe iterations.Through his empathic abilities, the Man-Thing can grow more powerful by feeding on the fear of others, increasing his size and mass to titanic proportions during Fear Itself.

    Although the Man-Thing lacks a normal human intellect, in his life as Ted Sallis, he possessed a Ph.D. in biochemistry.Sallis is legally dead, but his identity is known to numerous living people, including Wilma Calvin, Ellen Brandt, Stephen Strange, Owen Reece, Ben Grimm, Thog the Nether-Spawn, Jennifer Kale, and anyone they may have told or written to about it. His identity as the Man-Thing could not be considered secret, but his existence is generally believed to be a hoax, and an obscure one at that.In-universe, knowledge of his existence is rarely tied to the experiments of Sallis, as are speculations as to any human identity he may have had. Despite having appeared in Citrusville many times, many there still believe him to be a rumor

    Johnny Nightmare

    Splash page debut of Johnny Nightmare

    Jake Niman was an Afghanistan war vet who was caught in a crossfire that injured him and killed his family. A Super Soldier Serum variant was used to transform him into Johnny Nightmare.

    Jake Niman was a special forces soldier who was involved in an attempt at developing another¬†Super Soldier Serum. When he returned home to his wife and daughter they were all caught in crossfire. Jake survived. The¬†Punisher¬†came to visit Jake in the hospital and eventually helped him track down and kill the men who killed his family. During their investigation Jake and the Punisher discovered the the attack on Jake’s family was intentional. The goal was to kill Jake because he had committed atrocities in Afghanistan after being given the Super Soldier Serum. This revelation apparently causes Jake Niman to become Johnny Nightmare – a name he had adopted when he was performing missions in Afghanistan. Believing everyone to be his enemy he attacked the Punisher and went on a rampage through¬†New York City¬†until Punisher stopped him.


    Alter ego Rachel Leighton
    Team affiliations Avengers Resistance
    The Initiative
    BAD Girls, Inc.
    Serpent Society
    Notable aliases Diamond Girl
    Abilities Skilled in throwing sharp diamond tips
    Skilled gymnast

    When Captain America was suffering from a degenerative effect due to to super soldier serum, Rachel Leighton (aka Diamondback) went to Superia and asked her to develop a cure. Prior to this, the Red Skull had forcibly given Rachel a blood transfusion of Captain America’s super-serum blood. To test the cure, Superia injected Rachel with the antidote she created. Superia’s antidote worked, and she was able to synthesize an antidote for Steve Rogers in exchange for her service to Superia. However, upon Superia’s death, Rachael was released from her contract.

    Rachel Leighton¬†was born in¬†Austin,¬†Texas. However, she spent her formative years in the Lower East Side of¬†New York City. Rachel had a brother,¬†Danny, also known as¬†Cutthroat. It was Danny and another of her brothers,¬†Ricky, who originally fell in with a gang lead by a man known as “Bing”. Yearning to be included, she approached Bing alone. Upon claiming she would do anything to join the gang, Rachel was beaten up and apparently raped by Bing, who years later became the costumed mercenary¬†Crossbones

    Rachel later became a mercenary,¬†Diamondback. One of the members of the original¬†Serpent Society, Diamondback was a seductively sly woman with expertise in hand-to-hand combat, gymnastics, and thrown weaponry, having been trained by¬†Anaconda¬†at one of¬†Taskmaster’s academies. Her gimmick was that she threw acid-laced, explosive, or poison-tipped diamonds at her enemies.

    After her first confrontation with¬† Captain America¬†while on assignment to find and kill¬†M.O.D.O.K., she was instantly smitten with him. Diamondback was later assigned to take Captain America into custody from the villain the¬†Porcupine. In reality, the hand-over was a set-up so that Captain America could capture the Serpent Society. Realizing they’d been set up, Diamondback threw explosive-filled diamonds at Porcupine, damaging his armored battle suit. Incensed at the damage to his only valuable possession, the Porcupine attacked Diamondback, but was fatally injured by a quill from his own suit. The Serpents escaped, and the Porcupine died.

    She later looked into the murder of her teammate, Death Adder, by the Scourge of the Underworld, in the process avoiding assassination by Scourge when he shot at the Serpent Saucer containing herself and her teammate Cobra.

    The terrorist Viper later staged a coup of the Serpent Society, causing several of her underlings to infiltrate the group as new members and setting Viper up to take over by force. Diamondback and their then leader, Sidewinder, escaped, recruiting Captain America and his allies to help rescue those Serpents who were still loyal to Sidewinder. After a fierce battle, in which Viper was defeated, Sidewinder abandoned the Serpent Society.


    Diamondback has no powers, and was clearly hinted to be below Class 50.


    Diamondback is an Olympic-level athlete who excels in gymnastics, an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant, and an expert thrower of knives and other sharp objects.

    Strength level

    Diamondback possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. 


    Diamondback wields an undisclosed number of 4-inch long elongated diamond-shaped throwing spikes. She refers to these weapons as “diamonds,” even though they are not made of actual diamond (which would be far too expensive for use). Stored in her boots, gloves, earrings and elsewhere on her costume, these diamonds are needle-sharp and sometimes filled with various substances. Known diamonds in her arsenal have contained a lethal fast-acting snake venom-derived poison, an impact-detonated explosive with the concussive force of 10 pounds of TNT, a highly corrosive concentrated hydrochloric acid, tear gas, and a fast-acting sleep-inducing narcotic. At least one set of these diamonds were designed by the¬†Tinkerer.

    Karl Morgenthau

    Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Flag-Smashers and Karli Morgenthau Explained

    In-story information
    Alter ego Karl Morgenthau
    Species Human
    Team affiliations ULTIMATUM
    Abilities Brilliant terrorist strategist
    Gifted hand to hand combatant
    Arsenal of weapons provided by ULTIMATUM

    The first Flag-Smasher was born Karl Morgenthau,the son of a wealthy¬†Swiss¬†banker-turned-diplomat, in¬†Bern, Switzerland. He wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a diplomat until his father was trampled to death in a riot at a¬†Latverian¬†embassy. He came to believe that humanity needed to do away with the concept of countries and nationalism that made people feel superior to those of different nationalities.

    The Flag-Smasher used terrorism to spread anti-nationalist sentiment. He conducted a one-man terrorist campaign in New York City against nationalist symbols, holding hundreds as hostages until¬†Captain America¬†captured him.Establishing a society he called¬†ULTIMATUM, whose name was an acronym for “The Underground Liberated Totally Integrated Mobile Army To Unite Mankind,” he made it an anti-nationalistic terrorist organization and made himself its Supreme Commander. With ULTIMATUM, he hijacked an American airliner, held its passengers hostage, and demanded the surrender of Captain America, who joined forces with¬†S.H.I.E.L.D.¬†to thwart his plot. For his part when he confronts the supervillain, Captain America tries to persuade Flag-Smasher that while his violent methods are unacceptable, his overall goal of world peace and cooperation is laudable and he should promote it by being a positive example, but the fanatic refuses to listen and has to be subdued by force.

    The Flag-Smasher later learned that the Red Skull had been funding ULTIMATUM. Surviving assassination attempts ULTIMATUM made upon him, he captured the most recent Captain America, John Walker. The Flag-Smasher then reluctantly teamed with Captain America, Battle Star, and Demolition-Man in thwarting an ULTIMATUM plot to set off a worldwide electromagnetic pulse that would have rendered all electrically operated machinery useless, feeling that completing such an operation using funding provided by a national symbol such as the Red Skull would have compromised his own integrity.

    The Flag-Smasher again made himself head of ULTIMATUM, and attempted to supply armaments to American subversives, but he was thwarted by Moon Knight and the Punisher.He then made a new attempt to create anarchy in the United States through distribution of arms to malcontents, but this time, the Punisher and the Ghost Rider thwarted his plot.

    The Flag-Smasher later captured an amnesiac Demolition-Man, but during a battle with U.S. Agent, he fell into the Arctic Ocean.Roxxon Oil turned him into a berserker with super-human strength.However, he later lost those powers.

    The Flag-Smasher was installed as the ruler of Rumekistan by the V-Battalion as a compromise between powers. It was later revealed that the Flag-Smasher had allegedly been assassinated by Domino as part of a series of events which installed Cable as leader of that nation.

    The Flag-Smasher is an athletic man who is a gifted hand-to-hand combatant with great proficiency in the martial art of shotokan karate-do. He is also a brilliant terrorist strategist, and has fluency in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, and Esperanto.

    ULTIMATUM personnel have supplied him with a number of weapons and other devices, including a flame-throwing pistol, a teargas gun, a spiked mace, a shield, jet-propelled skis used for flight, teleportation devices, submarines, and rocket-propelled hovercraft.

    John Walker U.S.Agent #1 Review √ʬĬď Weird Science Marvel Comics
    The Falcon and The Winter Soldier' Spoilers: What Happens to John Walker in  the Comics
    Alter ego John F. Walker
    Species Human (empowered)
    Team affiliations Mighty Avengers
    Omega Flight
    New Invaders
    The Jury
    Force Works
    Secret Defenders
    West Coast Avengers
    Dark Avengers
    Commission on Superhuman Activities
    Bold Urban Commandos
    Astonishing Avengers
    Partnerships Battlestar
    Notable aliases Jack Daniels, Super-Patriot, Captain America
    Abilities Exceptional hand-to-hand combatant
    Highly trained acrobat and gymnast
    Superhuman strength, agility, reflexes/reactions and endurance
    Peak-level speed, dexterity, coordination and balance
    Use of nearly indestructible shield and firearms

    The character of John Walker was first introduced as the supervillain Super-Patriot in¬†Captain America¬†#323 (November¬†1986).¬†Mark Gruenwald¬†created Walker to counter the general message in¬†Captain America¬†of¬†patriotism¬†being invariably good, describing him as someone “who embodied patriotism in a way that¬†Captain America¬†didn’t‚ÄĒa patriotic¬†villain. “Basically, I just wanted to do the opposite of Steve Rogers. Okay, Steve Rogers is a poor northern urban boy. So I’ll make a guy from rural middle class south. Cap is now old, so this guy’ll be a real young up-and-comer. Cap has lofty ideals, so I’ll make Super-Patriot be more realistic and more pragmatic. So, I put together his background and character traits by playing the opposite game.

    John Walker was a US Army veteran who went through the Power Broker process to enhance his strength in hopes of honoring his fallen brother. He joined the Universal Class Wrestling Federation as Super-Patriot until he became convinced to put his skills to better use becoming a superhero.He was later chosen to take up the mantle of Captain America when Steve Rogers retired.Walker is a hardline Christian, right-wing conservative believing in country before anything else. When Rogers returned, Walker re-established himself as U.S.Agent where he went on to serve as a member and even leader of various Avengers teams.

    John Walker was born and raised in the small town of¬†Custer’s Grove,¬†Georgia. He grew up idolizing his older brother Mike, a US Army helicopter pilot. However it was later revealed Mike was suffering from PTSD and almost accidently burned the house down one night while drunk, but was able to save his family, which John just saw his brother saving his life. Mike later took his own life, but his parents told his younger siblings he died at war.

    John wanted to live up to his brother’s memory, so he later enlisted in the¬†US Army. John served at¬†Fort Bragg¬†and felt he wasn’t a ‘hero’ like his brother was. Walker underwent the¬†Power Broker¬†process to compete in the¬†Universal Class Wrestling Federation. However.Captain¬†Jonathan F. “John” Walker¬†is a special operations officer of the¬†U.S. Army’s 75th Rangers Regiment. Walker was chosen by the¬†U.S. government¬†to succeed¬†Steve Rogers¬†as¬†Captain America.

    ¬†Walker was born in the fictional town of Custer’s Grove, Georgia. He grew up idolizing his older brother, Mike, a helicopter¬†pilot¬†who died in the¬†Vietnam War¬†in 1974. John wanted to live up to Mike’s memory, who was idolized by their parents, and so he later enlisted in the military. John served at¬†Fort Bragg, although it was never specifically stated which unit he was attached to.¬†Unfortunately for John, he served during peacetime and so never became the hero that he perceived Mike to have been.

    After John received an honorable discharge from the United States Army, he was told by a friend about the Power Broker, a mysterious individual who gave people superhuman abilities.[ Walker and his friend received treatments that granted superhuman abilities.

    Powers and abilities

    As a result of the experimental mutagenic augmentation process conducted on him by Dr. Karl Malus on behalf of the Power Broker, John Walker has superhuman strength (capable of lifting ten tons under maximum exertion), agility, reflexes/reactions, and endurance. His speed, dexterity, coordination, and balance are of the order of a superior Olympic athlete.

    Aside from the above advantages, U.S. Agent is an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant and highly trained in gymnastics and acrobatics, having received rigorous training in unarmed combat and the use of his shield in a style similar to Captain America’s own fighting style by the¬†Taskmaster.

    He is a seasoned combat veteran with military combat experience in tactical and strategic planning, observations, and special operations, has been shown to have a fluent grasp of Arabic and Spanish,,is technically proficient enough to bypass an advanced security system,is a qualified fixed-wing pilot, a trained scuba diver, and is highly proficient in the use of conventional firearms.

    He is capable of using his nearly indestructible vibranium shield for defensive purposes and as a weapon. He has great accuracy at throwing his shield, and due to his superhuman strength, it is potentially a lethal weapon.

    Agent has used a variety of shields in his time, initially inheriting Captain America’s indestructible circular shield after Steve Rogers relinquished it upon quitting the role and refusing to work for the Commission for Super-Human Activities. U.S. Agent was later provided a vibranium replica of this shield by the¬†Black Panther, which was also used by Steve Rogers when Rogers adopted the title of ‘The Captain’. U.S. Agent then briefly adopted a remote control shield against Hawkeye and the Thunderbolts.During his time with the New Invaders, U.S. Agent possessed a star shaped shield with retractable spikes.[The shield was decorated with the names of Americans who had died at the hands of terrorists, as well as a photograph of U.S. Agent’s parents.

    The U.S. Agent also wears synthetic stretch bulletproof fabric.

    After being badly injured by the villain¬†Protocide, U.S. Agent was fitted with an exoskeleton by¬†S.H.I.E.L.D.¬†that allowed him to continue to walk, and according to then-Director¬†Sharon Carter¬†may have also provided “an additional benefit or two”.

    After being crippled by Nuke, John Walker lost one arm and one leg.Electing to use ordinary low-tech prosthesis, he retired his U.S. Agent identity, and no longer has access to his weapons and gear. However, he still retains his full capability to act in self-defense.

    At one point, the Agent used wrist guards which produced an energy shield as well as energy blasts.¬†U.S. Agent’s costume incorporated a “thought relay receptor” that picks up his mental commands and shapes his shield however he wills it. In U.S. Agent’s own words “It’s better than the old trash can lid!”

    In his first costumed identity as the Super Patriot, Walker wore a costume that was capable of stopping multiple shots from a handgun at point blank range, and also used throwing stars and a flame torch

    Power Broker Enhancements:


    US Agent possesses various superhuman physical attributes as a result of undergoing the¬†Power Broker’s process:

    • Superhuman Strength:¬†
    • US Agent is superhumanly strong and is capable of lifting about 10 tons.
    • Superhuman Stamina:
    • ¬†US Agent’s muscles produce far fewer fatigue toxins than the muscles of ordinary humans during physical activity. He can exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue begins to impair him.
    • Superhuman Agility:¬†
    • US Agent’s agility and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the human body’s natural limits.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:
    • ¬†US Agent’s reaction time is enhanced to a level that is beyond the human body’s natural limits.
    • Superhuman Durability:¬†
    • ¬†
    • ¬†
    • ¬†
    • ¬†
    • The tissues of his body are somewhat harder and more resistant to injury than the body of an ordinary human. However, he is not invulnerable and can sustain injury in many of the same ways as an ordinary human. However, he can withstand impact forces and trauma that would severely injure or kill an ordinary human with mild discomfort.


    US Agent is a superb military combatant. He has also received training from the Taskmaster in combat, gymnastics, and acrobatics.

    Multilingual: In addition to English, John is fluent in both Arabic and Spanish

    Who isTheHouse of Targaryen and their dragon .

    House Targaryen¬†of Dragonstone is an exiled Great¬†House¬†of Westeros and the former royal¬†house¬†of the Seven Kingdoms.¬†House Targaryen¬†conquered and unified the realm before it was deposed during Robert’s Rebellion and¬†House¬†Baratheon replaced it as the new royal¬†House.



    What happened to House Targaryen?
    The dynasty ended with the death of Aerys the Mad King during Robert’s Rebellion, in which the¬†Targaryens¬†were overthrown and replaced by¬†House¬†Baratheon. The two surviving children of Aerys II, Viserys and Daenerys¬†Targaryen, fled into exile, and have resided in the Free Cities of Essos ever since.
    Why are the targaryens so special?
    In Westeros, they are seen as¬†special¬†because they look exotic (silvery white hair, purple eyes…), which is due to their Valyrian origins. Now since they are Valyrian, they traditionally have some knowledge about dragon taming, mostly through spells and magical items, but even other Valyrian families had those.
    Why is Jon Snow not blonde?
    that of their mothers’. That’s why Cersei’s children were Golden Haired, while Catelyn’s children were slightly red haired. And in case of Jon, his mother Lynna was black of hair, and that’s why¬†Jon¬†has no¬†blonde¬†hair and is also¬†not¬†the blood of the dragon!
    Why is Jon Snow’s hair black?
    Well, a Game of Thrones fan¬†has¬†put that knowledge to good use (by which we mean extremely nerdy use) and made a pedigree chart explaining why¬†Jon Snow’s hair¬†is the¬†black¬†shade of his mother, Lyanna Stark, instead of the Targaryen white-blonde of his father, Rhaegar Targaryen
    Who was the first Targaryen?
    Aegon I Targaryen
    Aegon I Targaryen was the first king of the Targaryen dynasty. He was a warlord and Lord of Dragonstone who, with his two sister-wives Visenya and Rhaenys, three great dragons and a small army, invaded and unified six of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros in the War of Conquest.
    Why did Jon Snow’s eyes change color?
    Jon Snow’s colored¬†contacts disintegrated. Earlier that day,¬†Jon Snow¬†unknowingly drank a serum that turned his¬†eyes¬†into mood rings. Their greenish-brown hue means he’s distressed.¬†Jon Snow’s eyes get lighter whenever he plays dead.
    Why do targaryens have purple eyes?
    House Targaryen

    Striking lilac or indigo or violet eyes are typical Targaryen features, and a famous proclamation of their Valyrian heritage. Their practice of incest was kept in part to preserve their rare coloring. The famed Targaryen eye color can be revealing when a member of the family is trying to be incognito.
    How did Aegon’s dragons die?
    In 37 AC on Dragonstone, while telling his two eldest grandsons Aegon and Viserys the tales of his conquest at the Painted Table, Aegon died from a stroke at the age of sixty-four. Aegon was cremated on Dragonstone, and his funeral pyre was set aflame by Vhagar.
                                                                       House Targaryen  Dragon 
    House of the Dragon': What to Expect in the 'Game of Thrones' Prequel |  Fandom
    Dragon Riders Notes
    Arrax Prince Lucerys Velaryon Born during the reign of King Viserys I Targaryen, between 115 AC and 129 AC. Killed with its rider in 129 AC above Shipbreaker Bay by Vhagar.
    Balerion (The Black Dread) King Aegon I Targaryen Born before House Targaryen relocated from Valyria to Dragonstone in 114 BC.Died in 94 AC, of old age.
    King Maegor I Targaryen
    Princess Aerea Targaryen
    Prince Viserys Targaryen
    The Cannibal None A wild dragon, never ridden.
    Caraxes (The Blood Wyrm) Prince Aemon Targaryen Killed with its rider in battle by Vhagar above the Gods Eye in 130 AC.
    Prince Daemon Targaryen
    Dreamfyre Princess Rhaena Targaryen Died in 130 AC in the Storming of the Dragonpit.
    Queen Helaena Targaryen
    Drogon Queen¬†Daenerys Targaryen Hatched from an egg by¬†Daenerys Targaryen, who placed Drogon’s egg on the funeral pyre of her husband, Khal¬†Drogo,whom Drogon is named after.Mounted by Daenerys for the first time in¬†300¬†AC.
    Grey Ghost None A wild dragon, never ridden. Died in 130 AC when attacked by Sunfyre.
    Meleys¬†(The Red Queen) Princess¬†Alyssa Targaryen Claimed by Alyssa from¬†75¬†AC¬†until¬†84¬†AC, claimed by Rhaenys from¬†87¬†AC¬†until the deaths of both dragon and rider in¬†129¬†AC, during the¬†battle at Rook’s Rest.
    Princess Rhaenys Targaryen
    Meraxes Queen¬†Rhaenys Targaryen Born on¬†Dragonstone¬†between¬†114¬†BC¬†and¬†Aegon’s Conquest. Died at the¬†Hellholt¬†in¬†Dorne¬†in¬†10¬†AC¬†during the¬†First Dornish War.
    Moondancer Lady Baela Targaryen. Died in 130 AC, during the Dance of the Dragons.
    Morghul Princess Jaehaera Targaryen Born during the reign of King Viserys I Targaryen, after an egg was placed in the cradle of Princess Jaehaera.Died during the Storming of the Dragonpit in 130 AC.
    Morning Lady Rhaena Targaryen. Born during the Dance of the Dragons.
    Quicksilver King Aenys I Targaryen Killed in 43 AC by Balerion in the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye.
    Prince Aegon Targaryen
    Rhaegal None Hatched from an egg by¬†Daenerys Targaryen, who placed Rhaegal’s egg on the funeral pyre of her husband, Khal¬†Drogo. Daenerys named Rhaegal after her oldest brother,¬†Rhaegar Targaryen.
    Seasmoke Ser Laenor Velaryon Died during the Second Battle of Tumbleton in 130 AC.[7]
    Addam Velaryon
    Sheepstealer Nettles A wild dragon, claimed during the Dance of the Dragons.[42]
    Shrykos Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen Born from an egg placed in the cradle of Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen during the reign of King Viserys I Targaryen.[62] Died during the Storming of the Dragonpit in 130 AC.[7]
    Silverwing Queen¬†Alysanne Targaryen Hatched from an egg placed in the cradle of Alysanne Targaryen.[37]¬†Resided on Dragonstone after Alysanne’s death, where she was eventually claimed by Ulf the White. Became wild after the death of her rider, and made her lair in an island on¬†Red Lake.
    Ulf the White
    Stormcloud Prince¬†Aegon “the Younger” Targaryen Ridden only once, in¬†129¬†AC. Died a few hours later after the¬†Battle of the Gullet.
    Sunfyre (The Golden) King Aegon II Targaryen Said to have been young between 120 AC and 129 AC. Died during the Dance of the Dragons in late 130 AC at Dragonstone.
    Syrax Queen¬†Rhaenyra Targaryen Born during the reign of King¬†Jaehaerys I Targaryen, and named by Rhaenyra after a Valyrian goddess.Died during riots in King’s Landing in¬†130¬†AC.
    Tessarion (The Blue Queen) Prince Daeron Targaryen Died during the Dance of the Dragons, in 130 AC.
    Tyraxes Prince Joffrey Velaryon Born from an egg placed in the cradle of Prince Joffrey Velaryon.[20] Died in 130 AC, during riots in King’s Landing.
    Vermax Prince Jacaerys Velaryon Born from an egg placed in the cradle of Prince Jacaerys Velaryon.[20] Died in 130 AC.
    Vermithor (The Bronze Fury) King Jaehaerys I Targaryen Hatched from an egg placed in the cradle of Jaehaerys I Targaryen.Unclaimed since Jaehaerys death in 103 AC, until he bonded with Hugh Hammer in 129 AC. Died in 130 AC, during the Dance of the Dragons, at Second Tumbleton.
    Hugh Hammer
    Vhagar Queen Visenya Targaryen Born in 52 BC. Ridden by Visenya Targaryen until her death in 44 AC.[58] Remained unridden for twenty-nine years until 73 AC with Baelon Targaryen claiming and riding her until his death in 101 AC.Vhagar was eventually claimed by Laena Velaryon, who rode the dragon until her own death in 120 AC. Shortly afterwards, Vhagar was claimed by Prince Aemond Targaryen, and ridden by him until both rider and dragon died in 130 AC.
    Prince Baelon the Brave
    Lady Laena Velaryon
    Prince Aemond Targaryen
    Viserion None Hatched from an egg by¬†Daenerys Targaryen, who placed Viserion’s egg on the funeral pyre of her husband, Khal¬†Drogo. Daenerys named Viserion after her brother¬†Viserys Targaryen.
    The last dragon None Born and died during the reign of King Aegon III Targaryen. Was once seen by Ser Arlan of Pennytree when he was still a boy; it was not really combat-worthy.

    Drogon¬†is one of the three¬†dragons¬†born in the wastelands beyond¬†Lhazar, along with his brothers¬†Rhaegal¬†and¬†Viserion. He is named after¬†Daenerys’s late husband¬†Khal¬†Drogo. He can be distinguished by his black and red colored scales, and red-black wings. He was also Daenerys’s personal¬†mount. With the deaths of Viserion and Rhaegal, Drogon is currently the last of his brothers, hence¬†the only known living dragon in existence.

    Drogon is noticeably larger than Rhaegal and Viserion. Initially the luck of the draw in terms of biology, Drogon became even larger than them, as they spend over a year chained beneath Meereen while Drogon remained free to hunt and fly at his leisure. Most of his scales are black, shadowing red ones that run down his back and neck. His wings and frills are black-red mix, down to the wing-bones which are black. His eyes are orange-red. Drogon has grown considerably over the course of seven years, from the size of a kitten to the size of a large whale.

    When Drogon discovers his mother’s lifeless body, he is overcome by grief and anger, but does not harm her killer. Instead, he burns the Iron Throne with his fire until it is nothing but a puddle of molten slag, destroying the one object that is responsible for countless death and destruction over the past 300 years.

    It remains a mystery why Drogon did not avenge¬†Daenerys’s death by killing Jon in return. Normally, Drogon and his brothers would kill anyone who harmed or threatened to harm their mother. Whatever the reason, the fact that Drogon spared Jon suggests that his mind isn’t as bestial as one might think at first glance.

    Rhaegal¬†was one of the three¬†dragons¬†born in the wastelands beyond¬†Lhazar, along with¬†Drogon¬†and¬†Viserion. He was named after¬†Daenerys Targaryen’s eldest brother¬†Rhaegar. He could be distinguished by his green and bronze colored scales, and his yellow-orange colored wings.Rhaegal

    Most of Rhaegal’s scales are emerald green, with a few bronze scales on the underside of his neck and tail. His¬†frills and wings¬†are yellow-orange colored, becoming a darker green near the wing-bones. By the time he and his mother reached Westeros, many of the scales on Rhaegal’s dorsal side, and most of those along his frills, had turned almost black, while his neck was striped with bright green and black. Rhaegal is not as aggressive as¬†Drogon, he is a more calm dragon much like¬†Viserion.¬†However, he can show ferocity if needed and will undoubtedly defend his mother¬†from any enemy menacing her.¬†Daenerys¬†has trained him to respond to vocal commands in her mother tongue of¬†High Valyrian, especially¬†“Dracarys” (High Valyrian for dragonfire), to which Rhaegal responds by instantly breathing fire and burning anything in his path. Rhaegal is also shown to care for Viserion, as he attempts to rescue his fallen brother after he was speared by the¬†Night King.

    Being a dragon, Rhaegal, has an immense phyisical strength and can spit destructive streams of fire. He can also fly extremly high and at great speeds, more than any other animal.

    After the battle against a wight Viserion, Rhaegal sustained some serious injuries, notably deep wounds on his belly and his left wing appears to be a bit tattered or has a hole or two in his wing membrane.

    Viserion¬†was¬†one of the three¬†dragons¬†born in the wastelands beyond¬†Lhazar, along with¬†Drogon¬†and¬†Rhaegal. He was¬†named after¬†Daenerys Targaryen’s elder brother,¬†Viserys. He could be distinguished by his cream and gold colored scales, and red-orange wings. Eventually, he became an ice dragon although different from¬†the ones of legend), and¬†was enslaved by the¬†Night King. He was also able to breathe¬†fire that was¬†capable of¬†melting¬†the¬†Wall, though it was¬†blue in color.

    The majority of Viserion’s scales were golden, with cream colored markings under his neck and tail, and white horns and spines. His wings were red orange, with black tints along the bones. He had green eyes. Viserion is not as aggressive as Drogon, he is a more calm dragon much like Rhaegal.¬†However, he can show ferocity if needed and will undoubtedly defend his mother¬†from any enemy menacing her.¬†Daenerys has trained him to respond to vocal commands in her mother tongue of¬†High Valyrian, especially¬†“Dracarys” (High Valyrian for dragonfire), to which Viserion responds by instantly breathing fire and burning anything in his path. Being a dragon, Viserion, has an immense phyisical strength and can spit destructive streams of fire. He can also fly extremely high¬†and at great speeds, more than any other animal.






    We shall not pretend to any understanding of the bond between dragon and dragonrider; wiser heads have pondered that mystery for centuries. We do know however, that dragons are not horses, to be ridden by any man who throws a saddle on their back.

    ‚ÄĒwritings of¬†Gyldayn

    Who can know the heart of a dragon?

    ‚ÄĒwritings of¬†Gyldayn

    For the first time in hundreds of years, the night came alive with the music of dragons.

    ‚ÄĒthoughts of¬†Daenerys Targaryen

    Dragons are fire made flesh, and fire is power.

    ‚ÄĒQuaithe¬†to¬†Daenerys Targaryen

    The last dragon in Westeros was the last dragon. That is well known.


    The grief and glory of my house.

    ‚ÄĒAemon Targaryen¬†to¬†Samwell Tarly

    Once a man has seen a dragon in flight, let him stay at home and tend his garden in content, someone had written once, for this wide world has no greater wonder.

    ‚ÄĒthoughts of¬†Tyrion Lannister

    All I know of dragons is what¬†my brother¬†told me when I was a girl, and some I read in books, but it is said that even¬†Aegon the Conqueror¬†never dared mount¬†Vhagar¬†or¬†Meraxes, nor did his sisters mount¬†Balerion the Black Dread. Dragons live longer than men, some for hundreds of years, so Balerion had other riders after Aegon died … but no rider ever flew two dragons.

    ‚ÄĒDaenerys Targaryen¬†to¬†Quentyn Martell

    Death comes out of a dragon’s mouth, but death does not go in that way.

    ‚ÄĒwritings of¬†Barth

    There are no more dragons known to exist… but this is a medieval period, and large parts of¬†the world¬†are still¬†terra incognita, so there are always tales of dragon sightings in far off mysterious places. The¬†maesters¬†tend to discount those.

    ‚ÄĒGeorge R. R. Marti

    Why did drogon spare Jon?

    Drogon spared Jon because he recognized that if Jon had killed Daenerys himself, he must have done it out of necessity.

    Why did drogon not kill Jon?

    Drogon¬†apparently senses that Daenerys has died, and there’s a strong link between them – hence how he knew to come to her rescue in Meereen fighting pit too – and so that suggests he understands, on some level, what has happened, why¬†Jon did¬†what he¬†did, and why he won’t¬†kill¬†him for it.

    Why did drogon let Jon pet him?

    Drogon¬†can sense that¬†Jon¬†is family and is friendly to¬†him¬†as a result.¬†Jon¬†could also be a ‚Äúdragon‚ÄĚ just like Daenerys so the dragons won’t feel threatened by¬†him.¬†Jon¬†has a connection to dragons because he is a Targaryen.

    House of the Dragon¬†takes place centuries before the¬†War of the Five Kings, and involves the¬†dragonlord¬†ancestors of¬†House Targaryen¬†as well as the¬†Dance of the Dragons. The show is based on¬†George R. R. Martin’s¬†Fire & Blood, along with the novella¬†The Princess and the Queen¬†and the novelette¬†The Rogue Prince.[\

    The other major House of the Dragon cast members are:

    –¬†Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower, who is “the daughter of Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King, and the most comely woman in the Seven Kingdoms.¬†She was raised in the Red Keep, close to the king and his innermost circle; she possesses both a courtly grace and a keen political acumen.”

    Alicent was born in¬†88¬†AC¬†to¬†Otto Hightower, the younger brother of Lord¬†Ormund Hightower, the¬†Lord of the Hightower. Alicent had several brothers, including her younger brother¬†Gwayne –

    –¬†Matt Smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen, described as “younger brother to King Viserys and heir to the throne. A peerless warrior and a dragonrider, Daemon possesses the true blood of the dragon.¬† But it is said that whenever a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin in the air‚Ķ”¬†

    Prince¬†Daemon Targaryen¬†was a member of¬†House Targaryen¬†and the uncle and husband of Princess¬†Rhaenyra Targaryen, whose claim he supported in the¬†Dance of the Dragons. He was Rhaenyra’s second husband, following Ser¬†Laenor Velaryon. He was a younger son of Prince¬†Baelon Targaryen, and brother to King¬†Viserys I Targaryen.

    Prince Daemon was the most experienced warrior of his time and wielded the Valyrian steel blade Dark Sister. A dragonrider whose dragon was Caraxes, Daemon declared himself the King of the Stepstones and the Narrow Sea.

    –¬†Emma D‚ÄôArcy as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, “the king‚Äôs first-born child, she is of pure Valyrian blood, and she is a dragonrider.¬† Many would say that Rhaenyra was born with everything‚Ķ but she was not born a man.”

    Rhaenyra had her family’s¬†Valyrian¬†looks, wearing her silver-gold hair in a long braid in the manner of Queen¬†Visenya Targaryen. Beautiful as a child,¬†Rhaenyra was later declared by her uncle, Prince¬†Daemon Targaryen, to be the most beautiful¬†maiden¬†in all the¬†Seven Kingdoms.Born in¬†97¬†AC, Rhaenyra was the only living child of King¬†Viserys I Targaryen¬†by his first wife, Lady¬†Aemma¬†of¬†House Arryn. Rhaenyra had two brothers, both of whom died in the cradle.Rhaenyra became a¬†dragonrider¬†at the age of seven, when she flew into the sky on the back of a young dragon, whom she named¬†Syrax.

    Rhaenyra’s three eldest sons all died fighting during the¬†Dance of the Dragons, but her two youngest sons, the sons by her second husband, Prince¬†Daemon, survived the civil war. The war ended when Aegon II died in¬†131¬†AC¬†with no male issue, and was succeeded by Rhaenyra’s and Daemon’s elder son, the boy¬†Aegon III, who had seen his mother’s death by dragon. Rhaenyra’s second son with Prince Daemon would also later rule as King¬†Viserys II Targaryen, as both sons of his brother Aegon III,¬†Daeron I¬†and¬†Baelor I, later died without issue.

    Neither Rhaenyra or Aegon II are remembered well in the history of the Westeros.

    In February, four more cast members were announced: 

    – Steve Toussaint as Lord Corlys Velaryon aka “The Sea Snake,”¬†who will be the lord of House Velaryon. Their bloodline is old as House Targaryen, and Velaryon earned his nickname for being the most notorious “nautical adventurer in the history of Westeros.”¬†

    Corlys is the¬†Lord of Driftmark¬†and the head of¬†House Velaryon. He is married to¬†Rhaenys Velaryon, the cousin of¬†Viserys I Targaryen. He has a son with Rhaenys, named¬†Laenor.Corlys is the¬†Lord of Driftmark¬†and the head of¬†House Velaryon. He is married to¬†Rhaenys Velaryon, the cousin of¬†Viserys I Targaryen. He has a son with Rhaenys, named¬†Laenor.After Corlys’s death, his grandson and chosen heir,¬†Alyn Velaryon, and his granddaughter,¬†Baela Targaryen, hastily married in order to avoid Aegon III’s regents to choose a husband for her without her consent. When Baela became pregnant, Alyn whished to name the child after Corlys. The child turned out to be a girl, however, and was instead named¬†Laena¬†after¬†Corlys’s daughter

    –¬†Eve Best as Princess Rhaenys Velaryon, a¬†dragonrider who is wife to Lord Corlys Velaryon. She did not get the throne at the Great Council because ‚ÄĒ hold your surprise ‚ÄĒ “the realm favored her cousin, Viserys, simply for being male.”

    Princess Rhaenys Targaryen, known among the smallfolk as the Queen Who Never Was, was the daughter of Prince Aemon Targaryen and Lady Jocelyn Baratheon. She was married to Lord Corlys Velaryon of Driftmark. She was a dragonrider whose dragon was Meleys, the Red Queen.

    Rhaenys was born in¬†74¬†AC¬†on the seventh day of the seventh moon of the year. As her father was the¬†Prince of Dragonstone, and she was his firstborn child, many considered her as being next in line for the¬†Iron Throne, after her father Aemon. Queen¬†Alysanne Targaryen, when being presented with her granddaughter, called her¬†“our queen to be”.Rhaenys became a¬†dragonrider¬†in¬†87¬†AC¬†when she claimed the¬†dragon¬†Meleys. In¬†89¬†AC, Rhaenys joined King¬†Jaehaerys I Targaryen¬†for part of his¬†royal progress. She flew on her dragon Meleys to¬†Highgarden¬†to meet up with Jaehaerys, and together they flew to all four of the¬†Shield Islands.

    –¬†Rhys Ifans as Otto Hightower.¬†As Hand of the King, Hightower is protecting the throne loyally, and sees the king’s brother Daemon (Matt Smith) as the biggest threat to the monarch.

    Ser Otto Hightower was a knight from House Hightower who served as Hand of the King to three kings, although two of the kings removed him from office at various times. He was the younger brother of Lord Hightower, and the uncle of Lord Ormund Hightower of Oldtown. His children included Alicent Hightower, the second queen of King Viserys I Targaryen, and Ser Gwayne Hightower, second in command of the gold cloaks.

    Ser Otto first served as¬†Hand of the King¬†after the death of Prince¬†Baelon Targaryen, the Hand and son of King¬†Jaehaerys I Targaryen. Jaehaerys was devastated by the deaths of Baelon and his beloved wife, Queen¬†Alysanne Targaryen, becoming grief-stricken, and with his health failing he became bedridden. Otto effectively ruled the¬†Seven Kingdoms¬†as Hand in the final two years of Jaehaerys’s reign, while his daughter,¬†Alicent Hightower, nursed the ailing king.Otto was the first to be beheaded as a traitor by Rhaenyra after the¬†fall of King’s Landing¬†in¬†130¬†AC.

    –¬†Sonoya Mizuno as Mysaria. Mysaria had nothing when she arrived in Westeros. Now, after she’s “sold more times than she can recall,” she’s actually got the trust and of Daemon, the heir to the throne.

    Lady Mysaria, also called Lady Misery, was a dancer from Lys who became the paramour of Prince Daemon Targaryen and the unofficial mistress of whisperers to Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen.Lady Mysaria, also called Lady Misery, was a dancer from Lys who became the paramour of Prince Daemon Targaryen and the unofficial mistress of whisperers to Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen.

    • TBA as Prince¬†Aegon Targaryen Rhaegar twoiaf.jpg
    • Prince¬†Aegon Targaryen¬†was the second child and only son of Prince¬†Rhaegar Targaryen¬†and Princess¬†Elia Martell.A comet was seen above¬†King’s Landing¬†on the night Aegon was conceived, which led his father¬†Rhaegar,¬†Prince of Dragonstone, to believe that Aegon was the “prince that was promised”. The comet was seen as “the bleeding star” of the prophecy. Maester¬†Aemon¬†was aware of Rhaegar’s beliefs, though it is unclear if he shared them.¬†Prince¬†Rhaegar Targaryen¬†and¬†Lyanna Stark¬†after they eloped and¬†married¬†in secret. It also is the birthplace of their son,¬†Aegon Targaryen aka Jon Snow .Jon Snow, born¬†Aegon Targaryen, is the son of¬†Lyanna Stark¬†and¬†Rhaegar Targaryen, the late¬†Prince of Dragonstone. From infancy, Jon is presented as the¬†bastard¬†son of¬†Lord¬†Eddard Stark, Lyanna’s brother, and raised alongside Eddard’s lawful children at¬†Winterfell. Jon’s true parentage is kept secret from everyone, including Jon himself, in order to protect him from those that sought the complete annihilation of¬†House Targaryen.Lyanna Stark¬†was the daughter of¬†Lord¬†Rickard Stark¬†and sister of¬†Brandon,¬†Eddard, and¬†Benjen. She went on to be the wife of¬†Rhaegar Targaryen, and mother to¬†his son.
    • TBA as Ser¬†Criston Cole
    • Ser¬†Criston Cole¬†was a¬†knight¬†from¬†House Cole. Made a member of King¬†Viserys I Targaryen’s¬†Kingsguard, eventually rising to¬†Lord Commander. Criston convinced Viserys’s son,¬†Aegon, to claim the rule of the¬†Seven Kingdoms¬†as his father lay dead. This led to the¬†Dance of the Dragons, a civil war between Aegon II and his elder sister,¬†Rhaenyra, whom Viserys had long groomed as his successor. For this he became known as¬†Criston the Kingmaker
    • TBA as Ser¬†Harrold Westerling
    • Ser¬†Harrold Westerling¬†was a¬†knight¬†from¬†House Westerling¬†and the¬†Lord Commander of the Kingsguard¬†under King¬†Viserys I Targaryen. Upon his death in¬†112¬†AC, he was succeeded as Lord Commander by Ser¬†Criston Cole.
    • TBA as¬†Mushroom
    • Mushroom¬†was a¬†dwarf¬†who served as a¬†fool¬†at the courts of¬†Viserys I Targaryen,¬†Aegon II Targaryen,¬†Rhaenyra Targaryen, and¬†Aegon III Targaryen. He allegedly recorded the events that occurred during his time at their courts in¬†The Testimony of Mushroom, written by an unknown scribe.

      Mushroom’s¬†Testimony¬†is filled with tales of plots, murders, trysts, debaucheries, and many other salacious claims. The fool’s account is frequently cited by Archmaester¬†Gyldayn¬†in his¬†Targaryen history, in which it is often compared to the accounts of other historians, like Septon¬†Eustace¬†and Grand Maester¬†Munkun. Many of the wild claims of Mushroom, who loved Rhaenyra greatly, are disputed by the account of Eustace, a supporter of Aegon II, Rhaenyra’s half-brother and enemy.

    • TBA as¬†Laena Velaryo
    • Lady¬†Laena Velaryon¬†was the eldest child and only daughter of Lord¬†Corlys Velaryon¬†and Princess¬†Rhaenys Targaryen. She was the second wife of Prince¬†Daemon Targaryen¬†and gave birth to his twin daughters,¬†Rhaena¬†and¬†Baela Targaryen. By the age of twelve, Laena had freshly¬†flowered, and was considered a fiery young girl. It was said she had inherited the beauty of her mother,¬†Rhaenys Targaryen, and the bold, adventurous spirit from her father,¬†Corlys Velaryon.Laena was a¬†dragonrider¬†and rode the¬†dragon¬†Vhagar. She died from complications of childbirth.Laena was born in late¬†92¬†AC.¬†She was the daughter of Lord¬†Corlys Velaryon¬†and Princess¬†Rhaenys Targaryen, and the great-granddaughter of King¬†Jaehaerys I Targaryen.¬†Princess Rhaenys’s father, Prince¬†Aemon Targaryen, the eldest son and heir of King Jaehaerys I, died shortly after Rhaenys learned she was pregnant. Although Rhaenys was Aemon’s heir, Jaehaerys I named his second son, Prince¬†Baelon, as his new heir, passing over Rhaenys and her potential unborn son. The unborn Laena, also referred to as “the boy in the belly”, was subject of much debate on the succession until her birth.
    • TBA as¬†Laenor Velaryon
    • Ser¬†Laenor Velaryon¬†was the only son of Lord¬†Corlys Velaryon¬†and Princess¬†Rhaenys Targaryen. He was the heir to¬†Driftmark¬†and the first husband of his second cousin, Princess¬†Rhaenyra Targaryen. Rhaenyra gave birth to three sons during their¬†marriage,¬†Jacaerys,¬†Lucerys, and¬†Joffrey, although it was rumored that they had been fathered by Rhaenyra’s¬†lover¬†instead of Laenor.He was a¬†dragonrider¬†whose¬†dragon¬†was¬†Seasmoke.
    • TBA as Ser¬†Arryk Cargyll
    • Ser¬†Arryk Cargyll¬†was a¬†knight¬†from¬†House Cargyll. He and his twin brother, Ser¬†Erryk Cargyll, were members of the¬†Kingsguard¬†during the reign of King¬†Viserys I Targaryen.
    • TBA as Ser¬†Erryk Cargyll
    • Ser¬†Erryk Cargyll¬†was a¬†knight¬†from¬†House Cargyll. He and his twin brother, Ser¬†Arryk Cargyll, were members of the¬†Kingsguard¬†during the reign of King¬†Viserys I Targaryen.
    • Ser Erryk and Ser¬†Arryk Cargyll¬†were both unhorsed by Ser¬†Criston Cole¬†at the¬†tourney for King Viserys I’s accession¬†at¬†Maidenpool¬†in¬†105¬†AC.

      In 120 AC King Viserys I Targaryen made Erryk the sworn shield of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, replacing Ser Harwin Strong.

      After the death of Viserys, Erryk followed Ser¬†Steffon Darklyn¬†and Ser¬†Lorent Marbrand¬†in siding with the¬†blacks¬†and joined the¬†Queensguard¬†of Rhaenyra. His brother Arryk, however, supported Rhaenyra’s rival, King¬†Aegon II Targaryen

    Spring 2021 Premiere Dates For New & Returning Series for Broadcast Cable & Streaming

    The between the slew of winter program launches and the summer rush of originals.

    More  broadcast, cable and streaming programs debuting from April 1 through June 15. The list includes a few one-off specials, such as awards shows, but not movies.

    Spring TBA:
    Diana (CNN, new docuseries)CNN Special Report Presents DIANA: CHASING A FAIRYTALE

    CNN¬†will air the October Films-produced six-parter¬†Diana¬†in¬†2021. The docuseries reveals how the late¬†Diana, Princess of Wales ‚ÄĒ a ‚Äúfashion icon, humanitarian, hopeless romantic, aristocratic rebel and dedicated mother‚ÄĚ ‚ÄĒ rejected the status quo and influenced the world

    History of Late Night (CNN, new docuseries)CNN and HLN Announce Slate, with History of Sitcom; Lil Rel Set to Host NBC  Game Show - News BlogMore than 60 years ago, the creation of late night TV changed the face of television forever. From Johnny Carson, to David Letterman, to Arsenio Hall, the late night show format continues to endure, evolving to keep pace each new generation. In Behind the Desk
    History of Sitcom (CNN, new docuseries)The History of Comedy - CNN

    The History of Comedy is a CNN documentary series, as part of CNN Original Series. The documentary explores the underlying questions of what makes American people laugh, why, and how the laughter influenced their social and political landscape throughout American history.

    The History of Comedy is a CNN documentary series, as part of CNN Original Series. The documentary explores the underlying questions of what makes American people laugh, why, and how the laughter influenced their social and political landscape throughout American history.
    Jerusalem (CNN, new docuseries)

    April 1:
    The United States of Al (CBS, new comedy series)

    the friendship between Riley, a combat veteran, and Awalmir (Al), an interpreter from Afghanistan who helped the former while he served in the Marines, as they read just to their normal lives in Columbus, Ohio.
    Manifest (NBC, Season 3)
    Law & Order: Organized Crime (NBC, new drama series)

    Detective Elliot Stabler, former member of the Special Victims Unit and ex-partner of Capt. Olivia Benson, returns to the NYPD to battle organized crime after a devastating personal loss.

    The Moodys (Fox, Season 2)
    Made for Love (HBO Max, new drama series)Made for Love 2021 Television Series poster.pngA woman escapes from her marriage but discovers her husband had her fitted with a high tech tracking device.
    Prank Encounters (Netflix, Season 2)
    Worn Stories (Netflix, new docuseries)Worn Stories Poster

    In this funny, heartfelt and moving docuseries, real people unpack the fascinating and quirky stories around their most meaningful pieces of clothing.

    Magical Andes (Netflix, new documentary series)Is Magical Andes: Magical Andes: Season 1 (2019) on Netflix Philippines?

    Five characters share their deep connection to South America’s majestic mountains.

    Top Chef (Bravo, Season 18)
    Wipeout (TBS, new competition show revival)

    Wipeout is an American television game show hosted by John Cena, Nicole Byer, and Camille Kostek

    TBS Sets 'Wipeout' Revival Premiere Date (TV News Roundup) - Variety
    Major League Baseball Opening Day (ESPN, live sports season premiere)

    Give Us Baseball: Commentator Assignments and Coverage Details for ESPN's  Season-Opening Schedule - ESPN Press Room U.S.
    Creepshow (Shudder, Season 2)
    The Great Pottery Throwdown (HBO Max, Season 4)
    The Challenge: All Stars (Paramount+, new competition series)

    The Challenge All Stars 2021 Release Date | The Challenge All Stars Cast  Details
    Comedy Bars (All Def Women, new competition series)
    Check the Chat (All Def Women, new pop culture series)
    Mom fessions (All Def Women, new short form unscripted series)
    The Touch Up (All Def Women, new talk show series)
    Kanisha vs. Joncea (All Def Women, new competition series)

    April 2:
    Bellator MMA (Showtime, network premiere)

    MMA News, Fighters, Videos |
    Sky High (Netflix, new documentary series)

    A commentary on Spanish society dressed as a thriller about the misadventures of a gang of young petty criminals after the real estate crash.
    Ready to Love (OWN, Season 4)
    The Barbarian and the Troll (Nickelodeon, new animated series)
    Murdoch Mysteries (Acorn, Season 14; U.S. premiere)
    Moment of Truth (IMDb TV, new docuseries)

    April 3:
    Pit Bulls & Parolees (Discovery/Discovery+, Season 16)
    Celebrity Sleepover (NBC O&O stations, new talk show series)

    April 4:
    27th Annual SAG Awards (TBS/TNT, live awards special)Screen Actors Guild Award bronze statuettes

    SAG Award Nominations 2021 The SAG Awards themselves will air Sunday, April 4, on TNT and TBS.

    And the 27th SAG Award nominees are:

    Outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture
    ‚ÄúDa 5 Bloods‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúMa Rainey‚Äôs Black Bottom‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúOne Night in Miami‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúThe Trial of the Chicago 7‚ÄĚ

    Outstanding performance by a male actor in a leading role
    Riz Ahmed, ‚ÄúSound of Metal‚ÄĚ
    Chadwick Boseman, ‚ÄúMa Rainey‚Äôs Black Bottom‚ÄĚ
    Anthony Hopkins, ‚ÄúThe Father‚ÄĚ
    Gary Oldman, ‚ÄúMank‚ÄĚ
    Steven Yeun, ‚ÄúMinari‚ÄĚ

    Outstanding performance by a female actor in a leading role
    Amy Adams, ‚ÄúHillbilly Elegy‚ÄĚ
    Viola Davis, ‚ÄúMa Rainey‚Äôs Black Bottom‚ÄĚ
    Vanessa Kirby, ‚ÄúPieces of a Woman‚ÄĚ
    Frances McDormand, ‚ÄúNomadland‚ÄĚ
    Carey Mulligan, ‚ÄúPromising Young Woman‚ÄĚ

    Outstanding performance by a male actor in a supporting role
    Chadwick Boseman, ‚ÄúDa 5 Bloods‚ÄĚ
    Sacha Baron Cohen, ‚ÄúThe Trial of the Chicago 7″
    Daniel Kaluuya, ‚ÄúJudas and the Black Messiah‚ÄĚ
    Jared Leto, ‚ÄúThe Little Things‚ÄĚ
    Leslie Odom Jr., ‚ÄúOne Night in Miami‚ÄĚ

    Outstanding performance by a female actor in a supporting role
    Maria Bakalova, ‚ÄúBorat Subsequent Moviefilm‚ÄĚ
    Glenn Close, ‚ÄúHillbilly Elegy‚ÄĚ
    Olivia Colman, ‚ÄúThe Father‚ÄĚ
    Yuh-Jung Youn, ‚ÄúMinari‚ÄĚ
    Helena Zengel, ‚ÄúNews of the World‚ÄĚ

    Outstanding performance by a cast in a drama series
    ‚ÄúBetter Call Saul‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúThe Crown‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúLovecraft Country‚ÄĚ

    Outstanding performance by a male actor in a drama series
    Jason Bateman, ‚ÄúOzark‚ÄĚ
    Sterling K. Brown, ‚ÄúThis Is Us‚ÄĚ
    Josh O‚ÄôConnor, ‚ÄúThe Crown‚ÄĚ
    Bob Odenkirk, ‚ÄúBetter Call Saul‚ÄĚ
    Reg√©-Jean Page, ‚ÄúBridgerton‚ÄĚ

    Outstanding performance by a female actor in a drama series
    Gillian Anderson, ‚ÄúThe Crown‚ÄĚ
    Olivia Colman, ‚ÄúThe Crown‚ÄĚ
    Emma Corrin, ‚ÄúThe Crown‚ÄĚ
    Julia Garner, ‚ÄúOzark‚ÄĚ
    Laura Linney, ‚ÄúOzark‚ÄĚ

    Outstanding performance by a cast in a comedy series
    ‚ÄúDead to Me‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúThe Flight Attendant‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúThe Great‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúSchitt‚Äôs Creek‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúTed Lasso‚ÄĚ

    Outstanding performance by a male actor in a comedy series
    Nicholas Hoult, ‚ÄúThe Great‚ÄĚ
    Dan Levy, ‚ÄúSchitt‚Äôs Creek‚ÄĚ
    Eugene Levy, ‚ÄúSchitt‚Äôs Creek‚ÄĚ
    Jason Sudeikis, ‚ÄúTed Lasso‚ÄĚ
    Ramy Youssef, ‚ÄúRamy‚ÄĚ

    Outstanding performance by a female actor in a comedy series
    Christina Applegate, ‚ÄúDead to Me‚ÄĚ
    Linda Cardellini, ‚ÄúDead to Me‚ÄĚ
    Kaley Cuoco,¬†‚ÄúThe Flight Attendant‚ÄĚ
    Annie Murphy, ‚ÄúSchitt‚Äôs Creek‚ÄĚ
    Catherine O‚ÄôHara, ‚ÄúSchitt‚Äôs Creek‚ÄĚ

    Outstanding performance by a male actor in a television movie or miniseries
    Bill Camp,¬†‚ÄúThe Queen‚Äôs Gambit‚ÄĚ
    Daveed Diggs, ‚ÄúHamilton‚ÄĚ
    Hugh Grant, ‚ÄúThe Undoing‚ÄĚ
    Ethan Hawke, ‚ÄúThe Good Lord Bird‚ÄĚ
    Mark Ruffalo, ‚ÄúI Know This Much Is True‚ÄĚ

    Outstanding performance by a female actor in a television movie or miniseries
    Cate Blanchett, ‚ÄúMrs. America‚ÄĚ
    Michaela Coel, ‚ÄúI May Destroy You‚ÄĚ
    Nicole Kidman, ‚ÄúThe Undoing‚ÄĚ
    Anya Taylor-Joy, ‚ÄúThe Queen‚Äôs Gambit‚ÄĚ
    Kerry Washington, ‚ÄúLittle Fires Everywhere‚ÄĚ

    Outstanding action performance by a stunt ensemble in a motion picture
    ‚ÄúDa 5 Bloods‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúNews of the World‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúThe Trial of the Chicago 7″
    ‚ÄúWonder Woman 1984″

    Outstanding action performance by a stunt ensemble in a comedy or drama series
    ‚ÄúThe Boys‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúCobra Kai‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúLovecraft Country‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúThe Mandalorian‚ÄĚ

    Gangs of London (AMC, new drama series)

    A the story of the city being torn apart by the turbulent power struggles of the¬†international gangs¬†that control it and the sudden power vacuum that’s created when the head of London’s most powerful crime family is assassinated.

    Wallace Family
    • Joe Cole¬†as Sean Wallace, younger son of Finn Wallace who fights for leadership of his family’s criminal empire after his father’s death.
    • Michelle Fairley¬†as Marian Wallace, widow of Finn Wallace and mother to Sean, Billy and Jacqueline.
    • Valene Kane¬†as Jacqueline Robinson, daughter of Finn Wallace and an emergency doctor who is estranged from her criminal family for the safety of her unborn child.
    • Brian Vernel¬†as Billy Wallace, older son of Finn Wallace and a heroin addict.
    • Colm Meaney¬†as Finn Wallace, the head of an organized crime empire whose murder throws the London underworld into chaos.
    Dumani Family
    • Lucian Msamati¬†as Ed Dumani, long-time partner of Finn Wallace and father to Alex and Shannon.
    • Paapa Essiedu¬†as Alex Dumani, son of Ed Dumani and associate of Sean Wallace who many believe should inherit Finn Wallace’s empire.
    • Pippa Bennett-Warner¬†as Shannon Dumani, daughter of Ed Dumani and single mother to Danny who begins a relationship with Elliot Finch.
    • Taye Matthew as Danny Dumani, young son of Shannon Dumani.
    London Police
    • Sope Dirisu¬†as Elliot Finch, an undercover cop who infiltrates the ranks of the Wallace crime syndicate and begins a relationship with Shannon Dumani.
    • Jing Lusi¬†as Vicky Chung, DI with the London Police and handler of Elliot Finch.
    • Garry Cooper¬†as John Harks, DCI with the London Police who works with Vicky.
    • David Avery¬†as Anthony, another undercover cop who infiltrates the ranks of the Wallace crime syndicate after Elliot’s relationship with Shannon Dumani is revealed.
    Wallace Crime Syndicate
    • Adrian Bower¬†as Mark, an enforcer for the Wallace crime syndicate who takes a disliking to Elliot Finch.
    • Emmett J. Scanlan¬†as Jack O’Doherty, personal driver of Finn Wallace.
    Albanian Mafia
    • Orli Shuka¬†as Luan Dushaj, leader of the Albanian mafia in London who is brought into the Wallace family’s disputes when Finn Wallace is murdered on Albanian territory.
    • Eri Shuka as Mirlinda Dushaj, wife of Luan Dushaj.
    • Nebli Basani as Tariq Gjelaj, right-hand man of Luan.
    Kurdish Militants
    • Narges Rashidi¬†as Lale, a Kurdish militant who oversees a heroin distribution ring in London in order to fund Kurdish¬†PKK¬†freedom fighters and seeks revenge against Asif Afridi.
    • Aksel Ustun as Hekar, right-hand man of Lale.
    Pakistani Heroin Ring
    • Asif Raza Mir¬†as Asif Afridi, kingpin of a Pakistani heroin ring in London and father of Nasir Afridi.
    • Parth Thakerar as Nasir Afridi, son of Asif Afridi and candidate for Mayor of London.
    Welsh Travellers
    • Mark Lewis Jones¬†as Kinney Edwards, leader of a group of Welsh travellers and father of Darren Edwards.
    • Aled ap Steffan as Darren Edwards, son of Kinney Edwards who is unknowingly hired to murder Finn Wallace.
    • Richard Harrington¬†as Mal, lieutenant of Kinney Edwards.
    • Darren Evans as Ioan, friend of Darren Edwards and accomplice to Finn Wallace’s murder.
    Danish Assassins
    • Mads Koudal as Leif Hansen, a Danish assassin hired by Jevan Kapadia to kill various organized crime targets.
    • Laura Bach¬†as Tove Fransen, a Danish assassin and Leif’s partner.
    Nigerian Mafia
    • Richard Pepple as Mosi, leader of the Nigerian mafia who strikes a deal with Luan Dushaj to launder their dirty money through the Wallace organization.
    • Ray Panthaki¬†as Jevan Kapadia, point of contact for a group of mysterious investors who wish to tip the scales of the future of the Wallace organization.
    • Amanda Drew¬†as Kane, a mysterious investor who has an interest in the Wallace organization.
    • Tim McInnerny¬†as Jacob, a mysterious investor who has an interest in the Wallace organization.

    Atlantic Crossing (PBS, new drama miniseries)undefined

    A princess steals the heart of American President Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II.

    My Grandparents’ War (PBS, new documentary miniseries)

    To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II, celebrated actors explore their grandparents’ extraordinary wartime stories.

    Take a fascinating journey into the past to understand the extraordinary impact of World War II on the families of four British actors. Helena Bonham Carter (The Crown, ‚ÄúHarry Potter‚ÄĚ series), Mark Rylance (‚ÄúDunkirk,‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúBridge of Spies,‚ÄĚ Masterpiece: Wolf Hall), Kristin Scott Thomas (‚ÄúDarkest Hour,‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúThe English Patient‚ÄĚ) and Carey Mulligan (‚ÄúPromising Young Woman,‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúThe Great Gatsby‚ÄĚ

    Birdgirl (Adult Swim, new animated short form series)Birdgirl' Flies onto Adult Swim | Animation World Network

    The Chosen (YouTube, Season 2)

    April 5:
    Family Reunion (Netflix, Season 3)
    Hemingway (PBS, new documentary miniseries)Hemingway' Review: Ken Burns' Series Dives Into The Writer's Complicated  Life : NPR

    Hemingway¬†from Ken Burns and Lynn Novick premieres April 5, 2021. Uncover the man behind the myth of one of America’s greatest and most complicated writers.¬†Hemingway¬†from Ken Burns and Ly… Ken Burns, Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein give us a behind-the-scenes look at the production of¬†Hemingway.

    Reel South (PBS, Season 6)
    Home & Family (Hallmark Channel, Season 9B; final season)
    Gutfeld! (Fox News Channel, new late-night comedy/news series)
    Mira, Royal Detective (Disney Channel, Season 2)
    AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange (World Channel, Season 13)
    Only Foals and Horses (Acorn, Season 1 of British docuseries; U.S. premiere)

    Following the working lives of two friends and passionate horse vets, Lisa Durham and Philippa Hughes. No two days are the same as they care for their four-legged clients from their clinic in Carmarthenshire

    April 6:
    Chad (TBS, new comedy series)TBS Network - Is That What's-His-Name? | FacebookTBS sets premiere for Nasim Pedrad comedy 'Chad,' more -

    A story that follows a Persian teenage boy during high school as he desperately tries to fit in, cope with his mother’s dating life and reconcile his cultural identity.

    Wild N’ Out (VH1, Season 15B)

    April 7:
    Home Economics (ABC, new comedy series)

    Three grown-up siblings find themselves living at vastly different levels of financial security than each other.

    Kung Fu (The CW, new drama series)The CW Announces Spring 2021 Schedule Including Kung Fu Reboot

    A quarter-life crisis causes a young Chinese-American woman, Nicky Shen, to drop out of college and go on a life-changing journey to an isolated monastery in China.

    Exterminate All the Brutes (HBO, new docuseries)

    Snabba Cash  Netflix 

    The entrepreneurial jet set as well as the criminal world is more brutal, chaotic and ruthless than ever. When these two worlds collide, loyalty, friendships and business partners will all be tested in the never-ending quest for easy money.

    The Wedding Coach (Netflix, new docuseries)

    Jamie Lee is on a hilarious, heartwarming mission to help six engaged couples overcome the stressful real-life challenges that pop up before and on The Big Day.
    This Is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist (Netflix, new docuseries)

    A 10 million dollar reward for whoever finds it. It’s your turn to enter the mystery.

    undefinedQueen of the South (USA Network, Season 5; final season)

    Teresa ends up starting her own drug empire, becoming one of the world’s wealthiest women in the process. With her success, she discovers that money doesn’t fix all of her problems, and she can only depend on herself if she wants to stay one step ahead of others and stay alive.

    Making Good (BYUtv, Season 3)

    April 8:
    Rebel¬†(ABC, new drama series)Rebel (TV Series 2021√ʬĬď ) - IMDb

    Inspired by the life of Erin Brockovich, Annie “Rebel” Bello is a blue-collar legal advocate without a law degree. She’s a funny, messy, brilliant and fearless woman who cares desperately about the causes she fights for and the people she loves.

    • Katey Sagal¬†as Annie “Rebel” Bello
    • John Corbett¬†as Grady Bello
    • James Lesure¬†as Benji
    • Tamala Jones¬†as Lana
    • Ariela Barer¬†as Ziggie
    • Andy Garcia¬†as Julian Cruz
    • Lex Scott Davis¬†as Cassidy
    • Kevin Zegers¬†as Nate
    • Sam Palladio¬†as Luke

    No Activity (Paramount+, Season 4)
    Everything’s Gonna Be Okay (Freeform, Season 2)
    Chef Boot Camp (Food Network, new competition series)
    Bringing Up Bates (UPtv, Season 10)

    April 9:
    Them (Amazon Prime, new anthology drama series)Them' Trailer (Amazon): Lena Waithe's Terror Series Sets Release Date |  IndieWire

    A Black family moves to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood where malevolent forces, next door and otherworldly, threaten to taunt, ravage and destroy them.

    Doing the Most with Phoebe Robinson (Comedy Central, new late-night talk show series)

    April 10:
    Iyanla: Fix My Life (OWN, Season 8; final season)Keyshia Cole's Family Joins Iyanla Vanzant's 'Fix My Life' - That Grape  Juice

    April 11:
    Fear the Walking Dead (AMC, )


    The Nevers (HBO, new drama series)The Nevers Series poster.png

    Victorian women find themselves with unusual abilities, relentless enemies and a mission that may change the world.

    • Laura Donnelly as Amalia True: The most irresponsible, spontaneous, and psychologically broken hero of 19th-century London, and a danger to the British elite. She is dedicated to her cause and never turns down a drink
    • Olivia Williams¬†as Lavinia Bidlow: A rich¬†spinster¬†supporter of the “Touched” (aka¬†metahumans), who also runs¬†The Orphanage where many of the main characters live.¬†
    • James Norton¬†as Hugo Swan: A¬†pansexual¬†aristocratic¬†young man, who owns a private club and specializes in¬†extortion.
    • Tom Riley¬†as Augustus “Augie” Bidlow: A kind¬†geek¬†and Lavinia’s brother.
    • Ann Skelly¬†as Penance Adair: Amalia’s best friend, and one of the first “Nevers”. She is very¬†religious¬†and also heretically progressive.
    • Ben Chaplin¬†as Detective Frank Mundi: A large and gruff¬†policeman¬†with a strong sense of morals. He has a reputation of violence and heavy drinking.
    • Pip Torrens¬†as Lord Massen: A former military man and strong supporter of the¬†British Empire, and very skeptical regarding people with extraordinary powers.
    • Zackary Momoh¬†as Doctor Horatio Cousens: A¬†West Indian¬†physician. Amalia was there when he discovered his own power. He collaborates with her, and the Beggar King.
    • Amy Manson¬†as Maladie: Unstable and living underground. Maladie is not only in charge of a band of renegades, she is on a killing spree.
    • Nick Frost¬†as Declan Orrun, aka The Beggar King: Charismatic and brutal, Declan is in command of London’s low-level criminals. Sometimes he works with Amalia and her cause ‚Äď and sometimes he’s just as happy to sell them out.
    • Rochelle Neil as Annie Carbey, aka Bonfire: A¬†criminal¬†with the ability to control fire.
    • Eleanor Tomlinson¬†as Mary Brighton: A failed singer who has a big surprise ahead of her.
    • Denis O’Hare¬†as Dr. Edmund Hague: A brutal¬†American¬†surgeon.

    BAFTA Awards (ABC, awards special)Bafta masks

    Edith Bowman and Dermot O’Leary will host the full BAFTA Film Awards, live on BBC One.

    This year’s Bafta Film Awards winners will be announced at a ceremony without a live audience on 11 April. Here are the nominations.

    Below are the nominations for the 2021 EE British Academy Film Awards.

    Best Film
    ‚ÄúThe Father‚ÄĚ
    The Mauritanian‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúPromising Young Woman‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúThe Trial Of The Chicago 7‚ÄĚ

    Leading Actress
    Bukky Bakray, ‚ÄúRocks‚ÄĚ
    Radha Blank, ‚ÄúThe Forty-Year-Old Version‚ÄĚ
    Vanessa Kirby, ‚ÄúPieces Of A Woman‚ÄĚ
    Frances McDormand, ‚ÄúNomadland‚ÄĚ
    Wunmi Mosaku, ‚ÄúHis House‚ÄĚ
    Alfre Woodard, Clemency‚ÄĚ

    Leading Actor
    Riz Ahmed, ‚ÄúSound Of Metal‚ÄĚ
    Chadwick Boseman, ‚ÄúMa Rainey‚Äôs Black Bottom‚ÄĚ
    Adarsh Gourav, ‚ÄúThe White Tiger‚ÄĚ
    Anthony Hopkins, ‚ÄúThe Father‚ÄĚ
    Mads Mikkelsen, ‚ÄúAnother Round‚ÄĚ
    Tahar Rahim, ‚ÄúThe Mauritanian‚ÄĚ

    Supporting Actress
    Niamh Algar, ‚ÄúCalm With Horses‚ÄĚ
    Kosar Ali, ‚ÄúRocks‚ÄĚ
    Maria Bakalova, ‚ÄúBorat Subsequent Moviefilm‚ÄĚ
    Dominique Fishback, ‚ÄúJudas And The Black Messiah‚ÄĚ
    Ashley Madekwe, County Lines‚ÄĚ
    Yuh-Jung Youn, ‚ÄúMinari‚ÄĚ

    Supporting Actor
    Daniel Kaluuya, ‚ÄúJudas And The Black Messiah‚ÄĚ
    Barry Keoghan, ‚ÄúCalm With Horses‚ÄĚ
    Alan Kim, ‚ÄúMinari‚ÄĚ
    Leslie Odom Jr., ‚ÄúOne Night In Miami‚Ķ‚ÄĚ
    Clarke Peters, ‚ÄúDa 5 Bloods‚ÄĚ
    Paul Raci, ‚ÄúSound Of Metal‚ÄĚ

    Outstanding British Film
    ‚ÄúCalm With Horses‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúThe Dig‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúThe Father‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúHis House‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúThe Mauritanian‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúMogul Mowgli‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúPromising Young Woman‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúSaint Maud‚ÄĚ

    Outstanding Debut By A British Writer, Director Or Producer
    ‚ÄúHis House,‚ÄĚ Remi Weekes (Writer/Director)

    ‚ÄúLimbo,‚ÄĚ Ben Sharrock (Writer/Director), Irune Gurtubai (Producer) [Also Produced By Angus Lamont]

    ‚ÄúMoffie,‚ÄĚ Jack Sidey (Writer/Producer) [Also Written By Oliver Hermanus And Produced By Eric Abraham]

    ‚ÄúRocks,‚ÄĚ Theresa Ikoko, Claire Wilson (Writers)

    ‚ÄúSaint Maud,‚ÄĚ Rose Glass (Writer/Director), Oliver Kassman (Producer) [Also Produced By Andrea Cornwell]

    Film Not In The English Language
    ‚ÄúAnother Round‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúDear Comrades!‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúLes Mis√©rables‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúQuo Vadis, Aida?‚ÄĚ

    ‚ÄúDavid Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúThe Dissident‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúMy Octopus Teacher‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúThe Social Dilemma‚ÄĚ

    Animated Film

    Another Round, Thomas Vinterberg
    Babyteeth, Shannon Murphy
    Minari, Lee Isaac Chung
    Nomadland, Chloé Zhao
    Quo Vadis, Aida?, Jasmila ŇĹbanińá
    Rocks, Sarah Gavron

    Original Screenplay
    Another Round, Tobias Lindholm, Thomas Vinterberg
    Mank, Jack Fincher
    Promising Young Woman, Emerald Fennell
    Rocks, Theresa Ikoko, Claire Wilson
    The Trial Of The Chicago 7, Aaron Sorkin

    Adapted Screenplay
    The Dig, Moira Buffini
    The Father, Christopher Hampton, Florian Zeller
    The Mauritanian, Rory Haines, Sohrab Noshirvani, M.B. Traven
    Nomadland, Chloé Zhao
    The White Tiger, Ramin Bahrani

    Original Score
    Mank, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross
    Minari, Emile Mosseri
    News Of The World, James Newton Howard
    Promising Young Woman, Anthony Willis
    Soul, Jon Batiste, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross

    Calm With Horses, Shaheen Baig
    Judas And The Black Messiah, Alexa L. Fogel
    Minari ,Julia Kim
    Promising Young Woman, Lindsay Graham Ahanonu, Mary Vernieu
    Rocks, Lucy Pardee

    Judas And The Black Messiah, Sean Bobbitt
    Mank, Erik Messerschmidt
    The Mauritanian, Alwin H. K√ľchler
    News Of The World, Dariusz Wolski
    Nomadland, Joshua James Richards

    The Father, Yorgos Lamprinos
    Nomadland, Chloé Zhao
    Promising Young Woman, Frédéric Thoraval
    Sound Of Metal, Mikkel E.G. Nielsen
    The Trial Of The Chicago 7, Alan Baumgarten

    Production Design
    The Dig, Maria Djurkovic, Tatiana Macdonald
    The Father, Peter Francis, Cathy Featherstone
    Mank, Donald Graham Burt, Jan Pascale
    News Of The World, David Crank, Elizabeth Keenan
    Rebecca, Sarah Greenwood, Katie Spencer

    Costume Design
    Ammonite, Michael O’connor
    The Dig, Alice Babidge
    Emma, Alexandra Byrne
    Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Ann Roth
    Mank, Trish Summerville

    Make Up & Hair
    The Dig, Jenny Shircore
    Hillbilly Elegy, Patricia Dehaney, Eryn Krueger Mekash, Matthew Mungle
    Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Matiki Anoff, Larry M. Cherry, Sergio Lopez-Rivera, Mia Neal
    Mank, Kimberley Spiteri, Gigi Williams
    Pinocchio, Mark Coulier

    Greyhound, Tbc
    News Of The World, Michael Fentum, William Miller, Mike Prestwood Smith, John Pritchett, Oliver Tarney
    Nomadland, Sergio Diaz, Zach Seivers, M. Wolf Snyder
    Soul, Coya Elliott, Ren Klyce, David Parker
    Sound Of Metal, Jaime Baksht, Nicolas Becker, Phillip Bladh, Carlos Cortés, Michelle Couttolenc

    Special Visual Effects
    Greyhound, Pete Bebb, Nathan Mcguinness, Sebastian Von Overheidt
    The Midnight Sky, Matt Kasmir, Chris Lawrence, David Watkins
    Mulan, Sean Faden, Steve Ingram, Anders Langlands, Seth Maury
    The One And Only Ivan, Santiago Colomo Martinez, Nick Davis, Greg Fisher
    Tenet, Scott Fisher, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Lockley

    British Short Animation
    The Fire Next Time, Renaldho Pelle, Yanling Wang, Kerry Jade Kolbe
    The Owl And The Pussycat, Mole Hill, Laura Duncalf
    The Song Of A Lost Boy, Daniel Quirke, Jamie Macdonald, Brid Arnstein

    Saints & Sinners (Bounce, Season 5)
    The People v. the Klan (CNN, new docuseries)

    The story of Beulah Mae Donald, the African American mother who successfully sued the Ku Klux Klan after the brutal murder and lynching of her son Michael.

    Wild West Chronicles (INSP, new docuseries)undefined

    Fearless lawmen and ruthless outlaws ride once more in this new docudrama series that chronicles the tall tales, little-known stories, and front-page headlines of the Wild West.

    Pet Peeves (Revry, new comedy series)

    April 12:
    Pray, Obey, Kill (HBO, new docuseries)
    TechCheck (CNBC, new daily business news series) CNBC Tech Check: Alexa Skills
    Keeping Faith (Acorn, Season 3; final season)

    April 13:
    Prodigal Son (Fox, Season 2B)
    My Love: Six Stories of True Love (Netflix, new docuseries)

    Six longtime couples from around the world share their love stories in portraits filmed over the course of one year.
    Kate & Koji (BritBox, Season 1 of British comedy; U.S. premiere)Scroungers' and stereotypes: Kate & Koji revels in outdated prejudice | TV  comedy | The Guardian

    Kate runs an old-fashioned café in a seaside town, and develops a strong, if sometimes volatile, friendship with asylum-seeking African doctor Koji.

    Retro Tech (YouTube, Season 2)

    April 14:
    Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! (Netflix, new comedy series)

    The Circle (Netflix, Season 2)
    Expedition X (Discovery, Season 2)
    Josh Gates Tonight (Discovery, Season 2)
    Bargain Block (HGTV, new docuseries)

    April 15:
    Younger (Paramount+, Season 7; final season)
    Restaurant Recovery (Discovery+, new docuseries)

    Wahl Street (HBO Max, new docuseries)

    Wahl Street follows Mark Walhberg on his journey as an entrepreneur, actor, producer, and family man.

    Spy City (AMC+, new drama series)

    British spy Fielding Scott is sent to Berlin in 1961 on a mission to find out why vital information is hemorrhaging; he must identify, expose, arrest, or eliminate the traitor.

    April 16:
    Big Shot¬†(Disney+, new dramedy series)VIDEO] John Stamos 'Big Shot' Trailer √ʬĬĒ Disney+ Basketball Dramedy | TVLine

    A temperamental college basketball coach gets fired from his job and must take a job at an elite all-girls private high school.

    Van Helsing (Syfy, Season 5; final season)

    Van Helsing Season 5 (2020) | Netflix, Release Date, Cast, Episode 1,  Review, Plot, News, New Film - YouTube

    The Year Earth Changed (Apple TV+, new documentary series)

    ‚ÄúThe¬†Year Earth Changed‚ÄĚ is a timely documentary special that takes a fresh new approach to the global lockdown and the uplifting stories that have come out of it.

    Tiny World (Apple TV+, Season 2)
    Earth at Night in Color (Apple TV+, Season 2)
    Fast & Furious: Spy Racers (Netflix, new animated)Fast and Furious: Spy Racers Review (Spoiler-Free) | Den of Geek

    Adventures abound as a group of teenagers infiltrates an elite racing league controlled by a nefarious organization that is bent on world domination

    Frank of Ireland¬†(Amazon Prime, new comedy series)Frank of Ireland (TV Series 2021√ʬĬď ) - IMDb

    Frank of Ireland¬†is a physical and ridiculous brand of humor with an original twist. Brian Gleeson (Peaky Blinders, The Bisexual), stars as¬†Frank¬†Marron, a 32-year-old catastrophe; a misanthropic fantasist in arrested development who’s convinced that the world owes him.
    The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs (Shudder, Season 3)

    April 17:
    Ghost Brothers: Lights Out (Discovery+, new docuseries)

    Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey flip the switch on paranormal lore by shining their own light on its darkest secrets.

    April 18:
    Academy of Country Music Awards (CBS, live awards special)

    Morris‚Äô strong showing is due in part to the success of her song ‚ÄúThe Bones,‚ÄĚ which landed her nominations for Single of the Year and Song of the Year.

    Miranda Lambert with five, and Ashley McBryde and Thomas Rhett with four apiece.

    The 56th ACM Awards will be broadcast on CBS on Sunday, April 18th, at 8 p.m. ET. Like last year’s show, the 2021 installment will be held across three venues in Nashville, including the Grand Ole Opry House, the Ryman Auditorium, and the Bluebird Cafe.

    Here are this year’s nominees:

    Entertainer of the Year
    Luke Bryan
    Eric Church
    Luke Combs
    Thomas Rhett
    Chris Stapleton

    Female Artist of the Year
    Kelsea Ballerini
    Miranda Lambert
    Ashley McBryde
    Maren Morris
    Carly Pearce

    Male Artist of the Year
    Dierks Bentley
    Eric Church
    Luke Combs
    Thomas Rhett
    Chris Stapleton

    Duo of the Year
    Brooks & Dunn
    Brothers Osborne
    Dan + Shay
    Florida Georgia Line
    Maddie & Tae

    Group of the Year
    Lady A
    Little Big Town
    Old Dominion
    The Cadillac Three
    The Highwomen

    New Female Artist of the Year
    Ingrid Andress
    Tenille Arts
    Gabby Barrett
    Mickey Guyton
    Caylee Hammack

    New Male Artist of the Year
    Jimmie Allen
    Travis Denning
    Cody Johnson
    Parker McCollum

    Album of the Year
    Born Here Live Here Die Here, Luke Bryan
    Mixtape Vol. 1, Kane Brown
    Never Will,  Ashley McBryde
    Skeletons, Brothers Osborne
    Starting Over, Chris Stapleton

    Single of the Year
    ‚ÄúBluebird,‚ÄĚ Miranda Lambert
    ‚ÄúI Hope,‚ÄĚ Gabby Barrett
    ‚ÄúI Hope You‚Äôre Happy Now,‚ÄĚ Carly Pearce and Lee Brice
    ‚ÄúMore Hearts Than Mine,‚ÄĚ Ingrid Andress
    ‚ÄúThe Bones,‚ÄĚ Maren Morris

    Song of the Year
    ‚ÄúBluebird,‚ÄĚ Miranda Lambert (Luke Dick, Miranda Lambert, Natalie Hemby)
    ‚ÄúOne Night Standards,‚ÄĚ Ashley McBryde (Ashley McBryde, Nicolette Hayford, Shane McAnally)
    ‚ÄúSome People Do,‚ÄĚ Old Dominion (Jesse Frasure, Matt Ramsey, Thomas Rhett, Shane McAnally)
    ‚ÄúStarting Over,‚ÄĚ Chris Stapleton (Chris Stapleton, Mike Henderson)
    ‚ÄúThe Bones,‚ÄĚ Maren Morris (Jimmy Robbins, Maren Morris, Laura Veltz)

    Video of the Year
    ‚ÄúBetter Than We Found It,‚ÄĚ Maren Morris
    ‚ÄúBluebird,‚ÄĚ Miranda Lambert
    ‚ÄúGone,‚ÄĚ Dierks Bentley
    ‚ÄúHallelujah,‚ÄĚ Carrie Underwood and John Legend
    ‚ÄúWorldwide Beautiful,‚ÄĚ Kane Brown

    Songwriter of the Year
    Ashley Gorley
    Michael Hardy
    Hillary Lindsey
    Shane McAnally
    Josh Osborne

    Music Event of the Year
    ‚ÄúBe a Light,‚ÄĚ Thomas Rhett featuring Reba McEntire, Hillary Scott, Chris Tomlin, Keith Urban
    ‚ÄúDoes to Me,‚ÄĚ Luke Combs featuring Eric Church
    ‚ÄúI Hope You‚Äôre Happy Now,‚ÄĚ Carly Pearce & Lee Brice
    ‚ÄúNobody But You,‚ÄĚ Blake Shelton featuring Gwen Stefani
    ‚ÄúOne Beer,‚ÄĚ Hardy featuring Lauren Alaina & Devin Dawson
    ‚ÄúOne Too Many,‚ÄĚ Keith Urban, Pink

    Mare of Easttown (HBO, new drama limited series)Kate Winslet as Mare Sheehan

    A detective in a small Pennsylvania town investigates a local murder while trying to keep her life from falling apart.

    • Kate Winslet¬†as Mare Sheehan
    • Julianne Nicholson¬†as Lori Ross
    • Jean Smart¬†as Helen Sheehan
    • Angourie Rice¬†as Siobhan Sheehan
    • Evan Peters¬†as Detective Colin Zabel
    • Cailee Spaeny¬†as Erin McMenamin
    • David Denman¬†as Mark Sheehan
    • John Douglas Thompson¬†as Chief Carter
    • Patrick Murney as Kenny McMenamin
    • James McArdle¬†as Deacon Mark Burton
    • Sosie Bacon¬†as Carrie Layden
    • Joe Tippett¬†as John Ross
    • Neal Huff¬†as Father Dan Hastings
    • Phyllis Somerville¬†as Betty Carroll
    • Drew Scheid as Geoff Gabeheart
    • Guy Pearce¬†as Richard Ryan
    • Mackenzie Lansing as Brianna Delrasso
    • Kate Arrington as Faye
    • Ruby Cruz as Jess Riley
    • Elisa Davis as Gayle Graham
    • Enid Graham as Dawn Bailey
    • Justin Hurtt-Dunkley as Officer Trammel
    • Izzy King as Drew
    • Jack Mulhern as Dylan Hinchey
    • Anthony Norman as Nathan Forde
    • Madeline Weinstein¬†as Becca
    • Katie Kreisler as Trisha Riley

    Godfather of Harlem (Epix, Season 2)
    Couples Therapy (Showtime, Season 2)

    Luis Miguel: The Series (Netflix, new unscripted series)

    Authorized Luis Miguel Series Premieres On Telemundo And Netflix

    The series dramatizes the life story of Mexican superstar singer Luis Miguel, who has captivated audiences in Latin America and beyond for decades.

    Snack Sized (History, new docuseries)
    WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures (A&E, new docuseries)A&E announces 'Quest for Lost WWE Treasures' memorabilia series

    Stephanie McMahon and Paul “Triple H” Levesque lead a team of collectors and wrestling superstars as they investigate, negotiate, bid and travel across the country to hunt down and reclaim some of the most elusive WWE collectibles.
    Confronting a Serial Killer (Starz, new docuseries)

    The series follows¬†Jillian Lauren, as she lures and investigates¬†Sam Little, the most prolific serial killer in American history.Samuel Little¬†(June 7, 1940 ‚Äď December 30, 2020) was an American¬†serial killer who was convicted in 2012 of the murders of three women in California between 1987 and 1989 as well as in 2018 of the murder of one woman in Texas in 1994. He claimed to have killed as many as 93 women,¬†and investigators have linked him to over 60 murders. The¬†Federal Bureau of Investigation¬†(FBI) has confirmed Little’s involvement in at least 60 murders, the largest number of proven cases for any serial killer in United States history.He allegedly murdered women across 19 states over a third of a century ending around 2005.The number of murders he confessed to, if confirmed, would make him the most prolific serial killer in United States history, according to¬†Ector County, Texas District Attorney Bobby Bland.

    April 19:
    American Dad! (TBS, Season 18)
    VH1 Couples Retreat (VH1, new docuseries; moved from March 29)
    Black Ink Crew: New York (VH1, Season 8)
    Off the Beaten Track (Acorn, Season 2; U.S. premiere)
    The Parker Andersons (BYUtv, new comedy series)
    Amelia Parker (BYUtv, new comedy series)

    April 20:
    Sasquatch (Hulu, new docuseries)
    Cruel Summer (Freeform, new drama series)
    Storage Wars (A&E, Season 13)
    Hustle & Tow (A&E, new docuseries)
    Izzy’s Koala World (Netflix, Season 2)
    Deadliest Catch: Bloodline (Discovery+, Season 2)
    Chopped 420 (Discovery+, new competition series)

    April 21:
    Zero (Netflix, new drama series)

    April 22:
    Rutherford Falls (Peacock, new comedy series)
    Action Planet (Discovery+, new docuseries)
    Life in Color with David Attenborough (Netflix, new documentary series)
    Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change the World (PBS, new documentary miniseries)
    Big Trick Energy (TruTV, new unscripted series)
    Film Independent Spirit Awards (IFC, live awards special)
    Bigger (BET+, Season 2)
    The Bad Seed (Sundance Now, new drama series)

    April 23:
    Shadow and Bone¬†(Netflix, new drama series)Shadow And Bone': Netflix Series Adds Seven To Cast √ʬĬď DeadlineSinister forces plot against a young soldier after she reveals a magical power that may unite her world.

    Jessie Mei Li as Alina Starkov

    • Ben Barnes¬†as General Kirigan/The Darkling
    • Freddy Carter¬†as Kaz Brekker
    • Amita Suman¬†as Inej Ghafa
    • Kit Young¬†as Jesper Fahey
    • Archie Renaux¬†as Malyen Oretsev

    A Black Lady Sketch Show (HBO/HBO Max, Season 2)
    Professional Fighters League (ESPN2/ESPN Deportes/ESPN+, new season)

    April 25:
    93rd Annual Academy Awards (ABC, live awards special)Oscar 2021 nominees react to their nominations for the 93rd annual Academy  Awards | Fox News

    On December 8, 2020, Jesse Collins, Stacey Sher, and Steven Soderbergh were named the producers of the ceremony. Glenn Weiss is slated to direct the ceremony. As with the previous year’s ceremony, there will be no¬†host.

    Most nominations: Mank (10)

    Below is the full list of nominees:


    “THE FATHER” – David Parfitt, Jean-Louis Livi and Philippe Carcassonne, Producers

    “JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH” – Shaka King, Charles D. King and Ryan Coogler, Producers

    “MANK” – Ce√°n Chaffin, Eric Roth and Douglas Urbanski, Producers

    “MINARI” -Christina Oh, Producer

    “NOMADLAND” -Frances McDormand, Peter Spears, Mollye Asher, Dan Janvey and Chlo√© Zhao, Producers

    “PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN” – Ben Browning, Ashley Fox, Emerald Fennell and Josey McNamara, Producers

    “SOUND OF METAL” – Bert Hamelinck and Sacha Ben Harroche, Producers

    “THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7” – Marc Platt and Stuart Besser, Producers


    RIZ AHMED- “Sound of Metal”

    CHADWICK BOSEMAN- “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”

    ANTHONY HOPKINS- “The Father”

    GARY OLDMAN- “Mank”

    STEVEN YEUN- “Minari”


    SACHA BARON COHEN- ¬†“The Trial of the Chicago 7”

    DANIEL KALUUYA- “Judas and the Black Messiah”

    LESLIE ODOM, JR.- “One Night in Miami…”

    PAUL RACI- “Sound of Metal”

    LAKEITH STANFIELD- “Judas and the Black Messiah”


    VIOLA DAVIS- “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”

    ANDRA DAY- “The United States vs. Billie Holiday”

    VANESSA KIRBY- “Pieces of a Woman”

    FRANCES MCDORMAND- “Nomadland”

    CAREY MULLIGAN- “Promising Young Woman”


    MARIA BAKALOVA- “Borat Subsequent

    GLENN CLOSE- “Hillbilly Elegy”

    OLIVIA COLMAN- “The Father”


    YUH-JUNG YOUN- “Minari”


    “ONWARD” – Dan Scanlon and Kori Rae

    “OVER THE MOON” -Glen Keane, Gennie Rim and Peilin Chou

    “A SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE: FARMAGEDDON” -Richard Phelan, Will Becher and Paul Kewley

    “SOUL” – Pete Docter and Dana Murray

    “WOLFWALKERS” – Tomm Moore, Ross Stewart, Paul Young and St√©phan Roelants



    “MANK” -Erik Messerschmidt

    “NEWS OF THE WORLD” – Dariusz Wolski

    “NOMADLAND” – Joshua James Richards

    “THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7” – Phedon Papamichael


    “EMMA” -Alexandra Byrne


    “MANK” – Trish Summerville

    “MULAN” – Bina Daigeler

    “PINOCCHIO” – Massimo Cantini Parrini


    “ANOTHER ROUND” – Thomas Vinterberg

    “MANK” – David Fincher

    “MINARI” – Lee Isaac Chung

    “NOMADLAND” – Chlo√© Zhao

    “PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN” – Emerald Fennell


    “COLLECTIVE” – Alexander Nanau and Bianca Oana

    “CRIP CAMP” – Nicole Newnham, Jim LeBrecht and Sara Bolder

    “THE MOLE AGENT” – Maite Alberdi and Marcela Santib√°√Īez

    “MY OCTOPUS TEACHER” – Pippa Ehrlich, James Reed and Craig Foster

    “TIME” – Garrett Bradley, Lauren Domino and Kellen Quinn


    “COLETTE” – Anthony Giacchino and Alice Doyard

    “A CONCERTO IS A CONVERSATION” – Ben Proudfoot and Kris Bowers

    “DO NOT SPLIT” – Anders Hammer and Charlotte Cook

    “HUNGER WARD” – Skye Fitzgerald and Michael Scheuerman

    “A LOVE SONG FOR LATASHA” – Sophia Nahli Allison and Janice Duncan


    “THE FATHER” – Yorgos Lamprinos

    “NOMADLAND” – Chlo√© Zhao

    “PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN” – Fr√©d√©ric Thoraval

    “SOUND OF METAL” – Mikkel E. G. Nielsen

    “THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7” – Alan Baumgarten


    “ANOTHER ROUND” – Denmark

    “BETTER DAYS” – Hong Kong

    “COLLECTIVE” – Romania


    “QUO VADIS, AIDA?” – Bosnia and Herzegovina


    “EMMA” – Marese Langan, Laura Allen and Claudia Stolze

    “HILLBILLY ELEGY” – Eryn Krueger Mekash, Matthew Mungle and Patricia Dehaney

    “MA RAINEY’S BLACK BOTTOM” – Sergio Lopez-Rivera, Mia Neal and Jamika Wilson

    “MANK” – Gigi Williams, Kimberley Spiteri and Colleen LaBaff

    “PINOCCHIO” – Mark Coulier, Dalia Colli and Francesco Pegoretti


    “DA 5 BLOODS” – Terence Blanchard

    “MANK” – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

    “MINARI” – Emile Mosseri

    “NEWS OF THE WORLD” – James Newton Howard

    “SOUL” – Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Jon Batiste


    “FIGHT FOR YOU” – from Judas and the Black Messiah; Music by H.E.R. and Dernst Emile II; Lyric by H.E.R. and Tiara Thomas

    “HEAR MY VOICE” – from The Trial of the Chicago 7; Music by Daniel Pemberton; Lyric by Daniel Pemberton and Celeste Waite

    “HUSAVIK”- from Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga; Music and Lyric by Savan Kotecha, Fat Max Gsus and Rickard G√∂ransson

    “IO S√Ć (SEEN)” – from The Life Ahead (La Vita Davanti a Se); Music by Diane Warren; Lyric by Diane Warren and Laura Pausini

    “SPEAK NOW” – from One Night in Miami…; Music and Lyric by Leslie Odom, Jr. and Sam Ashworth


    “THE FATHER” – Production Design: Peter Francis; Set Decoration: Cathy Featherstone

    “MANK” – Production Design: Donald Graham Burt; Set Decoration: Jan Pascale

    “NEWS OF THE WORLD” – Production Design: David Crank; Set Decoration: Elizabeth Keenan

    “TENET” – Production Design: Nathan Crowley; Set Decoration: Kathy Lucas


    “BURROW”- Madeline Sharafian and Michael Capbarat

    “GENIUS LOCI” – Adrien M√©rigeau and Amaury Ovise

    “IF ANYTHING HAPPENS I LOVE YOU” – Will McCormack and Michael Govier

    “OPERA” – Erick Oh

    “YES-PEOPLE” – G√≠sli Darri Halld√≥rsson and Arnar Gunnarsson


    “FEELING THROUGH” – Doug Roland and Susan Ruzenski

    “THE LETTER ROOM” – Elvira Lind and Sofia Sondervan

    “THE PRESENT” – Farah Nabulsi

    “TWO DISTANT STRANGERS” – Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe

    “WHITE EYE” -Tomer Shushan and Shira Hochman


    “GREYHOUND” – Warren Shaw, Michael Minkler, Beau Borders and David Wyman

    “MANK” – Ren Klyce, Jeremy Molod, David Parker, Nathan Nance and Drew Kunin

    “NEWS OF THE WORLD” – Oliver Tarney, Mike Prestwood Smith, William Miller and John Pritchett

    “SOUL” – Ren Klyce, Coya Elliott and David Parker

    “SOUND OF METAL” – Nicolas Becker, Jaime Baksht, Michelle Couttolenc, Carlos Cort√©s and Phillip Bladh


    “LOVE AND MONSTERS” – Matt Sloan, Genevieve Camilleri, Matt Everitt and Brian Cox

    “THE MIDNIGHT SKY” – Matthew Kasmir, Christopher Lawrence, Max Solomon and David Watkins

    “MULAN” – Sean Faden, Anders Langlands, Seth Maury and Steve Ingram

    “THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN” – Nick Davis, Greg Fisher, Ben Jones and Santiago Colomo Martinez

    “TENET” – Andrew Jackson, David Lee, Andrew Lockley and Scott Fisher


    “BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM” – Screenplay by Sacha Baron Cohen & Anthony Hines & Dan Swimer & Peter Baynham & Erica Rivinoja & Dan Mazer & Jena Friedman & Lee Kern; Story by Sacha Baron Cohen & Anthony Hines & Dan Swimer & Nina Pedrad

    “THE FATHER” – Screenplay by Christopher Hampton and Florian Zeller

    “NOMADLAND” – Written for the screen by Chlo√© Zhao

    “ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI…”- Screenplay by Kemp Powers

    “THE WHITE TIGER” – Written for the screen by Ramin Bahrani


    “JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH” – Screenplay by Will Berson & Shaka King; Story by Will Berson & Shaka King and Kenny Lucas & Keith Lucas

    “MINARI” – Written by Lee Isaac Chung

    “PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN” – Written by Emerald Fennell

    “SOUND OF METAL” – Screenplay by Darius Marder & Abraham Marder; Story by Darius Marder & Derek Cianfrance

    “THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7” – Written by Aaron Sorkin

    90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? (TLC/Discovery+, Season 6)
    Top Gear (BBC America, Season 30)
    Worst Cooks in America: Best of the Worst (Food Network, Season 22)
    Extreme Sisters (TLC, new unscripted series)EXTREME SISTERS Premieres April 25 on TLC

    Extreme Sisters¬†will follow five of the “most obsessive and inseparable sibling relationships” between sisters, Anna and Lucy, Brooke and Baylee, Brittany and Briana, Christina and Jessica, and Patrix and Patricia.

    April 26:
    Impact with Gal Gadot (Nat Geo’s YouTube channel, new short form documentary limited series)

    National Geographic Presents: IMPACT¬†WITH GAL GADOT¬†is a compelling new six-part short-form documentary series from executive producers Gal Gadot (‚ÄúWonder Woman‚ÄĚ), Jaron Varsano (‚ÄúCleopatra‚ÄĚ), Academy Award-winning filmmaker Vanessa Roth (‚ÄúFreeheld‚ÄĚ), Entertainment One‚Äôs (eOne) Tara Long (Emmy¬ģ-nominated ‚ÄúL.A. Burning: The Riots 25 Years Later‚ÄĚ) and RPC‚Äôs Ryan Pallota that follows the powerful stories of resilient young women around the globe who overcome obstacles and do extraordinary things.

    Inside Out (HGTV, new docuseries)
    Bäckström (Acorn, Season 1 of Swedish drama series; U.S. premiere)

    April 27:
    Grace (BritBox, British drama miniseries; U.S. premiere)

    April 28:
    The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu, Season 4)
    The Wizard of Paws (BYUtv, Season 2)

    April 29:
    Let’s Be Real (Fox, new comedy series)
    Yasuke (Netflix, new anime series)

    Yasuke¬† It’s based on Yasuke, a historical samurai of African origin who fought for Nobunaga Oda.

    Created & Directed by LeSean Thomas (The Boondocks, Cannon Busters), who is also serving as Executive Producer. Grammy nominee Flying Lotus will compose the music and be an Executive Producer on the show. Lakeith Stanfield (Atlanta, Sorry to Bother You) will be the voice of the protagonist ‚ÄúYasuke‚ÄĚ.In a war-torn feudal Japan filled with mechs and magic, the greatest ronin never known, Yasuke, struggles to maintain a peaceful existence after a past life of violence. But when a local village becomes the center of social upheaval between warring daimyo, Yasuke must take up his sword and transport a mysterious child who is the target of dark forces and bloodthirsty warlords.

    Deadhouse Dark¬†(Shudder, new anthology horror series)Deadhouse Dark (TV Mini-Series 2020√ʬĬď ) - IMDb

    A series of six short horror stories anchored by a woman who receives a ‘mystery box’ from the dark web, and then discovers the sinister secret it holds.

    Duff's Happy Fun Bake Time Discovery+ Show Cast, Plot, ShowtimesDuff’s Happy Fun Bake Time (Discovery+, new cooking series)
    Thin Ice (Sundance Now, Season 1 of Swedish drama series; U.S. premiere)

    April 30:
    The Mosquito Coast (Apple TV+, new drama series)

    A radical idealist uproots his family for Mexico after they suddenly finds themselves on the run from the U.S. government.

    The Mosquito Coast, starring Justin Theroux and Melissa George and coming April 30th to Apple TV+

    Pet Stars (Netflix, new docuseries)

    Host Mario Lopez is joined by a panel of celebrity judges as “Pet Star” searches for the best pet performances. Each week, animals and their trainers or owners demonstrate their unique abilities and compete against other pets in front of a live studio audience. Weekly winners receive $2,500 and a chance to be in the final showdown when all 15 finalists compete for $25,000 in cash and prizes, and the ultimate pet star is crowned.

    The Innocent (Netflix, new drama series)

    April TBA:
    The Big Shot with Bethenny (HBO Max, new competition series)
    Ellen’s Next Great Designer (HBO Max, new competition series)
    Generation Hustle (HBO Max, new docuseries)
    Pray, Obey, Kill (HBO Max, new docuseries)

    May 2:
    DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (The CW, Season 6)

    Legends of Tomorrow season 6.jpg

    • Caity Lotz¬†as¬†Sara Lance / White Canary
    • Tala Ashe¬†as¬†Zari Tarazi
    • Jes Macallan¬†as¬†Ava Sharpe
    • Olivia Swann as¬†Astra Logue
    • Adam Tsekhman¬†as¬†Gary Green
    • Shayan Sobhian as¬†Behrad Tarazi
    • Lisseth Chavez¬†as¬†Esperanza “Spooner” Cruz
    • Amy Louise Pemberton¬†as¬†Gideon
    • Nick Zano¬†as¬†Nate Heywood / Steel
    • Dominic Purcell¬†as¬†Mick Rory / Heat Wave
    • Matt Ryan¬†as¬†John Constantine

    Pose (FX, Season 3; final season)Pose': FX To End Groundbreaking Series With Season 3
    The Girlfriend Experience (Starz, Season 3)
    Home Town Takeover (HGTV/Discovery+, new docuseries)

    Ben and Erin Napier lead a team of renovation professionals as they take over and make over an entire small town.

    May 3:
    Antiques Roadshow: Celebrity Edition (PBS, Season 25)

    ROADSHOW visited and filmed:

    Actor Gbenga Akinnagbe
    Musicians Ruben Blades and Luba Mason
    Author Marc Brown
    Actor Ronny Chieng
    Musicians Paquito D’Rivera and Brenda Feliciano
    Chef Carla Hall
    Humorist John Hodgman
    Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan
    TV personality Carson Kressley
    Comedian Jay Leno
    Actress S. Epatha Merkerson
    Broadcast journalist Soledad O’Brien
    Pro golfer Dottie Pepper
    Humorist Mo Rocca
    Author Jason Reynolds
    Fashion designer Christian Siriano
    Author Mo Willems

    The 18-time Emmy¬ģ Award-nominated series will air the three¬†ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, Celebrity Edition special episodes on Monday, May 3,10 and 17 at 8/7C PM on PBS.

    Donkey Hodie (PBS, new children’s series)

    May 4:
    Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Disney+, new animated series)

    Star Wars The Bad Batch logo-2.png

    Clone Force 99, also known as the Bad Batch‚ÄĒa group of elite¬†clone troopers¬†with genetic mutations that were first introduced in¬†Star Wars: The Clone Wars‚ÄĒtake on daring mercenary missions in the aftermath of the¬†Clone Wars.

    • Dee Bradley Baker¬†as all of the clone troopers in the series, including the members of Clone Force 99 (also known as the Bad Batch): Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, Hunter, and Echo,along with¬†Captain Rex.
    • Ming-Na Wen¬†as¬†Fennec Shand: An elite mercenary and sniper.
    • Stephen Stanton¬†as¬†Grand Moff Tarkin: A high-ranking¬†Imperial¬†officer.
    • Andrew Kishino¬†as¬†Saw Gerrera: A¬†freedom fighter¬†with ties to the¬†Rebel Alliance.

    The Real Housewives of New York City (Bravo, Season 13)
    Survivalists (BYUtv, Season 2)

    May 6:
    Million Dollar Listing New York (Bravo, Season 9)

    May 7:
    Dynasty (The CW, Season 4)
    Mythic Quest (Apple TV+, new comedy series)undefined

    The team behind the biggest multiplayer video game of all-time is tasked with building worlds, moulding heroes and creating legends, but the most hard-fought battles don’t occur in the game — they happen in the office.

    Jupiter’s Legacy (Netflix, new drama series)Jupiter's Legacy: Mark Millar Says Series Is "Beautiful Television"

    Jupiter's Legacy | Netflix Official SiteThe super-powered children of superheroes struggle to live up to the legendary feats of their parents.Jupiter’s Legacy¬†follows the story of “the world’s first superheroes, who received their powers in the 1930s. In the present day, they’re the revered elder guard, but their superpowered children struggle to live up to the legendary feats of their parents”.


    • Josh Duhamel¬†as Sheldon Sampson / The Utopian, leader of the superhero team “The Union”.
    • Ben Daniels¬†as Walter Sampson / Brainwave, Sheldon’s older brother.
    • Leslie Bibb¬†as Grace Sampson / Lady Liberty, Sheldon’s wife and one of the most powerful heroes on the planet.
    • Elena Kampouris¬†as Chloe Sampson, Grace and Sheldon’s daughter.
    • Andrew Horton as Brandon Sampson, Grace and Sheldon’s son.
    • Mike Wade as Fitz Small, one of the most valued members of The Union.
    • Matt Lanter¬†as George Hutchene, Sheldon’s closest ally.


    • Tenika Davis¬†as Petra Small, Fitz’s daughter
    • Anna Akana¬†as Raikou, a hero for hire who wields two swords. Akana called the character “pretty cool” and “such a badass,” while praising the costume of her character as the show’s best.
    • Tyler Mane¬†as Blackstar
    • Chase Tang¬†as Supervillain Baryon

    Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 1¬†by¬†Mark Millar¬†(Author),¬†Frank Quitely¬†

    Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 1 by [Mark Millar, Frank Quitely, Wilfredo Torres, Davide Gianfelice]In mid-century America, the world’s greatest superheroes face epic threats in public while battling private scandals behind closed doors. Now adapted into a big-budget Netflix Original series, get in on the ground floor with one of the most critically acclaimed superhero series of the past 10 years.

    Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 ¬†by¬†Mark Millar¬†(Author),¬†Frank QuitelyJupiter's Legacy Vol. 2 by [Mark Millar, Frank Quitely, Wilfredo Torres, Chris Sprouse, Walden Wong, Davide Gianfelice, Karl Story, Rick Burchett, Ty Templeton]By day, they are the world’s greatest heroes. By night, they struggle with the same problems as the rest of us, and as the pressure increases on these super-celebrities, one of the team breaks away to become embroiled in the social unrest and political upheaval of America in the 1960s. You’ve never read a book like JUPITER’S LEGACY before, now a major Netflix Original series.

    Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 3 by [Mark Millar, Frank Quitely]Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 3¬†by¬†Mark Millar¬†¬†(Author),¬†Frank QuitelySet one generation after the previous volume, America’s superheroes have all had children, but can they ever fill their parents’ shoes? More interested in celebrity and corporate sponsorship, the beautiful, twenty-something heroes of the modern era only want to be famous. However, worse is their political aspirations and a plan to take control away from a fallible and weak humanity.

    Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 4 by [Mark Millar, Frank Quitely]Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 4¬†by¬†Mark Millar¬†(Author),¬†Frank Quitely The superheroes have taken over the world, and only the supervillains can save us from their disastrous mistakes and monumental hubris. Hutch and Chloe have been in hiding with their son, but now they’re gathering a team of supervillains to go back to America to retake the White House in the name of all humanity. This is a must-read modern classic!

    • Episodes 1-8¬†

    • “By Dawn’s Early Light”
    • ¬†”Paper And¬† Stone”
    • “Painting the Clouds With Sunshine”
    • “All the Devils Are Here”
    • “What’s the Use?”
    • “Cover Her Face”
    • “Omnes Pro Uno”
    • “How it All Ends”

    Shrill (Hulu, Season 3; final season)

    Hulu 'Shrill' Season 3 with Aidy Bryant: Cast, Spoilers, Premiere, and News

    May 9:
    Ziwe (Showtime, new variety series)Ziwe Fumudoh Variety Show Coming to Showtime | Hollywood Reporter

    May 12:
    The Upshaws (Netflix, new comedy series)The Upshaws

    In Indiana, a working-class African American family struggles to make it work and make it right without the blueprints to do it.

    May 14:
    The Underground Railroad (Amazon Prime, new drama limited series)undefined

    A abolitionists, hidden routes, and safe houses that helped enslaved African-Americans escape to freedom in the early to mid-1800s, is an actual railroad complete with engineers, conductors, tracks, and tunnels. Cora, an enslaved Black person in Georgia, joins newcomer Caesar in an effort to ride the subterranean train to freedom

    High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Disney+, Season 2)
    Selena: The Series (Netflix, Season 2)
    Trying (Apple TV+, Season 2)
    Pride (FX, new documentary series)FX's Pride Docuseries Gets a Release Date

    A six-part documentary series chronicling the fight for LGBTQ civil rights in American

    May 16:
    MTV Movie and TV Awards (MTV, live awards show)MTV Sets Date for the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards & Announces 'Unscripted'  Offshoot
    Fall River (Epix, new docuseries)

    Re-investigation of the murder of three young women in 1979 – Fall River, MA

    Good Witch (Hallmark Channel, Season 7)

    May 21:
    Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. (Hulu, new animated comedy series)M.O.D.O.K. (TV series) logo.jpeg

    Hulu’s new¬†adult¬†animated comedy series Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.¬†about the cocky, blockhead villain of the same name, will hit the streaming service on Friday, May 21. The 10-episode¬†series¬†follows the megalomaniacal¬†M.O.D.O.K.¬†(Patton Oswalt), who long has pursued his dream of one day conquering the world.

    After spending years failing to gain control of the world and battling superheroes along the way, M.O.D.O.K., having been removed from his company A.I.M. after it falls into bankruptcy and is sold to the rivaling GRUMBL, begins to deal with his tainting family while facing a midlife crisis


    George Tarleton was subjected to a mutagenic process that transformed him into MODOK and granted him¬†superhuman¬†intelligence, sacrificing his body for gaining the world’s largest brain. He possessed enhanced intuition, pattern solving, information storage and retrieval, and logical and philosophical structuring. MODOK’s ability to predict probable outcomes of tactical and strategic scenarios was so advanced that it bordered on¬†precognition. His intuition was heightened to the degree that his hunches were almost always correct. MODOK had a perfect memory with the ability to recall every moment. However, his creativity remains at an average human level. MODOK’s vast intellect made him one of the few beings that can comprehend and build the¬†Cosmic Cube, one of the reasons for his creation.[

    He also had¬†psionic¬†powers enabling him to contact others through telepathy, mentally control individuals or large groups, and generate¬†force fields¬†strong enough to withstand minor nuclear explosions. Courtesy of A.I.M. technology, MODOK wore a headband that enables him to focus his mental power into devastating mind-beams. A side effect of the mutation was the growth of Tarleton’s head to the point whereby his body could no longer support its weight, needing to rely on an¬†exoskeleton¬†and a¬†hoverchair¬†called the Doomsday Chair for movement. The Doomsday Chair was also equipped with destructive weapons, including missiles and¬†lasers.

    Occasionally, Tarleton had the use of a giant humanoid robot body that was proportionally sized to fit his head and body.Tarleton’s organs also wore out quickly, necessitating the use of harvested clones, whose organs were used to sustain him.As the leader of¬†A.I.M., MODOK had advanced technology, vast resources, and a personal army at his disposal.

    MODOK Superior has the same appearance, genius-level intelligence and mental powers as the original MODOK, but apparently none of his weaknesses.

    • Patton Oswalt¬†as¬†George Tarleton / M.O.D.O.K.:
      A floating robotic engineered head who is the former leader of A.I.M. and is obsessed with having control and conquering the world. He dislikes superheroes and his rival supervillains, believing he should be superior to them, before facing a mid-life crisis with his suburban New Jersey family.
    • Aimee Garcia¬†as Jodie Tarleton:
      M.O.D.O.K.’s wife who questions his role as the superior supervillain. She decides to pursue a new career change after running a mom-blog, earning money to support their family before becoming a supervillain herself, gaining attention from a superhero
    • Ben Schwartz¬†as Lou Tarleton:
      M.O.D.O.K.’s socially awkward 12-year-old son who was created in a lab, is different from the rest of his family, and does not have a care in the world
    • Melissa Fumero¬†as Melissa Tarleton:
      M.O.D.O.K.’s popular 17-year-old daughter who shares her father’s appearance. She is the most popular girl at her high school and wants to gain her father’s approval as a supervillain.
    • Wendi McLendon-Covey¬†as¬†Monica Rappaccini:
    • M.O.D.O.K.’s workplace arch-nemesis whom he is forced to work with.
    • Beck Bennett¬†as Austin Van Der Sleet:
      M.O.D.O.K.’s new boss in his twenties who is from GRUMBL, a large tech company that invests in and takes control of A.I.M.
    • Jon Daly¬†as¬†Super-Adaptoid:
    • A robot who has high ambitions as an artist and hates being enslaved as M.O.D.O.K.’s servant.
    • Sam Richardson as Gary M.O.D.O.K.’s loyal henchman who is constantly optimistic.
    • Jon Hamm¬†as¬†Tony Stark / Iron Man:
    • A¬†superhero¬†and the owner of Stark Industries.
    • Nathan Fillion¬†as¬†Simon Williams / Wonder Man:
    • A superhero and the owner of Williams Innovations.
    • Whoopi Goldberg¬†as¬†Marian Pouncy / Poundcakes: A wrestler with super-strength.
    • Bill Hader¬†as¬†Samuel Sterns / The Leader: A supervillain with a large cranium and genius intellect.
      • Hader also voices
      • David Alan Angar / Angar the Screamer: A supervillain with enhanced vocal chords that produce sonic sound

    Episodes 1-10 

    “If This Be… M.O.D.O.K.!”

    “The M.O.D.O.K. That Time Forgot”

    ”Beware from What Portal Comes!”

    “If Saturday Be… For the Boys!”

    “If Bureaucracy Be Thy Death!”

    “Tales from the Great Bar-Mitzvah War!”

    “O, Were Blood Thicker Than Robot Juice!”

    “What Menace Doth the Mailman Deliver!”

    “Days of Future M.O.D.O.K.s”

    Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (Netflix, Season 3)

    May 23:
    The Chi (Showtime, Season 4)
    Black Monday (Showtime, Season 3)
    Flatbush Misdemeanors (Showtime, new comedy series)

    Showtime Orders 'Flatbush Misdemeanors' Comedy Starring Kevin Iso & Dan  Perlman Based On Duo's Digital Series √ʬĬď DeadlineA raw comedy of city life following Dan and Kevin, who play characters struggling to thrive in their new surroundings in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

    May 25:
    Chopped Next Gen (Discovery+, new competition series)

    May 28:
    The Kominsky Method (Netflix, Season 3; final season)
    Lucifer (Netflix, Season 5B)Lucifer Season 5 Trailer: "When We Make Plans, God Laughs" (FM) - YouTube

    Chloe then asks: “Have you seen Lucifer?”

    “Dealing with both loving a child but also being afraid for a child, and really positioning him to have a parallel to God, so that Amenadiel and Lucifer could arrive at wildly different perspectives on the arrival of their father.”

    • Episode 509 ‚Äď ‚ÄúFamily Dinner‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Written by Joe Henderson and directed by Nathan Hope
    • Episode 510 ‚Äď ‚ÄúBloody Celestial Karaoke Jam‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Written by Ildy Modrovich and directed by Sherwin Shilati.
    • Episode 511 -‚ÄúResting Devil Face‚ÄĚ ‚Äst Written by Mira Z. Barnum, Joshua Duckworth, and Richardo Lopez Jr and directed by Bola Ogun
    • Episode 512 ‚Äď ‚ÄúDaniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Written by Mike Costa, directed by Greg Beeman
    • Episode 513 ‚Äď ‚ÄúA Little Harmless Stalking‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Written by Julia Fontana & Jen Graham Imada and directed by Richard Speight, Jr.
    • Episode 514 ‚Äď ‚ÄúNothing Lasts Forever‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Written by Chris Rafferty & directed by Lisa Demaine
    • Episode 515 ‚Äď ‚ÄúIs This Really How It‚Äôs Going to End?!‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Written by Jason Ning & directed by Ildy Modrovich
    • Episode 516 ‚Äď ‚ÄúA Chance At a Happy Ending‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Written by Joe Henderson & Ildy Modrovich & directed by Karen Gaviola

    May 31:
    American Ninja Warrior (NBC, Season 13)
    Housebroken (Fox, new animated comedy series)
    Duncanville (Fox, Season 2)
    Small Fortune (NBC, new competition series)

    May TBA:
    The Haves and the Have Nots (OWN, Season 8B; final season)
    In Treatment (HBO, Season 4)
    Baddies ATL (Zeus, new unscripted series)

    June 1:
    America’s Got Talent (NBC, Season 16)

    June 3:
    American Ninja Warrior (NBC, Season 13)
    Making It (NBC, Season 3)

    June 9:
    In the Dark (The CW, Season 2)

    June 11:
    Loki (Disney+, new drama series)

    Loki, the God of Mischief, steps out of his brother’s shadow to embark on an adventure that takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.”

    Tom Hiddleston as Loki:Sophia Di Martino as Lady Loki
    Thor’s adoptive brother and god of mischief based on the Norse mythological deity of the¬†same name.

    Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius:
    A member of the Time Variance Authority (TVA), a police organization that monitors the timeline and multiverse

    Sif (Marvel comics) cover.jpgJaimie Alexander as Sif
    Sif,¬†Heimdall’s sister, has been Thor and Balder’s constant companion since childhood.¬†Like most Asgardians, Sif was born with golden hair. Hers was turned black after¬†Loki¬†cut it and replaced it with enchanted hair made by dwarves.At an early age she showed great prowess as a warrior and was considered the best female warrior in all of Asgard, matched only by¬†Brunnhilde. At one point a giant gave her to the death goddess¬†Hela in exchange for immortality, but Thor saved her by offering himself in her place. Hela was so impressed that she let them both go.Sif and Thor are separated when his father¬†Odin¬†banishes Thor from Asgard and Thor begins a life as a superhero on Earth. Many years later Thor becomes romantically involved with¬†Jane Foster. Thor brings Jane to Asgard to be wed and she is granted immortality but fails a final test. Odin sends her back to Earth, stripped of her newly acquired powers and without memories of the event. Odin then arranges an encounter with Sif while Thor is battling the monstrous super-strong Unknown and the two fall in love again.Sif shares¬†powers common among all Asgardians, with her dense physiology granting superhuman strength greater than the average Asgardian female and on par with the average Asgardian male, limited invulnerability, as well as advanced stamina, speed, agility, and reflexes. Sif is also extremely long lived and maintains her youth and vitality through the consumption of¬†golden apples. She is also highly skilled in¬†hand to hand combat¬†and proficient in the use of¬†cold weapons, favoring a sword and shield in battle. She is often said to be the best female fighter in Asgard, on par with Valkyrie.

    In early appearances, Sif also possessed the innate ability to teleport herself and others from Earth to Asgard.At some point, Sif began relying on her enchanted sword, which could “cleave” open gateways to other destinations besides Earth and Asgard through a complex array of swinging motions.However, during¬†The Reigning, after Thor failed to truly resurrect a young girl, Sif was once again able to teleport herself and Thor away without the use of her sword.Sif and Balder relied on the Norn Stones to teleport when they were looking for Thor.

    Home Before Dark (Apple TV+, Season 2)
    Love, Victor (Hulu, Season 2)
    Shrill (Hulu, Season 2)

    June 14:
    The Republic of Sarah (The CW, new drama series)

    Hulu HBO Max & Amazon Prime New Releases: April 2021

    Season 4 of the multiple Emmy award-winning The Handmaid’s Tale premieres on April 28.

    Mad Max (1980) and Die Hard (1988). Then April 28 sees the arrival of‚Ķwell, Arrival (2016).

    ‚ÄúSasquatch‚ÄĚ marks the latest in a string of documentary projects for the Duplass Brothers, who executive produced the aforementioned ‚ÄúWild Wild Country‚ÄĚ and Evil Genius‚ÄĚ for Netflix. The duo also executive produced ‚ÄúThe Lady and the Dale‚ÄĚ docuseries, which received critical acclaim when it premiered on HBO in January

    Check out the trailer for ‚ÄúSasquatch‚ÄĚ below:

    Hulu New Releases ‚Äď April 2021

    April 1
    Amy Schumer Learns to Cook: Complete Season 1 (Food Network)
    Caribbean Life: Complete Seasons 18 & 19 (HGTV)
    Chopped: Complete Season 44 (Food Network)
    Chopped Sweets: Complete Season 1 (Food Network)
    Christina On The Coast: Complete Season 2 (HGTV)
    Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives: Complete Seasons 34 & 35 (Food Network)
    Doubling Down with the Derricos: Complete Season 1 (TLC)
    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Complete Season 1 (HGTV)
    Guy’s Grocery Games: Complete Season 22 (Food Network)
    Naked and Afraid XL: Complete Season 6 (Discovery)
    Say Yes to the Dress: Complete Season 19 (TLC)
    Tournament of Champions: Complete Season 1 (Food Network)
    Undercover Billionaire: Complete Season 1 (Discovery)
    UniKitty: Complete Season 3 (Cartoon Network)
    Vegas Chef Prizefight: Complete Season 1 (Food Network)
    Worst Cooks in America: Complete Season 18 (Food Network)
    Higurashi: When They Cry: Season 1, Epsiodes 1-12 (DUBBED) (Funimation)
    2012 (2009)   
    28 Days Later (2003)  
    A Hologram for the King (2016)        
    A Low Down Dirty Shame (1994)   A Low Down Dirty Shame: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack  After hitting a wall in his case against drug kingpin Ernesto Mendoza (Andrew Divoff), private eye Andre Shame (Keenen Ivory Wayans) quits the police department in disgrace. The wisecracking investigator thinks he’s left his old life behind him, but now everything changes when an old chum from the force informs him of a break in the case. With the help of his motor-mouthed secretary, Peaches (Jada Pinkett), Andre leaps back into the action to solve the case and clear his name.
    A Simple Plan (1998) 
    The Abyss (1989)       
    Before We Go (2015) 
    Bug (2007)     
    Bulworth (1998)         
    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) undefined

    The true story of fast-draws and wild rides, battles with posses, train and bank robberies, a torrid love affair and a new lease on outlaw life in far away Bolivia. It is also a character study of a remarkable friendship between Butch – possibly the most likeable outlaw in frontier history – and his closest associate, the fabled, ever-dangerous Sundance Kid.
    Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (1974)      Little Shoppe of Horrors #18 cover: Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter (1974)  | Bruce timm, Frank miller comics, Cartoon artDebonair supernatural expert Captain Kronos (Horst Janson) and his hunchbacked assistant, Grost (John Cater), meet their match when they encounter a village where vampires have been stealing the vitality of young women, leaving them elderly and decrepit. Armed with his sword and formidable deductive reasoning, Kronos begins to solve the macabre mystery, with evidence pointing to the aristocratic Lady Durward (Wanda Ventham) and her family as prime suspects.
    Changing Lanes (2002)          
    Chappaquiddick (2017)          
    Chato‚Äôs Land (1972)   
    Cheech & Chong‚Äôs Still Smokin‚Äô (1983)          
    Cohen and Tate (1989) undefined        In this cinematic version of the O’Henry story `Ransom at Red Chief’, Cohen and Tate are two Mafia hit men who don’t exactly hit it off. Cohen is an old pro, a cold-blooded killer who is all business, while Tate is a young hothead who kills for fun. Together they kidnap a boy who desperately tries to turn them against one another. 
    The Color Purple (1985)   undefined    

    An epic tale spanning forty years in the life of Celie (Whoopi Goldberg), an African-American woman living in the South who survives incredible abuse and bigotry. After Celie’s abusive father marries her off to the equally debasing “Mister” Albert Johnson (Danny Glover), things go from bad to worse, leaving Celie to find companionship anywhere she can. She perseveres, holding on to her dream of one day being reunited with her sister in Africa. Based on the novel by Alice Walker.

    The Dead Zone (1983)

    The Dead Zone (1983) - HD Trailer - YouTubeWhen Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken) awakens from a coma caused by a car accident, he finds that years have passed, and he now has psychic abilities. Heartbroken that his girlfriend (Brooke Adams) has moved on with her life, Johnny also must contend with his unsettling powers, which allow him to see a person’s future with a mere touch. After shaking the hand of aspiring politician Greg Stillson (Martin Sheen), Johnny sees the danger presented by the candidate’s rise and resolves to kill him.
    The Devil‚Äôs Double (2011)    Watch Devil in a Blue Dress | Prime Video
    Devil in a Blue Dress (1995)  In late 1940s Los Angeles, Easy Rawlins (Denzel Washington) is an unemployed black World War II veteran with few job prospects. At a bar, Easy meets DeWitt Albright (Tom Sizemore), a mysterious white man looking for someone to investigate the disappearance of a missing white woman named Daphne Monet (Jennifer Beals), who he suspects is hiding out in one of the city’s black jazz clubs. Strapped for money and facing house payments, Easy takes the job, but soon finds himself in over his head.

    Die Hard' Screenwriter Explains That Plot Hole | IndieWireDie Hard 2 (1990) | kalafudra's Stuff

    Die Hard (1988)        New York City policeman John McClane (Bruce Willis) is visiting his estranged wife (Bonnie Bedelia) and two daughters on Christmas Eve. He joins her at a holiday party in the headquarters of the Japanese-owned business she works for. But the festivities are interrupted by a group of terrorists who take over the exclusive high-rise, and everyone in it. Very soon McClane realizes that there’s no one to save the hostages — but him.
    Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995) A year after his heroics in L.A, detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) is mixed up in another terrorist plot, this time at Washington Dulles International Airport, where he is waiting for his wife (Bonnie Bedelia). That same night, South American politico and drug profiteer Ramon Esperanza (Franco Nero) is arriving in U.S. custody. McClane takes action when a treasonous ex-colonel (William Sadler) seizes control of the airport, threatening to crash every inbound flight unless Esperanza is freed.
    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)         
    Dude, Where‚Äôs My Car? (2000)         
    Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)
    Frankie & Alice (2014)
    Friends With Benefits (2011) 
    Garden State (2004)  
    The Gift (2000)        The Gift: Cate Blanchett, Katie Holmes, Keanu Reeves, Giovanni  Ribisi, Greg Kinnear, Hilary Swank, Michael Jeter, Kim Dickens, Gary Cole,  Rosemary Harris, J.K. Simmons, Chelcie Ross, Sam Raimi, Gary Lucchesi, Grant

    In the tiny town of Brixton, Georgia where nothing is private, a woman with supernatural clairvoyance, a young beautiful socialite who has mysteriously disappeared, and an assortment of colorful characters all collide. A haunting psychological thriller, “The Gift” is ultimately a profound celebration of the human spirit.

    Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003)      SEX, PEARLS AND PAINT | ANIMAL MY SOUL   

    When her father goes blind, Griet (Scarlett Johansson) must go to work as a maid for painter Johannes Vermeer (Colin Firth). While cleaning the house, Griet strikes up an unlikely friendship with Vermeer, which both agree to keep secret for fear of provoking the painter’s jealous wife, Catharina (Essie Davis). When wealthy patron Van Ruijven (Tom Wilkinson) begins to lust after Griet, and commissions a painting of her, Vermeer and Griet are obliged to spend long hours alone together.

    Guess Who (2005)     
    Hancock (2008)          
    The Hunting Party (1971)      
    In The Mix (2005)       
    Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport (2000)  
    Lady in a Cage (1964)
    Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector (2006)          
    Life Of Crime (2014)  
    Live Free Or Die Hard (2007) Live Free or Die Hard (2007) - Rotten Tomatoes

    As the nation prepares to celebrate Independence Day, veteran cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) carries out another routine assignment: bringing in a computer hacker (Justin Long) for questioning. Meanwhile, a tech-savvy villain named Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) launches an attack on America’s computer infrastructure. As chaos descends around him, McClane must use old-fashioned methods to fight the high-tech threat.

    Mad Max (1980)        
    Madea Goes To Jail (Theatrical Feature) (2009)       
    The Man Who Could Cheat Death (1959)     
    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)  
    Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2004) 
    Monster’s Ball (2001)undefined

    Hank Grotowski is a prison guard whose son, who works on the prison’s death row, commits suicide. Grotowski spirals into depression until one night he helps Leticia Musgrove’s injured son. When he dies, the couple are united by grief, but as their relationship develops, he learns he and his son were party to the execution of her husband.

    Motel Hell (1980)       
    Napoleon Dynamite (2004)   
    Never Back Down (2008)       
    New in Town (2009)  
    Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)      
    The Out-Of-Towners (1999)  
    The Pawnbroker (1964)         
    Platoon (1986)           
    The Polar Express (2004)       
    The Preacher‚Äôs Wife (1996)   
    The Program (1993)   
    Ramona and Beezus (2009)   
    The Replacement Killers (1998)         
    Rio (2011)      
    The Sandlot (1993)    
    Scary Movie 4 (2006) 
    Sex And The City (2008)         
    Sex And The City 2 (2010)      
    Shaft (2000)   
    Shrek 2 (2002)
    The Skull (1965)         
    Sleeping With The Enemy (1991)      
    Sliver (1993)   
    So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993)
    Star Trek: Generations (1994)
    Step Up Revolution (2012)    
    The Sum of All Fears (2002)   
    That Thing You Do! (1996)     
    The Upside (2017)     
    Vanilla Sky (2001)      
    Virtuosity (1995)        

    Virtuosity (1995)A former cop who has been imprisoned for murdering the psychopath who killed his family, Parker Barnes (Denzel Washington) is recruited to test out a new virtual-reality program where the goal is to apprehend a computer-generated being called SID 6.7 (Russell Crowe), who has been modeled on hundreds of deranged criminals. When SID manages to escape into the real world, Barnes must capture or destroy him before the soulless entity can go on a killing spree.
    Waiting to Exhale (1995)       
    War (2007)     
    Warriors of Virtue (1997)      
    What About Bob? (1991)       
    Where the Heart Is (2000)     
    Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)          

    April 2
    WEWORK: OR THE MAKING AND BREAKING OF A $47 BILLION UNICORN : Documentary Premiere (Hulu Original)
    Law & Order: Organized Crime: Series Premiere (NBC)

    Elliot Stabler returns to the New York City Police Department after a personal loss to join a new task force that battles organized crime and finds that the criminal justice system has changed over the past decade.

    Manifest: Season 3 Premiere (NBC)
    The Moody’s: Season 2 Finale (Fox)
    Real Housewives of New York City: Complete Season 12 (Bravo)

    April 3
    Hysterical: Series Premiere (FX)
    Blair Witch (2016)       

    April 5
    Girl (2020)       

    April 7
    Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World: Season 1, Epsiodes 1-12 (DUBBED) (Funimation)

    April 8
    Home Economics: Series Premiere (ABC)

    April 9
    Everything’s Gonna Be Okay: Season 2 Premiere (Freeform)
    Rebel: Series Premiere (ABC)
    The Standard (2020)  
    Stars Fell on Alabama (2021)Join our mailing list

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    April 10
    The Day I Became a God: Season 1, Epsiodes 1-12 (DUBBED) (Funimation)
    Desierto (2015)          
    Knuckledust (2020)     

    April 12
    Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) 
    Spontaneous (2020)   

    April 15       
    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Complete Season 10 (Bravo)

    April 16     
    Fly Like A Girl (2020)  
    Songbird (2020)

    April 17     
    Modern Persuasion (2020)    
    Thelma (2017)

    April 20  
    Sasquatch: Documentary Series Premiere (Hulu Original)

    April 21 
    Cruel Summer: Series Premiere (Freeform)

    April 22  

    April 23       
    The Place of No Words (2020)           

    April 25      
    Wild Mountain Thyme (2021)

    April 26  
    The Oscars Red Carpet Show: Special (ABC)
    The 93rd Oscars: Special (ABC)

    April 28  
    The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 4 Premiere (Hulu Original)
    Arrival (2016)  

    April 30     
    The Judge (2014)

    Leaving Hulu ‚Äď April 2021

    April 27
    Our Idiot Brother (2011)

    April 30
    50/50 (2011)
    9 to 5 (1980)
    Affliction (1998)
    Article 99 (1992)
    Beloved (1998)
    Bloody Sunday (2002)
    Blow (2001)
    Body of Evidence (1993)
    Changing Lanes (2002)
    Chato’s Land (1972)
    Cocktail (1988)
    Cohen and Tate (1989)
    Crimes Of The Heart (1987)
    Damien ‚Äď Omen II (1978)
    Devil in a Blue Dress (1995)
    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)
    The Dukes of Hazzard (2005)
    Escape from Alcatraz (1979)
    Everything Must Go (2011)
    Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1974)
    From Hell (2001)
    G.I. Jane (1997)
    Garfield (2004)
    Gargoyles: Wings of Darkness (2004)
    Happy Tears (2010)
    The Haunting In Connecticut (2009)
    The Haunting In Connecticut 2: Ghosts Of Georgia (2013)
    Hitman’s Run (1999)
    How Do You Know (2010)
    The Hunting Party (1971)
    The January Man (1989)
    Jennifer 8 (1992)
    Jumping The Broom (2011)
    The Last Waltz (1978)
    Mad Max (1980)
    Madea Goes To Jail (Theatrical Feature) (2009)
    Mafia! (Jane Austen’s) (1998)
    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)
    Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2004)
    Motel Hell (1980)
    Mousehunt (1997)
    My Best Friend’S Girl (2008)
    Never Back Down (2008)
    Ninja Assassin (2009)
    The Omen (1976) (1976)
    Only God Forgives (2013)
    Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2009)
    Platoon (1986)
    Pretty Woman (1990)
    The Prince Of Tides (1991)
    The Replacement Killers (1998)
    Sands of Iwo Jima (1950)
    Shaft (2000)
    The Shootist (1976)
    Sideways (2004)
    Strategic Air Command (1955)
    The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009)
    Teresa’s Tattoo (1994)
    That Thing You Do! (1996)
    Two Weeks (2006)
    Waking Ned Devine (1998)
    Walking Tall (1973)
    Warriors of Virtue (1997)
    What About Bob? (1991)
    The Whole Nine Yards (2000)
    Wonder Boys (2000)
    X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
    Young Adult (2011)

    Michael B. Jordan stars in Without Remorse.

    Tom Clancy‚Äôs Without Remorse, starring Michael B. Jordan as a Navy SEAL seeking to avenge the murder of his pregnant wife when he stumbles on an international conspiracy.My Cousin VinnyFour Weddings and a Funeral and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

    Here are the new Amazon Prime Video originals in April 2021

    Available April 9

    THEMThem TV show Amazon Series

    A Black family moves to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood where malevolent forces, next door and otherworldly, threaten to taunt, ravage and destroy them.

    Available April 30

    Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse

    The film centers around US Navy SEAL John Clark uncovering an international conspiracy while seeking justice for the murder of his pregnant wife by Russian soldiers. When Clark joins forces with fellow SEAL Karen Greer and shadowy CIA officer Robert Ritter, the mission unwittingly exposes a covert plot that threatens to engulf the U.S. and Russia in an all-out war.

    Available April 1

    A Hologram For The King


    A beautiful doctor (Sarita Choudhury) and a wise-cracking taxi driver (Alexander Black) help an American businessman (Tom Hanks) who’s trying to close the deal of a lifetime in Saudi Arabia.

    Anna Kareninaundefined

    Anna Karenina (Keira Knightley), the wife of a Russian imperial minister (Jude Law), creates a high-society scandal by an affair with Count Vronsky (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), a dashing cavalry officer in 19th-century St. Petersburg. Anna’s husband, Alexei, offers her a difficult choice: Go into exile with Vronsky but never see her young son again, or remain with her family and abide by the rules of discretion. Meanwhile, a farmer named Levin pines for Princess Kitty, who only has eyes for Vronsky.

    Anna Karenina (Russian: ¬ę–ź–Ĺ–Ĺ–į –ö–į—Ä–Ķ–Ĺ–ł–Ĺ–į¬ĽIPA: ] is a novel by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy, first published in book form in 1878. Many writers consider it the greatest work of literature ever written, and Tolstoy himself called it his first true novel. It was initially released in serial installments from 1873 to 1877 in the periodical The Russian Messenger.

    A complex novel in eight parts, with more than a dozen major characters, Anna Karenina is spread over more than 800 pages (depending on the translation and publisher), typically contained in two volumes. It deals with themes of betrayal, faith, family, marriage, Imperial Russian society, desire, and rural vs. city life. The story centers on an extramarital affair between Anna and dashing cavalry officer Count Alexei Kirillovich Vronsky that scandalizes the social circles of Saint Petersburg and forces the young lovers to flee to Italy in a search for happiness, but after they return to Russia, their lives further unravel.

    Trains are a recurring motif throughout the novel, with several major plot points taking place either on passenger trains or at stations in Saint Petersburg or elsewhere in Russia. The story takes place against the backdrop of the liberal reforms initiated by Emperor Alexander II of Russia and the rapid societal transformations that followed. The novel has been adapted into various media including theatre, opera, film, television, ballet, figure skating, and radio drama.

    Art of Falling in Love

    A Simple Plan

    Because I Said So

    Vudu - Because I Said So Michael Lehmann, Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore, Lauren  Graham, Watch Movies & TV Online

    Daphne Wilder (Diane Keaton) is the proud mother of three women: Milly (Mandy Moore), Maggie (Lauren Graham) and Mae (Piper Perabo), and her love for her offspring knows no bounds. Because her youngest, always chooses the wrong man, she decides to take action to prevent Milly from repeating the mistakes of the past. Dating disaster ensues when Daphne tries to achieve her goal by placing an online personal ad for Milly.

    Bob Roberts


    Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter

    Chato’s Land

    Cheech & Chong’s Still Smokin’

    Cohen And Tate

    Four Weddings And A Funeral

    Frankie & Alice

    Girl With A Pearl Earring

    Gunfighters Of Abilene


    Head Of State

    How To Train Your How to Train Your Dragon: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig  Ferguson, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, T.J.  Miller, Kristen Wiig, Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders: Movies & TV

    Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) is a Norse teenager from the island of Berk, where fighting dragons is a way of life. His progressive views and weird sense of humor make him a misfit, despite the fact that his father (Gerard Butler) is chief of the clan. Tossed into dragon-fighting school, he endeavors to prove himself as a true Viking, but when he befriends an injured dragon he names Toothless, he has the chance to plot a new course for his people’s future.


    Johnny English

    Lady In A Cageundefined

    An injured woman is trapped in her private elevator during a power failure, while her home is ransacked.

    Larry Crowne

    League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    Lords Of DogtownLords Of Dogtown - Film | Park Circus

    A drought in 1970s Southern California has an unexpected side effect: as people empty their swimming pools, a group of teen surfers from the Dogtown area of Venice Beach move in with skateboards, and a new sport is born. Based on a true story, this film follows “Z-Boys” skate team members Stacy Peralta (John Robinson), Tony Alva (Victor Rasuk) and Jay Adams (Emile Hirsch), plus manager Skip Engblom (Heath Ledger), as their fearless “pool surfing” leads to fame, fortune — and misfortune.

    Love in Harmony Valley

    Madea’s Big Happy Family

    Madea Goes To Jail

    Mad Max

    Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The WorldMaster and Commander: The Far Side of the World | 20th Century Studios

    In 1805, aboard the H.M.S. Surprise, the brash Captain Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe) and his trusted friend, the ship’s scholarly surgeon, Stephen Maturin (Paul Bettany), are ordered to hunt down and capture a powerful French vessel off the South American coast. Though Napoleon is winning the war and the men and their crew face an onslaught of obstacles, including their own internal battles, “Lucky Jack” is determined that nothing will stop the Surprise from completing its mission.

    Men Of Honor Milk

    Minority Report

    Based on a story by famed science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, “Minority Report” is an action-detective thriller set in Washington D.C. in 2054, where police utilize a psychic technology to arrest and convict murderers before they commit their crime. Tom Cruise plays the head of this Precrime unit and is himself accused of the future murder of a man he hasn’t even met.

    Monster’s Ball

    Moonrise KingdomMoonrise Kingdom movie review (2012) | Roger Ebert

    The year is 1965, and the residents of New Penzance, an island off the coast of New England, inhabit a community that seems untouched by some of the bad things going on in the rest of the world. Twelve-year-olds Sam (Jared Gilman) and Suzy (Kara Hayward) have fallen in love and decide to run away. But a violent storm is approaching the island, forcing a group of quirky adults (Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray) to mobilize a search party and find the youths before calamity strikes.

    Motel Hell

    My Cousin Vinny

    New In Town

    Open Range



    ShooterDownload Shooter (2007) 720p Dual Audio [Eng+Hindi] | In24By7

    A top Marine sniper, Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg), leaves the military after a mission goes horribly awry and disappears without a trace. Swagger is coaxed back into service after high-profile government officials convince him to help thwart a plot against the President of the United States. Swagger realizes he has been betrayed and becomes the target of a nationwide manhunt. Instead of hiding, he seeks revenge against some of the most powerful and corrupt leaders in the free world.

    Sleeping With The Enemy

    Smiley face killers.jpgSmiley Face Killers

    About a handsome young soccer player Jake Graham who believes he is going insane, unable to shake the feeling of being stalked by something, by someone.

    So I Married An Axe Murderer

    That Thing You Do!

    The Abyss

    The Dead Zone

    The Devil’s Double

    The Gift

    The HappeningHear me out: why The Happening isn't a bad movie | Mark Wahlberg | The  Guardian

    An apocalyptic threat to humanity arrives out of the clear blue sky with a series of violent, inexplicable deaths spreading across the country. The cause of the terrifying phenomenon remains unknown, prompting science teacher Elliot Moore (Mark Wahlberg), his wife Alma (Zooey Deschanel) and his colleague Julian (John Alberto Leguizamo) to try to elude the invisible killer in Pennsylvania’s farmland. Soon it becomes clear that no one is safe.

    The Hunting Party

    The Lincoln Lawyer


    Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey) is a charismatic defense attorney who does business out of his Lincoln Continental sedan. Mick spends most of his time defending petty crooks and other bottom-feeders, so it comes as quite a surprise when he lands the case of a lifetime: defending a Beverly Hills playboy (Ryan Phillippe) who is accused of attempted murder. However, what Mick initially thinks is an open-and-shut case with a big monetary reward develops into something more sinister.

    The Man Who Could Cheat Death

    The Pawnbroker

    The Program

    The Replacement Killers

    The Skullundefined

    Madness fills the mind of a professor (Peter Cushing) who buys the stolen skull of the Marquis de Sade.

    The Sum Of All Fearsundefined

    Based on Tom Clancy’s novel, this espionage thriller tracks a sinister plot to draw the United States and Russia into World War III. When the Russian president (Ciar√°n Hinds) suddenly dies, world tension escalates. Coupled with missing nuclear scientists and the threat of a nuclear detonation on United States soil, young CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Ben Affleck) must uncover who is behind the conspiracy.



    Waiting To ExhaleThrowback Thursday: 15 Memorable Lines From 'Waiting to Exhale' | Vintage  black glamour, Black girl aesthetic, Women

    Navigating through careers, family and romance, four friends bond over the shortcomings in their love lives — namely, the scarcity of good men. Both as the “other woman,” Savannah (Whitney Houston) and Robin (Lela Rochon) carry on relationships with married men, each believing their lovers will leave their wives for them. On the flip side, Bernadine (Angela Bassett) ends up alone when her husband divorces her for his mistress. Meanwhile, Gloria (Loretta Devine) finds love with a new neighbor.

    What About Bob?

    Available April 2


    Available April 3

    Blair Witch

    April 7

    Girl From Monaco


    undefinedAfter his divorce, Dr. Robert Laing moves to high-rise building in which the residents are divided into classes. The rich live upstairs, the lower class downstairs. When it comes to tension and a murder, Robert is literally right in the middle.



    The Answer Man

    The Priest


    Available April 12

    Paranormal Activity 4


    Available April 14


    Cézanne Et Moi

    Terror’s Advocate

    Available April 16



    Available April 21


    Muay Thai Giant

    The Hero Of Color City

    Venus And Serena

    April 26

    The Artist

    April 28


    Barry Munday

    Harlem Aria


    The Commune

    The Warlords

    Available April 1

    Aber Bergen: season 1

    After the First 48: season 1

    Anne+: season 1

    Couples Therapy: season 1

    Creepshow: season 1

    Engine Masters: season 1

    Garfield & Friends: season 1

    Ice Road Truckers: season 1

    Jacqueline and Jilly: season 1

    Keeping Faith: season 1

    Rectify: season 1

    Survivor’s Remorse: seasons 1-4

    The Adventures of Napkin Man: season 1

    The Restaurant: season 1

     The Nevers, HBO Max has quite a few other irons in the fire for April. The well-earned Infinity Train season 4 premieres on April 15. That will be followed up by the Kate Winslet-starring HBO miniseries Mare of Easttown on April 18. The New Mutants will take a turn in the HBO Max library on April 10

    HBO Max New Releases ‚Äď April 2021

    April 1
    A Shock To The System, 1990 (HBO)
    Abandon, 2002 (HBO)
    Adam’s Rib, 1949
    All Is Lost, 2013 (HBO)
    Assume the Position with Mr. Wuhl
    Barbarosa, 1982 (HBO)
    Black Dynamite, 2009
    Blindness, 2008 (HBO)
    The Bodyguard, 1992
    Boogie Nights, 1997
    Bringing Up Baby, 1938
    The Butcher’s Wife, 1991 (HBO)
    Caddyshack, 1980
    The Collection, 2012 (HBO)
    The Color Purple, 1985
    Dante’s Peak, 1997 (HBO)
    Dark Shadows, 2012 (HBO)
    Dead Silence, 2007 (HBO)
    Dirty Harry, 1971
    The Eagle Has Landed, 1977 (HBO)
    Early Man, 2018 (HBO)
    Easy Rider, 1969
    Ella Enchanted, 2004 (HBO)
    The Evil That Men Do, 1984 (HBO)
    Eye For An Eye, 1996 (HBO)
    Fear, 1996 (HBO)
    genera+ion, Season 1 Part One Finale
    Ghost Rider, 2007
    Goodfellas, 1990
    The Great Pottery Throwdown, Max Original Season 4 Premiere
    Green Lantern, 2011
    Hardball, 2001 (HBO)
    Happy Endings
    Haywire, 2012 (HBO)
    In & Out, 1997 (HBO)
    Kicking & Screaming, 2005 (HBO)
    King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, 2017 (HBO)
    Lassiter, 1984 (HBO)
    Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, 1990 (HBO)
    Let’s Go To Prison, 2006 (HBO)
    The Longest Yard, 1974 (HBO)
    Made for Love, Max Original Series Premiere
    Man Up, 2015 (HBO)
    The Mask of Zorro, 1998
    The Man With The Iron Fists, 2012 (Unrated Version) (HBO)
    Missing In Action 2 ‚Äď The Beginning, 1985 (HBO)
    Missing In Action, 1984 (HBO)
    My Super Ex-Girlfriend, 2006 (HBO)
    The Nanny
    The Natural, 1984
    Now, Voyager, 1942
    One Day, 2011 (HBO)
    Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment, 1985 (HBO)
    Police Academy 3: Back In Training, 1986 (HBO)
    Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol, 1987 (HBO)
    Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach, 1988 (HBO)
    Police Academy 6: City Under Siege, 1989 (HBO)
    Police Academy: Mission To Moscow, 1994 (HBO)
    Primal Fear, 1996 (HBO)
    Reasonable Doubt, 2014 (HBO)
    Red Dawn, 1984 (HBO)
    The Return, 2006 (HBO)
    Risky Business, 1983 (HBO)
    Roger & Me, 1989
    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 1939
    Sneakers, 1992 (HBO)
    Space Jam, 1996
    Speed 2 Cruise Control, 1997 (HBO)
    Spellbound, 2003 (HBO)
    Stuart Little, 1999
    The Shack, 2017 (HBO)
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, 2006 (Extended Version) (HBO)
    Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family, 2011
    Wanderlust, 2012 (HBO)
    The Warriors, 1979 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)
    The Watch, 2012 (HBO)
    White Noise, 2005 (HBO)
    The Wild Life, 2016 (HBO)
    Within, 2016 (HBO)
    Wolves At The Door, 2017 (HBO)

    April 2
    On the Spectrum

    April 3
    Ted, 2012 (Unrated Version) (HBO)

    April 4
    Q: Into The Storm, Documentary Series Finale (HBO)

    April 5
    Hard, Season 2 Finale (HBO)

    April 6
    Genndy Tartokovksy’s Primal, Season 1B

    April 7
    Exterminate All the Brutes, Documentary Series Premiere (HBO)
    South Side, Season 1

    April 9
    Intemperie (AKA Out in the Open), 2019 (HBO)
    The Other Two, Season 1
    A Tiny Audience, Season 2 Finale (HBO)

    April 10
    The New Mutants, 2020 (HBO)

    April 11
    The Nevers, Series Premiere (HBO)

    April 13
    Our Towns, Documentary Premiere (HBO)

    April 15
    Infinity Train, Max Original Season 4 Premiere

    April 16
    Mortal Kombat, Warner Bros. Film Premiere, 2021

    April 17
    The Dark Knight Rises, 2012 (HBO)

    April 18
    Mare of Easttown, Limited Series Premiere (HBO)

    April 20
    Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (HBO)

    April 22
    1,2,3, All Eyes On Me, 2020 (HBO)
    First Ladies, 2020
    Princess Cut, 2020 (HBO)
    Rizo, 2020 (HBO)

    April 23
    A Black Lady Sketch Show, Season 2 Premiere (HBO)
    El Robo Del Siglo (AKA Heist of the Century) (HBO)

    April 24
    Dreamgirls, 2006 (HBO)

    April 26
    The Artist, 2011

    April 29
    Looney Tunes Cartoons, Season 1D


    Leaving HBO Max ‚Äď April 2021

    April 11
    Reservoir Dogs, 1992

    April 15
    Lego DC Shazam: Magic And Monsters!, 2020

    April 30
    3 Godfathers, 1949
    9¬Ĺ Weeks, 1986
    Above The Rim, 1994 (HBO)
    The Adventures Of Robin Hood, 1938
    Adventures Of Tom Thumb And Thumbelina, 2002 (HBO)
    After Hours, 1985
    An American Werewolf In London,1981 (HBO)
    Beasts Of The Southern Wild, 2012 (HBO)
    Being There, 1979
    Bullitt, 1968
    Bundle Of Joy, 1956
    Can’t Buy Me Love, 1987 (HBO)
    The Candidate, 1972
    Cast Away, 2000 (HBO)
    Catwoman, 2004
    Chasing Liberty, 2004
    Cheyenne Autumn, 1964
    Cimarron, 1960
    Critters 2, 1988
    Critters 4, 1992
    Dead Man Walking, 1995 (HBO)
    Diner, 1982
    Dirt, 2017
    The Exorcist, 1973
    Femme Fatale, 2002 (HBO)
    Fool’s Gold, 2008
    Get Carter, 1971
    Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, 2019 (HBO)
    Godzilla Vs. Kong , 2021
    Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, 2011
    The Green Mile, 1999
    Grumpier Old Men, 1995
    Grumpy Old Men, 1993
    The Hangover Part II, 2011 (HBO)
    A Hidden Life, 2019 (HBO)
    The Hills Have Eyes II, 2007 (Extended Version) (HBO)
    The Hills Have Eyes, 2006 (Extended Version) (HBO)
    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, 2012
    Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies, The, 2014
    Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, The, 2013
    How The West Was Won, 1962
    I Am Sam, 2002
    The Invisible Man, 2020 (HBO)
    Jojo Rabbit, 2019 (HBO)
    Jonny Quest, 1964
    Josie And The Pussycats In Outer Space, 1972
    Josie And The Pussycats, 1970
    Just Mercy, 2019 (HBO)
    The Looney Tunes Show, 2011
    Looney Tunes: Back In Action, 2003
    Lying And Stealing, 2019 (HBO)
    Ma, 2019 (HBO)
    The Man Who Would Be King, 1975
    Marvin’s Room, 1996 (HBO)
    Mildred Pierce, 1945
    Mister Roberts, 1955
    My Blue Heaven, 1990
    My Dog Skip, 2000
    My Favorite Year, 1982
    National Lampoon’s European Vacation, 1985
    National Lampoon’s Vacation, 1983
    The Neverending Story, 1984
    New Jack City, 1991
    New Looney Tunes, 2015
    New York Minute, 2004
    Of Mice And Men, 1992 (HBO)
    Open Water 2: Adrift, 2006 (HBO)
    Open Water, 2004 (HBO)
    Paddington Bear, 1989
    Patriots Day, 2016
    Presumed Innocent, 1990
    Pride And Prejudice, 1940
    Private Benjamin, 1980
    Red Tails, 2012 (HBO)
    Reversal Of Fortune, 1990
    Rio Bravo, 1959
    Rise Of The Guardians, 2012 (HBO)
    School Of Rock, 2003 (HBO)
    Scooby-Doo And Scrappy-Doo, 1981
    The Scooby-Doo Show, 1976
    Scooby-Doo Where Are You!, 1969
    The Secret Garden, 1993
    She’s All That, 1999
    Snakes On A Plane, 2006
    Son Of The Mask, 2005
    Space Cowboys, 2000
    Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries, 1995
    Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, 2005
    Tom And Jerry (Classic), 1967
    Tower Heist, 2011 (HBO)
    Under Siege, 1992
    Viva Las Vegas, 1964
    We Bought A Zoo, 2011 (HBO)
    What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, 1962 (HBO)
    Where The Wild Things Are, 2009
    The Wild Bunch, 1969
    The Wind And The Lion, 1975
    The Yogi Bear Show, 1988

    Everything new on Netflix in April

    April 1

    • Magical Andes: Season 2 ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY
    • Prank Encounters: Season 2 ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    • Tersanjung the Movie ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM
    • 2012
    • Cop Out
    • Friends With Benefits
    • Insidious
    • Legally Blonde
    • Leprechaun
    • The Pianist
    • The Possession
    • Secrets of Great British Castles: Season 1
    • The Time Traveler‚Äôs Wife
    • Tyler Perry‚Äôs Madea‚Äôs Big Happy Family
    • White Boy
    • Yes Man

    April 2

    • Concrete Cowboy ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM
    • Just Say Yes ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM
    • Madame Claude ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM
    • The Serpent ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    • Sky High ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM

    April 3

    • Escape from Planet Earth

    April 4

    • What Lies Below

    April 5

    • Coded Bias
    • Family Reunion: Part 3 ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FAMILY

    April 6

    • The Last Kids on Earth: Happy Apocalypse to You ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FAMILY

    April 7

    • The Big Day: Collection 2 ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    • Dolly Parton: A MusiCares Tribute ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY
    • Snabba Cash ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    • This Is A Robbery: The World‚Äôs Biggest Art Heist ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY
    • The Wedding Coach ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    April 8

    • The Way of the Househusband ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX ANIME

    April 9

    • Have You Ever Seen Fireflies? ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM
    • Night in Paradise ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM
    • Thunder Force ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM

    April 10

    • The Stand-In

    April 11

    • Diana: The Interview that Shook the World

    April 12

    • New Gods: Nezha Reborn ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM
    • Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn: Seasons 1-4

    April 13

    • The Baker and the Beauty: Season 1
    • Mighty Express: Season 3 ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FAMILY
    • My Love: Six Stories of True Love ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

    April 14

    • The Circle: Season 2 ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    • Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    • The Soul ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM
    • Why Did You Kill Me? ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

    April 15

    • Dark City Beneath the Beat
    • The Master
    • Ride or Die ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM

    April 16

    • Arlo the Alligator Boy ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FAMILY
    • Ajeeb Daastaans ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM
    • Crimson Peak
    • Fast & Furious Spy Racers: Season 4: Mexico ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FAMILY
    • Into the Beat ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM
    • Rush
    • Synchronic
    • Why Are You Like This ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    • The Zookeeper‚Äôs Wife

    April 18

    • Luis Miguel ‚ÄĒ The Series: Season 2 ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    April 19

    • Miss Sloane
    • PJ Masks: Season 3

    April 20

    • Izzy‚Äôs Koala World: Season 2 ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FAMILY

    April 21


    April 22

    • Life in Color with David Attenborough ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY
    • Stowaway ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM

    April 23

    • Heroes: Silence and Rock & Roll
    • Shadow and Bone ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    • Tell Me When ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM

    April 27

    • August: Osage County
    • Battle of Los Angeles
    • Go! Go! Cory Carson: Season 4 ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FAMILY

    April 28

    • Headspace Guide to Sleep ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

    April 29

    • Things Heard & Seen ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX FILM
    • Yasuke ‚ÄĒ NETFLIX ANIME


    Here is everything else coming to Disney+ in April 2021.

    Bad Batch after Order 66. Check out the trailer below:

    Members of a unique squad of clones find their way in a changing galaxy in the aftermath of the Clone War. May 4, 2021

    Cast and characters

    • Dee Bradley Baker¬†as all of the clone troopers in the series, including the members of Clone Force 99 (also known as the Bad Batch): Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, Hunter, and Echo,¬†along with¬†Captain Rex.Star Wars¬†creator¬†George Lucas¬†wanted the Bad Batch to explore clones that are more unique than the others, with each having special abilities, but he did not want them to be superheroes.
    • Ming-Na Wen¬†as¬†Fennec Shand: An elite mercenary and sniper.
    • Stephen Stanton¬†as¬†Grand Moff Tarkin: A high-ranking¬†Imperial¬†officer.
    • Andrew Kishino¬†as¬†Saw Gerrera: A¬†freedom fighter¬†with ties to the¬†Rebel Alliance.

     Star Wars: Clone Wars Volumes 1 and 2 both premiere on April 2. 

    National Geographic’s whale documentary Secrets of the Whales will make an Earth Day premiere on April 22.

    April 2

    New Library Titles
    Disney Secrets of Sulphur Springs: No Time Like the Present (S1)
    Disney Walk the Prank (S1) 
    Disney Walk the Prank (S2)
    Disney Walk the Prank (S3)
    Higglytown Heroes (S1) 
    Higglytown Heroes (S2)
    The Island at the Top of the World 
    Third Man on the Mountain
    The Last Ice 
    Made in a Day (S1) 
    Secrets of the Zoo (S4) 
    Sharks of the Bermuda Triangle 
    The Big Year
    Night at the Museum 
    Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian 
    Caravan of Courage

    Ewoks: The Battle for Endor 
    Star Wars: Clone Wars ‚Äď Volume I¬†
    Star Wars: Clone Wars ‚Äď Volume II¬†
    Star Wars: Ewoks (S1) 
    Star Wars: Ewoks (S2)
    The Story of the Faithful Wookiee

    Disney+ Originals
    The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ‚Äď New Episode
    The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers ‚Äď Episode 102 ‚ÄúDusters

    April 9

    New Library Titles
    Disney Future-Worm! 
    Disney Kick Buttowki: Suburban Daredevil (S1) 
    Disney Kick Buttowki: Suburban Daredevil (S2) 
    Disney Secrets of Sulphur Springs: Time After Time (S1 Finale)
    Man of the House
    Mark Twain and Me 
    Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale
    Cesar Millan: The Real Story

    Disney+ Originals
    The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ‚Äď New Episode
    The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers ‚Äď Episode 103 ‚ÄúBreakaway‚ÄĚ

    April 16

    New Library Titles
    Treasure Buddies
    White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf
    National Geographic: Earth Moods Volume I
    Primal Survivor (S5) 
    The Kid Who Would Be King

    Disney+ Originals
    Big Shot ‚Äď Episode 101 ‚ÄúPilot‚ÄĚ
    Earth Moods ‚Äď Premiere
    The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ‚Äď New Episode
    The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers ‚Äď Episode 104 ‚ÄúHockey Moms‚ÄĚ

    April 22

    Disney+ Originals
    Secrets of the Whales ‚Äď Premiere

    April 23

    New Library Titles
    Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals (S3)
    Disney Liv and Maddie (S1) 
    Disney Liv and Maddie (S2) 
    Disney Liv and Maddie (S3) 
    Disney Liv and Maddie : Cali Style (S4) 
    Disney My Music Story: Sukimaswitch 
    Being the Queen 
    Baby’s Day Out

    Disney+ Originals
    The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ‚Äď Finale
    The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers ‚Äď Episode 105 ‚ÄúCherry Picker
    Big Shot ‚Äď Episode 102 ‚ÄúThe Marvyn Korn Effect‚Ä̬†

    April 30

    New Library Titles
    Adventures in Wonderland
    Disney Ducktales (S3) 
    Disney Junior Mira

    Disney+ Originals
    Marvel Studios: Assembled ‚Äď The Making of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
    The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers ‚Äď Episode 106 ‚ÄúSpirit of the Ducks‚ÄĚ
    Big Shot ‚Äď Episode 103 ‚ÄúTCKS‚ÄĚ

    Coming To Disney+ In May 2021

    Tuesday 4th May

    Star Wars ‚Äď The Bad Batch

    Members of Bad Batch‚ÄĒa unique squad of clones who vary genetically from their brothers in the Clone Army ‚Äď each possess a singular exceptional skill that makes them extraordinarily effective soldiers and a formidable crew.

    Star Wars: The Bad Batch Will Come to Disney+ on May the 4th |

    The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers ‚Äď Epis